Do You Remember… Theaters

Remember the old neighborhood theaters?  I remember my older brothers dragging me to the Kailua Theater when I was about 4 or 5 years old – to see the 3 Stooges movie.  We got there late and sat in the front role.  The screen was soo big that I was a bit overwhelmed.  In fact, I was pretty scared and asked my brothers to move further back.  But they paid no attention to me as they watched the slapstick comedy and munched on Milk Duds and Jujubes.  But after a short cry, I adjusted.

After the Kailua Theater was torn down to make way for Motor Supply, Kailua Drive In was built.  That’s were we spent most of our Saturday nights.  I was mostly in the back seat.

Wait a minute, before you start ragging on me, it was because my father and older brother had the front seat.  I had to watch the movie between them and under the rear view mirror.  But at least the mosquito punk was burning in the front seat and I didn’t have to breathe in all those fumes.

Then later when Aikahi shopping center was built, the Aikahi Theater came up.  I went to a few movies there.  As well as the Holiday Theater in the front part of the Kailua Holiday Mart.

But most of my time was spent in the town theaters – especially Liberty Theater on Nuuanu avenue to watch Chinese Kung-Fu movies.  Then later at Empress Theater after Liberty Theater was torn down.

Remember Empress Theater?

Who remembers what the name of this theater was before it became Empress Theater?

What ever happened to all those old theaters?  A lot of them are still around town – or at least their shell is – although they’re not theaters any more.  Remember these?

Can you name it?

How about this one?

This one shouldn’t be too hard to name.

This one – a little bit harder to name.

This one shouldn’t be too hard.

Some theaters have been torn down and replaced with businesses.  Sadly.

Do you remember the name of the theater that the Chevron replace?

Or how about the theater that used to reside there this huge building now stands?

Here’s one that I used to pass almost everyday on my way to buying lunch when I was working at The Honolulu Advertiser.

People pass it almost everyday and probably don’t realize that it was a movie house.  But just take a few steps back and look at the building – there’s no mistaking that this was a movie house way back in the day.

Can you name this theater?

I remember the old Kaneohe Theater.  Been there a few times, but not to see any movies.  We used to go there after it turned into a video game parlor and we used to head there to play Space Invaders.

Then there were the Jerry Lewis Twin Theaters in Kaneohe.  Anyone remember where those 2, side by side theaters used to be?  I remember going there once to see a movie.

Remember the Waikiki 3 Theater?

Weird that it would be named that Waikiki 3 Theater only after the Waikiki 1 and 2 were built.  You’d think it would’ve been named the Wakiki 1 Theater or just keep the name of the Waikiki Theater.

Speaking of the Waikiki 1 and 2 Theaters, I remember going there many, many times to see movies.  I remember seeing The Exorcist there.  I was on a daytime date and they wouldn’t sell me tickets because I was too young (Rated R).  So I asked a guy to buy the tickets for me – which he gladly did.  Ho, good thing it was on a daytime date.  That movie was spooky.

I also remember the Kapahulu Theater.  My mom dropped me off there one night so I could see 5 Summer Stories.  And I remember seeing it again a few years later at the Aikahi Theater when it made a comeback as 5 Summer Stories Plus 4.

And speaking of surf movies – we went to a ton of them at the Roosevelt Auditorium.  Was that place even air conditioned?  I don’t think so because I remember at one surf movie, during the intermission, a guy sitting right in the middle of the theater lit up a doobie – and the smoke just went straight up.  No one even bothered him either (remember, this was the 70’s).

Remember Toyo Theater?  They used to show naughty Japanese movies there (as I used to see in the newspaper ads).  And I used to get confused with Toyo and Toho Theater.  Now, where was Toho Theater?

What theaters do you remember?  Anyone remember the Liliha Theater?  What’s in it place now?  Any theater memories to share?

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  1. Rodney Inefuku says:

    I don’t know if this blog is still active,… but I thought I would put in my 2 cents. Pawaa Theatre was renamed Cinerama theatre. Toho theatre used to have Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune, Nakadai Tatsuya, and Kayama Yuzo movies. Kokusai Theatre used to have the Nemuri Kyoshiro series movies starring Ichikawa Raizo and Tamiya Jiro “Tough Guy” movies with Shintaro Katsu who was famous for his Blind Swordsman movies. Toyo Theatre used to show Kinnoske Nakamura samurai movies. Nippon Theatre on Keeaumoku St used to show Tanba Tetsuro and Isamu Nagato samurai movies. They also showed Frankie Sakai and Atsumi Kyoshi comedy movies. Liberty Theatre which was across the Kokusai Theatre on Nuuanu Ave used to show Yakuza gangster movies. Chambara movies during the ’60s were great. Nippon Theatre was Palace Theatre. I used to go there as a kid to watch kiddie movies on Saturdays at 9 am… used to walk there from Green St below Punchbowl. My favorite Saturday chapter series movies was “Commander Cody and Rocket Men to the Moon”. Used to go home after that make a helmet from a brown paper bag, put my jacket on and jumped off of walls pretending I was Commander Cody. commander Cody used to have twin jets on the back of his jacket and flew all around. I remember going to Kuhio Theatre with my girlfriend to see “West Side Story”. She cried… I cried… we broke up a week later. Hey, Liliha theatre was on Liliha Street where the freeway is. Their Saturday Kiddle show used to be run by a guy called Joe Perry. Kapahulu theatre used to show Japanese movies once… Saw that beautiful ghost movie classic called “Ugetsu” there. After the movie, saw an old ojisan get out of his seat to exit the theatre wiping the tears from his eyes. I immediately thought, “Ho! Da Japanee guy get feelings.” I didn’t feel too bad about my tears.

    • merle says:

      i remember many of the theaters mentioned. And that Nippon had pink lemonade. And i still watch Torasan movies, Netflix carries a few of them.
      I live in South Carolina now, but no can foget my small kid time.
      Thanks for the memories guys.

  2. Rodney says:

    I know that in the 70’s – Gladys worked the window. The owner’s wife and daughter were in the back doing the cooking. I remember that the daughter was pretty whenever I could catch a glimpse of her. Maybe she was tending the window in the 80’s.

  3. Douglas Ferguson says:

    The counter gal at KDI……was that the daughter of the owner?
    I managed the Tile Mart on Oneawa for a couple of years…..about 1982-83, and I loved their food. I think our address was 52 Oneawa, and KDI was at about at the same spot, but one street mauka of Oneawa, facing mauka. Our building turned into a photo place, across the street from what is now Zippys. The girl I remember was so hard wouking, always working the window, every day. She was mixed asian, and so nice and pretty…..but I was too shy to ask her out. I wonder where she is now? I hope happy, with a lot of family around her……Aloha

  4. 91boz says:

    @LK Honor Notes was above where Mama Mia’s Pizza used to be in Pucks Alley.

  5. HNL2LAS says:

    Kaneohe Twin was the JERRY LEWIS twin Theaters???? Wow… the things I learn on this blog.. hee hee..

  6. LINDA KATO says:

    @91boz #158, you must have really known somebody back in the day ❗ I never heard of “Honor Notes”. I always had to go to class and take my own notes ❗ 🙁

  7. LINDA KATO says:

    @91boz #156, thank you. I think he was my teacher too. He was the ONLY swim teacher ❗

    Very funny story about reading a newspaper in Connors history class ❗

  8. 91boz says:

    Hey you guys remember “Honor Notes”? I think that’a what it was called.

    If you missed a class they had “Honor Notes” that you could purchase. These were notes taken in class by I don’t know who — professional note takers?

