Your Special Day

Woo Hoo! – I’m Fifty Two!

Yep, today is my birthday.  But it wasn’t always on the 21st.  Huh?

Many of you probably heard this story before, but for the newer readers, I’ll share this story with you.

See, my birthday used to be on July 20th.  Or so I was told.  That is until I turned 15 and went to get my driver’s permit.  I submitted my form and the lady behind the counter said that I wrote down the wrong birth date.  I said “No, July 20th”.  And she said “Look at your birth certificate – it says July 21st”.  Mind you, this was the first time I ever saw my birth certificate.  I looked at my mom and she said “I dunno.  Hard to keep track of 4 boys you know”.

So, for 15 years I celebrated my birthday a day early.

But then again we weren’t big on birthday celebrations growing up.  About the only thing was that the birthday-boy got was to choose what he wanted for dinner.  My dinner of choice was pork chops.  The fried kine with only salt and pepper.  Mmm…  Little bit of ketchup and some Tabasco sauce and I was good to go.

And of course, the birthday-boy got to choose what kind of birthday cake he wanted.  I always picked the orange chiffon cake.  The kine with the butter frosting with little bits of orange zest in the frosting and the cake.  Come to think of it, I don’t see that kind of cake around nowadays.  If I remember correctly, I think Bakery Kapiolani used to sell it.  But sadly, Bakery Kapiolani is just an MLC memory.

Then when I got older (married), my choice of cake was the Rainbow cake from Dee Lite bakery.

It’s piled high with 3 kinds of chiffon cake: lime, guava, and passion fruit.  And whipped cream between each layer.  Then a guava sauce on top, more whipped cream, and sprinkles!  Yes, sprinkles.  It is the quintessential cake, IMHO.  But somewhere along the line, the price bumped up to around $20 for the cake.  A little bit out of our price range for cakes.  Maybe after I land a job, we’ll celebrate with a Rainbow cake.  😀

How did you celebrate your special day growing up?  Home cooked dinner of choice?  Or maybe a favorite restaurant?  And what was your choice of birthday cake?  It it still your favorite cake or have you moved on to something else like I have?

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  1. Andreas says:

    This is just spectacular, Rodney. I think the Dos Equis guy has competition for the title! Not only do you get a personalized birthday greeting from Boyd Gaming — that just cracks me up! — but you also have this incredible story about how you used to celebrate your birthday on a different day. And I just love the quote from your mom with the explanation. Just spectacular.

  2. Mitsi says:

    Hey Rod, happy belated birthday! Your post made me crave two things that I love – rainbow cake and vegas!

    I agree with Linda about sending flowers to your mother on your birthday. After having my first child, that’s exactly what I thought – shouldn’t this kid’s birthday honor me for all I went through? Ha! It really made me appreciate my mom a lot more. Now when one of my kids (usually my son) won’t do something for me (like when I’m lying on the couch and ask him to get me a glass of water since he’s going to the kitchen anyway) I’ll gently remind him “Do you know how many hours I was in labor with you!?!?” which usually gets the desired results.

    When I was growing up we celebrated our birthdays (myself and three sisters) with an extended family dinner at my house. For some reason my folks always bought Chinese food from Liliha somewhere, maybe because it was a change from our usual Japanese food. So for my three kids we did the same, and gave them parties until their 18th birthdays. But we picked different ethnic food themes, like Korean, Thai, Hawaiian, etc. Our last birthday party will be next year, when my son turns 18. 54 parties in all!

  3. C0hiba says:

    @gretch, I was born on Thankgiving day.

  4. LINDA KATO says:

    @91boz, yes, it’s important to talk with our parents if they are still here with us. I had 7 wonderful years with my Mom when I wasn’t whining about how hard she made me work as a child. I delighted in her company, shared a lot of conversations with her and laughed out loud with her often. I will treasure those memories always. 🙂

  5. LINDA KATO says:

    @Cohiba, my Mom was lucid at 84. Her mind was still very sharp. She loved to read. When I read the same books she read, she was absolutely delighted she was able to discuss the story with me. We laughed at the characters, comments and compared them to real life situations. I missed sharing those moments with her. Now when I read the novels she loved, I think of her. I hope there is a large library in heaven ❗ 🙂

  6. NaPueo says:

    A friend was born on Dec. 27th. When he was younger his brothers gave him a gift that needed batteries for Christmas. He got the batteries two days later. 🙁 He couldn’t go to buy batteries and had to wait to use his gift.
    Another friend born on Nov. 28th. Sometimes it was hard to have another big meal so soon after Thanksgiving.

  7. Rodney says:

    @TwoFish – Thanks for the boithday wishes 😆 I’ll check out the IT and accounting jobs!

    @91boz – Mahalo!

    @gretch – Thank you too! Ketchup + Tabasco + Shoyu = Korean Tonkatsu sauce. LOL

    If you love Chantilly frosting – especially Liliha Bakery’s, you have to order a cocopuff cake. Cocopuffs lined up side by side slathered with chantilly frosting. Let the frosting melt little bit so it becomes like soft butter. Mmmm!

  8. gretch says:

    @C0hiba #160 – Has your birthday ever fallen ON Thanksgiving?? OMG, that would be interesting. Goodnight, fo’ real!

  9. gretch says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Rodney! Cool story, and thinking about those pork chops (we ate them the say way as you)…making me hungry! And in my house, too, ketchup and Tabasco ruled! But my dad added shoyu to that and we NEVER bought a bottle of Barbeque sauce or Tonkatsu sauce. Always ketchup, Tabasco and shoyu. Yummy.

    Anyways, I’m the youngest of three kids and the other two were born in March. Me, November. And that particular year, Thanksgiving Day. In my case, LATE that night. Mom must’ve enjoyed her Thanksgiving dinner ‘cuz when they got home from Grandma’s house, she sat down and her water broke. So, back to Grandma’s to drop off the kids and then straight to the hospital. But I must’ve been enjoying that Thanksgiving dinner, too, ‘cuz I was hard-head and neva like come out! They needed the forceps to pull me outta there! I tell my mother that’s the reason I’m her only left-handed child. I had a traumatic birth! (That’s one thing I’ve read about left-handed-ness.)

    Anyways, my fave birthday cake(s) would be either Guava Chiffon or Chantilly. But, yeah, Rainbow Cake with sprinkles is da bomb, and has always been popular within my extended family!

    Early day for me tomorrow (gotta niece-sit from 8am), so goodnight to all MLCers. Have a Happy Aloha Friday!

  10. 4G says:

    hey, sally–that makes you like one-year older than me, huh? 😛 lol

  11. 4G says:

    @91boz–LOL @ friend born on Xmas; I always felt sorry for those born close to Xmas cause they always used to talk about getting “combined presents” . . . . 🙁

    Me, I was close, but not close enough–*whew*! 😉

  12. 91boz says:

    Yes M,I notice that too. When you are small you cannot wait for your birthday seems like forever but now it’s like what another year has gone by?

    One of my friends birthday is on Xmas day. He used to complain that he was getting gypped cause he only got one present.

  13. 91boz says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Rod!

    Sorry I’m one day late but —

    Anyway on my birthday growing up besides the presents my mom would always bake my favorite, plain chocolate cake. As I got older intermediate school days we would celebrate by ordering take out veal cutlets from Tenney Tavern, or chinese from the old Wong Kung restaurant in Waipahu.

