Do You Remember… Dance Moves?

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday night at Hawaiian Brian’s, sally and friends were recalling old dance moves from the 60’s and the 70’s.  Sally was stuck on “the popcorn” (in fact she was still popcorning this past Saturday night).  Then she suggested maybe a MLC blog topic on old dance moves.  Hmm….

I know that back in the 60’s, there were a ton of those dance moves.  Which ones do you remember?  Or how about the 70’s?  Okay, let’s start out with an old classic:

The Twist:

Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about!

The Mashed Potato:

The Loco-Motion:

The Hustle:

Saturday Night Fever:

btw, this is NOT how I dance at HB’s.  Sally on the other hand…

What dance moves do you recall from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s?  The Watusi, The Bop, The Bump…

I’ll leave you with one from the 80’s performed by Hawaii ’72 in Las Vegas:


Now if you’re in the mood to dance, THIS SATURDAY!

172 Responses to “Do You Remember… Dance Moves?”

  1. LINDA KATO says:

    Good night for real now ❗ Gotta get some sleep ❗

  2. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, however, if Publishers Clearing House comes to my house with a million dollar win before that date, I will leave sooner ❗ 😆

  3. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, planning to stay until 9/30/10, it will be exactly 34 years and a 1 month of state civil service ❗ 🙂

  4. David In Oregon says:

    Wow, that’s cool. Are you planning on staying until the end, or will you take a vacation and leave early?

  5. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, I have exactly 31 work days before retirement ❗ 🙂 Each day I cross off another day on the calendar and exclaim, “whoo hoo” ❗ 🙂

  6. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: You just made me curious with your “counting the days” statement. I did a quick search and found “retirement” clocks, clocks which countdown the days to retirement. 😆

  7. LINDA KATO says:

    Good night MLCer’s ❗ 🙂

  8. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker, #149, you clean windows on a work night ❓ You have plenty of energy ❗

    My major housecleaning is going to happen on 10/1/10 ❗ I’ll be so happy I’m retired ❗ I’ll put the alarm on at 5:00AM just for fun and wake up early knowing that the day is my own to do with as I wish ❗ Heaven on earth ❗ Am counting the days…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, google pulled up lots of posts about the “red muumuu” on the Odds and Ends blog. I had fun looking at pictures of the final posting. Now I know what ankles looks like and the rest of the Triad people. I’m new to this blog. You folks have been posting for years. All the same names popped up from way back when. You folks are a nice bunch! 🙂

  10. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: It might be a bit difficult, as I don’t think there was a specific instance to explain the red muumuu. It just sort of evolved over time, and you can’t point to a specific post, like the explanation of Hogwarts.

  11. LINDA KATO says:

    Tonight is Blockbuster’s new release night. We watched “Date Night” with Steve Carell and Tina Fey, funny movie! Sure relaxed me after a hectic day!

    Will go search for that red muumuu file now! I really do wear a muumuu everyday! I hope I slim down after I retire ❗ 🙂

  12. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: I’m just kidding around. It’s all informal, and lots of fun. A bunch of us are hoping for a mainland Triad Party, especially one on the 9th Island.

  13. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – Wait a second, what initiation? I thought it was a very informal, low-pressure, fun-filled type of gathering. I have to admit, Ankles’ pictures of the parties do look fun. I guess I’m in the MLC mode where nothing is supposed to faze you anymore. LOL.

    Ho, did you see Carroll’s kitchen in Waipio? Humongous.

  14. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: No, I haven’t yet attended any Triad parties, so I haven’t gone through the initiation yet. 😉

  15. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – LOL. Hey, have you been to one of the triad parties yet?

  16. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: 😆 I’m not sure I want to see that “lady” in red. 😆 Ocean Lover, Ynaku, Ukuhead, and all of the rest of us in red muumuu. Yeah, that’s a sight to see. 😆

  17. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – And I thought it was just a ‘lady in red’ thing. LOL.

