Okay, last time we talked about the lolo things we did as kids, teens, and even adults.  And as requested, everyone left out their stories about “puka-head”.

So, now we can share our puka-head stories.

My first puka head was when I was around 3 or 4 years old.  My dad used to bowl in the Pearl Harbor bowling league at Boulevard Bowl (let’s see who remembers where that is!).  My older brother was doing that spin-in-a-circle-until-you-get-dizzy-and-fall-down thing.  It looked like fun so I had to try it too – and it was fun!

That is until I fell backwards and whacked the base of the back of my head on the corner of the ball polishing machine.  And the blood was gushing out.  I kinda remember my dad holding his handkerchief to the gash and it turning all red from the blood.

I was screaming in pain.

And he was screaming at me because he couldn’t finish bowling and had to pack up to take me home.

I never did go to the hospital to get stitches though.  But it left a small scar down at the base of my hairline.  In fact, when I used to have my hair long back in high school, it would part in the middle due to the scar.  I called it my “swallow tail” (that’s surf talk).


Then there was the time we were surfing out at Lighthouse (next to Diamond Head cliffs).  I always had a hard time catching waves and usually ended up with a “late take-off”.  This one time it was a bit too late.  Almost like over-the-falls kine too late.  I headed into the water first with my board following right behind me.  Somewhere in the mish-mash and tumbling in the wave, I heard a “crunch” and felt a sharp pain on the back of my head – just below where my giri-giri is.

As I surfaced, I was rubbing my head and as we always did – check to see if there was blood on my hand.  There was not only blood but a strands of hair too.  And the tail of my board had a nice fracture in it with hair stuck in it.

My friends saw me eat it and called out “Bleeding?”.  I shook my head yes and we paddled in.

Once we were on the beach, I had my friend Paul check it out and asked him how bad it looked.  He said that it didn’t look too bad.  So we packed up our boards and I drove to my mom’s office in Kahala to get her opinion on what I should do.  She wasn’t in the office but the receptionist took a look at it and said that I should go to the emergency room to get it checked out.

So off to Straub Clinic we headed and the doctor stitched it up.

It was only then that my friend Paul said “It looked pretty bad at the beach but I didn’t want to tell you that and freak you out”.  Thanks.

The weird thing is that the ER doctor rolled up a piece of gauze like a little tampon and stitched it on to my head to cover the wound.  So for the next week or so while I had that little tampon stuck to the back of my head, every time I’d be riding in someone’s car and the back of my head would bounce against the headrest, it hit right on that tampon and caused pain.

I couldn’t wait for my follow up appointment to take the stitches – and the tampon – off of my head.


Okay, those are my puka-head experiences.  Time to share yours.

Feel free to share “tankobu” (lumps) stories too.  I’ve had lumps on my head so many times that none of them really stand out in my memory.  It was just a part of growing up as a boy.  LOL

200 Responses to “Puka-Head”

  1. LINDA KATO says:

    Wow, lots of music posted while I was watching movies. Gotta listen tomorrow, everyone asleep already ❗

    Good night MLCers ❗ 🙂

  2. Keoni says:

    @M (#183) Beware of da wana!

  3. sally says:

    yayyyy M, new toy! You’re building up quite a collection!

  4. M says:

    @sally, I’m getting a different one from a SUP shop, not on Craiglist.

  5. sally says:

    So… you ARE getting it! Good deal?

  6. M says:

    I should be getting my new SUP board before next weekend. 🙂

  7. sally says:


    No, DiO, not “now he tells me”.

  8. Seawalker says:

    I’m still laughing at the shishing. For your information sally, a lot of guys’ tanks are empty because the ocean is one big toilet anyway! 🙂

  9. David In Oregon says:

    sally: as long as you don’t say, “oh, now he tells me…” 😆

  10. M says:

    What’s everyone’s plans for Labor day?

    It’s SUPing for me!

  11. Seawalker says:

    @sally, @M – (#186) Too funny, that one made me laugh out loud.

  12. M says:

    @sally, that doesn’t work… 🙂

  13. sally says:

    @M: OWWWWW! Did you … you know… shishi on it?

  14. sally says:

    Okay, me too, not puka head but it was a big owee.

    6th grade, my daddy said to go make a bowl of ice cream for baban. I reached up, lost grip of the glass dish, and timing couldn’t have been more perfect to have the glass crack on the way down and slice my finger as I was pulling my hand away.

    Daddy was on the phone watching this all go down. I squeezed my finger to stop the bleeding when I heard my daddy say “I gotta go, gotta take my daughter to emergency room”.

    “huh”?!? I’d never been to an ER before. It’s “just a cut”.

    Well, I got some stitiches and my hand got wrapped up. On my follow up visit the doctor said I slice thru the main nerve on the inside of my finger… something about nature puts that nerve there to prevent major injury but I’m so talented blah blah blah.

    Was also told that it takes 6mos for the nerve to grow back and sometimes it doesn’t reconnect properly and it forms a bundle and then REALLY hurts! Oh great, something to look forward to.

    Six mos came and went and not “bundle”, no “pain”. yayyy! However, to this day, if I bang my finger jusssss’ right… oh man that zing just shoots up my finger and it throbs for about 30 minutes. You can still see the scar on half my baby finger.

    The End.

  15. ct says:

    Ooppps forgot bout that … You really want to hear puka head kine stories … well you asked for it … well not really puka head though … what about puka face

    When I was playing Jolly Roger basketball, we used to play in Kaimuki Park gym. Yeah, the one with the baseline like 6 feet from the wall. Don’t know if you remember a guy named Rodney Loo that used to play for Kaimuki Park … well … he was so fast that he used to foul out our guys trying to watch him. Anyway, one time I was going up for a layup and he just pushes me enough so I lose balance and come down weird and can’t stop and run directly into da wall. Those who play there know the pinging metal sound when you hit da wall … well … pretty much kissed da wall and had one cut lip … so had cho cho lip for a couple of weeks …

  16. M says:

    Stepped on wana a few weeks ago SUP surfing, does that count as an owie?

  17. sally says:

    Gee, I guess we ran out of PukaHead stories.

  18. sally says:

    @ct: Babs!

  19. sally says:

    the same time I discovered Lighthouse Family


  20. sally says:

    ankles: I started listening to Heather Nova:

    Heart and Shoulder

    *to be continued*

  21. ct says:

    @Sally – #171 – That’s true … but I can’t think in terms of karaoke … not unless it’s around closing time … and you want everyone to leave … hahahaha …

    @Sally – #160 – I totally agree … not that into Whitney … Linda has such a pure voice. Another with a pure voice .. this is not one of her standards though …

    Barbra Streisand – What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life

    @ankles … listening to Heather now … cool

  22. sally says:

    Thanks for all the Patsy Cline songs!