    Our family hardly went out to eat. It was hard to control 5 hungry boys at the table so it was mostly take out.

    @Kage #54 That bakery in Waipahu was called Waipahu Bakery located near Bank Of Hawaii where Waipahu Florist is now. They were also famous for their rainbow cake.

    @4G Says, I too remember in elementary school where on my birthday my mom would bring cake and ice cream and the whole class would sing happy birthday.

    @LK You are so right about talking to your mom. I lost my mom about 10 years ago and I wish that I had spent more time with her telling her how much I appreciate all that she has done. Life is short and I regret not doing those things.

  14. 4G says:

    @M–you are not alone on that . . . and I have a theory about that . . . .

  15. 4G says:

    LOL–yeah, whenever someone asks my age, I have to take current year, subtract birth year, try to remember whether or not my birthday has already passed, and then answer. 😉 Being a late born, I am often off by a year! LOL.

  16. M says:

    Do you notice that the older you get, the faster the year goes by? or is it just me?

  17. Rodney says:

    @M – Yeah, it’s like remembering to write the correct year on a check after new years day. By the time you remember it, it’s already the next one. LOL

    Sally has to not only remember the write the correct year, but also her new age – all in the same month. LOL

  18. sally says:

    My birthday is in January. I guess everybody was too broke and full to celebrate by then LOL!!!

    I need to ask my brothers, I seriously don’t remember any birthday celebrations.

  19. M says:

    Guud evening MLCers!

    @Rodney, when I’m ask my age I can’t even remember. 🙂

  20. Rodney says:

    @lostinaustin – Thank you! Do you know about the Stevie Ray Vaughn’s statue (on the banks of what used to be called Town Lake) that David In Oregon is talking about? – Post #117 –

    @C0hiba – So I guess your birthday dinner was always turkey and ribs, eh? Can’t complain with that menu!

  21. TwoFish says:

    Happy Boithday!

    Hey, seeing a bunch of IT positions posted and even an Accounting position in-house. Maybe you can pass that word along.

    Chantilly cake from Liliha Bakery was my all-time favorite birthday cake, but as I got older, it became custard pie!

  22. C0hiba says:

    Birthday falls close to Thanksgiving each year. So we’d have my bday party and thanksgiving dinner together. Father used to smoke a turkey in the old Union 76 oil can. Mother would soak the turkey and spare ribs in teriyaki sauce over night. The spare ribs would be above the turkey in the smoker so all the oil would drip on the turkey.
    Cake was always from Leonards.
    Mother used to always make us call the relatives to invite them to our party. Hated doing that.

    @LK, your thoughtful task of reading the book before giving it to your mother gave me an idea. Got me thinking that I’ll buy her the soap opera digest. I’ll read it before her and we can discuss it together. In the past, she would tape General Hospital everyday and watch it when she had the time. Recently she has lost interest in the program so I’m hoping this will help get her interested again. At least give her some visual stimulation during the day. Thanks for sharing that.

  23. lostinaustin says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney! I’m actually a day late since it was yesterday. Funny about celebrating on the wrong day until you were 15!

    Birthdays were always family gatherings when I was a kid. Dinner was whatever the mom and the sisters cooked, I don’t recall I had a choice but that didn’t matter because they were all good cooks so anything they made was good. I know my favorite cake was chocolate dobash (dunno how to spell that), but I ate anything sweet, any kine cake was good for me. My sweet tooth was (still is) massive. I would have licked all the frosting off the cake if they let me.

  24. Seawalker says:

    @Ynaku – Enjoyed your story. Makes sense, He promised never to give any of us more than we can handle. I’m 20/2000 (LOL), so sometimes the solution is right in front of us, and I still cannot see it.

    We skipped the test for gene abnormality, too. In fact, we did not know of the sex until our son was born. So unlike our first one, it was a complete surprise for us. My children are smart-alecs. They pick on their Pake dad, who, unfortunately, does not have a drop of Hawaiian blood. Somebody, tell them that having Hawaiian feet don’t count! LOL

    @LK – #111 All things Pake just happens to gravitate my way! LOL

  25. Rodney says:

    @visitor – No difference. LOL Just have to remember that I’m 52 when someone asks. LOL

  26. visitor says:

    @Sally #149 – I remember the first time I watched that on the Carol Burnett Show, I almost suffocated myself laughing.

    @Ynaku – Yep, laughter is good for the soul. We need more of it. Too bad not much to laugh about in today’s world.

    Rodney – So, do you feel a year older?

  27. Rodney says:

    @Dean – #121 – Mahalo for the birthday note. Yeah, at least I celebrated the wrong date 1 day early and not 1 day late. That would’ve been depressing.

    As for the wrong parents – when I was small, I used to sometimes think that everyone was robots – parents and sibling included – and that I was the only human being on Earth.

    Too much Twilight Zone. LOL

  28. Rodney says:

    @Creative – #122 – Welcome to the MLC blog! Thank you for the birthday greeting and joining us here!

  29. sally says:

    Gattagonow… only about 3hrs behind schedule to do a gajillion things today. Doesn’t help that I allowed myself to sleep in 2 extra hours.

    Come back later to hear more stories!

  30. Ynaku says:

    3 times plus tax?

  31. Ynaku says:

    @visitor and @sally, I luv to listen to that big lush. He so hilarious. Laughter good for the soul. make me laugh 😆

  32. sally says:

    @Ynaku: We’ve been 15 yrs old 3times already! LOL

    @KAN: I didn’t like Dean Martin when I was little. Now, as I’m listening to standards again, I’m getting into all them Rat Packers type music. I remember seeing Mel Torme a lot on variety shows and Christmas specials.

    ~sigh~ MLC days

  33. sally says:

    @visitor: That one cracks me up all the time!

    But nobody beats Tim Conway and Harvey Korman!

  34. Ynaku says:

    When da moon hits da sky like a biggah pizza pie… dat’s amore

  35. visitor says:

    @Sally – I’m like you. I’ve been to many cities in the US, but I always see if I can go to one that I probably won’t go to again. You’re right, Vegas, SF, LA…not hard to get to. I most remember visiting places in Montana, South Carolina, Kansas, Ohio cause I’ll probably not go back there again.

    Here’s one of my Dean Martin favorites:

  36. Ynaku says:

    sally is 15 yrs old????? 😯 😯 😀

  37. KAN says:

    @LK, Ynaku, & Seawalker: Thanks for the great stories. Sure makes you appreciate the moms of the world.

    @Sally – yup, everyone has a story. The first time I had to report for jury duty, the attorney taking voir dire asked who in the jury pool had been a victim of or personally knew someone who had been a victim of domestic violence. EVERYONE raised a hand (40 people). Whoa.

    Re Dean Martin – I can’t stand him. I think his singing style is sloppy (others say his style is “deliberately casual”). My dad makes fun of me because he likes DM. Give me Mel Torme over DM any day. But I’ll cut him some slack because he had to play second fiddle to Jerry Lewis, whom I dislike even more. 🙂

  38. sally says:

    Technology is amazing. Too bad I’m about 15 yrs behind all the time. Ha!

  39. ankleBYTERS says:

    Mentioning Dean Martin reminds me of this group from the early ’60s – Dino (Dean’s son), Desi (Desi Arnaz & Lucille Ball’s son) and Billy (Hinsche).