  9. Seawalker says:

    @91boz – (#147) Hey, I remember Connors in History 152. It was my 1st semester at U.H. Took 151 in the summer. Anyway, he seemed pretty decent and like a typical dodo-brain professor. His TA’s handled most of our interactions in the required lab classes.

    Anyway, think classes were at Bilger by then, and no longer at Varsity. Connors was a marathoner who made it known that he liked to run. We were allowed to tape his lectures. So every time before class began, he would turn on 50 or 75 tape recorders set down on the counter where he was lecturing. Some people only used 60 minute tapes, so when it automatically popped and stopped, we all knew class was just another 10 minutes more to go.

    Connors’ final was funny. He gave us all the answers to 4 essay questions in class a week before the finals. During finals he would select 2 of the 4 questions. Then, you had to answer and write on l question. Logically, you would prepare for 3 questions. Well, I gambled and rolled the dice that he would select a certain question. I prepared heavily on 1 question and some minor preparation on another. Luckily, he selected the question I really prepared for.

    Whew, got lucky, but good memories indeed.

  10. 91boz says:

    @LK My swim class teacher was Soichi Sakamoto. He was famous for training Keo Nakama who swam across the Molokai channel.

    @DIO Yea I had to respond with “Wow really dumb guy” I looked at my friend and he was ready to bust out laughing so I quickly changed the subject.

  11. LINDA KATO says:

    @91boz #150, what was our swim teacher’s name ❓ I know he taught golf too. I got an “A” for swim class ❗ 🙂

  12. LINDA KATO says:

    @91boz #147, multi tasking, huh ❓ You were smarter than me ❗ I needed to pay attention in history class. Never heard of “Sunbums newspaper”.

    @91boz #149, I carried 18 credits and didn’t space my classes the first semester. Learned the hard way ❗ Whew ❗ Any break between classes, I worked at the UH bookstore as their mail clerk. I attended UH Mon-Sat, so I could work 30 hours per week at the bookstore. Didn’t have a life outside of school those days ❗

  13. David In Oregon says:

    91boz: Be glad, at least no one at swim class recognized and pointed out the “dummy” 😆

  14. David In Oregon says:

    Good late evening everyone.

  15. 4G says:

    @91boz: 😉 Yup . . . .

  16. 91boz says:

    @4G To make things worst The next day at swim class some classmates were talking about the dummy who was reading the newspaper in Conners class. LOL

  17. 91boz says:

    @LK No kidding if you had a Varsity class you tried to schedule a break between your next class otherwise you had to walk real fast to make your next class. LOL

  18. 4G says:

    LOL @91boz 😉 To say nothing about the fact that this “class” is 300+ students (if I recall right)! LOL!

    “Sunbums” newspaper – totally forgot about that. TY! 🙂

    Nite, LK!

  19. 91boz says:

    @Hemajang I had Conners for history 151 – 152.

    I still remember one class I was reading my “Sunbums” newspaper during the lecture ( I used to tape record my lecture) when all of a sudden Conners looking at me says “Are you going to read that God –m newspaper through the whole lecture?”

    Ho talk about make “A” getting scolding in view of the whole class.

  20. LINDA KATO says:

    @4G #145, absolutely delightful ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

    I won a free movie pass for 2 to see the advance screening of “TAKERS” tomorrow night at Ward Theatres ❗ So I’m going to sleep right now (very early for me) so I won’t fall asleep in the movie tomorrow night ❗

    Good night MLCers ❗ 🙂

  21. 4G says:

    @LK – no kidding re: those were the days. Made me think of this song:

    Mary Hopkins, “Those Were the Days”:

    LOL – I don’t think I ever heard the original (until tonight). I had no idea it was that long! LOL.

  22. LINDA KATO says:

    @Good evening, M ❗ 🙂

  23. LINDA KATO says:

    @hemajang #140, I had history at Varsity Theatre from Gavan Daws. Maybe you were in my class! There were hundreds in a class! Like cattle! I had a good grade. I hated history until Gavan Daws taught it. He made history come alive!

    @4G #142, I remember the hike from Varsity up to the upper campus for the next class! Those were my skinny days! Those were the days…..

  24. 4G says:

    Evening, @M!

    Re: UH Classes at Varsity Theater. The best part I remember is you could buy popcorn from the concession and eat popcorn through the lecture! LOL.

    Oh, and good luck changing classes, especially if you had to go up-campus like to Moore Hall! LOL.

  25. M says:

    Guud evening MLCers ❗

  26. hemajang says:

    @91boz, I also had history 101, taught by Gavin Daws at Varsity Theater…thought he was a great lecturer but barely passed the course (sigh). Varsity is also where I took my wife on our first date and watched “Yellow Submarine.” We were UH students at the time.

    I mentioned the Ewa Social Club outdoor theater earlier but there was another outdoor theater in Waianae many years ago. I never saw any movies there but recall seeing the screen and outdoor benches.

    @boot, actually I know how you got your nickname…no need go any further. I briefly talked to your sister a couple years ago at the state capitol while attending a workshop, she works there, yeah? and occasionally your brother, who volunteers at the Great Aloha Run.

  27. volleymom2 says:

    @ Na Pueo- I used to go Royal Sunset Drive In quite often, just bring your mosquito punk. Never did like that drive in.

  28. Mark'75 says:

    @NaPueo: Never been to Royal Sunset, but we used to pass it on our way to my aunty’s house in Honouliuli. Used to take for days back then since the freeway (Mauka Arterial) ended at Vineyard. As a kid it was a landmark as I knew we were getting close.

  29. LINDA KATO says:

    @Napueo #136, you’re absolutely right ❗ Waipahu Town Center now sits on that site ❗

  30. NaPueo says:

    Wow, 135 posts and no one has posted Royal Sunset Drive In, in Waipahu.

  31. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ 🙂

  32. honouliulikid says:

    Hemajang, yes that’s me. I still live in the Boston area. Thomas Nakasono gave me that name when we used to play baseball at Asing Park. To go into details might be inappropriate for this blog. Maybe your brother Ken of some of the Ewa gang might remember.

  33. 91boz says:

    @Kage I remember Varsity theater from my UH days. History class and also art 101 there.

    @ankleBYTERS Post#4 I also remember seeing Groove Tube at the Varsity in the 70’s. Hilarious movie!

  34. Kage says:

    Now that I brought up Varsity. I miss that place. I saw quite a few indy pictures there that I enjoyed. Even after my UH days.

    Once we went to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert. There is a scene involving a dance and ping pong balls… 😯 Someone there must have already seen the movie and brought ping pong balls with them. During that scene they started throwing the balls back into the audience.

  35. Kage says:

    @MaryC – Yeah, I think it was Victory Theatre. I kept thinking Varsity and knew THAT was not right.

  36. MaryC says:

    Eh Kage, it was the Victory Theatre. Right where Sunnyside is now. Had a lot of Japanese pictures but I remember when the adult theatre took over and we used to sneak to look at the posters about upcoming movies.

  37. Mike in Waipio says:

    @Neo76 (#85): That theater on Cooke is IN Kakaako but was called Kewalo theater (as I mentioned in #37).

  38. hemajang says:

    Nice posts of Ethel Azama and Mackey Feary’s music…enjoyed it. I recognized that Macky Feary Band cover that I did when doing freelance work for Herb Ono at his studio on Young Street…but I noticed that it was spelled “Macky” on the cover but his name is actually “Mackey?”, aiyah…did I do that? Never notice it before, have that album stored away somewhere, I should look at the liner notes and see how his name is spelled there.

    #66 – Boot, is that you? Last I heard, you were living in Boston. Tell us how you got that nickname.