  23. ankleBYTERS says:


    You might like this one by Heather Nova, another Dawson’s Creek song:

  24. David In Oregon says:

    Can you tell I like Patsy? 😆

  25. sally says:

    @ct: used to do that song a lot until everybody and their cousin was singing it and it got tired real fast. Still… it’s a Patsy Cline signature! What a gal she was!

  26. David In Oregon says:

    I’ve Loved and Lost Again

  27. David In Oregon says:

    Patsy: Blue Moon of Kentucky

  28. David In Oregon says:

    sally: “…learned by doing Patsy Cline…” ? If you got to learn, learn from the best. 😀

    Patsy: A Church, a courtroom, and then goodbye

  29. ct says:

    @ankles – Man … I heard her music before but I was not familiar with Mary Beth. Cool … thanks for turning me on to her

    @Sally – Connie Francis huh … hahahaha … nah … nevah hea dat one in a long time … really like that song … but as for Patsy kinda sad in a way cuz it seems like she died before her time … but I still like

    Patsy Kline – Crazy

  30. sally says:

    Yup, ankles, Mary Beth is a keeper!

    @ct: she did a great job on Desperado, that was in her “country” days like Prisoner in Disguise.

    I’ve always disliked (cuz “hate” is a very strong word) Whitney Houson’s version of this song. Linda Ronstadt did it justice!!!

    I Will Always Love You

  31. ct says:

    wow … don’t know what happened … got kicked off with some sort of database error …

    What I was going to add was that most of my friends liked this one …

    Linda Ronstadt – Desperado

    Hopefully I won’t blow it up again … hahaha

  32. ankleBYTERS says:


    Here’s one of her live with piano:

    Mary Beth Maziarz – True believer

  33. ankleBYTERS says:


    ..or this one;

    Mary Beth Maziarz – This is our life

  34. ankleBYTERS says:


    She’s into piano and folksongish songs. How about this one:

    Mary Beth Maziarz – Hold on

  35. sally says:

    another fave

    Where The Boys Are by Connie Francis

  36. sally says:

    @ct: I love that song! I used to sing it yearrrs ago. Aunty Paula kicks a$$ on that song! Ask her to sing it for you if you get the chance.

    I learned to karaoke by doing Patsy Cline… she’s mah gurl!
    Sweet Dreams

  37. sally says:

    ankles: Thanks for turning me on to Mary Beth Maziarz. Great voice! You got any of her music to put on Triad IV or Triad “misc”? Cuz she doesn’t exactly fit in with Alternative.

  38. ct says:

    Good Evening MLCers!!!

    Thanks all for the great selections.

    @ankles – you still da man

    @Rob – #70 What can I say … a classic

    @Sally – Wow you on a roll … okay … howz about this one

    Linda Ronstadt – What’s New

  39. ankleBYTERS says:

    I was a fan of Dawson’s Creek and first heard Mary Beth Maziarz’s version on there. And I was also a Pacey/Joey fan…they finally were together at the end.

  40. sally says:

    If you guys ever have a chance to hear Creative at karaoke, you’re in for a real treat!

    Kyrie Eleison by Mr Mister

  41. sally says:

    Haven’t done this in awhile


  42. sally says:

    Early days fave

    I’ve Got A Crush On You by Linda Ronstadt

  43. LINDA KATO says:

    @Sally, ok expert, just because you know how to post and fast too ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  44. sally says:

    And yet another

    White Rabbit by Grace Slick

  45. sally says:

    Another fave

    You’re My World by Cilla Black

  46. sally says:

    One of my fave karaoke songs
    I Could Be The One by Donna Lewis

  47. David In Oregon says:

    sally: 😆

    The Soooooooooooooooooooul Traaaaaaain.

    Word Up!!

  48. sally says:

    And since I also missed Fri nite at Ige’s with the KingPins. Damned these migraines!

    Unchain My Heart

    No other than Joe Cocker!

  49. sally says:

    And Rod, I did not forget your fave song.

    Word Up!

  50. sally says:

    Okay, let’s drive up the funk. Especially since I missed last night with Rod and the gang at HB for Powerhouse.

    This is for RealOne. It’s “Our Song”. BHAHAHA!


  51. sally says:

    @ankles: #127 It makes Monkees music listenable. nice!

  52. LINDA KATO says:

    Thanks, DIO ❗

  53. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: The first one took me to a search for Johnny Crawford stuff. The 2nd link worked perfectly.

  54. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, ok #135 worked but now I gotta remember what I did. Thank you ❗

  55. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Oops, that last part (of post #128) was supposed to say, only post one website address per post (on this site). This is true regardless of the address, whether it’s a youtube video address or any other address.

  56. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #127, Like ❗ 🙂

  57. David In Oregon says:

    ankles: That’s a pretty interesting version. Kinda threw me off at first. Reminds me of Eric Clapton singing Layla while playing acoustic guitar. The words are all the same, but the performance is way different.

  58. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles, my son added flash player to my computer today so I went back to view the corvette car crash you posted a few weeks ago. Wow, what a bad accident! Please drive carefully in your vette ❗

  59. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, thank you ❗

  60. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: it’s easy. You already know how to go to Youtube to watch the videos. It’s just a few easy steps to copy/paste the links onto this site.

    Once you’ve gotten to the Youtube, search for the song, artist, etc. that you’re looking for.

    When you’ve found the particular video you want to post, go to it (like you were going to watch it). The address of that specific video will be at the very top of your browser window. The address will look like those we’ve posted here on this site.

    Move your mouse to where the address is, and click in that box. That should highlight the whole address.

    Once the address is highlighted, click the right mouse button (not the left one), and you should see a little window popup that has several choices like, Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete. Click (with the left mouse button) the word Copy. This will copy the address.

    Switch over to this site (MLC Hawaii) and click in the comment box, like you were going to make a comment.

    While still in the comment section, click the right mouse button. You should see a similar window popup with words like Cut, Copy, Paste, etc. With the left mouse button, click on the word, “Paste”. If all was done correctly, you will have just pasted the address of the YouTube video in the comments box. Then click on the Submit Comment button, to post the link on this site.

    Remember to only post website address per post, otherwise your post will go into moderation, and Rodney will have to manually release it.

  61. ankleBYTERS says:

    Here’s my favorite Monkees cover from Dawson’s Creek…..award-winning singer/songwriter of contemporary piano-based pop-folk….like ❓

  62. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, I don’t know how to post yet, that’s on one of my learning to do projects so I rely on you, ankles, ct, 4G, Rod, Sally, Seawalker, Rod@96744, and everyone else to post for me. Thanks a lot ❗ 🙂

  63. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: You’re welcome. Feel free to post stuff you like. I’m always interested in hearing what others listen to.

