Microwave Ovens

Last night our microwave oven broke.  The carousel rotated okay, but it made a funny sound and would shut off after about 5 seconds.  Luckily, the leftover meats were warmed up before it broke.

That got me thinking… how did we survive without microwave ovens?

I think we just ate the leftovers cold.  LOL  Kentucky Fried Chicken cold – no problem – as long as had a fresh pot of hot rice.

Stew?  I think my mom used to reheat the whole pot on the stove.

Truthfully, I don’t remember eating much leftovers growing up.  With 4 boys in the family, I don’t think there was ever any leftovers.

But not to worry, we bought a new microwave oven today.  I think in this day and age – a microwave oven isn’t a luxury item – it’s a necessity.

Put on your memory caps and share with us – do you remember how you used to reheat leftovers back in the day?  Do you think you could live without a microwave oven today?  Since we cook our rice in the microwave oven, we surely couldn’t live without a microwave oven.


In the previous post, some of you were talking about high school football.  Well, some of the old Advertiser sports writers and photographers who weren’t picked up the the new newspaper created a web site just for us locals.  It’s an in-depth looks at Hawaii high school sports.  Check it out at: (bookmark it!)

And for all you young ‘uns that miss Metromix, here’s where you can get your fix: (bookmark it!).  Yup, Cat Toth, Melissa Chang, Mari Taketa and the rest of the old gang is back – run by Diane Seo.

And for all you mommies – if you miss Esme Infante Nii’s Moms Like Me site, hang tight: will be happening soon.  (bookmark it now!)  And sign up now too!

See, old journalists don’t die – they just adapt to changing times.  LOL

Mahalo for your support!

156 Responses to “Microwave Ovens”

  1. David In Oregon says:

    I guess I could say that over here, Saints have either English or Spanish names. In Hawaii, they have Japanese ones. 😆

  2. Rodney says:

    Yeah, I cracked up when the waitress at Zippys told me that.

  3. David In Oregon says:

    Rodney: Everytime I think of that, I have to laugh. Can you imagine if I said that over here? People would be wondering who St. Taniguchi was. 😆

  4. Rodney says:

    @hydroman72 –

    I wonder when St. Taniguchi School going make the site? 😉

  5. Rodney says:

    @sally & @TwoFish – About the only brown rice I eat is white rice with shoyu on it. 😆


  6. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening everyone ❗ 😀

  7. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ankles, glad to hear you had a nice birthday ❗ 😀

    Let us know when you become a Grandpa ❗

  8. hydroman72 says:

    Rod…this sight is very informing. I didn’t realize people still use cast-iron pans (TwoFish). They must be real cooks.

    I also went to ScoringLive and seen Anuenue HS. Ok…where is this school and when did it come to be? Today was the first time I heard of this school. Am I the only one who hasn’t heard of this school?

  9. David In Oregon says:

    Ankles: Yeah, a Corvette song. I would have posted one of the other versions, with pics of real Corvettes, but they also showed pics of what the old man at the Quicksack was referring to. Some of them pics were potentially NSFW. 😛

  10. ankleBYTERS says:

    Thanks MLCers for the HB !!!!! Wouldn’t you know it, it rained a little this morning, wasn’t quite a TOPLESS day. Had lunch at the Casino…the economy is even hitting the casinos…place was half full. Dinner was at C-Fu Gormet…even that place was deader than a door nail. I got a rain check from my kids on the gift…they couldn’t figure out which to get me – wireless headset with mic so I can use Google Voice or season 4,5 & 6 DVDs of “How I Met Your Mother”.

    Still not a gramp’s yet….I know my daughter wants the ‘foreign object’ out of her 😆 I was hoping it would be today…no luck….but it should be soon.

    DiO: a Corvette cow moooosic song ❗ I didn’t expect to find one on U2B….

    Rodney: That was an interesting HB song…the beginning and end almost sounded like the THX promo that you see at the theaters.