  39. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers! 🙂

  40. sally says:

    @ankles: #120… I belt that song out in my car EVERY TIME I play your CD! Love that song, it may well be the one that cemented my affection for Indie.

    “C’mon baby play me something like Here Comes The Sun”

    Thank You!

  41. 4G says:

    A fond childhood memory that I have is often packing the family off and heading to a drive-in movie. I must have been in early elementary school – like first through third grades. It would typically be either the Waialae or Kam Drive-In. My sister and I would be bathed and dressed in PJ’s. My mom would pack a “picnic” dinner (you know, musubi, some kind of okazu and drinks) then we would all get into the car and head off to the drive-in. I remember waiting in line (in the car) at the drive-in for the gates to open, then driving in, looking for a good spot relatively close to snack bar so that the bathrooms were close. Before turning the engine off, you would have to roll the window down and check the speaker (still on the pole) and make sure it worked. Then you would position the car so that it was pointed slight up, toward the screen, grab the speaker off of the pole, roll the window back up and hang the speaker from the window.

    We would eat dinner while waiting for the movie to start. The drive-in “show” was normally a double-feature and my sister and I would normally fall asleep sometime during the second movie. The next morning, I would wake up in bed. LOL. Good memories of a much simpler time.

  42. sally says:

    @Rod: As shared on FB, I finally got my copy of 5 Summer Stories. Lopez is one of my faves, right up there with theme from Endless Summer.

    Thanks also for sharing memories of Mackey Feary. My first memory of him was at Kaimuki Intermediate. Just Mack and his guitar, up on the stage in the cafeteria and he sang I Will. I was a mesmerized 13 yr old. That song always makes me think of him.

    I’d get to see him again yearrrrs later when he and his sister used to come visit their mom while we were bowling. Mom passed away several years ago, she loved them so much. It’s comforting to know she’s with him, taking care of each other.

    Dancetta Feary has picked up her life and shared this with Diane Ako:

    We have plans to visit.

  43. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    @Rob@96744: Thanks for sharing Ethel’s beautiful voice!

    @Rod: Exactly what I thought with the first vid, “that is exactly what Aunty Paula would sing”.

  44. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #120, good morning ❗ Like ❗ 🙂

  45. LINDA KATO says:

    Good mornning MLCers ❗ 🙂

  46. ankleBYTERS says:


    Just want to know what kind of moooosic y’all listen to besides your regular-everyday fix..

    …pop quizz ❗ Indie rock and new wave band out of Canada..interesting behind the scenes on how this video was made…done all in one shot…the production video on the left…behind-the-scenes video on the right… ❓

  47. ankleBYTERS says:

    It’s Tuesday…hump day for me 🙂

    Another Blast From the Past

    The Zombies – Time of the Season

  48. Rob@96744 says:

    Rodney, I guess I gotta get you a copy…wow, you’re fast…

  49. Rodney says:

    Ho, Rob@96744 – this is EXACTLY the kine of music that Paula likes to sing.

  50. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #112, absolutely delightful, music and video ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

    Good night ❗ Need at least 5 hours of sleep ❗

  51. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #110, too complicated instructions for my tired brain. I only know how to click on the link and listen ❗ Good night ❗ Thanks for all the lovely music choices tonight ❗ Very relaxing and delightful to listen to ❗

  52. Rob@96744 says:

    Fellow MLC followers; Since some of you seem to enjoy the Ethel song, here is another one from the LP, just as good in my opinion.. If you’re up late like me, enjoy. For all others, I guess it will be good morning to you. Hope you enjoy this. LK, I know I said earlier it is SUPPOSED to be AUDIO ONLY, but I wanted to play around with the Movie Maker software. Maybe it’s getting better…

  53. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #104, absolutely beautiful ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  54. ct says:

    @Linda – oooppps … gomen kudasai … you supposed only listen to the music … just copy and paste the music links into a Word document then hold down the control key and click on the link to see the videos …

    Gotta finish up … good nite all if I don’t get back …

  55. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #101, beautiful voice ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  56. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #107, how am I going to sleep after reading THAT story ❓ Supposed to save the scary stories for Halloween ❗

  57. ct says:

    @Dean – It was a faceless woman. I was there when I heard several women scream and claimed to have seen her … but was never sure …

    I got the following story from this link

    You have to scroll a lot past the Big Island stuff and after the Morgan’s Corner stuff …

    The Old Waialae Drive-In on Oahu
    The Woman with No Face

    During the 1950’s and 1960’s I was going to school on Oahu. I believe that it was 1959 when this happened. On Friday nights all of us kids would go to the Waialae Drive-in to hang out and watch the movies. It wasn’t very expensive then, but you know kids… we would all pile into the cards with a few stuck in the trunk as you only paid per car, if I remember correctly, and we would party at the drive-in.

    This one Friday night, we were all outside of our cars partying. My girlfriend Karen, had to use the lua (restroom). When she came back she was white as a ghost herself. She told us that she was looking in the mirror combing her hair when she saw in the reflection behind her, half of a woman. She described her as having a body from the waist up, wearing a black dress, and combing her long red hair. The really odd thing she described was that the woman didn’t have a face. Karen claimed that when she turned around, there was no one there. She would not go back into that lua again. Everybody was laughing and telling Karen that she had too much beer and was seeing things.

    A week later on the front page of the Honolulu Star Bulletin was a story just like the one that Karen had told us. The article told how there had been significant reportings of the same story. There was also a picture published, of an artist sketch from the description given by one of the people that had seen the faceless woman. The sketch look exactly as Karen had described her, but the woman had black hair instead of red hair.

    In one version of the story, a girl left her car and went into the restroom around midnight to put on fresh lipstick (just like Karen). In the mirror she saw a figure behind her with long hair and no face. She saw that the figure had no legs, only half a body. When the girl turned around, there was nobody behind her. The door slammed shut and locked as the poor girl screamed and fainted.

    In another version the woman went to the restroom. As she entered, she noticed the place was occupied by another woman who was standing in front of the mirror combing her long, beautiful hair. The first woman came closer and spoke. The second woman turned slightly. She had no face. The first woman was so frightened she ended up in the hospital with a breakdown.

    Others have claimed to hear pounding on bathroom stall doors and seeing her come through the old wooden doors combing her long black hair.

    The Waialae Drive-In had originally been built on part of an old cemetery across from the Kahala Mall, however, at the time I remember reading in the newspaper article, that the owner of the drive-in denied it. The Waialae Drive-In was torn down in the 1984 and a storage building was erected on the same site. An upscale subdivision has been built behind where it once was.

    There are some that say the spirit is a mujina spirit. A mujina is a Japanese spirit that is often seen in Japan in the women restrooms.

    Recently I read where a tourist had the very same sighting experience in the ladies restroom across the street at the Kahala mall.

  58. Rodney says:

    @Dean – yeah! The no-face lady used to hang out at the Waialae Drive In women’s bathroom. Legend has it that when a girl looks in the mirror, she’ll see a lady standing next to her in the reflection. The lady has her hair covering her face. Then when she brushes her hair away, she is no face.

    I wonder if it was based on some Japanese folklore – like “No-Face” in Miyazaki’s Spirited Away movie.

    btw, since the drive in has been torn down, I heard that no-face is now seen in the Kahala Mall downstairs women’s bathroom.

  59. Dean says:

    Speaking of Waialae Drive-In, anyone experience weird stuff there?

    My friend’s mom told me about the time she saw the ghost in the woman’s restroom. I forgot if she had no face or no feet. But that was the only first-person account I’d heard.