  64. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO #120, #121, #122, thanks for the music for the afternoon ❗ 🙂

  65. David In Oregon says:

    Smokey Robinson & The Miracles-The Tears Of A Clown

  66. David In Oregon says:

    Monkees: I’m a believer

  67. David In Oregon says:

    what I’ve been watching lately:

    To Sir, with love:

  68. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO #118, thank you ❗ I used to have their vinyl album many years ago, may still have it ❗ 🙂

  69. David In Oregon says:

    Monkees: Daydream Believer

  70. LINDA KATO says:

    Just got back from taking my son and his wife to Zippy’s for lunch to thank him for adding flash player to my computer. Now I’m ready for the videos ❗

  71. David In Oregon says:

    the Monkees!!! I can remember as a kid going to one of the car shows and seeing the Monkeemobile, the original Batmobile, and the General Lee, as well as, the car from Knight Rider. Cool stuff.

  72. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #79, great beat ❗ Loved it ❗ 🙂 Thank you ❗ 🙂

  73. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #108, absolutely delightful ❗ Forgot all about The Monkees ❗ Thank you ❗ 🙂

  74. sally says:

    Precursor to our karaoke lives!

  75. sally says:

    Can’t remember what year it was, but in elem school my friends and I used to sit at the kitchen table with the transistor radio on and wait for Monkees songs to come on then we’d all sing. hahaha We still remember doing that!

  76. David In Oregon says:

    sally: Fist bump!!

  77. sally says:

    Rob@96744: Davey Jones recorded solo after the Monkees? WHY? hahahaha!

  78. David In Oregon says:

    sally: Yeah, I know that one (Avoset). I also know about the changing sizes of various things. I need to do some converting on the recipes I have, otherwise none of it will work right.

  79. Rob@96744 says:

    Good Morning MLC’ers. Remember the Monkees? Here is today’s “Blast from the Past”, David “Davey”Jones, WHAT AM I GONNA DO…

  80. sally says:

    kathi & DiO: missing or no longer available ingredients… like Avoset? I went crazy a several years ago hunting for that blue bottle in the grocery stores!

    And gotta be careful now, sizes are different. One can tuna is no longer 6 oz. “Lge container Cool Whip” not the same. Good thing, when I first got my recipes, I used to translate “large container” or “big can” into actual cups for some recipes.

  81. David In Oregon says:

    Big project, but good fun. I’m going through a bunch of stuff here, and laughing at everything.

  82. sally says:

    @DiO: I’m starting to do that now that I have a computer that works properly. lol My brother gave me a whole box of what he said were my mom’s recipes and newspaper clippings. What my SIL didn’t realize was that there were a lot of HER handwritten stuff in there too from over 20yrs ago, including notes from her friends! Priceless!

    Apparently, my mom didn’t always have time to properly clip the recipes so I have a lot of full page… sometimes full sections… of newspapers from the 1960’s. Found some envelopes addressed “Territory of Hawaii”.

    There was a Trick or Treat bag in there too hahaha… the wax paper kine!

    Yah, lots of history in that box. Big project for me.

  83. David In Oregon says:

    sally: take care of those recipes. Be careful of what you store them in.

    My mom was the genealogist in our family. Some of the stuff that’s on paper, is now crumbling and/or browning. It’s amazing to see sheets of 20+ year old notebook paper brown like it was in a fire. If I were you, I’d scan copies of the paper stuff into your computer.

  84. sally says:

    @DiO: Yah, I don’t have much of her left, but what I do have is, again, priceless. Her retractable lipstick brush (vintage, now), her handwritten recipes and notes, some trinket boxes, hand embroidered items, hand crocheted too, sewing supplies… stuff like that. Meaningless to others but the world to me.

    Recently my brother gave me the box of old kimonos from Japan that my baban brought over. Wow, I didn’t even know we had those!

  85. David In Oregon says:

    kathi: as far as recipes go, I agree. There seems to be a lot of them like that, one “missing” ingredient.

    It’s also funny you mention the Hongwanji cookbooks. Seems like a lot of people that I know, have those books.

  86. David In Oregon says:

    kathi: 😆

  87. kathi says:

    I am pretty sure there is some small thing changed that never got written down in at least a few old family recipes, because some of them just don’t seem to taste the same when I cook them. There are notes on some of the recipes, stuff like specifying a certain brand, or using less or more of one ingredient, but not on all.

    In addition to family recipes, the cookbooks I have been dragging around with me ever since I left home the first time are a couple of the Hongwanji cookbooks and “Japanese Foods” from Hui Manaolana.

  88. kathi says:

    @Rodney, @snow, @OL, @DiO: Sadly, I haven’t been able to get video of my gaily dancing Rottweiler. Much to Axel’s handler’s dismay, he did this dance in the show ring the day he finished his AKC championship (he finished on the road in FL so I wasn’t there to see). The reason he was dancing was to attract the attention of a female in heat, so I guess he is not truly mahu, he just dances that way 🙂

  89. David In Oregon says:

    sally: that’s cool. I’ve got some handwritten stuff that my mom and others. I also have stuff that folks typed up on index cards. I need to scan those into my computer.

  90. LINDA KATO says:

    Wow, Sally, that’s awesome ❗ Mom’s make the best food ❗ You’re right, priceless ❗ 🙂

  91. sally says:

    I have all my mom’s handwritten recipes to be treasured forever. Altho’ I won’t actually cook most of them, they are priceless!

  92. David In Oregon says:

    Hi Linda: Yeah, I know I can Google it, but I had one lying around here….just need to go find it. I found a bunch of cookbooks, need to find the recipes that were written down on paper.

  93. LINDA KATO says:

    Oops, there favorite, should read, their favorite…..

    Better go have my coffee now so I can spell better.

    Anyway, so happy, happy, thinking of retirement ❗ 🙂

  94. LINDA KATO says:

    Oops, typo, it’s lost of work, should read, lots of work….

  95. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, DIO ❗ If you REALLY want the recipe fo andagi, google it ❗

    I lost my famous Christmas sugar cookie recipe my children loved and found a similar one on the internet. It’s lost of work making Christmas trees, Santas, bells, but now that I’ll be retired this Christmas, I’ll surprise my kids again with there favorite decorated treats ❗ They’ll all be home for the holidays ❗ Happy, happy days ahead 🙂

    Amazing, you can find everything on the internet these days ❗ 🙂

  96. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, M ❗ Pray for all of us a church and enjoy the Okinawan Festival ❗ 🙂

  97. David In Oregon says:

    Goood morning everybody!! Wish I was at that Okinawan fest. I could use some andagi right now. Maybe I have to go searching through all my stuff to see where the andagi recipe is. :lol;

  98. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    Church this morning and the Okinawan fest in the afternoon!

  99. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Sunday ❗ 🙂

  100. sally says:

    …and if y’all thinking that fishhead is making these up, he’s not! We got plenny witnesses LOL!