    Dino, Desi & Billy – I’m a fool

  40. Ynaku says:


    or is it RAWR HISS 😀

    Who dat Dean Martin? 😛

  41. ankleBYTERS says:


    Who needs to leave your house to go on vacations anymore ❗

    It just takes two iPhones and FaceTime….in fact, each could take their own vacation and FaceTime it to their SO…almost like being there together 😆

  42. snow says:

    *sniff* darn if you guys don’t make me laugh and cry every day! but, thanks for sharing your wonderfully special stories! birthdays have always been very special days for my family… it is such a great time to celebrate the lives of those who are so special to you!

    DiO/sally – dean martin was one of my favorite entertainers! he always made me laugh. come to think of it, i probably didn’t understand the jokes at the time (i was around 6 – 10 years old) but i laughed anyway! 😉

    *was getting confused between Dino and DiO! 😕 *

  43. ankleBYTERS says:


    Grrrrrr 😆

  44. sally says:

    ankles: Carole King. Her songs never get old. Neither does she. Thanks for sharing that one!

  45. sally says:

    Rod, you share the Bdate with my SIL, the one with the most cutest, funnest, smartest, funniest, little boy in the whole wide world!

    You wanna see his picture? HAHAHA!!! see it for the 25th time? LOL

  46. sally says:

    @DiO: I almost had a chance to go to Austin a couple of yrs ago. The ADA Convention was held there and my boss gave us a choice for travel that year. Austin for ADA, San Francisco for Calif D.A., or Las Vegas. I was the only one voted Austin.

    My logic was that we can go to Vegas or SF any time, things are always happening there, but when would we choose Austin ‘just to go’? Well, the other two gals got all excited about SF, I was too but I know we’ll be going again… and again… so oh well, Austin flew out the window.

    I wanted to do the gondola rides, see historical places, cultural places. And now you tell me Stevie Ray’s statue is there! aaaggghhh! hahaha nah, just being drama.

    I want to go to Seattle someday too, while my friends are still there. Then maybe take a jaunt up to Wenatchee and see my friend’s apple orchard.

    What does all this have to do with Birthday Parties? I dunno. But just to stay OT…. Hope you had a wonderful day Rod!

  47. sally says:

    oops, sorry… Guud Morning MLCers!

    All our stories prove my life’s motto (one of ’em, anyway) that everyone has a story. Before you pass judgement on someone, find out their story. It might change your mind… or at least have a little empathy. You can still say “grrrrr” but at least you’ll understand why. ; )

  48. sally says:

    Since I woke up late and catching up on comments, still back on the Dean Martin stuff…

  49. Koreankanak says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney…and many more happy ones!

  50. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ynaku, thank you for sharing. I appreciate all you said. The friends I’ve met on MCL are awesome 🙂

  51. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning MLCers

    @LK, you wouldn’t believe the encouragement you can get here on the blogs among the virtual and IRL (In real life) friends. Many of us experienced the same things in life and by sharing, we caring.

    I lost both my parents. Dad was last to go and it was hard for me since I was tasked with his care since I live the closest. Battled through his dementia. But without the support of my family I think I would have cracked.

    As for giving birth, my wife had 2 hard pregnancies. One miscarriage in between. My daughter’s also miscarried her first but now I have a beautiful g’baby 😀

    Anyway, I was there with my wife during the labor. No. 1 daughter took long time to come out than when she did, she had a bad case of jaundice and had to stay in hospital for a few extra days.

    My son is another story. Doctors told us he MIGHT have Downs syndrome. Being Christians we decided no matter what, we will accept the child. Then we found out he has an enlarged heart 😯 😯

    My wife developed preeclampsia in Hilo and they had to medivac her to Kapiolani. The hospital was prepping her that evening. In the meantime (Pre hi speed internet) I had to get a flight out of Hilo to meet them in Honolulu cause they said if I go with the Medivac plane then 1 paramedic stays back. uh uh, he go, I meet them. Anyway, I catch the 1st flight out of Hilo and get to Kapiolani hospital. I go look for my wife. She no stay and no body at the hospital know where she stay too. I finally got in touch with somebody in Hilo (pre cheap cell phone days) and they tell me she still dea. WHAT? SHE GIVING BIRTH WITHOUT ME DEA??? No they still prepping her trying to bring her pressure down some more.

    For those that don’t know about preeclampsia, it’s a condition lots of expecting mothers experienced just before birth. Their blood pressure goes extremely high. SO high that there is a danger of a separation within the womb that can kill the unborn child. (FYI. I think my son still raising her pressure 😆 )

    Anyway she finally made it to Kapiolani just BEFORE LUNCH. The staff there was the greatest. My wife finally decided on an epidural and she said that was a lifesaver. Don’t know why she didn’t ask for one when my daughter was born. Finally my son was born. NO DOWNS SYNDROME 😀 😀 BUT the hole between the 2 sides of his heart didn’t close fully so OFF they went into Natal ICU and he stayed there for almost a week.

    But in the end all is well. And I remind my son how fortunate he is to have a special mother that went through so much to nurture him and to show his love for her as I do.

    Sorry for rambling. but it is ON TOPIC to show what a special day being born is.

  52. M says:

    @LK, tomorrow is furlough Friday for me too but I’m still on vacation anyways.

  53. LINDA KATO says:

    @M, good morning ❗ 🙂

  54. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ankles, #123, thanks for the song ❗ Delightful ❗ Yes, Rodney, you’ve got MANY friends ❗ 🙂

  55. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  56. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, thanks so much ❗ I’m learning so much from all of you ❗ 🙂

  57. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCer’s ❗ Have a great Thursday ❗ 🙂

  58. ankleBYTERS says:

    …and now…

    Carole King – You’ve got a friend

    …a great interview with her at the end of the video…

  59. ankleBYTERS says:

    TGIF (for me) Blast From the Past….then..

    Carole King – You’ve got a friend

    This was the first CD that I ever bought when I picked up my first CD player back in the mid 80’s…

  60. Creative says:

    Hey Rodney! Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂

  61. Dean says:

    Happy (belated) birthday, Rod!

    At least you discovered that only the day was wrong, and not something really unsettling — like finding out you had the wrong set of parents.

  62. Rodney says:

    Thanks once again for all the birthday wishes everyone. I may not have a job currently, but I have a great support staff – All of You!

    You’re right, Linda – I am rich in many ways. And I feel so fortunate. What a wonderful birthday gift.

  63. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: It’s pretty easy. You simply go to the following site:

    from there, you type (in the search box) whatever it is you’re searching for. If it’s music, you can type in the artist and/or song. If it’s something else, you can type in whatever it is you’re searching for, and see what if anything comes up.

  64. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, delightful ❗ I don’t know how you folks find all the videos and music on You Tube. I don’t know how to get to that site. Someday I’ll have my kids teach me.

    After my son fixed my computer I hesitate about surfing all over the internet.

    Good night MLCer’s ❗ Tomorrow is my Friday ❗ We have a furlough Friday this week. Love those 3 day weekends ❗ 🙂

  65. David In Oregon says:

    sally: If you’re ever in Austin, TX, go and check out Stevie Ray Vaughn’s statue on the banks of what used to be called Town Lake. I heard they renamed it a few years ago, to Lady Bird Lake, after the former First Lady.

  66. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: You’re welcome. If I’m not mistaken, I think that was one of the first, possibly THE first time that Dean and Jerry shared a stage together since their breakup many years before.