  60. ct says:

    Hey Mackey … if you’re out there … here’s one for you …

    Amy Hanaiali’I – Aloha Oe

  61. ct says:

    @Rodney – Yeah … brings back a lot of memories … got to hang out at a friend’s house in Manoa with Malani and sometimes Mackey used to come and they would jam. He was jus a good guy … but he jus got lost … I get choked up too …

  62. Rodney says:

    @ct #97 – at the 2:18 mark of that Mackey Feary video, there is a picture of Mackey with Robin Kimura from Greenwood. It was taken back when Greenwood used to play after Kalapana at the Point After.

    I showed that video to Robin. It brought tears to his eyes…

  63. ct says:

    @Linda – Wow … you hit da 100 … well howz about something a little different then a pure voice …

    Raiatea & Keola Beamer – You Somebody

  64. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #97, beautiful ❗ I haven’t listened to his music for decades ❗ Thanks for the memories ❗ 🙂

  65. says:

    @dihudfan: I know the theater you’re talking about that was right next to Ala Park. I remember my mother taking me there once when I was little. I vaguely remember that it might have been called The Nippon…but I’m not too sure. But, I surely remember the ono saimin with barbque sticks on that small lane next to Palama Theater. So nice to know someone else remembers that saimin stand.

  66. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct, yes, I’m still up. I’m a night owl ❗ Will listen to #97 now…

  67. ct says:

    @Linda – And if you’re still up after that then …

    Mackey Feary – Lullabye

  68. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #95, absolutely delightful ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  69. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod #92, loved the C&K Music ❗ That video should really help me sleep now 😆

  70. LINDA KATO says:

    Good night MLCers ❗ Pleasant dreams ❗ 🙂

  71. LINDA KATO says:

    @sally, I’m still hungry, ate at 5PM ages ago 😆

  72. sally says:

    @DiO: We trying to make you come home. LOL

    Sad thing about W&M. When I lived in my first apt, right next to the Pizza Hut across City Mill, the lot across the street became a resurrected W&M. All of us in the bldg waited impatiently and then… THE BIG DAY! W&M Grand opening! The line of cars was unreal. But all we had to do was cross the street. We went and picked up lunch and came back to the apt soooo excited, took our burgers out, took our first highly anticipated bite, and…. WTH is this?!??!! GAH! OMG was so junk!

    boo. : (

  73. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗

    @sally, you are making me hungry ❗ 🙂

  74. David In Oregon says:

    sally: Arrrrghhhh!! Why you gotta mention those things (in #87)? Oh man, that’s some of the stuff I miss most. Tanoue’s saimin. Green River soda. W&M burgers. Oh man, memories of childhood. 😀

  75. sally says:

    Good Evening MLCers!

    Yes Visitor, Kaimuki & Queen Theaters for movie, then walk back home, but not before stopping at either Tanoues for saimin & BBQ stick OR W&M on 9th/Waialae for a BBQ Burger. If money was tight (which was almost always) we could still get a mini cup size Green River soda for 5 cents.

  76. Visitor says:

    Remember Roosevelt Theater? They used to show adult movies. It was somewhere in downtown…never went there.

    Small kid time we used to walk to either Kaimuki or Queen Theaters.

  77. Neo76 says:

    Not sure if anyone got the theaters but the first one is the “New” Kokusai Theater. The “old” Kokusai Theater was located behind the Toyo Theater. My dad used to take us to a lot of samurai and Japanese Monster movies in the old days. My memory may be foggy (maybe? probably really foggy) but I remember Princess Theater being where Kukui Plaza now sits, Hawaii (or was it American) Theater on Hotel Street (I remember walking down a scary alley to get there), I think the one on Cooke Street was called Kakaako Theater (some old timers told me this – I’ve never been there), and there was also a really old theater that I think started with an N that was located across Mark’s garage in downtown (I remember seeing a monster movie there). The rest of the other theaters have already been covered. I also remember seeing my first “legal” adult movie at Queen’s – in high school we used to go to the UH Physical Science auditorium to see them there.

  78. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #80, thank you for being our angel ❗ We really appreciate all the music you share from our past ❗ Thanks a million ❗ 🙂

  79. ct says:

    @Rob – I hear you, but you know how it is, if we get this together, I owe you one solid.

  80. 4G says:

    @Rob@96744 (#80): That is awesome, man. Thank you! 🙂

  81. Mark'75 says:

    Rob@96744: That Ethel Azama song was beautiful!

  82. Rob@96744 says:

    Guys (and Gals), like it was mentioned in another post regarding cd’s, ask the moderator to put you in touch w/me, there is NO CHARGE to share materials here. All of you come from a generation where when you had mangoes or lychee you would share it with neighbors. Today, sadly this generation is a “me first” and there is no such thing as neighbor, your neighbor has to pay $$$. Not here, not ever.. If there is a way for me to assist you, by all means ask. The least I could say is no, and that is ONLY in specific instances where intellectual property and a mutual agreement was made between me and the other party that PROHIBITS the sharing of materials… If I charged you or anyone else, then it would be FOR PROFIT, and would be in violation of the law..So, Rodney now you can assist the regular posters by forwarding the request to me.

    ct: Glad you enjoyed it. If you as well as the others enjoy hearing this type of material, i’ll gladly make more. Sharing is a nonexistent term in this generation’s vocabulary, but not in ours…

  83. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: The Kokusai theater had some sort of Kanji Logo, maybe a character in a octogon-shaped border and under it, in english, was something like “Daimaru” or “Daiei” or something like that. I’d like to say the neon light was light blue or light purple(?)
    I think when it was renamed to Empress, the sign had yellow Chinese characters, but the Kanji logo was gone.

  84. ct says:

    @Rob #11 – Great music. I too wouldn’t mind paying for a CD there. Again, thanks for putting that together, enjoyed that totally.

  85. Seawalker says:

    @Mark – (#70) Holy carp, you just jogged one of those long lost memories in my pea-sized brain. I always knew they re-named it to the Empress Theatre. But yes, now that you mentioned it, I remember seeing that sign from our house. Had 20/20 visions back then. We lived just below Natsunoya Tea House and had an open view to the city line. Wasn’t it Chinese characters or some sort? I might be mistaken about the characters, but I do recall the sign. Someone else might know? That, and we could also see the top of the Ala Moana Building–La Rhonde Restaurant. Wow, that felt like I took a line of something. Good memories!

  86. ct says:

    Since grew up in Kaimuki … spend a lot of time at the Kaimuki Theatre not so much Queen’s. We sneaked into Waialae Drive Inn, for some reason, I remember the dancing soda cups and popcorn commercial thing and the cartoons like Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy

  87. ct says:

    Good Evening MLCers!!!

    Wow … you guys get unreal memory … makes me wonder where the heck was I … hahahaha

    The first time I saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show was at McKinley. At first I was pretty freaked out because it was a school function. But had to make cool cuz we were with the state student council folks on an exchange … so I got to sit next to … one of the officers … first name Tracy. Everyone got into it with raincoats and umbrellas and water bottles. Didn’t allow lighters so people had flashlights and toilet paper. Man that Meatloaf could belt … good memories.

    @91 – Hey man … Honk … unreal … tanks eh!!!

  88. JTB says:

    @volleymom2 – So it was you that got my tickets and force us to miss Saturday Night Fever that night!!!

  89. JTB says:

    @seawalker – No, I never was much of a player. Now I am happily married to the gal I met during that first 13 month trip to Japan (took four years before we decided to marry, though). My “worst-ever date” friend is also happily married.