    Good Evening MLCers! Had a fun night with family tonight at the Okinawan Festival BonDance. Got to dance to my fave Fukushima Ondo… I’m a happy camper.

    No BonDance Nazi at this one, she’d get kicked out if she acted like that over here.

  101. fishhead says:

    puka-head champion ask Seattle Gail.
    stitches on the chin playing texas battle royal and flying off the bed.
    stitches on the forehead from running into the window sill playing chase master.
    stitches on the back of head when you let go riding the swing.
    chocho lip playing rock fight.
    twice puka feet when the rusty nail got in the way. my parents gave up on me when i was a kid.

  102. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ Hope everyone had a fun Saturday ❗ Two more days of rest ❗ Sweet ❗ 🙂

  103. M says:

    Guud evening MLCers!

    Just back from the Nichiren Mission Bon Dance. Saw snow and watched her son play the Taiko drums. What a performance! 🙂

  104. LINDA KATO says:

    Hello everyone ❗ It’s movie time at our house ❗ Will check back after the movie ❗ 🙂

  105. LINDA KATO says:

    Good afternoon/evening MLCers ❗ 🙂

  106. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #77, Colt has gone where ❓

  107. David In Oregon says:

    sally: where is tonight’s bon dance? Hope there’s no Gestapo there at tonight’s dance. 😉

  108. ankleBYTERS says:

    Since we already had today’s Blast From the Past….here’s an American pop punk band from Michigan… ❓

    But I can’t take all your jabs and taunts
    You’re pointing out my every fault
    And you wonder why I walked away.

  109. sally says:

    Decision finalized. We gonna rock the Yagura tonight!

  110. ankleBYTERS says:

    Colt is gone 🙁

  111. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, Good morning ❗ You’re welcome ❗

    Have a great Labor Day weekend ❗ 🙂

  112. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Thanks for the explanation. I was wondering what Rod was testing.

  113. David In Oregon says:

    Good morning Hawai`i MLCers. 😀

    Good afternoon mainland MLCers. 😀

  114. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    Looks like tech difficulties earlier… is this working now?

    @Rob@96744: Thanks! That was a great song from our clubbing days!

    @M: You guys going for the BonDance? I’m torn. I said I’d help at Hawaiian Brians tonight but just found out that my family is going to BonDance. More than how much I love BonDance (and the season is ending!), is being with those family members that I don’t get to see much.

  115. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, M ❗ 🙂

  116. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #67, thanks for the Blast from the Past, haven’t heard this one in years; and #70, delightful. Thank you ❗ 🙂

  117. Rob@96744 says:

    Good morning fellow MLC’ers, for the rest of you(especially Sally), here is the ORIGINAL 45 single version of “Pretty Lady” by Lighthouse, from 1973…

  118. M says:

    Okinawan Festival!

  119. M says:

    What happened to my post?

  120. Rob@96744 says:

    Like and Snow, Neva get puka head..BUT had lots of near misses that mom had to attend to. That said I did get burned on my hand once and she was frantic. Always looked after our well being, like ALMOST all moms do…Because she ALWAYS looked after my best interests, and was (still is) there for me whenever I need her, I wanted to make this music only one for her. I remember when this song came out she sent me to the store to buy it, and it was sold out, and years later I can still see the disappointed look on her face. So this one is for her, Gerry & the Pacemakers “I’ll Be There” from 1965. It’s the RARE original 45 rpm single version, rarely heard today, as most versions of this is NOT the original U.S.single version. Mom, this is for you…

  121. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Saturday ❗ Happy 3 day Labor Day weekend ❗ 🙂

    Beauty shop day today ❗ Love it ❗

    Have a great day everyone ❗ 🙂

  122. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO, after I posted #61, nothing could be posted to this blog for hours. I keep trying to add more comments. I emailed Rod to fix it because I’m sure others tried to post but couldn’t. I read magazines, watched a movie and just before I went to bed at 1:46AM, I checked back, Rod tested if he could post, and he could ❗ Back in business again ❗

  123. David In Oregon says:

    so what Rod, did you pass the test? 😆

  124. LINDA KATO says:

    Thanks, Rod ❗

  125. LINDA KATO says:

    10 more days until my birthday ❗

    18 more work days until I retire ❗

    35 more days until we head for Vegas ❗

    Happy, happy days ahead ❗

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  126. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker #24, good evening, glad to hear I wasn’t the only disabled person walking around the UH campus! 😆

  127. Rodney says:

    We just call it a “muffin-top”. LOL

  128. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: You started smiling after Pake Time? 😉

    Glad to hear Professor Fun is alive. Pretty funny hearing about his “condition”. My friend calls that Dunlop Disease. It’s when your belly “Dun-lop” over your belt. 😆

  129. Seawalker says:

    Good evening LK and MLCers! I started smiling right after LUNCHAUWAH 🙂

    DiO – (#52) Happy to report Professor Fun is alive and kicking. Like most of us, whenever I see him in the gym, he tries to suck in his gut. And most times it just hangs…LOL. Cool guy and he also drives a very modest car.

    Ankles – I was reading Tsai’s blog to get an insight on the U.H. game. Ho, this regular blogger had a fallout with the rest of the people. Bashing going on back and forth for 2 days now. I wonder what Tsai’s going to do about it? Funny stuff as they’re getting personal about grammar and all that jazz.

  130. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ A 3 day weekend ❗ Super ❗ smile: 🙂 🙂

  131. 4G says:

    Wow, quite a collection of stories between the “lolo” and “puka head” topics.

    My puka head/lolo story takes place in the summer of ’74. This was the summer after high school graduation for me. One of my friends invited a bunch of us over to his house to “house sit” since his parents were away on a trip (read, “party time!” lol) so the plan was to spend a few nights (and days) at his house and do whatever.

    One day, we decide to head out to Waimanalo Beach for some bodysurfing. There must have been six to eight of us – about an even mix of guys and girls. I don’t remember if we went in two or three cars, but I was one of the drivers. At the time, I was driving a ’66 Nova with a standard transmission.

    So, we get to Waimanalo and after a while of sitting on the beach, watching the waves and just cruisin’, I decide to go into the water. It was not crowded at all, just a couple of bodysurfers and paipo boarders. I had caught a couple of waves and was just having a grand old time. Then, what would turn out to be the last wave of the day came. As it turns out, a paipo boarder had his eye on the same wave. I was on the left, he was on the right. I think that we both didn’t really see each other. Anyway, I take off going right while he must have taken off going left. We must have both caught the wave because the next thing I remember is a “katonk”. It was a collision between my head and the paipo board, but it didn’t feel like it was really all that bad. It didn’t even really hurt that much, as I recall.

    After the collision, my right hand instinctively goes up to my forehead, on the right side, at the point of impact. I pull my hand away and look down at it – yup, sure enough, it comes down with a lot of red. Uh, oh – bleeding, better head to shore. Before getting out of the water, I touch my forehead again and look at my hand – still red. Okay – rinse off the right side of my forehead/face and head up to the sand.