  67. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, thanks for the memories, seems that was a long, long time ago in a different era ❗ 🙂

  68. David In Oregon says:

    sally: Speaking of Dino, this is what I think of, when I think of him and Sinatra:

  69. LINDA KATO says:

    @Sally, the only one I know on your music list is Dean Martin. My age is showing… 😆

  70. sally says:

    Rod: You know my taste in music. Grace Slick, Stevie Nicks, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and……

    Dean Martin!!!

    Did you have background music at Paesano’s?

  71. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker, show off ❗ How do you write characters in a foreign language ❓

    I can do smilies ❗ 🙂 😆 😀 😳 🙄 💡 ➡ :mrgreen: 😉 😎 😯 😮 🙁 😕 😡 😛 😥 🙂

  72. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod, sounds like you had a lovely birthday ❗ Sharing time with your family is priceless ❗ I’d say you are quite rich in many ways ❗ So many family members and friends love you. May you enjoy many more birthdays ❗ 🙂

  73. LINDA KATO says:

    @Sally, you went through a lot too. You’re right, when you have to do it, you just do it and not think about how you did it and how you made it through so many years. Someone with an easy happy go lucky life without care giving problems wouldn’t understand. Thanks for understanding and caring ❗ I think you are special ❗ 🙂

  74. David In Oregon says:

    Rod: I have to disagree with you. I think it’s the mushrooms that give it a tangy taste. 😛

  75. David In Oregon says:

    Rodney: It could have been better…this could have been playing in the background. 😆

  76. Rodney says:

    Thanks for all the birthday wishes, MLCers. But mostly, thank you for following MLC and continuing to post and join in the conversation. Without you folks, this blog is nothing.

    Tonight, Paula, me and our 2 daughters had dinner at Paesano in Manoa. It was my choice as I just love their Chicken Paesano: Chicken, pasta, chopped pepperoccini, garlic, capers, olives, red bell peppers, mushrooms (which I request none of) in a white wine sauce. I think it’s the pepperoccini that gives it a little tangy taste to it.

    But the best part was the company. Just an intimate family gathering. No in-laws or out-laws – just us. 😀

  77. fishhead says:

    Rodney, hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday!!!

  78. Keoni says:

    Rod, a very, very hau’oli la hanau to you. and many more.

  79. Seawalker says:

    Yes, it works! LOL

  80. Seawalker says:

    Hey, @Rod…testing this.

    生日快乐 Happy Birthday shēng​rì​kuài​lè

  81. sally says:

    As for that Oki Sweet Potato recipe… I’ll get it out as soon as I get it from my friend.

  82. sally says:

    Pau Hana Time! Gawd, Weds are soooo long! Now having fun catching up on posts.

    Rod, you country boy, you didn’t know what was calaboose cracker?

    LINDA KATO: You are much stronger now, having experience so much pain. And so much more grateful for life. I know I am.

    What most of my friends are going thru now (caregiving), I went thru from age 18-28. Grew up fast. No time for B.S. No time for whining. Just do.

  83. C0hiba says:

    Happy Birthday Largo!
    I hope you got to do everything you wanted to do today.
    So much to read before I post. Will catchup when I get home. But wanted to wish you the best in case I run out of time.

    @LK, you just gave me a great idea for my mom. I’ll elaborate later if I have time this evening.

  84. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker, your Mom is special, too! Please tell her you love her often ❗ 🙂

  85. Seawalker says:

    @LK – Well said! Your mom must have been real special.

    My mom doesn’t have a daughter to do the mother and daughter things. My old man is in the nursing home. She visits him every day from morning till late afternoon. She’s never missed a day for 8-1/2 years, catching the bus every day, rain or shine. She, too, lives at home all by herself. Some of us understand!

  86. LINDA KATO says:

    Ok, will go check my email and do stuff, give others a chance to talk 😆

  87. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod, so many good wishes ❗ Hope you had a fun day doing things you like to do, like listen to music ❗ Hey, Rod any particular group you liked from my record collection ❓ Would be happy to share with you ❗ Tell me your favorite music group and I’ll see if I have a CD or an album. 🙂

  88. LINDA KATO says:

    So everyone if you are lucky enough to still have YOUR Mom, call her every week, tell her you LOVE her, life is short, make it sweet ❗ 🙂

  89. LINDA KATO says:

    During the 7 years I cared for my Mom before she passed away, I got to know her as a person since I spent every single day with her for 2 years. She was living alone in a 5 bedroom 4 bath home for 2 years since my sister moved to Oregon. When my brother moved in with her, I had a life again and would visit her on Sundays. I would read the books she read so I could discuss the romance novels with her. I bought romance novels out of print on ebay and spent a small fortune on books she wanted to read. The delight in her eyes when I brought a new shipment of books for her was priceless! She looked forward to my visits. My mom became my best friend. I wish she had hung on until furlough Fridays and my retirement. I could have spent so much more time with her. We shared meals together. I fixed her bed for her when she was physically unable to, did her laundry and picked up meals for her. As I got to know her as a person and not as my Mom, I wished I had not given her such a hard time while I was growing up. I had to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner from 11 years old until 18 years old. I would tell her I was the child and not the mother so why did I have to work so hard? One night I was dolled up in a formal and my hair in an updo and my Mom picked fried chicken for dinner which I had to cook BEFORE my date. I deliberately burned the chicken and then went out. I feel so bad now that I had such a bad attitude about cooking. I actually am a good cook after all those years!

  90. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod, see what topics your birthday brought out, everything from cake to childbirth!

    When my Mom died on 9/11/09, I cried every day for over 2 months. I missed her terribly. Would have been nice if I had a blog to spill out my feelings. At that time, I thought the sadness would never pass but time does heal. My doctor told me to cry all I wanted and that one day I would feel a lot better. I had a coworker at work who lost her Mom a couple of months before me who would tell me that she went through exactly what I was going through. It really helped to talk to her. When we went to Vegas that November, I won some bucks but the sadness persisted for a few more months. So close to my birthday but the Sunday before my Mom gave me a real nice birthday card and money a week in advance like she was preparing to leave….

    On 9/11/2001 2 days before my 50th birthday, you know what happened, “9/11” in New York. I cried for days afterwards wondering what our world was coming to! Wish I knew about cucumbers back then, I could have used a bushel full!

  91. LINDA KATO says:

    I must have a short memory because I had 3 more children, not until 10 years later though! The 2nd one took 24 hours, the 3rd one only 2 hours and the last one was a 9 pounder so I had a C-Section. Then I told the doctor to sterilize me and make it permanent ❗ 😆

  92. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod & @Seawalker, some people say you should send flowers to your Mother on your birthday. I didn’t understand why until I became a mother. On 9/11/1972 just before midnight, my water bag broke so I went to Kapiolani to have my first baby. Hah! I was not dilating fast enough. After 12 hours, pitocin to speed things up, still slow moving, dilating so slowly. I met the night shift, the day shift, the night shift and that baby still didn’t come out. No other medication because my doctor said medication would slow things down. Doctor said to pray that helps. So I prayed very loudly and the nurse in the room next door told another mother, oh don’t listen to that lady, it doesn’t hurt that badly! Our daughter was born at 6AM on 9/13/1972 about 32 hours in labor! I told my then husband if he wanted another baby, HE should have it ❗ 😆 See why the MOTHER should have the flowers on YOUR birthday!!! 😆

  93. Masako says:

    Ok back on topic….Growing up my parents always gave us a nice party with friends and relatives. Lots of good food, presents and fun. My favorite cakes was those ice cream cakes from Baskins and robbins. Now my favorite is the Rainbow Cake from Delite bakery. These days M always makes sure to take me to a nice place for Birthday dinner.