    You are right about the clothes…I have pictures of me and her (and a bunch of other friends) all dressed up for a night on the town. My shirt collar was as big as the Flying Nun’s headgear (seemed like if the wind was strong enough I could fly with those collars). And the pants had a waistline above the bellybutton and the circumference of one pant leg was equal to that of my entire waistline! I make it a point not to break out those photos when we look at the old photo albums!

    I did share my “worst-ever date” story to my 13- and 16-year old sons and they thought it was hilarious. They have hard time imagining locking keys inside the car when nowadays our vehicles “sense” the presence of the keys inside the car and automatically won’t lock the doors.

  90. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ Lots of fun stories ❗ 🙂

  91. volleymom2 says:

    @ Dean- I dont know what happened, I got cut off from my previous entry. the new Royal Theater? I saw Mary Poppins at that theater.
    @ JTB- The Marina twin theaters.. I saw Saturday Night Fever over there, too!!
    @ seawalker- I asked a bunch of older guys and students as well, as to why guys sit every other seat… they told me its a “guy thing”. I guess so…

  92. Mark'75 says:

    Remember the Kokusai theater had a big neon kanji-like logo that you could see from miles away? I guess there weren’t so many highrises back then. Does anyone remember what color the neon sign was?

  93. volleymom2 says:

    @ Rodney- Princess theater is now Hawaii Pacific University. Steve- you get good memory. I had to ask someone.
    @ Dean

  94. ankleBYTERS says:

    Tiger is officially divorced today…

  95. Steve says:

    I believe there was an establishment named “Kapiolani Drive-In” at the current site of the Don Quijote store on Kaheka Street.

  96. honouliulikid says:

    Hemajang, this is Boot from Asing Park. Boz91 told me about this blog. This is cool.

    Waipahu theatre was definitely the first theatre I went to. Admission was 25 cents, bus fare was 10 and popcorn or candy was a nickle. 50 cents went along way then. I remember seeing Ben Hur either at the old Waikiki or Kuhio Theatre.

    The best was of course the memories of the outdoor theatre at Ewa Plantation that Hemajang and Boz91 mention. The obake neko movies were definitely a lot scarier than the stuff they make now.

  97. Steve says:

    The popular downtown theaters were the King, Hawaii and Princess Theaters. I remember seeing the Beatles’ movies “A Hard Day’s Night” and “Help” at the Princess. The Princess was a beautiful, large theater that was located where Hawaii Pacific University now sits. We would also go to the Waialae Drive-In Theater quite frequently. Two memorable movies at that establishment were The Three Stooges’ “Have Rocket, Will Travel” and the James Bond film “You Only Live Twice”.

  98. Rodney says:

    @Steve – Yup!

    @Kage – no worries – your secret is good with me. LOL

  99. Steve says:

    I believe the Empress Theater was originally named the Kokusai Theater.

  100. 91boz says:

    @dihudfan I remember small kid time I went to a theater around Aala Park called Asian Theater.

    @4G Yeh Honk – 5 summer Stories soundtrack great songs Really enjoyed that album.

  101. Kage says:

    I remember it was such a big deal to go to Waikiki and see a movie. We only went after we could drive on our own. My parents did not see the draw to go all the way to Waikiki to see a movie.

    I remember long lines. Trying to save seats for everyone. Not sure if everyone would get in before it sold out. No cell phones back then so it was hit and miss.

    I remember going to see PeeWee’s Big Adventure at the Kuhio Twins. It was shown same time as Fright Night. Saw both movies for the price of one…shhh no tell.

  102. Kage says:

    @MaryC- it is still KOA.

    There was another theater in Wahiawa. It was a small one where Sunny Side Inn is now. I do not remember the name of that theater. I remember they showed samurai movies and later it was adult themed movies…. whatever that means.

  103. Kage says:

    Good Afternoon MLCers.

    MaryC beat me to the Wahiawa Theater story. 🙂

    I remember it would run movies after it was out for a while. There was NO parking so the side streets would fill up when a good movie was out.

    I do not remember seeing them, but my bro said that he used to watch the rats running on the curtains. 😯

    If we wanted to see a first run movie, we had to bus it to Pearlridge when they had the 4plex outside by Denny’s.

  104. dihudfan says:

    the one on beretania and nuuanu… the new Kokusai, old one which used to be behind the Toyo by the Nuuanu river…there also was 1 more japanese theatre in ala park, forget the name. On the side street of the Palama was a good Saimin stand… if you drove further down king st. you would have seen the old Kalihi theatre, now a salvation army. if you drove up liliha st, at the intersection by the H1 onramp… Liliha theatre… Movies were porperlar because nevah have TV… only radio….. back in our days.

  105. kathi says:

    A couple of movies that came out when I was too young to buy tickets were “The Godfather” and “The Exorcist.” My uncle somehow got talked into taking me and a friend to “The Godfather.” I think it was at the Varsity Theater. I am sure it was the highlight of his life to see it with two junior high school girls. He was probably praying that we would not freak out at the horse’s head and other gory scenes. A friend’s older sister took a few of us younger ones to “The Exorcist.” It turned out to be a good thing that we went to a matinee, although none of us, older or younger, wanted to admit just how scared we were.

    I saw “The Omen” at a drive in. That is when my love of Rottweilers started, strangely enough. That Rottweiler in the movie did what all good Rottweilers do: loyally protect their person. In that case, even if their person is the spawn of Satan.

    I never saw “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in Hawaii, but I did see it at least 50 times at the Biograph in Chicago. As for the audience participation, some of the shouted-out lines were regional. Occasionally you’d hear only one person shouting out a line, you’d know they were from somewhere else, and if it was good, the regulars would be using it the next week!

  106. Rodney says:

    Anyone remember the movie Carrie? And bunch of my friends and I went to see it – not knowing anything about it. Remember this scene:

    As usual, we were all slouched in our chairs but when this scene came on – all of of sudden we were ALL sitting straight up in our seats! LOL

    I remember after that scene – the house lights went on and everyone was laughing at each other. Classic moment.

  107. MaryC says:

    I remember the old Wahiawa Theater. It was 35 cents to get in and see a cartoon, a few previews, and the movie. If you wanted to stay and see again, they never kicked you out. Our parents would give us $1 and we would go to Dairy Queen (now a Koa Pancake House at least the last time I went to Wahiawa) and buy hamburger, fries and a soda, and 35 cents for the movie, and still have enough for candy or popcorn. They even used to have “live shows”, a remember watching a magician once.

    I also remember going to the Cinerama Theater to see Chariots of Fire for a school excursion. It was so exciting becuase we stayed later than 2 PM.

    Funny the things that used to excite us yeah?

  108. Rodney says:

    @DIO mentioned the Marina Twin Theaters between the Ilikai and Kaiser Hospital on Ala Moana Blvd.

    I remember the night that my high school gf of 2 years broke up with me. We had gone to the Marina Theaters to see a before before she dropped the bomb on me. The movie was “Mahogany”. The theme song was “Do You Know Where You’re Going To”

  109. Rodney says:

    @M and @volleymom2 mentioned Princess Theater. I recall the name but can’t place it. Help?

    I remember King Theater on King St. in downtown somewhere between Smith and Fort street. I recall going there once when I was small to see a movie.

  110. Rodney says:

    And that picture of the where the huge building stands now is where Kaimuki Theater used to be. Now it’s 3660 on the Rise.

  111. Rodney says:

    @sally – Yup, Queen Theater in Kaimuki. They used to show Mickey Mouse movies there (the kind that Ynaku DIDN’T go to). 😉

    And the one on the corner of Keeaumoku and Beretania was indeed the Nippon Theater.

    @Mike In Waipio – Yes, Kewalo Theater on Queen and Cooke street. I had to ask my FIL about that one. You can still see the totan roof.