  18. David In Oregon says:

    I think you folks should just go and look at the old O&E blog, from the Honolulu Advertiser site. There’s a whole lot of explanations there.

    If you want to search for a specific thing, such as “red muumuu” go to Google and type in the following in the search box (including quotation marks) as one long character string, with a space between the quotation mark of muumuu and the word site:

    “red muumuu” site:

  19. 4G says:

    LOL – do tell . . . .

  20. David In Oregon says:

    ah, the red muumuu…where do we begin with that one? 😆

  21. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: 😆 😆 😆 😆

  22. 4G says:

    Hey @LK–#146, pretty funny! 🙂 Now that would be a sight to see, eh? 😉 LOL

  23. Seawalker says:

    @LK – (#144) Everybody looks old if you ask me. Nah, just kidding. Yours truly is the oldest!

    That was a close one today. Almost got the tickets. But the DJ said caller nine was already flashing on another line. A free trip to Vegas would be a welcomed break. The last vacation for us was 14 months ago.

    Got some windows cleaned before it got dark. Housework, it never ends. Off to the gym again…will be back!

  24. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ynaku #113, will meet you next time ❗ 🙂

  25. LINDA KATO says:

    Talking to myself, everyone else is at the party ❗ hahahahahahahaha 🙂 🙂

  26. LINDA KATO says:

    Okay, guys, why does Ynaku wear a “red muumuu?” I’m always wearing a muumuu. Is he going to give me competition with my Aloha wear ❓

  27. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker #135, winning never grows old ❗ Wait until you win something ❗ You’ll want to do it again and again ❗

    Wait until I retire, I’ll be on the phone line to Channel 2 trying to win the Vegas trip ❗

  28. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, thanks for sharing the pictures of your past parties ❗ Looks like you folks had fun ❗ 🙂

  29. LINDA KATO says:

    Everyone so excited about the party tonight ❗ Sorry gang, no air conditioning at work today, it was broken ❗ Boy do I need a shower badly ❗ So stressed and too tired to party ❗

    Have fun everyone will join you folks AFTER I retire ❗ 🙂

  30. ankleBYTERS says:

    Mooooooooooosic time…….there are a lot of new faces on here….you wanna see what you’ll be missing tonight if you’re not at the get together ❓

    Video #1

    1st Annual HA Triad Bloggers Get Together

  31. David In Oregon says:

    Gooood evening everybody!!

    Hope you all have a good time tonight, and get to see Queenie’s surprise. 😉

    Ocean Lover: we’re not psychos…and we aren’t Weirdos either.

    Blatt blatt ottott from the “naive, young lad” 😆

  32. sally says:

    Waiting for my taxi… Rod coming to pick me up to go 3 blocks to SS. LOL!!! cuz he don’t want moi to break a sweat.

    BONUS POINTS for Ynaku gonna be in the car!

    Kage: You get migraines? oy. I feel your pain. Drugs Kage, it’s a very guud thing. Then you gotta turn off all da lights and get under the covers and hibernate till tomorrow morning. Take Ibuprofen to head off the inevitable neckache you gonna get later.

    Aren’t I just a cheerful afternoon greeting huh? Take care Kage!

  33. Ynaku says:

    Kage take care. Health more important. I’ll be back and can get together again. Any excuse to pahty right?

  34. Seawalker says:

    @Kage – Please drive carefully!

  35. Seawalker says:

    @LK – Hey, got your bug about entering contests. KUMU was giving away 2 tickets for 70’s NCR VIII. They were looking for caller #9. I was caller #7. Okay, waiting for the next opportunity. LOL

  36. Kage says:

    I have to cancel tonight… 🙁

    My head is hurting and I need to go straight home and lay down.

    @Ynaku – maybe next time you in town we will meet IRL.

    Have fun!

  37. Ocean Lover says:

    Have fun and be safe everyone! Gotta play “taxi” tonight yet got a chance to have lunch with NKHEA, OPSO, and YNAKU (minus his red muumuu) today.