  94. Masako says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney! Rainbow cake is my favorite Birthday cake too!

    Talking about cabooses, non of the trains we saw in Arizona had cabooses.

    @Seawalker – We are back, got back yesterday. Still fighting jet lag….than my _____ boss calls me up this morning and blames me for something that happened while I was on vacation…he has some nerve plus i am still on vacation. I finally calmed down and catching up on the blogs.
    Too bad I didn’t have time to post about that opposite attracts blog. M and I had plenty time to talk on our roadtrip and thats one of the things we talked about.
    We had a great roadtrip to Arizona and had a great time having dinner with Anklebiters and drooling over his beautiful vette.

  95. 4G says:

    @Seawalker–wow, what a story. No joke, it really does depend on you look at it . . . .

  96. 4G says:

    @Mark’75–I recall about Leonard’s, too–having like the really good “icer”. LOL–at first, I didn’t know what you meant by “icer”. That’s two new things today for me: 1) icer; and 2) calaboose. And, wasn’t Leonard’s the first with being able to put the image of a photo as the top of the cake, printed on the frosting?

    Anyway, for me growing up, the birthday party was normally not on the actual day. It was on the weekend following with a small gathering of family–only like 10-15 people. Mom would cook, the relatives would come over to the house. There was, of course, the birthday cake, candles, ice cream and, of course, the PRESENTS! I don’t remember too much about the cake, candles, and ice cream . . . . 😉 These parties must have stopped when I was like 10. I think it has something to do with once you hit double digits, or something.

    Up until about the fourth grade, I remember the big deal on my birthday was my mom would bring in “birthday” cupcakes for all the students in my class. That was pretty cool.

    After the parties stopped, I think it was the immediate family (just four of us) would just go out to a simple dinner. But the simple dinner was a little bit “upscale”–something like get to go Kenny’s Coffe House (was that what it was called?) instead of Kenny’s Burgerhouse. LOL.

  97. Seawalker says:

    @LK – #13 “On my 21st birthday, my first daughter was born, what a sore birthday present but a delightful one.”

    Here’s a story on what I think you mean. I call it, ‘depends on how you look at it’.

    I really never understood why my wife would always make such a big thing of birthdays. I kind of assumed it was a female thing because her mother and Popo would do the same.

    But that all changed in the delivery room for the birth of our second child. Normally, the first child is tougher than the second because of the unknowns of a new experience and, plus, I don’t think your body’s gone through child birth before.

    Our first child was a breeze in the delivery room. She came out a few days early and it was an absolute blessing and joy to see my daughter open her eyes for the first time. She was even born with a full set of hair!

    Different story the second time around. I think our son was content staying in mommy’s stomach. He was already past due and the doctor said he needed to come out. Time to induce labor.

    First, the oxytocin and pitocin was administered to kick-start things. Next, she opted to go with an epidural anesthesia. Things went downhill from there. We went from super excited when we first got to the hospital to okay, need to hang on for dear life.

    The epidural anesthesia caused my wife to throw up and to really feel out of it. Suddenly, her blood pressure dropped to a dangerous level. Her breathing was shallow and I could see she was white as a ghost. Death was knocking at our doors!

    Still, she would not give up. They gave her oxygen and told her to hang on, and it was almost time to deliver. The fetal monitor was still registering strong vital signs for our unborn son. But I knew my wife was sacrificing herself, and hanging on for dear life so our son could make it into this world.

    Well, that little rascal finally made it out. My wife did a complete 180 degree turnaround shortly thereafter. And I was happier than heck. All I could think of was–my wife could not go because how was I to care for our 2 young kids?

    From then on, I really appreciated what it takes for someone to carry an unborn child for 9 months. Every year, even though it is my daughter’s or son’s birthdays, I understand why my wife thinks of it as such a big occasion. It’s a celebration of our kid’s lives, and a celebration of what my wife went through!

    I tend not to complain on birthdays anymore. And I still call it ‘depends of how you look at it’.

  98. Mark'75 says:

    Don’t recall much about my birthday parties since they ended when I turned 10. But remember back when Leonard’s had the best Icer in town? Their birthday cakes always had the best animals, or whatever works of art the Icer produced. I think that person went from Leonard’s to Cakeland on Waialae by 9th Ave, but after that, I don’t know.

  99. ankleBYTERS says:


    When the kids and I go out for dinner, they usually pick up the tab 🙂 But if it’s just me and son or daughter, good ole Bank of Dad will pay. I’ve been waiting years for this to happen 😆

    M&M must still have jet lag ❗

  100. Ynaku says:

    Piloot = drunk filipino 🙂

  101. Rodney says:

    @AB – yeah, when I try to find them on You Tube, the Beach Boys Kokomo keeps coming up. But thanks to @Rob@96744, I have the Happy Birthday song as well as the one I was searching for: Do It Right.

    Thanks again, Rob@96744

  102. ankleBYTERS says:


    I’ve never seen a red caboose (or even a caboose) at the end of an Amtrak train here. They no longer stop in PHX. Freight trains are always holding up traffic just south of the campus…can’t say I’ve seen a caboose on them either….I’ll keep an eye out the next time I’m waiting for one to pass by.

  103. ankleBYTERS says:


    …You’re a thousand miles away“…more like a continent and an ocean and 8 time zones away from that island ❗ 😆

    You know, I can’t remember this British group Kokomo, I hear their name and I think of the Beach Boys song “Kokomo”. 🙂

  104. Rodney says:

    So, OCCC stands for Oahu Community Correctional Calaboose? 😆

    @Rob@96744 – When we stay at The Cal and our room faces the railroad tracks behind Main Street Station, I always watch the trains passing by and not once did I see a red caboose at the end. 😆
    But then again, those are freight trains and not passenger trains…

  105. Ynaku says:

    Calaboose not CABOOSE.

    Main Entry: cal·a·boose
    Pronunciation: ˈka-lə-ˌbüs
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Spanish calabozo dungeon
    Date: 1792

    : jail; especially : a local jail

    It was thought they feed prisoners those hard Saloon Pilot crackers and water hence Calaboose cracker. 😆

  106. Rob@96744 says:

    @Rodney- I believe they are referring to saloon pilots, a cracker that they fed to prisoners. Caboose is the red car at the end of the train

  107. Rodney says:

    @ynaku/sally – Calaboose? Wat dat? Oh, you mean what the call the last car on the choo-choo train?

  108. Rodney says:

    @eddyo – Yes, I remember Craig’s bakery very well. I used to play baseball with one of the owner’s sons (not Craig). And his kid sister that used to come down to the ball park is now a successful ophthalmologist here in town.

  109. Rodney says:

    @Rob@96744 – #50 – “A very merry unbirthday to you, to you”. LOL Checkers & Pogo. Oh how I always wanted to dig my hand in that penny jar and fill up my birthday hat with pennies.

    Thank you for sending Kokomo’s Happy Birthday song. Brings back memories of when I had that cassette playing in my Karman Ghia.

    I’ll share a YT version of it with everyone:

    Ankles should relate to this song.

    Mahalo again, Rob@96744!