  112. Rodney says:

    @volleymom2 & @91boz – Yes, before Empress Theater became Empress Theater, it was Kokusai Theater.

    @DIO – yup, second picture was Golden Harvest Theater on Smith Street.

    @sally – Picture 3 – Was that the old Toho Theater? I only remember it as Kapiolani Theater. I remember the name of Toho Theater, but couldn’t remember where it was.

    And the Cinerama theater after that. It used to be call the Pawaa Theater?

    @DIO – yup, Palama Theater on King Street in Kalihi.

  113. ankleBYTERS says:

    Since everyone from HI always visits Trader Joe’s in LAS before returning….

  114. 4G says:

    @91boz (#41) – wow, Honk and “Pipeline Sequence”. Awesome! TY!

  115. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Agreed, spacing…otherwise kinda gay, no?

  116. Seawalker says:

    What’s with it when a bunch of guys go to see a movie? We all have to take every other seat, and never the one next to each other. It’s the same with going to the urinals, never “P” right next to the other person in the bathroom. It’s all about spacing, baby!

    @JTB – Yah, I remember when Star Wars first came out. The lines at Cinerama snaked around the block even after playing there for a year. But you da man, a potential hook-up after 32 years? If it was SNF you went to see, then your date must’ve remembered you in your Angel Flights pants and silky long-sleeve shirt. Or did you loan her your Members Only jacket too? Chivalry! LOL

  117. Dean says:

    Anyone remember “The New Royal Theatre” on Kuhio Avenue in Waikiki? It was “new” until the day it was torn down.

    The Cinerama was always the Cinerama as far as I recall. I remember seeing “The Brothers Karamazov” there. Might have been the first movie to run at the theatre. And I also remember seeing “Grand Prix” there during a summer fun field trip.

    Movies and how they’e produced have always been fascinating to me. I saw “The Exorcist” in high school and I had almost all the effects figured out by the end. It was fun to watch, especially when I spotted the wires that levitated Linda Blair off the bed.

    On the way home I was sitting in the front passenger seat. I was wearing a loose windbreaker so when I shifted to turn my head around to face the guys in back it looked like my body was staying in one place as my head went almost 180 degrees. Didn’t help that I made an evil grimacing face and an animal growling sound. Yep, they freaked out.

    Another movie I saw at Cinerama was “2001, A Space Odyssey”. I was blown away at how everything looked as though it was shot in space. Until this day it has some of the most realistic spaceflight scenes.

    In the year 2001 I suggested the Star-Bulletin do a feature story about how much of the movie came true. No one showed any interest.

    But by my own account here’s what the movie sort of predicted: We have a shuttle that flies to an orbiting space station (although it’s not operated by Pan Am). The clipboard with video screen that Bowman watched his birthday greeting on (in the scene aboard the Jupiter spaceship) came a bit later (the iPad), although by then we did have flat screen laptop computers. Hasselblad does have a “flight-qualified” camera that was used by astronauts (was in the moon scene). We don’t have a base on the moon. Fashions aren’t as drab as in the movie. And we don’t have computers we can carry conversations with.

  118. KAN says:

    JTB, I think you saw “Star Wars” at Cinerama, which was on King Street. I remember that day vividly – I loved that movie.

  119. JTB says:

    Here are my movie memories in Hawaii…

    First Star Wars movie…I think I saw it at a theater on King Street (King Theater, right?), not sure, I am a little hazy on that one. I just remember how huge a hit that movie was and the long ticket lines for a long time after it debuted.

    The Varsity Theater…It was ten years before I returned to Hawaii after my father’s job took us back to the mainland just before my senior year in high school. At that time, I was returning from 13 months in Japan, and stopped in a Hawaii for a week vacation on the way back to the mainland. I visited my old neighborhood and stopped by lots of friends’ homes, including my old girlfriend’s place. Her parents connected us and we made plans to get together. Lunch at the Halekulani, then a movie at the Varsity Theater. Though she was living with a guy at the time, in the movie house it was like old times when we snuggled, held hands and shared a kiss. We went our own ways after that, but for a brief time, inside the theater, we were again the 14 & 15-year-old couple that we once were. Btw, I don’t remember one thing about the movie, go figure!

    Finally, my last story took place at the movie theater between the Ilikai & old Kaiser Hospital that someone earlier wrote about. It was a first date with a girl who had been, up to that time, just a really close friend, but not romantic in any way. We went to see Saturday Night Fever when it just came out. There was a big line when we drove past the theater on the way to the parking lot next to Ala Moana Bowls surf spot. We stood in line for a long time, then when we finally reached the ticket window I was told the movie was sold out and the next one, too! Oh, she was so disappointed, but we decided to meet some friends later and cruise with them. So back we went to the parking lot to get my car. Bad news, I locked my keys inside. Now, she’s mad to the point that she simply quit talking to me. I called my father for a rescue, but he called me a knucklehead and said take the bus home and we deal with the locked keys in the morning. Well, I couldn’t do that…that’s really make A on a date, right? Anyway, to make a long story short, my friends finally brought extra keys from my father, we got the car open, but the date was a big bust. My friendship with this girl never turned romantic after that night! Now, fast forward 32 years to last week…I received an email message inviting me to connect with none other than my “worst-ever date” date. Yes, we still friends after all these years!

  120. 91boz says:

    Roosevelt High School and surf movies!
    I saw quite a few and 5 Summer Stories by Greg macguilevrey sp? and Jim Freeman was one of or if not the best.

    Soundtrack Flashback — Great Album!

  121. Mark'75 says:

    The opening of The Sound of Music on the big screen at Kuhio Theater stays on my mind, you know the one, the sweeping scene of Julie Andrews singing in the Alps…was breathtaking!

    Seeing Grand Prix at the Cinerama was just as spectacular as the action really placed you in the race car, and featured cutting-edge technology: split screen photography!

    But the old black and white samurai films was pretty traumatic, gross stuffs like the first time I saw some dude get decapitated…or seeing an arm go flying off…ugh.

  122. 91boz says:

    Theater Pix #1 Isn’t that Kokusai Thheater?

    @Rob I used to go and see Jimmy Borges with Betty Loo Taylor at Trappers in the 70’s and occasionally Ethel Azama would join him onstage. Those two really clicked and their music was timeless.

  123. 91boz says:

    @hemajang Yea remember the ushers dressed in white with the green lens flashlight to help you find a seat?

    Ewa social club, outdoor obake neko movies, long store, great memories!

  124. Mike in Waipio says:

    If that’s the Chevron at Beretania and Keeaumoku, it replaced the Palace theater.
    The theater near the Advertiser is the Kewalo theater at Queen and Cooke (I lived a few years in Kakaako and spent Saturday mornings there watching cartoons and serials for 10 cents).
    I saw “Excorcist” on a week night with four or five other guys, none supermacho but all confident 20-somethings. As mentioned in other blog topics, we used to frequent the Tiki on weekends but rarely on week nights. After seeing “Excorcist”, we all decided to go to the Tiki. No one wanted to go home and be alone.
    Off topic: @Rob@96744 (#11): I had the pleasure of seeing Ethel Azama (great voice) a long time ago. I would love to pay you for a CD of that Azama album and anything else Azama that Moffatt may have forwarded to you. Perhaps we can arrange something through Rod. Thanks.

  125. 91boz says:

    Wow the picture of Waikiki 3 theater brings back a lot of memories. I distinctly remember seeing Close Encounters Of The Third Kind there and during one of the scenes the palm trees on the upper left side of the theater started to shake.
    There was a lot of commotion when the ushers discovered someone was hiding up there adding his own special effects.