    One of the girls from our group is sitting on the shore. She looks at me rather concernedly and exclaims, “Are you okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine”, I say as I dry myself off with my towel, proceed to sit down and blot the right side of my forehead with my towel. Then, I hold the towel against the wound and try to put some pressure on to slow the bleeding.

    I’m sitting there for little while, applying pressure, then dabbing and looking to see if the bleeding is slowing – it doesn’t seem to be. The girl who was sitting on shore repeatedly says, “I think you better go see a doctor”. I continually reply, “Nah, nah” until she finally pulls out her compact, opens it so that you can use the mirror, hands it to me and says, “Here, you better look”. LOL. So I look into the mirror and I’m like, “Ooh, yeah – that doesn’t look like it will heal by itself very well . . .”. LOL. There’s a gash a little less than an inch long on my forehead and it’s kind of deep. Okay, better go to the doctor . . . .

    Slight problem – I’m bleeding from the head and it would probably be better to not be driving – having taken a blow to the head, to say nothing of the messy bleeding factor. Only thing is, my car is a standard and the only other person who can drive a standard had also brought his car and it’s a standard, too! LOL.

    Okay – not much choice, I’m going to have to drive myself to emergency. LOL – I end up fashioning a “tourniquet” out of my “mod style” belt (wide belt) and a pad of Kleenex. LOL – who ever heard of applying a tourniquet to your head?! So I strap the belt on with the belt excess draping down from the left side of my head, and over my left shoulder. LOL – I looked like some misplaced hippie-type from the 60’s! I make it over the Pali, to Straub Emergency, get patched up, parents notified (I was still a minor), yada, yada, yada.

    The lesson – as hardheaded as I might be, my head is still no match for a wooden paipo board! LOL.

    As if that’s not lolo enough . . . . Later that night, we are still at my friend’s house. We were doing some hash oil that night. I took a couple of hits, then decided that I needed to go p33. I walk to the bathroom that was quite a ways away from where everyone was gathered and start to feel kind of light headed. I end up passing out in the bathroom entrance. I remember trying to catch myself on my way down to lessen the impact (and hopefully not hit my head again). LOL. I don’t know if I was successful. I regained consciousness a short while later.

    You know how sometimes in the movies someone regains consciousness and exclaims, “Where am I?”. I thought that was just in the movies. NOT! It is the most bizarre feeling. I think it was a combination of passing out, then regaining consciousness in a relatively unknown location, but I had absolutely no idea where I was! It took a little while for things to start registering again, but things finally came back. That was a very bizarre experience. But talk about lolo, yeah? LOL.

  132. David In Oregon says:

    Rodney: another place where it pays to be short, in a US Navy ship. 😆

  133. David In Oregon says:

    Ocean Lover: With kathi’s “mahu Rotti” and your bolohead mynah, I think we have a animal show ready to go, what you think? 😈

  134. David In Oregon says:

    Damn, I just saw the article on Pogo. Lots of memories of that ole show. Thinking of it now, who is left? I know all 3 Mr. Checkers have died, as well as, Freddie Morris (the ventriloquist). Now, with Poge’s death, is there anyone left? Is Professor Fun still around?

  135. Rodney says:

    @snow – Sometimes it pays to be short. LOL

  136. David In Oregon says:

    Goooood afternoon everybody, and Happy Aloha Friday. 😀

  137. Rodney says:

    Yes, TwoFish just alerted me that Pogo Poge passed away. 🙁

  138. 4G says:

    Sorry to report that Pogo Poge passed away:

  139. gretch says:

    @Seawalker – #40 – “Chinkonawan.” Das a good one, too! (I’m the KoJap, Rodney said he’s Okirean! And I think someone on the other post said something to do with Chewbacca – I forget!

    Anyways, no puka head for me, only major tankobu, thank goodness. (I left da puka head for my older brother, the one dat lost his toe because of his bicycle spokes!) Only thing that happened to me was when I was riding TheBus home from work many years ago. I was about 19 years old, still lived in Waipahu. Caught the Makaha bus and fell asleep, and of course missed MY stop. Woke up right as the bus stopped at Gem’s (LAST Waipahu stop, I think!) Only one other girl getting off and she was already out the door. I was at the back of the bus and had to hurry. So, natch, I missed the first step and went FLYING out the back door! Yep, when it happens to you, it’s all in SLOW MOTION – until you hit the ground! I must’ve blacked out for a couple seconds ‘cuz when I opened my eyes, I swear, everyone inside TheBus was looking out the windows staring down at me. Hoo-boy, Make-A, dat was my first thought. Second one was ‘I hope I neva break my brand new Walkman!’ So, finally, I got up and dusted myself off (luckily, I landed in the dirt and grassy part of the sidewalk, and not on the actual concrete.) Bus driver finally came out and said “Eh, girl, you okay?? Stay here, ok, I gotta go make one phone call.” (Well, sorry, I ain’t hanging around, I gotta go make my own call – and ask Mom to come get me!) Driver went one way, and I went the other – toward Gem’s. Told Mom what happened and that I was all right. Nothing hurting. Not that day, and not that night. Next morning…huge tankobu on the back of my head, and my ribs hurt like heck! So, for anyone who still catch TheBus, neva rush out the back door – you might miss that first step. OK, gotta split. Have a great weekend, MLCers!

  140. Ocean Lover says:

    Eh Kathi……….a “mahu Rotti”? 😉

    BULLETIN! Pogo Poge has passed……….. 🙁


  141. snow says:

    @LK – glad you got out of that toxic relationship! i know too many people who have suffered through such abuse by far too long.

  142. snow says:

    good afternoon MLCers! i don’t have any puka head stories… i’ve only had tankobus!

    i remember getting a major tankobu in intermediate school when the boys chased us around campus at lunch time and threw ice at us! we were hiding behind some bushes when someone said the boys were done… i popped up and got beaned right in the forehead with a large piece of ice! OUCH! the lump just got bigger and bigger as the day progressed… and i got more and more pissed when my friends kept telling me that the boy who beaned me must have liked me! lol… are you kidding me? 🙄

    i got my other major tankobu as an adult while visiting a stalagmite/stalactite cave in texas. while on tour, the guide told us “this stalactite has a name – it’s called “OH $HIT!!” the guide explained that they put the nametag on it so people wouldn’t hit their heads… because, if you did, you’d say “OH $HIT!!” so, even knowing that, and being extra cautious while stepping down below it, i still hit my head and said “OH $HIT!”

    i hit my head so hard, i totally saw stars! to make matters worse, i was still “out of it” when we got back to the car and i hit my head again when i got into my friend’s van! i had a huge tankobu… and a headache! 🙄

    @kathi – omg! the story of your poodle fairy rottweiler had me laughing out loud (just the part about your dancing dog, i mean! 😉 )

  143. 91boz says:

    My puka head story happened when I was about 25 yrs old.
    We were skateboarding down Maile Way at UH going down from University ave. picking up speed cutting off each other going over speedbumps when all of a sudden I found myself staring at the night sky on my back.I must have hit a small rock or something and I was seeing a lot more stars than what was out that night.