  110. Rodney says:

    @sally – what a nice surprise for your Sweet Sixteen birthday party. That’s how was those days, yeah. No fancy banquet room or restaurant. Instead, right in the parlor of your house.

    Wait, you said you still have the pictures? I like see.

  111. Rodney says:

    @Ankles and KAN – whenever it was my 3rd oldest brother’s birthday, we always had to drive to Kaneohe to get a dream cake for him. Must’ve been Deluxe Bakery.

  112. Rodney says:

    @Linda Kato – How unfortunate that your mom passed away just before your birthday. I’m so sorry.

    Speaking of Vegas, have you ever noticed that when you’re at the Boyd properties on your birthday, when you put your B-Connected card in the machine, up where is shows your points will read “Happy Birthday _____”. Might be only the first time you put in your card on your birthday. I know there were a few times that we’d see it appear just after midnight on our birthdays.

  113. Kage says:

    @KAN – 😆

  114. KAN says:

    @Kage, #55: I have a dear friend who was born in Sept. 1964. He said that Frankie Valli song “Oh, What a Night” must’ve been written by his dad b/c my friend was conceived in “late December back in ’63.”

  115. Seawalker says:

    @Ankles – LOL. You know that will never happen, a free cruise. We’ll probably be paying for theirs instead. Seriously, I remember when I first started working. Had to run to Liberty House and Sears to buy myself 5 aloha shirts and 3 pairs of pants, the cheap ones. Right out of school, you’re behind the eight ball; you have no money and zero credit. Don’t want my kids to go through what I went through. But that’s still an eternity away for us to worry about.

    So what, what’s the scoop on @M & @Masako? LOL

  116. Rodney says:

    @Mike In Waipio – #60 – I thought July 20th was a good day because back in 1969, like you mentioned, it was my then birthday and I turned 11 – like the Apollo 11.

    But everyone was tuned to the TV watching the snowy black and white shots of the moon. No one was paying attention to me! LOL.

  117. weke says:

    Ani’s Bakery?

  118. ankleBYTERS says:


    I don’t think it’s Anna Miller’ss…that’s on Kam Hwy right…near Circuit City? This bakery is just off the H1, Halawa Valley/Stadium exit. It’s right across what use to be the Panasonic warehouse. I wish that I could take it with me back home!!!

  119. Rodney says:

    Hi MLCers! Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m here. Finally changed out of my pajamas. LOL

    It was exactly 30 years ago today that I got my ear pierced. Remember, back then piercings wasn’t such a big thing like today.
    Our nightclub bud, A, surprised me by arriving at my house in Kailua with her mom’s big a$$ Cadillac. Then we went to pick up our other friend, S, and went out to lunch. Then she drove straight to Zales in the Kailua shopping center and said “Go for it!”.
    So I did. Pierced the left side (the straight side). Our friend, S, chickened out.

    Wow, has it been 30 years already. LOL

  120. ankleBYTERS says:


    Maybe with their accumulated BD/Xmas wealth, your kids will send you and the Mrs. on a cruise ❓ 🙂

  121. snow says:

    good morning MLCers! hope rodney is out enjoying his special day! 🙂

    sally – please share your friend’s recipe for those potato thingies with me, too! i have a bag if okinawan sweet potatoes at home and i love potato croquettes/hash things! 😉

  122. Mike in Waipio says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RODNEY! My brother-in-law shares your birthday (he’s 50 today); his older sister (my wife) is about two months younger than you. BTW, in the past, when you celebrated July 20, it was the same day when (in 1969) Neil Armstrong took one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
    @KAN (#34): Sorry, don’t know about Seattle; but in Honolulu, in addition to poke, Yama’s Fish Market on Young St. (near Isenberg) has sweet potato/haupia pie. YUM.

  123. Seawalker says:

    Happy Birthday, @Rod!

    Ho, you one confident guy, yah? 52 and flaunting it. You da man…LOL! Hey, wasn’t your wedding anniversary last week? Well, no forget that if you ever forget the anniversary date, you can always do like what I do and to say, no need nuthin’ for 7/21, and we can call it even. Nah, don’t do that unless you enjoy the doghouse. My roll-away bed is permanently parked in our doghouse for me when I pull those stunts. LOL

    Hang in there with your job search. Like I always say, there are many jobs out there. But the good ones are hard to find. Those are the jobs you can’t look out for; the job itself comes looking for you. No predictions, but you’ll be back on your feet in no time.

    I think @kathi has the right idea when she said Liliha Bakery and the Chantilly cake. That was the bomb! Still is. Those were the days where you could see the bakers and cake decorators from the window. Liliha Bakery is owned by Yummy’s BBQ now, but the coco puffs and custard pie recipe is still the same. It’s good!

    I read soul mates on last week’s topics. Well, growing up, we had simple birthday parties too. Does that mean we’re soul-brothers? I’ll change my name to Seawalker Lee…LOL. But sorry, @Rod…don’t need anymore brothers. Got 7 of ’em and 2 BIL. @Kage, can’t top you tho. I think mom gave up after 8 knucklehead boys! LOL

    I remember when my dad would come home from his first job and to always pick up a cake from Liliha Birthday for our birthdays. There were 2 in February, 1 in March, 1 in July, 3 in August, 1 in September, 1 in October, and 1 in November. After singing happy birthday, my old man would be off to his second job.

    My taste buds have changed in my MLC years. I enjoy chocolate cake now and it can also only be semi-sweet. My friend had their wedding cake from JJ’s in Kaimuki. That’s the pyramid one and a pure fantasy to chocoholics!

    But still, no can beat the deserts at Disney World. I think it was either the Dolphin or Swan hotel. The deserts there are world-class. Nothing in Hawaii comes close, IMHO.

    My daughter’s birthday is coming up next month. When Mrs. Seawalker told me the head count, I almost fainted. 45! Not only do I need to get the ice, pick up the cake, run to Tamashiro’s for a tray of poke, run to Bob’s for 8 trays of food, go to Lam’s for fried rice and crispy gau gee, I gotta keep smilin’ for all the guest. 45, aiyah!!!!!!!!!!!

    But we’ve always been good stewards for our children’s birthday and Xmas monies. Every time when friends and relatives give something, my job is to deposit it into their accounts for them. Well, they’ve accumulated several thousands already. We’ll keep doing that until they’re 18, and turn it over to them. Up to them if they want to buy a brand new BMW with their money. Or if we teach them right, they’ll use the money wisely. LOL

  124. Sassydog says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney!!!

  125. Kage says:

    I forgot to add. My first choice of cake was always and still is Chantilly.

    Second is regular white cake with a butter cream frosting. I really like this cake if it has been in the refrigerator and the frosting is firm.mmmmmm 🙂

  126. jaydee says:

    Happy birthday Rodney! Hope you had a good one. I love Rainbow cakes. My favorite is Haupia but then again, I stoppped celebrating my birthday after I turned 30.

    The best birthday cake I got was when I turned 13. It was in 1967 and it was cake that had The Beatles on it. Dang, I wish I would’ve kept those figures.

  127. Kage says:

    I am number 9 of 9 children. Five of us have birthdays in September….. hmm Mom must have loved the new year 😯 :mrgreen:

  128. Kage says:

    Happy Birthday Rod!

    Good Morning all.

    @KAN – I can only remember a couple of bakeries in Waipahu. I think Dee Lite was next to Times. There was one near Big Way that was the same owners as Kilani Bakery in Wahiawa(if my memory is correct). I can not remember the name of that bakery though. It was known for their rainbow cake.