    Sally: How did they edit the video to use the substitute lyrics ❓ NEAT ❗

    5-0 and GP: I didn’t know she was raised in Canada….Canadian, eh….

  11. LINDA KATO says:

    Gotta go stand on the highway and sign waive to the people on the triangle of Kam Hwy and Waipahu for 2 hours ❗ Don’t forget to waive to me if you pass by ❗ 😀

    Will check back after dinner ❗ Have a great afternoon everyone ❗ 😀

  12. LINDA KATO says:

    Took a break to put sunscreen on and my male neighbor was watching my hubby do this ❗ Must have been some sight 😆

  13. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker #136, yes, my late coworker’s name is Geoffrey Furukawa. He died at age 52. He was a real nice person. So sad to lose one of the “good” ones ❗ 🙁

  14. LINDA KATO says:

    @M#138, you are too funny ❗

    Hope you are feeling better ❗ 🙂

  15. LINDA KATO says:

    @Dean #137, you sound like my hubby. He wears army fatigues, sun glasses and a hat. Too hot for me. As soon as I slim down I’ll be wearing my short shorts and a t-shirt. Until then, I wear a muumuu out in the yard. Unfashionable yard attire 😆

  16. TwoFish says:

    Hawaii Five-O crew filming take after take in the mid-day sun. Watching “Kono” run back and forth on the roof, but at least she has a long sleeved top on to protect her from some sun. Can’t say the same for the crew, though.

    UR, you don’t eat brown rice? What’s wrong with it?

  17. snow says:

    happy birthday ankles! have a good one!

  18. snow says:

    happy birthday ankles! have a good one!

  19. M says:

    One time I got sunburned so bad, I ended up at the emergency room. What did I learn from that? Absolutely nothing, I still hardly ever use sunscreen when I go Standup Paddling for hours at a time….

  20. Dean says:

    Linda… Whenever I’m out in the sun I wear long sleeves, long pants, and a broad-brimmed hat. On boats I look like one of those old-time aku fishermen. The only parts that need sunscreen would be my head, neck and hands.

    Covering up saves on sunscreen and it works better, too. Not exactly fashionable, tho.

  21. Seawalker says:

    Good morning.

    Happy Birthday, Ankles. Hey, I remember you said you were soon going to be a grandpa. Did it happen yet? Anyway, have a cyber-Miller Lite on me.

    LK, saw you co-worker’s obit in yesterday’s paper. Geoffrey was his name, right? Good advice on the sunscreen.

  22. sally says:

    Rod: I could make you a Brown Rice convert yet!

  23. sally says:

    TwoFish: Sunscreen! Don’t leave home without it. Not just wrinkles. I’d keep all my wrinkles if I could garans no melanoma!

  24. LINDA KATO says:

    @TwoFish #131, thanks for the sunscreen suggestion. I am getting really sunburned and itchy after 3 hours in the sun daily. Will have my hubby put it on my back before I go out in the sun today. I have enough wrinkles already 😆

  25. TwoFish says:

    Maybe another post topic, but reading the newspaper online right now, and Roger Ebert has a book, “The Pot and How to Use It: The Mystery and Romance of the Rice Cooker”. Has instructions on staging foods by cooking time to avoid burning.

  26. TwoFish says:

    Happy Birthday Anks!

    This morning saw some bicyclists with race numbers on Kapiolani Blvd. and South St. near the Hawaii Newspaper Agency building. Realized after a while, that it was likely the Hawaii 5-0 extras for filming.

    LK – I went to a Cancer Research Center of Hawaii public talk once, and one of the speakers said to put sunscreen on areas that you don’t want to see wrinkles. That really made me think about how much time I spend in the sun (like your mention of watering yards) without sunscreen. Be safe.

  27. 4G says:

    @ct (#102) – thanks for finding the link to the story! BTW, love “Groovin'”, too! 😉

    @Mark’75 (#106) – yeah, it thought it was a really nice story. Go Falcons! 🙂

  28. 4G says:

    Happy B-day, ankles!