    Good guys………….a big THANK YOU to the “TRIAD” (Rod, Lance, and Queenie). 😉

    Who woulda thought? We all took a chance meeting these blog “friends” in real life HOPING they’re not psycho…..and THANK GOD they’re not………..I think. 😉


  38. Ynaku says:

    ankles, if I go over 55 the bugs REALLY HURT when it hits your face. 178 mph????? I will doing the smashed potato dance. (see we on topic….kind of)

  39. Kage says:

    @Rodney- What time you going be at Side Street tonight?

  40. ankleBYTERS says:

    Hey Yanaku, have you gone faster than this on your Sportser ❓ 😆 They ignore yellow ones…. 😉

  41. Kage says:

    @Ynaku – noting wrong. I going do some jazz hands with you if you like. :mrgreen:

  42. Ynaku says:

    @kathi, the longest ride I did was a 200 mile trip from Hilo to Kona and back on my Sportster and my Butt was killing me by the time I got home. 😀 Need one of those pillow seats.

  43. kathi says:

    @Ynaku: I am pretty sure I am no longer wild enough to even attempt 600+ miles on a Sportster in one day again, but I’m glad that once upon a time I was 🙂

  44. Ynaku says:

    @kathi Keep your motor running. Head on down the highway. Looking for adventure or whatever comes your way. BORN TO BE WILD!!

    Live to Ride. Now to find a shop in Hilo to service my Sporty. Haven’t done it yet. Every time I hear a bike pass me, my heart skips a beat.

  45. M says:

    Nobody leaves before I get there tonight so I can say hello.

  46. kathi says:

    @Ynaku (#105): I have not been to Sturgis in soooo many years! I think the last time was in ’94? ’95? What I remember most about that trip was starting out with a 625 mile day, and also the Badlands at night. I hear it’s changed a lot over the last few years especially but I’d still like to go back at least once more.

  47. Ynaku says:

    @kage what’s wrong with doing jazz hands tonight?

  48. ankleBYTERS says:

    Say HI to the loud Korean, kim chee making, accountant Brother Lance for me tonight at SS ❗

  49. Kage says:

    Good Morning All.

    @sassydog – My thoughts are with you and your family. Wishing your mom well.

    @LK – Yeah, I gotta work tomorrow too. So I no go stay too long tonight. Just long enough to meet Ynaku, do a little bit of spirit fingers, might throw in some jazz hands and have fun. He no more his red muumuu, so no dancing… 😆

  50. Ynaku says:

    KAN 😆

  51. KAN says:

    @Ynaku, #117: I’m gonna steal dat line. I might even give you credit for it 😉

    Have fun all you Hawai`i peeps @ da pahtay tonight. The most exciting thing I’m gonna do today is go see my chiropractor. At least he’s a good friend and `ukulele player 🙂

  52. jollette says:

    Pretty much remember a lot of the dance moves mentioned…as a teen we went to school dances at places like the Alawai clubhouse…Washingtin Intermediate, Kaimuki inter, Nuuanu Y, etc. I remember one band Moptops. They don’t have those types of school dances anymore…not worth the trouble? Our days no trouble, just fun!…

  53. Ynaku says:


    All my farts are new.

  54. Ynaku says:

    OL no can come tonight but I hope to meet him for lunch someplace today. Dunno where but hopefully someplace with fuud 😀

  55. NKHEA says:

    oh yeah good morning all you old farts 🙂 😆

    KAN; I still hea 😉

  56. NKHEA says:

    eh wea OL stay dat bolo head hope he can come tonight 🙂

  57. Ynaku says:

    LK, not going be a late night cause SOME OF US WORK tomorrow 😀 Come visit little while. We are MLCers after all and no can stay up past 9 😆

  58. M says:

    Pah-tay tonight! 🙂

    @Rodney, masako and I will be a couple of hours late. My sons high school open house is tonight and we want to meet his teachers. Save a couple of seat for us! See you there! 🙂

  59. Sassydog says:

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes…but she’s lived a long time and we are ok with her going…

    @Sally: that longest line dance looked like fun…I can see us there…what a hoot!!!