    Well being a twin, I always shared my bday. AND I have a sister that has the shares the same day too.
    Plus, another brother and sister also have bdays in the same month. Therefore we used to save time and money by having one big family party for us all. With my bday at the end of the month, we had to have the party at the end of the month. So the other siblings had to wait a few weeks to celebrate their bday. No celebrating your bday BEFORE your bday.

  129. Seawalker says:

    @sally – #33, Your Joe Cocker link, that was a blast. LMAO. How high was he singing that song? I’ll take a hit of whatever he had. Make love, not war! There go my good thoughts of the Wonder Years with Winnie Cooper and baby Arnold. Thank goodness for the words, couldn’t understand a word he sang! LOL

  130. visitor says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I like pork chops just the way you described…simple, but good!

  131. Jollette says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney, Almost the same thing with me…I always spelled my name with two L’s, last year I found out my name is spelled with one L. We always celebrate with dinner/lunch and cake and icecream on every single person’s birthday in our family…heading to town to see my brother..his birthday is the same as yours!

  132. Rob@96744 says:

    Happy Birthday, Rod. If you land the job here, i’ll reach DEEEEP into my pocket to find $20 so you will not be deprived of the cake,since you were already deprived of attending the FREE Crater celebrations in the ’70’s. Rod, have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Checkers and Pogo will let you stick your hand into their jar of pennies. You just might get lucky and hit the jackpot next time you’re in Vegas, since things come around in circles and are currently in your down cycle. I sent you the happy birthday song that I think best suits you and your personality, Kokomo’s “Happy Birthday” from the Rise and Shine Album.

  133. sally says:

    Ok, I going work now. Enjoy the peace and quiet for awhile. LOL

    Have a great day everyone! Especially Rod on his 28th Birthday!!!

  134. sally says:

    Oki sweet potato is like gold! …and you got two beeg bags!

  135. Ynaku says:

    sally, better yet, I send you da potato and you go make for us 😆 No, send me da recipe I go try make em.

  136. sally says:

    Ynaku: I going get for you my friend’s recipe for this Oki Potato patties. You mix equal parts Oki and White potatoes, minced kamaboko and some other stuffs, make little patties, roll in panko, and fry in lillibit oil.

    omg cannot stop eating!

  137. Ocean Lover says:

    Happy Birthday Rod!!!!!!!!!

    You SHUA you 52? 😉

  138. eddyo says:

    Happy B-day Rod,

    MLC’s are so unreal, I noticed that the times readers posted comments are from 15mins into Da Day! Do we ever sleep?!

    Do you remember Craig’s bakery? Most birthdays in our house had cakes from either my Mom’s kitchen or Kailua. Either way, being from a family of seven, we’d eat a lot of cake (& ice cream) throughout the year.

  139. Ynaku says:

    I get 2 big bags Okinawan sweet potatoes at home. Every time I do my neighbors yard, she drops off a bag. Did her yard twice this month. I get potatoes coming out the….

    Try make potato salad with the Okinawan Potato. Use with the regular potato. Add grated hard boiled eggs, grated onion, carrot if you like and we add some imitation crab. Best Foods mayo, salt and pepper.

    She go. Get that sweet taste

  140. Ynaku says:

    Aw man sally, you stay make me hungry fro crakah now.

    Calaboose cracker with butter and hot cocoa.

    Oh man I missed those tin can of rejects. Some had singed edges or was crooked and cracked. Nothing wrong with da taste, just no fit in the store box guud.

  141. sally says:

    KAN: Okinawan Sweet Potato makes some really ono food, desserts as well as pupus!

  142. sally says:

    Calaboose Crackah with PBJ. yummm!

  143. sally says:

    Guud Morning Ynaku! Us young futs. LOL

    My friend’s mom worked for Hilo Cracker so everytime he went back home, he’d bring back those big cans full of cracker rejects. I never understood what was wrong with them. He said cuz some had burnt edges.

    Our other friend’s mom worked for that portagee sausage company. So we always had supply of portagee sausage and crackahs. We never starved!

  144. ankleBYTERS says:

    Here’s my BD song to Rodney……..

    Blind Faith’s shorter version of Do What You Like.

  145. sally says:

    Seattle Gail is the most sneaky surprise birthday party giver I know! Last year she had me in on my own surprise. She mailed me a pic of our other friend, Russ (from BeatBoys) to put on a cake. I went to Sam’s to order the cake and just so happens I had to call her for info. She said …very calmly… oh, no need, Amy ordered the cake already.

    I thought “good thing I called her”.

    So the story goes… as soon as we hung up she was on the phone to Amy “Get out of the store! She’s in there!!!”

    To get me to not talk about it she said no one knew that she was coming to town, so I couldn’t tell anyone about anything.

    So I showed up a LilyKoi for Russ’ surprise bday party and got decked with lei and presents and hugs and all our friends were there. She planned a surprise party for Russ, Me, and Doreen from Wasabi and we all thought it was gonna be for the other person.

    We will forever remember that birthday!

  146. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning MLC. And to you Rod, you old fart 😆

    Eh sally us same age yeah?

    I miss the Chantilly cake from Robert’s bakery in Hilo. Closed down long time just like Hilo Macaroni. No can get the real Creme Cracker and Saloon Pilot. Sorry Diamond, yours just don’t taste the same.

  147. sally says:

    Kaneohe sure got some guud bakeries! My aunty them used to bring stuff over. Don’t know which bakery but was so ono!

  148. KAN says:

    There’s a company in Seattle called Kauai Desserts that makes awesome haupia, guava, chantilly, and other cakes (I think they also make taro cake, which was bright purple and which I saw at a function I went to on Saturday).

    Speaking of purple, I have a recipe for Okinawan sweet potato/haupia pie that is insanely delicious, but it’s a little humbug to make. But that bright purple sweet potato is so pretty.

  149. sally says:

    Here’s a birthday greetings song I sent to Rod on FB. It’s my favorite. LOL

    Gotta love Joe Cocker!

  150. KAN says:

    @Ankles: You’re right – it’s Deluxe Bakery in Kane`ohe. I repeat, MLC! Dee Lite Bakery is apparently in Waipahu (gotta ask Kage).

  151. che says:

    Linda Kato, Bakery Kapiolani closed several years ago but I think the one in Aiea is still a bakery run by different owners. My friend was a baker at kapiolani bakery and still works there part-time. Rodney maybe they still make that orange chiffon cake.

  152. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ankles, are you referring to Anna Miller’s Bakery? I have never tried taro/haupia cake.

    Gotta get ready for work, will read all of your stories this evening!

    @Rodney, Have a great day ❗ 🙂

  153. sally says:

    Turning 50 was one of the best birthdays for me. HI 74 50th Birthday Bash was BIG and EXCITING and GUUD FUN! I was actually so excited to turn 50 that I told everyone I was 50 from when I was still 48. LOL

    Yup, turning 50 was fun!

    I was 50 for so long I forgot that there were numbers after the 50. Fifty ONE just didn’t roll off the tongue as easily.

    Now, at this point, who cares? No matter already.

  154. M says:

    Happy birthday Rodney! and guud morning MLCers!