  29. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    Happy Birthday ankle!

  30. sally says:

    Happy Birfday ankles!

    Here’s the same song I sent you on FB, it’s my special song I send to speshul peeps on their birfdays.
    Perfect for MLCers cuz it has subtitles. LOL!

  31. KAN says:

    Happy birthday Ankles! Wishing you many musical more 🙂

  32. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #123, I get a message that says this video is blocked.

  33. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Wednesday ❗ 😀

    @ankles, Happy Birthday ❗ 😀

  34. Rob@96744 says:

    And for Today’s Kpoi Blast from the past, we go from The “Boston Sound” to “New Jersey Soul”… This group had 2 hits in 1980 under their real names, but before that in April of 1970 they had this hit as the Moments….

  35. David In Oregon says:

    Happy Birthday to the Corvette guy!!

    Cow Moosic, but an appropriate song, I think….

  36. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO #118, so smart ❗ Thank you ❗

    I’m not used to being outdoors. I’m an “indoor” person. All this sunshine makes me so tired ❗

    Good night MLCers ❗ Will check back in the morning ❗ 🙂

  37. Rodney says:

    sally – when I first heard it, I could tell it was a modern version. I think it was the drums that tipped me off.

  38. David In Oregon says:

    Linda (post #113): An alternate way of doing this, which highlights everything, is to go to the top of the browser’s window and select “Edit”, then scroll down and select “Select All Ctrl+A” Doing this will highlight the entire screen, so everything: all timestamps, as well as the comments themselves, will be highlighted.

  39. sally says:

    Hootie & The Blowfish does Orpheus? Who knew? I really like that version Rod… thx!

  40. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rod #115, Thanks, Rod.

  41. Rodney says:

    Sorry. My blog host is in the process of uploading some new themes for me. I have no control over the colors. I just have to accept what comes with the theme. I found a nicer one, but the font was too small for our MLC eyes. I should have a new theme in a couple of days – provided it’s functional.

  42. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO #113, YOU ARE SO SMART ❗ Thank you ❗ It worked ❗ 😀

  43. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Use your mouse and highlight it. Press (and hold down) the left mouse button, and drag the mouse across the particular date/timestamp. This will show that particular timestamp in a different color.

  44. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening, Rod ❗ Wish you would fix your date and time with a different color so old folks like me can read when a post was entered ❗

  45. LINDA KATO says:

    @ct #103, thanks for the song. Retirement has been very busy. I am a “secret shopper”. This month I had to visit restaurants in Ewa, Kapolei, Waiau and Waimalu. I’m done with 2 and have 2 more to go. This is fun but it is work to drive all over the place. Since we went to Kapolei today, I made hubby take me to a movie “The Town”. My children said it was a good movie. If you like violence and action, this is the movie for you. I’ll take a good ole love story any day.

    On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from now until Election Day on 11/2/10, I stand on the highway and sign waive from 4PM to 6PM. I am getting quite brown in the hot sun! I am usually so white my friends call me shark bait. Not anymore…..

    My neighbors are too busy working to water their lawns. I took up this task for them so am even browner out in the sun for an hour each day watering their lawns for them. Hope it rains soon!

    I actually miss sitting at a desk working. Hope to get over THAT feeling soon 😆

    Hope everyone is having a good week ❗ 🙂

  46. Rodney says:

    Goog evening! 😉 Here’s a modern version of Rob’s song:

  47. sally says:

    Goog Evening MLCers!

    @ct: that cast iron w/ the glass covers are called Guardian Service, recognized by the two criss crossed swords. These were the best to cook in, my brother still has them and uses them too! I loved the griddle… it made the best pancakes!

  48. David In Oregon says:

    Good evening microwavers!! 😉

  49. Mark'75 says:

    Rob@96744 #85: Love the sounds you post, thanks!

  50. Mark'75 says:

    @4G & ct: Thanks for the information. It was a very nice article and I read it with a lump in my throat. The future looks bright for Kalani!