    The first thing I did was try to get up. Feeling the back of my head I realized that I was bleeding badly. My good friend Gerry looked at me and said “Wow boz looks pretty bad”. Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance on my way to Sraub emergency.

    To make things worst I had on a tee shirt with a pix of a hotdog character on a skateboard hanging ten with big bold letters spelling out “Super Dog” The doctor on call looked at me and my blood stained shirt and said , “I guess your not that super after all huh?”

  144. Rodney says:

    losthawaiian Says:

    Eh Rodney, do you remember that time when we were surfing at Kalama beach? You caught a wave and then jumped off your board. I remember your board pearling head first into the water and then shooting back towards you and hitting you in the head with the skeg. Wasn’t there a few stitches involved?

    I’m trying to remember that – but no can. I remember that Surfline 7′-6″ pintail that I learned to surf on. It had a long curved skeg with a razor sharp edge.

    I do remember one time on my 5′-9″ “Spudnuts” board. I kicked out from a wave and the board went straight up – and came straight down – wacking my face just above my eyebrow.

    No stitches, but small scar barely noticeable.

  145. Mark'75 says:

    My puka head story is a repeat of my entry on bicycles. Riding down our street, my jeans got caught in the chain and I ‘hulied’ over the handlbars. I went face first into a telephone pole. One of my baseball pictures is a reminder of that as scabs formed on my cheek and gave me a Hitler mustache!

  146. Seawalker says:

    You know that area right above your eye? Try feel ’em. It is just skin and bones right there. Luckily we got eyebrows. That’s the part of the face where it is the easiest to cut and bleed for boxers. Watch as they’re between rounds, they’re putting Vaseline on the eyebrows to slip the punches. I’m sure a lot of us got cuts and scars in that area. Me included. My scar is covered by my thick and bushy Chinkonowan eyebrow.

    Because I have a crooked septum, I have more than my share of bleeding noses. One time, the buggah kept on gushing off and on for days. Went to the doctor. He did something, like putting Zinc on the scar inside my nostril. That did it. But I still can’t top my big brother. One night, his nose wouldn’t stop bleeding. Off to the hospital and they stuck some kind of vial up his nose. My brother showed me a picture and I couldn’t stop laughing because it looked so weird.

    Ahh, the things we do for blood…

  147. Rodney says:

    @kathi – Poodle Fairy Queen Rottweiler – I can only imagine. LOL

  148. says:

    I neva eva had a puka head. The only horror story is when I let my girl friend pierce my ears with a needle and thread. We used ice cubes to numb the ear lobes. Then, my ear lobes got infected and I couldn’t tell my father because he had already yelled at me right after I did it and I didn’t want to inflate the situation by telling him about the infection. I braved it out and kept cleaning it out with rubbing alcohol. Whew! The infection went away and my father was able to live with my puka ears.

  149. jaydee says:

    Growing up as a kid I was always climbing trres and falling off. I haave so many scars I lost count.

    I got in big trouble one time when I was around 6yrs old. My brother and I (he was 4yrs) were goofing off when I pushed him real hard. Well he slipped on the rug which was on the freshly waxed floors and bam! He hit his head right on the corner of the table. Blood poured out and my mom came rushing in. Of course I got dirty likins’ for that but if my brother had hit his head half an inch more to the left, he would have hit his temple. Who knows what kind of damage that would have done. He still has that scar to this day.

  150. ankleBYTERS says:

    Watching Washington vs UH 2007…at least I know who will win ❗ 😆

  151. Kage says:

    Once I went into our work storage room by my self. It was not an “official” storage room but a space under the concrete parking garage.

    I was the low man on the totem so my space was in the low roof part of the room. I had to actually bend over to get to the area. I found what I was looking for, stood up and BONK. Hooweee! Da stars were pretty.

    Good thing I never pass out. No one would have found me for hours/days. Another good thing is that I had more hair back then and it masked to lump.

  152. ankleBYTERS says:

    …American alternative rock band from New York…an OMD cover song….like ❓

  153. ankleBYTERS says:

    Four day weekend for me ❗

    Start of the Labor Day weekend Blast From the Past….one of my first 45s that I ever bought…

    Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea

  154. Ocean Lover says:

    @ Linda……….what a story! A friend of mine’s was similar. He was just addicted to ocean activities such that it was affecting his relationship with his wife.

    She had had enough and begged him to go with her to marraige counseling.

    When they went the counselor asked him to name the 3 most important things in his life and he listed:

    1. Fishing/Diving
    2. Surfing
    3. Wife

    His wife told me she didn’t know whether to “laugh or cry”. And yes, they got divorced and he’s never gotten over it.

    My “tankobu” story – I’m in my early 20’s and go on this date. We went to the Ice Palace and we’re really having a good time skating and talking story. I do the “grab my hand” so you don’t fall move and things are really going well.

    We’re in that mass of humanity going “around and around”………hand in hand….when suddenly an Ice Palace hooligan starts speed skating through the crowd and almost hits us!

    My date and I both lose our balance and we let go of each other’s hand and all I remember was trying to regain my balance but couldn’t. I knew I was gonna fall forward so stuck my 2 hands out in front of me to brace my fall.

    Do you know what happens when you try and brace your fall with your hands on ICE?

    My hands couldn’t “grab” and they slipped out completely in front of me and for that 0.003 seconds I KNEW that “impact was imminent”.

    Funny how even though I had only 0.003 seconds to impact everything went in SLOW MOTION.

    I hit the ice (boy was that sore) with my forehead and thought about getting MAJOR PITY POINTS by just laying there yet I got up saying I was alright.

    A few minutes after that a tankobu the size of a baseball appeared on my forehead and my date’s potential “Prince Charming” turned into “Quasimodo” in an instant. 🙁


  155. Kage says:

    Good Morning MLCers.
    Happy Friday!

    I have one puka head story.

    Must have been around 4 or 5. Playing with the siblings. RUNNING in the house. A big No No.

    In the hallway, I slipped and hit the strike plate on the door jam. Right above the right eye. I remember falling and hitting.

    I do not remember the doctor office visit. I know it was not the emergency room, it was our regular family doctor’s office.