    What time and where is da pah-tay? 😆

  155. LINDA KATO says:

    @KAN, yes, 9/13 is my LUCKY day ❗ 🙂

    @Sally, #23, cute story, what day is YOUR B-day? 🙂

  156. ankleBYTERS says:


    Is that Delite or Deluxe Bakery…the one next to the Yogi Bldg (that’s what we called it) ❓

  157. che says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney.

    As a kid I never got to eat what I wanted for dinner on my birthday because my parent refused to eat saimin for dinner and we could never get pizza because my dad and grandparents don’t eat cheese but my mom used to make dinner and we had a cake. It was fun times and we always took a group picture with the birthday person blowing out the candles. Even when my grandma turned 98 she still blew out the candle. We only put one on the cake.

    Have a good one.

  158. ankleBYTERS says:


    …uh…can’t find any Dream cakes around this part of the ‘hood, but you could send me one instead 🙂 Have you tried the taro/haupia cake from Annie’s in Aiea ❓

  159. sally says:

    Soph yr in high school… all my friends were having their “Sweet Sixteen” birthday parties. I didn’t even think to ask for one cuz I knew we couldn’t afford it.

    My neighbor and I caught the bus to Kahala Mall and went to Farrells for my free birthday sundae. When we got home I didn’t see all the rubbah slippahs on the front porch cuz I always go in from the back door. Then… there they all were! SURPRISE! It was a very special day! I still got the pics.

  160. KAN says:

    When I was a kid, my birthday dinner of choice was always my mom’s shrimp curry. My mouth’s watering just thinking about it.

  161. KAN says:

    @Ankles: I LURVE Delite Bakery’s dream cake. You’re right – it’s hard to reproduce that cake.

    I like cake just fine, but I’d take a Kane`ohe Bakery custard pie any day of the week. I’ve gotta have some KB custard pie every time I go home.

  162. KAN says:

    @LK: you’re another 13 baby? Shauna’s b-day is 7/13 and I’m also another 13 baby. 13’s always been my lucky number.

  163. KAN says:

    Happy Birthday Rod! I figured you were a Cancer (same at Shauna) but couldn’t for the life of me remember when your birthday was (MLC, after all) 🙂

    Funny thing about birthdays and when they’re supposed to be – my grandmother is a fraternal twin, but she and her brother’s birthdays are listed as being on different days. For the longest time we thought it was because whoever was recording dates on the plantation just came by on different days when one of them wasn’t home. Then I found out about the stigma in the Japanese community of having more than one baby at a time – the idea was that only animals give birth to more than one child at a time. So we think that was why.

  164. sally says:

    *yawn* Happy Birthday Rod!

    I don’t remember ever having birthday parties as kids. I remember my mom made a chocolate cake for my 4th bday and I stuck my finger in the frosting and my oldest brother scolded me and I cried. Ho da traumatic memory. LOL

    Seriously, I don’t think we ever did anything. I don’t remember cakes or special dinners. I gotta go ask my brothers.

  165. kathi says:

    Happy Birthday, Rodney! Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day, with or without pork chops and rainbow cake!! 🙂 Funny story about your two birth dates. My mom’s two older sisters also have different dates on their birth certificates than the ones the family always celebrated as their birthdays. But I guess that was more common way back then and especially in rural areas.

    I don’t remember ever having a rainbow cake, if we got a cake from Dee-Lite it was usually haupia cake. I remember a recipe going around the ‘net the last couple of years for a rainbow cake, but the layers were just colored, not flavored. This looks sooo much better.

    My favorite cakes then and now are chantilly cake and haupia cake (or German chocolate cake if not in Hawaii). I remember getting to pick the dinner and whether it was at home or at a restaurant when I was a kid. I rarely got my choice of cake though. Oh, no, I’m not bitter AT ALL considering we lived like SUPER NEAR Liliha Bakery and the CHANTILLY CAKE… Sorry 🙂

  166. LINDA KATO says:

    @Sally, wake up ❗ Time to wish Rod a Happy Birthday ❗

  167. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, MY favorite cake is DREAM CAKE ❗ Ship one to Hawaii for me on 9/13 Ha! Ha! 🙂

  168. LINDA KATO says:

    Rod, we were planning to be in Vegas for my upcoming birthday on 9/13 but decided to wait until after I retire to go to Vegas ❗ So on 10/8/10 I will be celebrating my retirement and my belated birthday in Vegas ❗ Whoo hoo ❗ Am really looking forward to THAT trip ❗ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  169. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod, How did you get Boyd Gaming to wish you a Happy Birthday ❓ YOU ARE SPECIAL ❗ Thinking of Vegas again ❗ One day…

    My Mom always made our SPECIAL day SPECIAL with a birthday cake, a present and some money ❗ She died 2 days before my birthday on 9/11/09 ❗ Sure made last year’s birthday so sad… Took me months to smile again…

    On my 21st birthday, my first daughter was born ❗ What a sore birthday present but a delightful one ❗ 🙂

  170. 4G says:

    Happy B-day, Rodney!

  171. LINDA KATO says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❗ ❗ ❗ Rodney 🙂 🙂 🙂

    When did Bakery Kapiolani close ❓ There was one in Aiea next to Times Super Market for decades ❗ I didn’t know they closed ❗

  172. ankleBYTERS says:

    My favorite cake is the Dream cake from Deluxe Bakery in Kaneohe. I had a friend try to make one for me – she’d shave a block of chocolate into those thin strips – sorry to say, it couldn’t compete with the bakery’s.

  173. ankleBYTERS says:

    Birthday boy’s Blast From the Past….

    Albert Hammond – It Never Rains In Southern California

  174. ankleBYTERS says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney… ❗ Did you give back those 15 days ❓ 🙂

    For a moment, I thought I was in Mac land in yesterday’s blog 😆 How many MLCers own Mac’s ❓

  175. weke says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney, See you should have told me. You still can come with me and my daughter to celebrate up there.

  176. ct says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Rodney. Hope you have a great 52nd. Time to celebrate and enjoy the good things to come, no time to look back.

    Top selling music on your b-day

    Yakety Yak by the Coasters (American Graffitti Version)

    Hard Headed Woman by Elvis (King Creole)

  177. David In Oregon says:

    Ok, so by “Hawaiian” time, I was accurate for yesterday, and so, I say it again now, for today…Happy Birthday. 😆

  178. volleymom2 says:

    Hau’oli la hanau, Rodney! Funny story…
    No special meal for birthdays, but always the “prune cake” from Bakery Kapiolani, loved it and also miss eating it. Ice cream also on the list, too. Anybody remember having the prune cake? Any place still making this? Please let me know.
    Dobash is my favorite cake.

  179. NaPueo says:

    Happy Birthday Rodney!!
    Haven’t celebrated in ages. Don’t want to be reminded.

  180. Rodney says:

    Thanks snow! 31 flavors ice cream cake. Mmmm, just don’t forget to let it thaw out little bit – otherwise no can cut the damn thing! LOL

    Since Dee Lite was bought out by St. Germain bakery, the rainbow cakes are pre-made then frozen. So sometimes when you get it, there’s still little ice crystals in the whipped cream part. Almost like having an ice cream cake.

  181. snow says:

    happy birthday rodney! we need to celebrate with some rainbow cake! hope you have a GREAT day!

    we used to celebrate at home with a homecooked meal and a 31 flavors ice cream cake! yummo! we sometimes still get the ice cream cake… but sometimes i’ll “settle” for a chantilly or dobash cake! cake is goooood!

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