    Remember the stars on the ceiling? Or the organist that used to play before the show?

    They just don’t make theaters like that anymore!

  126. kathi says:

    @ankleBYTERS (#16): Thanks for the Colt update!

    Have to share a major caption malfunction from the Chicago Tribune’s photo gallery of the game. I screengrabbed it because I sincerely hope it’s being corrected! Click and go see…

    Colt is still white and still a QB, right? 🙂

  127. hemajang says:

    I’m pretty sure Waipahu Theater was the first time I went to a theater…building still there, a church now. My dad took me to see “Sleeping Beauty” and it must have been in the early 50’s. I remember it as being very scary. We also went to see Japanese movies at the Ewa Social Club outdoor theater. Us kids jumped into the back of dad’s pick up truck with our goza mat, blanket and pillow and make that trip to Ewa Plantation, down Renton Road, park along street in Tenney Village and find a nice grassy spot under the kiawe tree. Dad would give a donation to the man sitting under a bare light bulb by the projection hut. Most of the time it was a samurai movie featuring Kinnosuke Nakamura or Hashizo Okawa but also had obake movies that I peeked under my blanket. Best part was buying candy or shave ice from long store snack shop across Renton Road…great memories.

    We frequently went to Waialua to visit grandma, aunties and cousin and went to Waialau Theatre which was made of totun roof and walls and very noisy when it rained, Haleiwa Theatre where I saw “Gone with the Wind” and loved to sit up on the balcony, and Koga Theatre which was very small and showed a lot of Japanese movies.

    I think first time going to downtown by myself, long bus ride, I went to King Theater to watch “Man who shot Liberty Valance” and walked around town wandering through the stores and alleyways…big adventure.

    I agree, “Exocist” was the scariest movie of all time.

  128. Ynaku says:

    In Hilo, I used to go to the Palace Theater for my Mickey Mouse (NO not dat kind Mickey mouse movies 😆 ) cartoons. On Wednesday it was international night. Filipino (I used to take my mom), japanese samurai or chinese kung fu movies. Saw Star Trek the movies there. They shut down when Consolidated gave up. BUT Friends of Palce if fixing it up and they have special shows like Frank Delima, Augie T and other local entertainers. On Wednesday, they have a nice hawaiian program. Lots of people off the cruise ship come watch. The old pipe organ from Waikiki Theater is installer there too. I met the guy that is restoring it. Got to check out the back rooms and dungeon 😀

    We also had Mamo Theater. One thing I remember about that place was they had this store outside that sold all kind magic stuff. Never saw the store open but had all kind neat stuff in the windows. Also had Mamo Barber shop. On the other side had Ray’s Diner for filipino food. Oh man, I miss that place. Just no look at the brown critters scurrying around.

    The concession served Malt ice cream. Oh yeah baby.

    Later Waiakea Theaters opened at a triplex. McDonalds and Fun Factory was in the same building so was a nice meeting place for the kids. Now that place is kind empty with a nice Thai restaurant (Sombat) and a few shops.

    The only theaters left in Hilo is at Prince Kuhio Plaza with a multiplex for all first run shows. Then we have a smaller multiplex at the old Kress Store in downtown that shows the “After” runs. But it’s only about $1.50 to go.

    Other than that DVDs 🙂

  129. PA says:

    Movie memories
    My dad taking me to Surf movies at Roosevelt high and the collective hooting when a someone made a big ol wave

    Seeing every dirty harry and Charles Bronson movie at the Aikahi with the gang

    Sneaking in to kailua drive in I would drive in and my buddies would jump out and climb up the hill
    One time they got caught and the maintenance workers took them to this room and were beating them with slippers they finally showed up at the end of the first feature
    Going to the windward twin in Kaneohe and watching kung fu movies (five fingers of death, karado the hong kong cat) and the watching these old guys doing the moves in the aisles while bruce lee was doing his stuff on screen

  130. volleymom2 says:

    Good topic- wow, brings back many memories. I remember going a lot to the Waikiki theaters, yeah, saw Exorcist at Waikiki 3 and remember running back to the car (at 11 pm) that was parked along the Ala Wai.
    Used to go to the King theater a lot to see the kiddie movies, I remember paying 35 cents at that time, Hawaii theater to see Brides of Blood. My parents always dragged me to the those kung fu movies at the Liberty and Kokosai. I went to the Queen once in a while and the good ol Cinerama. I just remember all the long lines at that one. How about the Princess theater?? Saw Trouble With Angels and Born Free at that one.Other than that, used to always to to Kam Drive In which was closer to where I lived. Good ol days.

  131. ankleBYTERS says:


    It’s the numbers game with Colt I think on whether he sticks or not. I don’t think he can be on the Raiders practice squad, something about being on Injured Reserve last year prohibits him.

    Talking about rules….golf needs to do something about some of its archaic rules. Julie Inkster was DQ’d on Saturday for practicing her swing with a practice device attached to her club…a see the baseball players use it all the time on their bats. This infraction was witnessed on TV (I saw it and was saying to myself that I’ve never seen anyone do that before, using a device in actual play) and the LPGA was notified via email ❗ They should NOT accept these types of rules infractions. If they do, they need to have a camera on EVERY player to be fair. This holier-than-thou attitude over the gazillion golf rules which no one can ever remember and even the rules officials miss.

    Infractions should only be determined by:
    1) the player
    2) witnessed by the officials
    3) the man above

  132. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    #9 was that the Princess theater?

    I went to see Star Wars at the Cinerama 8 days in a row.

    After I saw the Exorcist, we walked back to my friends car parked on a dark street and the car battery was dead…we wanted to get the h_ll out of there so bad. It was a good thing his car was a standard shift so we pushed it and kick started it.

  133. ankleBYTERS says:

    Rocky Horror Picture Show – great fun attending the shows…peeps all dressed as the characters, flashlights, lighters, umbrellas, squirt guns, toilet paper…talk about audience participation ❗ 😆

    They still show that here, midnight, every Friday night. I’ve seen it countless times and never a dull moment.

  134. Seawalker says:

    @sally – Yes, yes, and yes. That’s the one. I think it was during Halloween time too. So double the whammy! 🙂

    @Ankles – Hope Colt gets his shot. But his situation is no different from the rest of us when it comes to work. You have to be at the right time and at the right place for a promotion. But the real kicker is the WAC conference turbulence Hawaii now faces.

  135. sally says:

    hahaha Seawalker: that movie you saw at UH, did they also throw rolls of toilet paper during the “Great Scott!” scene?

    HAHAHA You saw Rocky Horror Picture Show!

  136. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #18, 😆

  137. Seawalker says:

    For me, I think the Waikiki Theatres hold the most memories. Part of it was because we went during the evenings, and those were the places where the blockbuster movies first played. Seeing a movie at night was so much more exciting than catching a matinee.

    It might have also been the many “dates” as a teenager. Girls, they sly, when they liked you, they put their head on your shoulder or somehow reached for your hand during the movies. Blue Lagoon is still one of my favorite movies. Not so much the acting or the story-line, but the memories of who you went with.

    I admit, I have a loud voice. I yell my head off at sporting events. That spills over to the theatres sometimes. When the heart starts pounding and Rocky is punching the lights out of Mr. T, ho, I don’t hold back. I yell until I’m heard! LOL

    I went to a movie at U.H. one time. I forget, but I think it was at Hemmingway. Anyway, it was the flick where the audience saw the movie over and over and knew each scene by heart. Someone actually threw water in one of the rain scenes.

    I remember watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High at the Cinerama. About 4 of us just decided we had enough studying at Hamilton Library. So we went to the movies. During the day time. There were just 10 of us in the theatre–all perverts and waiting for the Phoebe Cates scene. Good, good fun!