    I still have the scar. It was one way the family would tell the difference between me and my twin bro. He has his own scar, but its not my story and I will not share. He has a coworker that lurks on the blog and knows I am his twin. 🙂

  156. Mikey KHS 74 says:

    Personally, I never had a puka head. But, in elementary school, we were playing rock fight & my friend Doug Ichihara got karanged in the back of his head from Dan Ikehara. Lot’s of bleeding, & Doug had to go to emergency to get stitched up. Another time, in the 7th grade, we were playing tackle football at Crane park, after football practice. Skip Santos was running with the ball, & I went to tackle him. Guess we thought we still had equipment on, we both went head down, and half of my front tooth was stuck in his head. Like Doug, Skip was taken to emergency.

  157. JTB says:

    First puka head was when I was real little, maybe 4 years old, living in Yokohama up on Yamate Bluff. I was following my big brother, who was 10 years old at the time, and, of course, he didn’t want me around, so he ran off with his friends with me chasing him and yelling “Play with me. Play with me.” I slipped and fell through a bunch of bushes and then down a slope about 10 feet to a concrete sidewalk. I don’t remember, but everyone said I passed out and was bleeding pretty bad from a banged up chin. A Japanese woman, who recognized me as the gaijin kid in the neighborhood (gotta love that) carried me home, then my mom rushed me off to the Bluff Clinic. Got stitches and still have a scar on my chin. Fast forward about 35 years when I went back to our old neighborhood with my brother and parents and got to see the spot where I fell. No one told me that the path I fell on was just a narrow walkway up the bluff. Two feet beyond the path was a 60-foot drop straight down the bluff. Yikes, I felt very fortunate at that moment.

    Another puka head was when I was about 10 years old living in Texas. All the boys had Daisy BB guns at that time, but we knew better (and been told many times by our parents) not to aim and shoot at each other. But no one said anything about rocks. So we were having a “rock war” one day, hiding behind boulders and throwing rocks at each other. Of course, we weren’t trying to hurt each other, just hit the other guy. Boys will be boys, right? So the little pebbles we started throwing soon became golf ball, then tennis ball size rocks. Sure enough, I peered over the edge of a boulder and got whacked in the forehead. Turns out it was around dinner time and my big brother was searching for me to come home to eat. He found me lying in the alley with a few friends standing around watching me bleed out. Boy Scout skills kicked in, he pressed a handkerchief on my head and soon enough I was on my way to the emergency room. What I’ll never forget is the doctor injecting my forehead with something. There I was laying on a table at the hospital gazing upward at the ceiling. Doc put something over my eyes, but it was only one layer of thin gauze, so I could easily see through it. What I remember to this day (I can conjure up this vision any time) is the doc staring down at me with what looked to be a great big syringe in hand as he slowly leaned over and poked that thing right into the puka on my forehead. Ouch!

    Got plenty puka stories from surfing and skateboarding accidents, but I will leave those for another day…

  158. Ynaku says:

    OK I know some of you guys did this. Speeding bike and grab the front brakes. Whoosh superman. Heads over the handles, eat dirt.

  159. Ynaku says:

    Remember that lolo story of us keed flinging green guavas at each other? Yep Hit the head, make bump. 😳

  160. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning MLCers.

    No more puka head here………… la di da la di da….

    OK just kidding. All dat lolo stuff I did must have cause some puka head yeah? NO not really. Plenty bumps and lumps though.

    Only time I went cut my handsome face was in wood shop.

    I was polishing a piece of brass when that thing slipped and came flying at my head and hit me right on the eyebrow.

    Blood all over the place. I went wipe em up real fast and neva tell da teacher cause he had that BIG “Board of Education” Neva like get lickin’s.

    So lolo. Coulda lost me eye.

  161. kathi says:

    I have a small scar over my left eye which is still visible after almost 50 years. Don’t really remember how old I was, just that I was small enough to be standing on the front seat. It was just me and my dad, so we were probably on the way home from either the boat races, the golf course, Rainbow Drive In or some combination. Predictable story: sudden stop, I went flying into the rear-view mirror, and the gash above my eye required stitching. Not sure how long before my dad didn’t have to hear about that one any more. Or maybe he still does 🙂

    I have a small scar on my left cheek from one of my dogs. No, not a bite, a scratch. Despite the fact that he is a 115 lb. male Rottweiler, he does this thing where he dances on his hind legs like a Poodle. It may torpedo his chances to become a stud dog because it looks very un-masculine. Anyway, he whacked me in the face with his paw while dancing like the Poodle Fairy Queen. And ouch, that did leave a mark!

    I have never gotten any other injuries from dogs, even though our dogs have all been Rottweilers. Nor have I gotten any injuries from motorcycling or the one time I went skydiving 🙂

  162. Seawalker says:

    For the life of me, I remember my faddah taking me to the hospital to get my lip stitched. I think it started with me biting my lip. Then for some odd reason, I kept sucking on the cut lip until, oops, it was bleeding non-stop. At the hospital, when I saw the needle and thread, I started to groan and whimper. All I remember was the doctor saying something to the effect of “not now, I don’t want to hear that”. Thank you very much. What, beef?!? Yup, got the lecture when we got to the car, but no dirty lickins’.

    @LK – One semester at U.H., I had to wear a cast and splint after my knee surgery. Physics 170, auditorium-style seating, always had to take the aisle seat because I could not fit into the seats in the middle because of my crutches.

  163. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    No puka-head here.

    Happy Aloha Friday!

    Three day weekend!

    Okinawan Fest!

  164. sally says:

    I never had PukaHead, which is pretty amazing considering there were only boys in the neighborhood to play with.

    I once got pushed face first into the side of the house by my cousin. She got mad at me cuz I overwound her musical Sally Doll (yes, the dolly’s name was Sally). Knocked out my two front teeth. Looking back, those two teeth must have already been loose cuz I was about 5 yrs old.

    A couple of weeks later I was my aunty’s flower girl and the wedding picture shows everybody smiling except me.

  165. LINDA KATO says:

    @volleymom2, thank you for your kind words. All is well now, only 19 more days until retirement ❗ Happy ❗ Happy ❗

    Hope the scar on your head doesn’t look too bad ❗

  166. volleymom2 says:

    @Linda- glad to hear you are okay and happy now. What a story.
    My puke head story- my mom told me I was about 2 yrs old. I was on the bed and thought she was reaching for me and put my hands out. I hit the corner of the headboard and had a bad gash on my forehead and had to get stitches. Scar still there, gotta look real good now.
    My brother- didnt’t listen.. during the day it was cool to take your bike and ride it down the hill. Parents said, dont do that, one day yu gooing crash, yeah- he did right into the fire hydrant. I t was a bloody mess. He got stitched up and my parents had to wake him up every 3 to 4 hours and ask him where he lived etc.. thought he could have amnesia or something. Then when school started he had to sit in the classroom for 2 weeks with head down on desk and couldnt go out to play with the kids. He might split his stitches open again. I felt so sorry for him.