  51. ct says:

    Basically only use da micro for warming stuff up … don’t really know how to cook stuffs in it … maybe should get one of those pre-mentioned micro cook books … but for me … hopeless when comes to cooking … oh well … i manage

  52. ct says:

    Okay BOT …

    Microwaves … the modern wonder … wow makes you think … we’ve come such a long way. Remember when there was just da toaster ??? Da buggah would sometimes get stuck … an … hmmmm … what’s dat smell … arrrrggghhhhh … my toast burning … hahahaha … at least nevah have smoke alarm to deal with …

    As with the others … I think everyone had that cast iron skillet … for do da warm ups … or da beeg flat pan … my mom had a whole set with da glass covers. But dats da reason they had the modern invention of da Brillo pad … for scrap all da burnt stuffs off da pan …

    Nevah did make rice in the microwave … always had one rice cooker … now when graduate to the rice cooker/warmer …

  53. ct says:

    @Linda – Howz the retirement goin … wuz thinking … hmmmmm … how would it feel to retired … so I came up with this for you and your hubby … jus gott grooooove

    The Young Rascals – Groovin’

  54. ct says:

    @4G #99 – Thanks man … I believe the previous victory … yes … happened against Roosevelt when my boys were there … I think this is the link to SA for all who are interested …

  55. ct says:

    Good evening MLCers!!!

    @Rob@96744 – #85 Wow man Orpheus … flash backs … hahahah … much mahalos … you nevah disappoint

  56. LINDA KATO says:

    Good afternoon/evening MLCers ❗ 😀

  57. 4G says:

    @ct and @Mark’75 – Nice article in SA sports today about Kalani’s BIG homecoming victory over the weekend. Sorry, couldn’t find it on the on-line version. 🙁

  58. 4G says:

    @ankles (#90) – Jiffy-Pop popcorn. LOL – I remember. Wasn’t the greatest since it seems like you would always burn some (a lot?) of the kernels and it was rather labor intensive, but one of the coolest things was taking Jiffy-pop on camping trips! Hot air poppers – not so good. Popped without oil so the salt wouldn’t stick to the kernels . . . .

  59. ankleBYTERS says:

    Today’s Blast from the current…… ❓ a 35 year old Contemporary Christian musician. She performs several different genres of music, including alternative rock, Christian alternative rock, pop, dance, and electronica.

  60. ankleBYTERS says:

    I like the mini-bags of popcorn they have out now….I can’t eat all of the normal size bag.

  61. LINDA KATO says:

    @M, hope you feel better.

    Good afternoon MLCers ❗ 😀

  62. David In Oregon says:

    Kermit the Frog sang, “…’s not easy, bein’ green……” Seawalker will sing, “…it’s not easy, bein’ Pake…” 😆

  63. Seawalker says:

    @Ankles / @jaydee / @DiO – I have the hardest time making popcorn in the microwave. You know the directions, set time between 1 minute, 30 seconds and 2 minutes? I always select 2 minutes. Then, when the bag stops popping, I always let it go for another 10 seconds to see if all the kernels might eventually open up. Well, that extra 10 seconds is when the burn action occurs. Sometimes it’s tough being a Pake… don’t understand why they include kernels that don’t pop. LOL

  64. David In Oregon says:

    ankleBYTERS: You mean Jiffy Pop popcorn? I remember that. I used to think it was hilarious. Start out with a “flat” pan, and as the corn pops, the foil expands and expands. I kept waiting (and hoping) for some violent explosion that would cause popcorn to rain down all over the kitchen. 😆

  65. jaydee says:

    Hope you feel better M!

    I remeber ankles….Jiffy-Pop popcorn. Only half were edible because we burned most of the kernels! Hah!

  66. ankleBYTERS says:

    How many of you remember popping popcorn over the stove burners with those silver foiled ‘pans’ ❓ How about the hot air popcorn popper, remember them ❓ And now we just use the micro to pop popcorn….