  60. sally says:

    Ynaku: BHAHAHAHA!!!! whoo, Lock yo’ doors!

    K everybody, gotta hit and run… have a great day!

  61. sally says:

    DiO: I line dance, ‘memba? Yes, I have boots. And these boots are made for walking. That’s just what they do. One of these days these boots are gonna….. HAHAHA!

  62. Ynaku says:

    Executive Centre where get peeps at night wearing wearing red muu muus with arms bigger than my thighs. 😯 😯 😆

  63. 91boz says:

    I remember in elementary school the twist, mash potatoes, the stomp, continental the limbo.

    In the 5th grade our teacher used to have us do the twist or stomp or whatever. It was like dance 101 or introduction to social interaction through dance.

    As for me I’m still a terrible dancer. My wife tells me that I’m the stiffest person she’s ever seen on a dance floor.

    By the way, I did meet my wife at the Point After in the 70’s so I must have scored some points somehow?

  64. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    Ynaku! You neva yell loud enough and I woke up late! No pancakes for us this morning! Where you staying anyway? Gee, your company spares no expense for you huh? LOL

    See y’all tonight whoever is going to SS.

  65. Ynaku says:

    kathi, pack up your babies and head out for Stugis 😀

  66. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    @sassydog, my prayers go out to your mom…

  67. Ynaku says:

    sally WAKE UP!!!! I like eat pancakes now. Guess my chicken and peas salad will have to do for breakfast.

  68. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning from Mahu country 😆

    Sassydog, your mom lived a long life and to have family caring for her shows how much love you have for her. What more could a parent ask for. Be strong.

  69. KAN says:

    sassydog: sorry to hear about your mom. We’ll think good thoughts for you and her.

  70. LINDA KATO says:

    @kathi, will listen to your link after work today. Gotta get ready for work. Everyone have a great day ❗ 🙂

  71. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #97, thanks for the variety of music. Listening to music makes me happy ❗ 🙂

  72. kathi says:

    This thread seems to be missing Land of a Thousand Dances!

    @Linda: I was just glad to see that there are more than a few others who need a “shot of courage” to show their dancing skillz 🙂

    @sally: LOL improvising is one thing, actual steps are a whole ‘nother! I am directionally challenged and would be the one going left when everyone else is going right for country line dances.

    @Sassydog: Sorry to hear your mom isn’t doing well, will be thinking of you both.

  73. ankleBYTERS says:


    The Gin Blossoms started out as a local band here in Tempe during the late ’80s. We use to watch them play on Mill Ave back then. One of their songs was used in the movie soundtrack of Empire Records.

  74. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #93, Gin Blossoms-As Long As it Matters, nice ❗ Like ❗ 🙂 Thank you 🙂

  75. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCer’s ❗ 🙂

    @ankles, I love the Bee Gees ❗ Going to listen now. Hope I don’t wake anyone up ❗ 🙂

  76. LINDA KATO says:

    @sassydog, sorry to hear about your Mom. Please take care. I lost my Mom on 9/11/09. I still miss her terribly. You’ll be in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you during this difficult time.

  77. ankleBYTERS says:

    …and now..

    Bee Gees – How can you mend a broken heart

  78. ankleBYTERS says:

    BEE Gee’s Blast From the Past….then….

    Bee Gees – How can you mend a broken heart

  79. Seawalker says:

    Yawn…who’s up at the middle of a work night?

    @sally – Let me try asking our operations people. They might know something. All I saw going through our office was paperwork of the filming. That’s for paying you for your inconvenience or something.

    I think someone posted about knowing Tom Moffat. That would be a better bet.

    But that Black Pearl was something, eh? The wife and I wanted to take our kids. People were parked along side of the road. But we thought if we drove into the pier, we wouldn’t have to get out of the car. Lo and behold, the security guard waves us through because there was one parking left near the deli. Score!