  167. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct#12, what a story ❗ Hope all healed okay today ❗

  168. LINDA KATO says:

    @Dean #9, for 6 months he brought me flowers, candy, and took me dancing every week. He joined my church to become a Christian. Hah ❗ After we got married he told me he didn’t have to “ACT” any more, he was not really like what he appeared to be ❗ 🙁 I can’t regret everything, we had a beautiful daughter together ❗

  169. jollette says:

    Good Morning…I think there will be a lot of guy puka head stories. Hey Linda, glad you’re all good and happy now! I sense surfing stories!

  170. losthawaiian says:

    Eh Rodney, do you remember that time when we were surfing at Kalama beach? You caught a wave and then jumped off your board. I remember your board pearling head first into the water and then shooting back towards you and hitting you in the head with the skeg. Wasn’t there a few stitches involved?

  171. losthawaiian says:

    My second pukahead story happened a few years later when I was about 8. The neighborhood kids used to have rock fights using those old galvanized garbage can covers for shields. I remember throwing rocks and blocking them but I forgot about covering up when someone threw one straight up in the air. Of course, it came down right on top of my head. Five stitches and a day later I was out playing rock fight again. Not much common sense.

  172. losthawaiian says:

    My first pukahead story happened when I was about 4 or 5 years old. We had an old office chair with wheels and no backrest. I used to lie on top of the seat and pretend I was superman flying. My brother or sister pushed me around one day and pushed me right into the corner of a concrete wall. I remember sitting in the waiting room at Kailua medical center with a bloody towel on my head.

  173. 72view says:

    When I was around 5 I was riding my tricycle around the parking lot behind my moms restaurant. I noticed that this piece of cardboard lying on the ground looked just like those ramps all those motorcycle daredevil guys used to fly over cars. I figured if I got up enough speed I could be just like them and soar through the air. I backed up my tricycle and headed for the ramp at full speed which of course collapsed as soon my front tire hit it sending me soaring over the handle bars through the air. Fortunately I landed on my head which was the hardest part of my body. It wasn’t until I was rubbing my head and noticed the blood on m fingers that I started crying which of course immediately brought my mom out. We went to the doctors and I guess it didn’t require any stitches or at least I don’t remember getting any.

  174. ct says:

    Sooooo lolo … I wuz still on the last post … hahahaha … as I wuz saying it’s been one of those long weeks … oh well …

    @Linda – Thanks for sharing … but if you ever mention that guys name … lots of folks goin be looking for em … what an a$$ … que sera sera … jus so glad you came to your senses and got outtah dere.

    Cannot remember when my first official puka head wuz got plenty bumps and bruises along da way … but I clearly remember as Dean … my first official puka face …

    I think I was 4 or 5 and we were playing at a house on 11th ave near Maunalei … can’t recall whose house that was but my older brother split his pants … so of course … we just started laughing … so now he shame cuz we kinda outted him … cuz he get puka pants … you know people used to put plants in soup cans … well … my brother picks up one of those plants in da can and whips it right at my oldest brother and of course … he ducks … guess who wuz standing right behind him … yeah … dat wuz me … da can hit me right around my eye … so I had a curved cut above my eye … bleeding so much that I couldn’t see. I thought it hit my eye and thought I was going to be blind. So run home and off to emergency. I think I was so scared about going blind dat I nevah really feel da pain … dat is … until you get to emergency … and they put that sheet over your face with da hole in it so they can see your eye and they need to numb the area … so you get one close up of one needle up close and personal almost in your eye … then you feel da pain … ahhhhhhhh … same with da stitching … just like they goin poke your eye … on top of dat … da can wuz rusty … so gottah get da tetanus shot … so get da scar …

    So da moral to da story … if your bruddah get puka pants … make sure you outtah throwing distance befoa you start laughing … or start running befoa you start saying puka pants … puka pants …

  175. Keoni says:

    Rod, after reading your story, I’ve abandoned plans to take up surfing since water is just thawed ice! 😀

  176. Rodney says:

    @Dean – If that Kapahulu Japanese School could talk – man! the stories it’d have to tell!

    Send me your photo and I’ll post it. 🙂

  177. Dean says:

    Gee, Linda. What a jerk that guy was. Makes you wonder how you guys ever got married, huh?

  178. Rodney says:

    I’ve never been on ice skates, period!

    *and don’t really care to… LOL

  179. Dean says:

    Well, mine wasn’t puka head but was puka face.

    Our Cub Scout meetings were held at the Kapahulu Japanese School on Friday evenings. The whole place didn’t have a blade of grass but was covered with crushed gravel made from lava. Crunchy stuff.

    A bunch of us were sliding down the wide, smooth concrete bannisters, just having a ball. I decided to really go for it — head first.

    In my zeal I went off-course, slid off the bannister and right onto the crushed gravel below. Face first.

    My elementary school photo was taken shortly afterward. It features what looks like a case of chicken pox. But it’s really the remnants of doing something that was just dumb!

  180. Keoni says:

    Growing up in Hershey, during the winter we would go ice skating at a rink by Hershey Park. I wasn’t a good skater (weak ankles, don’tcha know!), but I could stay on my feet most of the time – until one afternoon..
    I must have been about 13-14 and I was out on the ice when suddenly I fell backwards. To say I saw stars is an understatement – I saw whole galaxies! But mostly I think I was sucked into a black hole. Somehow I got up and into the rental building/concession area but was in a very dazed state. The brain was still rebooting when I said, “Man, I’m not gonna skate again til I learn how!” Everyone around me started laughing at that announcement.
    I haven’t been on ice skates in almost 50 years!

  181. Rodney says:

    @Linda – You should’ve went puka HIS head! 😈

  182. LINDA KATO says:

    Good night MLCers ❗ Sweet dreams ❗ 🙂

  183. LINDA KATO says:

    On 10/31/1970, Halloween night, I was washing a drinking glass when my first husband started yelling at me. He told me that he loved his parents first, his friends second, his car (a new Dodge Cornet) third and I was last in that order and don’t I ever forget THAT! I was so mad, I had my hand in the glass, the glass cracked and cut my right pointer finger by the knuckle and my bone popped out. He rushed me to the emergency room for stitches. Try taking notes at UH without being able to write. That was a difficult semester ❗ I really tried to work things out for 7 years with this man but there was nothing lovable about him. To value a car above a human person was too much for me. I left him after he physically punched me one day and never went back. Those 2 incidents were my only 2 dramas in my life. Thank goodness ❗

  184. LINDA KATO says:

    One day when I was in elementary school my Mom came home from work and I ran up our concrete stairway so happy to see her. I fell on the stairs, hit my forehead against the edge of the stair and cut my forehead about an inch and a half. My Mom grabbed a towel to stop the bleeding and rushed me to the emergency room for stitches. I have so many wrinkles on my forehead now, I had to look really closely, the scar is still there.

  185. LINDA KATO says:

    First ❗ Good evening MLCers ❗ 🙂

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