  138. sally says:

    Exorcist was the most traumatizing movie in the history of movies! To this day, I have to close my eyes and ears when I know a “that scene” is going to be played in some kind of clip. I couldn’t sleep in my bed for a month, my friend couldn’t go home, she slept over at another friend’s house that night.

    I hate that movie.

  139. sally says:

    My first movie at Cinerama was My Fair Lady. I didn’t have a clue what that was all about except that they sang a lot so I enjoyed it.

    Remember when all the Disney movies used to sell soft cover books to go along with the movie? Somewhere in my mess I have My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Sound of Music, and That Darn Cat.

    At least I hope I still have it.

  140. sally says:

    The only movies I can remember about Kapahulu Theater are the Kazekozo movies, and I don’t even remember what those were about, only remember his big hair. I was too young, I think my brothers were made to take me. LOL

    In Kaimuki Town there was Queen and Kaimuki Theaters. Queen was 30cents and Kaimuki was 35cents. Which do you think we went to more? Hey, it meant an extra BBQ stick at Tanoues after the movie!

    But I think it was Kaimuki Theater that had Porky Pig Club. Dilema Dilema!

  141. KAN says:

    Guuud morning!

    I remember the old Kane`ohe Theater (where Taco Bell is now) but I don’t think I ever went in there.

    The Jerry Lewis Twin Theaters were in Windward City Shopping Center, below where Kress used to be, near McDonald’s. I must’ve gone to see movies there, but I can’t remember which ones.

    I remember seeing a Dick Van Dyke movie, “Never a Dull Moment” at Aikahi.

    I remember packing into a city bus with a bunch of my friends to go see “Xanadu” in Waikiki. I also remember waiting for hours in line at Waikiki 3 to see one of the “Star Trek” movies even though I wasn’t a Trekkie at the time, but my friends were.

  142. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    The only theaters I can I.D. is:
    3) Toho Theater on Kapiolani
    4) Cinerama (used to be Pawaa Theater)
    5) Is that Toyo?
    6) Queen (duh)
    7) Nippon

  143. ankleBYTERS says:


    Soon I’ll have all of my songs playing in your car’s CD player ❗ 😆

  144. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #16, thanks for the update on Colt ❗ 🙂

  145. ankleBYTERS says:

    Colt Brennan:

    By Steve Corkran
    Oakland Tribune

    Quarterback Colt Brennan made his Raiders debut midway through the fourth quarter. Cable inserted Brennan into the game in a favorable situation, with the ball at the Bears 9 and the game well in hand.

    Brennan was sacked the only time he dropped back to pass, and the drive ended with a Swayze Waters field goal.

    Brennan joined the Raiders on Aug. 7 and has received a crash course on the offense the past two weeks. Cable held out Brennan from the first exhibition game.

    The Raiders likely will keep only three quarterbacks on their final 53-man roster. Jason Campbell is the unquestioned starter. Bruce Gradkowski and Kyle Boller hold a huge edge over Brennan in terms of NFL experience.

    It’s also possible the Raiders will attempt to re-sign Brennan if he doesn’t make the 53-man squad and assign him to their practice squad. That would give him a year to learn the offense.

  146. LINDA KATO says:

    Before furlough Fridays (less money per month) my husband went to a movie every weekend at Kapolei Theatres and to dinner at Zippy’s. That was our weekend ritual. That all ended when the furloughs began last 10/2009.

    We treated ourselves to a movie last month to see the remake of The Karate Kid. We enjoyed that movie ❗

    I recall movies on Kauai for 10 cents, with a double feature, news reel and cartoons ❗ We really got our money’s worth ❗ 🙂

  147. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #1, first today ❗

    #2, thanks for the Blast from the past, sweet ❗

    #3, nice, getting used to YOUR type of music ❗ 🙂

  148. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #11, beautiful, thank you ❗ 🙂

    And, thank you for the Johnny Crawford CD’s ❗ I listened to them over and over again all weekend ❗ Absolutely delightful ❗

  149. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ 🙂

  150. Rob@96744 says:

    Good Morning fellow MLC’ers, Forgive me, as i’m gonna be off topic as i’m still digesting the memories of the last subject. While sitting back thinking about all the old times, One moment in 1998 stood out. Tom Moffatt called me and had a special request. He wanted to digitize ONE album for himself. It was his all time favorite, “Cool Heat” by Ethel Azama. Imagine, he’s heard literally thousands of tunes and he picked this one album that I never heard before. Anyway, when it was finished, he was so excited. We were at Dunbar Wakayama’s studio at about 1 or 2 in the morning, and he didn’t care about the time, he HAD to hear this. Keep in mind that Ethel, his good friend had passed away in the early ’80’s. This tune that you will be privleged, yes PRIVLEDGED to hear, is the classic “Time After Time”, which has been recorded by many before. When I played this back for him, minus the THOUSANDS of scratches, I saw him trying to hold back his emotion. He was silent. It was surreal…Anyway, Tom, if you are listening, this is for YOU. Thanks for EVERYTHING, and all of the precious memories that you have brought to the people of Hawaii…And for all of you that follow MLC, as well as Rodney and Paula, enjoy…

  151. David In Oregon says:

    I don’t remember a lot of the movies I saw in the theaters, but I do remember a lot of the theaters I went to: Liberty Theater, King Theater, Empress Theater, Golden Harvest Theater, Waikiki 1, 2, & 3, Kuhio, Cinerama. I also remember another one, whose name I can’t quite remember. It was something like Marina Twins or Royal Marina. It was on Ala Moana, right between the Ilikai and the old Kaiser Hospital.

  152. David In Oregon says:

    Checker Auto Parts pic: I only knew it as Cinerama, although I heard it had another name before that.

    next pic: That’s the old “New Palama Theater.” I think at one point, it had another name, like Zamboanga, or something.

  153. David In Oregon says:

    2nd pic: Is that the old Golden Harvest Theater, on Smith St.?

  154. David In Oregon says:

    Wow, movie theaters. What a cool topic. I don’t have a clue what Empress Theater was called before it was called, Empress.

  155. David In Oregon says:

    Good morning everyone!!

  156. jaydee says:

    I remember Waikiki3, I saw the Alfred Hitchcock movie “Frenzy” there with a special GF. The theatres back in those days were huge compared to the small ones they have now.

  157. ankleBYTERS says:

    My mom and our neighbor would always go to Kaneohe theater to watch the weekly Japanese movies, like Zatoichi. I remember paying $0.25 to watch movies there on the weekends. When they converted it to a game room/pool hall, we’d be shooting pool there.

    Remember seeing Love Story and Godfather at a theater that I can’t remember the name of…Cinerama perhaps ❓

    Also remember seeing The Groove Tube at Varsity Theater. The Twin Theaters, I’ve seen several movies there. There’s also a movie theater at the Windward Mall if I’m not mistaken. Remember the Busy Bee theater…stopped by there with friends after work. Saw Midway with it’s sense-surround at one of the Waikiki Theaters. Missed out on seeing the first Star Wars movie as we had just moved here, but did see it at a theater here. Exorcist, can’t remember which theater I saw that one at. The same with Tora, Tora, Tora.

    Also saw movies at Kahuku’s theater (???) way back then…remember also seeing movies at Aikahi Theater.

  158. ankleBYTERS says:

    LK: American alternative rock band from Florida… ❓

  159. ankleBYTERS says:

    A start to Monday morning blues….Blast From the Past….

    Arthur Conley – Sweet Soul Music

  160. ankleBYTERS says:

    First ❗ How come ❓

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