    What’s with this guy named Johnny Depp? The people in our office are so niele, especially the women. There’s a rumor floating around about Depp. I better not say…because loose lips sink ships…hehehe.

  80. Creative says:

    Hey Rodney! I posted it on Shauna’s Blog, but I should be able to make it tomorrow night. Cya guys there! 🙂

  81. Rodney says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about you mom, sassydog. We’ll keep her and you in our prayers. Let us know if there’s anything we can do. Hope to see you soon.

  82. David In Oregon says:

    sally: part of an Alan Jackson video? Do you have the boots to go dancing? If you need advice, talk to Rodney, he can talk to you about boots. 😉 😆

  83. Sassydog says:

    @snow, thank you…

  84. snow says:

    good evening MLCers! still haven’t thought of any dance move names. musta been before my time, right? 😉 heh heh.

    @sassydog – wow, your mom has lived a long life! you and your family take care! it’s hard when your parent is not doing well, no matter how old they are.

  85. Sassydog says:

    @Rodney…yes long time no see…I haven’t been able to get out much lately…I have to get a sitter to go out as I’m taking care of my mom who I have on hospice care…she will be 100 on Wed..and is not doing too good at the moment..I think she is waiting for her birthday….but hope to see you guys again soon…

  86. sally says:

    I would have loved to have been a part of this!

  87. sally says:

    THIS is dancing! oh my gawd, I need ice water.

  88. LINDA KATO says:

    Fun stories ❗ Good night MLCer’s ❗ 🙂

  89. volleymom2 says:

    I’m from the 70’s era, but I certainly remember all those 60’s and 70’s dances Rod mentioned cuz I was watching American Bandstand and dancing along with them: jerk, monkey, limbo, swim. I remember the twist and mashed potato but never did them. 70’s: electric slide, bump (the adults thought it was “dirty” back then, nothing compared to now)- one of my colleagues calls it “simulated sex”, lol! Was never into disco, though. How about the worm?- 80’s right?
    @Rob96744- saw Dick Jensen when he used to appear at the floating restaurant. He was so smooth doing the moonwalk, the best.

  90. Rodney says:

    @sassydog – Long time no see! That’s a nice list!

  91. Rodney says:

    @Steve – Sorry, your posts were in moderation status. 2 or more links to a single post will do that. I’ll try to remember to check for outstanding posts more often – or better yet, do multiple posts with only one link per post. That helps my hit counts too. 😉

  92. David In Oregon says:

    video of dance styles, Charlie Brown style.


  93. sally says:

    @Seawalker: yes, I finally got to see the Black Pearl! It’s a beautiful ship. I wonder how you get to be invited to a premier party or something?

  94. sally says:

    I so excited! Finally get to meet Ynaku IRL tomorrow!!!! How many pancake opportunities have we missed?

  95. sally says:

    NKHEA….. gotta be fast to spock him!

    I remember Picking Apples!
    What about The Freak?

    RealOne: you missed your opportunity. Coulda been RICH if you took bets!

  96. M says:

    @Ynaku, save a couple of seats for me tomorrow night.

  97. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker, #14 loved your story ❗ You’re a great storyteller ❗ 🙂

  98. Steve says:

    “The Swim” by Bobby Freeman

    “Do The Freddie” by Freddie And The Dreamers

    “Mickey’s Monkey” by Smokey Robinson

  99. Seawalker says:

    @RealOne – (#53) The black pearl pirate ship, are you and sally talking about Heeia Kea Pier? That was totally cool!

  100. 4G says:

    Was there a dance called “The Frug”? Or, am I just having another senior moment and making that up? LOL.

  101. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, #32 Disco, Blast from the Past, Don’t Leave Me This Way, Thelma Houston, nice song, nice beat ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  102. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, #32, Lena Marlin’s Never to Know, very nice song, love the drum’s ❗ 🙂

    Glad to hear your A/C is fixed.

    You own a Corvette, wow ❗ Hope you had a nice Monday ❗ 🙂

  103. David In Oregon says:

    Ynaku: Maybe ’cause one of the TSA folks has a party tonight, they need a red muumuu. 😆

  104. LINDA KATO says:

    All you young ones that can party on a work night ❗ Too stressful for me ❗ Will party after I retire ❗ You folks have fun ❗ 🙂

  105. Ynaku says:

    DiO, I think TSA took it our of my bag 😉

  106. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCer’s and DIO, master of jokes ❗ Hope you had a nice Monday ❗

  107. Steve says:

    Chuck Berry doing 2 variations of the “duck walk”.


    Johnny B Goode

  108. David In Oregon says:

    Ynaku: I thought you were supposed to put on the red muumuu and hold da sign and parade outside QB’s office. 😆

  109. David In Oregon says:

    Good evening MLCers.

  110. Ynaku says:

    too late to get the back room but NKHEA got about 20 seats (but can add more right?) Come you guys. Experience the LOUDEST soon-to-be papa. Aftah dat he gotta be quiet (Ho da hard yeah)Last chance

  111. KAN says:

    Whoa, NKHEA sighting!

  112. M says:

    @Ynaku, that’s even more reason to go. What about the rest of you MLCers? You going miss out! I tell you! You going have more fun than you can imagine especially with Braddah Lance there. 🙂

  113. Ynaku says:

    M, nothing to see expect one BEEG filipino in one red muu muu dancing with “spirit fingers”

    Bwahahahaha, yeah right!

    See you

  114. M says:

    @Rodney, something came up tomorrow night so we will be a few hours late. Can’t miss the pah-tay and got to see Ynaku too! 🙂

  115. RealOne says:

    @Sally: yes, it’s me. u still poppin your corn? OMG, you didn’t last 5 minutes without popping corn for me while telling us your exciting story about seeing the “Black Pearl” pirate ship! I think it was only 2 minutes.

    Okay, I love to dance, but I don’t know the names; just listen, feel and move. Let’s see if I can remember some dance names, mostly remember what my older sister/brother did: bop, continental, stroll, bird, mash potato, watusi, jerk, surf, swim. For me, hmmmm: the bump, shing-a-ling, the freak, the skate. Will think of more….fun!

  116. Sassydog says:

    oops..type o…that was the hand jive

  117. Sassydog says:

    ok, here’s some…can’t remember all of them and some of it is probably before your time:

    cha cha
    mashed potato
    loco motion
    bristol stomp
    funky chicken
    funky penguin
    harlem shuffle
    the horse
    the pony
    hand juve
    hully gully

    I’ll think of more I’m sure 😉

  118. Rodney says:

    Party tomorrow night (Tue) at Side Street on da Strip.

    So far attending is:
    Snow/Mr. Snow(?)
    Diane Ako
    Cat (maybe)
    Rob@96744 (maybe)

    Anyone else want to join us? Going be guud fun!

  119. Ynaku says:

    shake da booty

  120. Ynaku says:

    da “knock”

  121. NKHEA says:

    “picking apples”

  122. NKHEA says:

    da “swim”

  123. 4G says:

    @Rob96744–Dick Jensen was my swimming instructor at Palama Settlement. Don’t remember him doing the Moonwalk, though . . . .

  124. Rob@96744 says:

    Do any of you MLC’ers remember Dick “the giant” Jensen do the Moonwalk? He did this WAAAY before the King of Pop.

  125. ankleBYTERS says:

    Moon Dance…

  126. Ynaku says:

    NO Expect much tomorrow from me 😆

  127. Ynaku says:

    I’m like kage and kathi. need LOTS of fuel before hitting the dance floor. So expect much tomorrow night. If I not dancing with my wife, I better not be caught dancing with someone else or else krrrrrrricccckkkkk *snap neck*

  128. snow says:

    good morning MLCers! i think i only remember the hustle during my high school years… otherwise, there weren’t other named dances that i knew of, unless they were older (like the twist). i remember learning the moves for the hustle from a tv show!

    ankles – shucks, what a pain to have to deal with all those repairs! 😕 hope all goes well!

  129. ankleBYTERS says:


    That’s so sad…but the Mariners/Orioles are such bad teams this season.

  130. KAN says:

    @Ankles: The Mariners just fired Wakamatsu. Sigh.

  131. Kage says:

    Good Morning All.

    Not a dancer here.

    I kinda remember doing the twist for mayday or some other reason in elem school.

    I remember the hustle was the dance for 6th grade mayday.

    Like kathi, it takes some(read lots) alcohol to get me on the dance floor. I do not mention this at outings anymore since this one time. At a Xmas party the whole table bought me shots so I would dance.

  132. M says:

    @ankles, 🙂

  133. Seawalker says:

    Colt is expected to play in the Dallas game. This is his chance to shine. Jason Campbell is hot and cold. I still say the NFL proto-type QB is someone with a gun and with accuracy. This, Colt has going for him. Passing and staying healthy enough to play baby!

  134. ankleBYTERS says:


    You need more continuing Music Appreciation 101 credits…. 😆

    Don’t want you to regress back to the Twist & Shout era ….

  135. ankleBYTERS says:


    No closet in my vette, but it can hold two golf bags 😆

  136. ankleBYTERS says:

    Y’all remember All American Zach Miller, the tight end for ASU when they played UH in the Hawaii bowl in Koetter’s last game coaching ASU? Brennan will hopefully be throwing to him, his Raider teammate, on Thursday again Dallas.

  137. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning MLC

    I’m HEEEEERRRRREEEEE! mwahahahahahaha

    hee hee 😆 No look for me in da red muu muu down Bishop St. 😀

  138. Rob@96744 says:

    @LindaKato: I thought since you are about to retire, (lucky you)the twist was about your time, because I remember the twist and I too was in elementary school like Sally (same age)
    @Sally: Mushroom was your hangout? I remember you paid $5 and was all you can drink.I remember the groups you listed,how about Johnny’s Rock Society. Can still hear those bands playing “Keep Playing That Rock And Roll” which is right up Anklebyters alley.
    @M: You must like the Delfonics, Climax, Stylistics, Love Society, New Colony Six, Classics Four, Etc, Etc, Etc…

  139. KAN says:

    @sally: ahahahaha, popcorn! I always thought it was “Peanuts”:

    I’m not a good dancer and I don’t really enjoy it. I’ve dated some REALLY good dancers, but their talents were wasted on me. I’ve also seen some guys who needed a six-foot radius around them on the dance floor b/c they were a danger to others around them.

  140. M says:

    One more day till Pah-tay time! 🙂

  141. M says:

    @sally my mistake, I must not have read that part….

  142. sally says:

    @M: ankles was talking about his a/c leaking all over in his closet and his carpet and clothes and everything was all wet. yuk, what a job that must have been!

    ai yai yai if it was his ‘vette!!!

  143. M says:

    @sally, ankles might be taking about his Corvette.

  144. sally says:

    Rod & AP can cut a rug! You guys just gotta come out and see!

    ankles: yayyy for home repairs. I know, pain in da okole but gotta do it.

  145. ankleBYTERS says:

    Woooooo Hoooooo a/c clog fixed….now waiting for insurance adjuster to look at the leak damage.

  146. ankleBYTERS says:

    Disco Blast From the Past

    Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way

  147. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    The only kind dance I like is the slow dance where you just hug your honey and rock slowly back and forth. 🙂

  148. sally says:

    BOT: I will be back tonight to see if anyone remembered the names of all those other dances we used to do.

    My day wasn’t disco, that came just after. My time was Doobie Bros, EWF, TOP, Lighthouse, Boz Scaggs.

  149. Seawalker says:

    Hah, was that the mascot’s tail or was it the guy’s walking off the court? LOL

  150. sally says:

    Getting rejected for a dance can NOT be worse than this:

  151. sally says:

    Seawalker: You are TrueBlue!

  152. Seawalker says:

    Ohiyo, or thereof!

    I remember watching the Hawaiian Moving Company (I think) and they had these segments on how to dance during the disco era. I think the place was located at The Sting. This lady with a short and sassy haircut was the instructor.

    Rumours was the place we frequented the most. It was nerve-wracking going up to a stranger and ask, “eh, you like dance or what?” But no pain, no gain. Me, too, I have 2 left feet. Most men do. But I compensate by shaking my booty more! LOL

    My ballroom adventures at the Ala Wai was fun. Once, my future in-laws invited us out for a twirl at the Palladium. They’re good. But my wife and I were still beginners. The man leads. So I decided to make my own moves. Then I thought, what the heck…my booty…shake it till they can’t take it! LOL

    My friend had a crush on this one girl when we were at U.H. One night, I get a phone call at 10:00 at night. His “crush” was at Cilly’s (remember, it was at McCully and Ala Wai). So the call of duty came at any moment. Well, when the slow songs came on, I was stuck with a rather big girl. My arms couldn’t even go around her. Yikes! But you gotta do what you gotta do for your friends.

  153. che says:

    The only thing I remember was those Saturday Night Fever dance moves. But I got two left feet.

  154. sally says:

    kathi: “actual steps were required” hahaha! Even now, when we line dance, I don’t do the “real” steps. Too cowboy for me lol Or more because I don’t do a I’m told… so I do my own thing.

    It’s fun watching people dance. Seriously… fun!

  155. sally says:

    Those Cebu Boys (and I use the term boys loosely) got it goin’ on! Didn’t it all start with Thriller?

  156. sally says:

    Names of dance muuves in the 70’s? I’ll wait to see what others say cuz I can’t remember. Sat Night Fever moves were just past my time, I was already married and not going out much.

    The “Popcorn” as you claim I do is called the Funky Penguin by Soul Train… according to RealOne. Maybe we called it Popcorn in Hawaii. My friends that played music during high school said the dance floor looked like a big popcorn machine with all the heads bopping.

  157. LINDA KATO says:

    @sally, good morning ❗

    @kathi, love your answers ❗ 🙂

  158. sally says:

    Rob@96744: let it be known that I was a Mushroom Girl. No Hula Hut or Point for me. That’s where all the “pretty” girls hung out. I always (as I do now) went out in a gang of friends. Didn’t like dancing with strangers.

    Before legal age it was Ala Wai Clubhouse, & Hemenway Hall. Calientes & Pinky’s Rose Garden played back then. Then Ala Wai got too rough, got hijacked once and ended up walking home. Was bachi cuz we snuck out of the house that night.

  159. kathi says:

    Totally not a good dancer, then or now, so I pretty much lost interest during the disco years when actual steps were required. During and just after college, two of my co-workers were excellent dancers who taught me just enough so I wouldn’t look like a total spazz. One was a New Yorker who was heavily into disco, and another was a very “out” gay man. They couldn’t work miracles, though! I don’t dance now unless tequila, obligation, blackmail, or a combination thereof are involved.

  160. sally says:


    Good Morning MLCers! What’s that noise? oh, it’s just RealOne going “aaaaaaaauuuurrrrrggggghhhhhh!!!!!”

    check out the muuves at 45sec… smuuth!

  161. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, good morning! Hope all goes well with your home repairs and estimates today. Have a good week ❗

  162. ankleBYTERS says:

    Never did the twist…too young for that..didn’t know they had names for the dances after that…except for disco

  163. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744, I was in elementary school when the Twist came out ❗

  164. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCer’s ❗ How about the “Cha Cha” ❓

  165. Rob@96744 says:

    First! For what??? I have two left feet, both sore at the moment…Linda Kato, the Twist is probably where it’s at for you, Sally, freestylin at Manoa Dances or Hula Hut or point after for you…Goodnight all…zzzz

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