  67. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    Feeling under the weather today. 🙁

  68. jaydee says:

    Our microwave is one of those “convection” type. We’ve never used it in that mode so I don’t know if it makes the food “crispier” or not. Like I said, we use it to just re-heat LO’s about 95% of the time.

    Good morning MLC’ers!

  69. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    @Rob@96744: Orpheus!

  70. LINDA KATO says:

    Good Morning MLCers ❗ Happy Tuesday ❗ 😀 Have a great day ❗ 😀

  71. Rob@96744 says:

    After a brief rest…here is today’s Hawaii blast from the past. this “Boston sound ” group made #1 on the Kpoi Action 20 on April 7, 1970…

  72. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening, Rodney and DIO ❗ 🙂

    @Rod #81, thanks for the additional background info. What a team ❗ 🙂

  73. David In Oregon says:

    Good evening everyone!!

  74. Rodney says:

    Back On Topic: The only thing with microwave ovens is that it doesn’t crisp up things. So for things like pizza or tempura, we have to microwave it first, then toaster oven it.

    But I read in Consumer Reports that there is a microwave/convection oven on the market. You set it once and it’ll will heat up your food, then crisp it with hot air. Cost some $$ though.

  75. Rodney says:

    Off Topic: Thanks for supporting Scoring Live!

    Did you see the folks behind this site?

    About Scoring Live

    Founded in 2007, ScoringLive has grown from a football stats and scores resource for a select number of schools, to a comprehensive news, features, image, video and statistics platform, providing coverage of nearly every high school sport taking place in the state of Hawaii, including the OIA, ILH, BIIF, MIL and KIF.


    Brien Ing is founder/developer/content editor for ScoringLive. He has over 8 years of experience in web and new media, and a considerable news background gained during a 3-year tenure in the Online Department of the Honolulu Advertiser.

    Basic Design Concepts, Ing’s web, print, and graphics studio based in Honolulu, Hawaii, publishes content, and also handles all phases of development, including server admin, user interface, database management and code architecture.

    Reporter Stacy Kaneshiro has some 25 years of sports writing experience, mainly covering high school sports and baseball at all levels. He worked at the now-defunct Honolulu Advertiser from September 1990 to June 2010.

    Besides contributing stories for, Kaneshiro also freelances for publications, such as Baseball America. He also wrote for the college/preps desk at USA Today from January 1999 to April 1999 as part of a loaner program.

    For disclosure purposes, Kaneshiro is a teacher at Campbell High School. He may have to cover some Campbell events because of convenience, but will not let it affect his journalistic judgment.

    Scott Nishi is creative director for ScoringLive. Nishi has a wealth of experience in video post-production, capture, deployment, and is also an accomplished photographer and graphic designer.

    Nishi currently runs, a Honolulu-based video studio with a focus on motion graphic design.

    Reporter Kalani Takase spent the last seven years at The Honolulu Advertiser, working on the sports desk. He began as a clerk and also was a staff writer, mainly covering high school sports and homegrown athletes.

    Prior to The Advertiser, Takase worked briefly as a media relations assistant for the Hawaiian Islanders of arenafootball2 and also was a contributing writer for, a now-defunct prep sports website.

    Takase is in his fifth season of coaching varsity judo at his alma mater, Mililani High, including the past three as head coach.

    Wes Nakama

    Sherwin Acidera
    Rebecca Breyer
    Kent Nishimura
    Eugene Tanner
    Johnny Wilson
    Greg Yamamoto

    Damn, that’s like the Honolulu Advertiser sports department sans Tsai and Lai

  76. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ 😀

  77. 4G says:

    @Rod – Thanks for the “scoring live” link!

    My recollection is that my family came onto the microwave scene rather late. Our first microwave came as part of range and was built in as part of the conventional oven. I think it was underpowered; I remember being very disappointed at not being able to make it pop popcorn. It was okay for heating stuff up.

    My first experience with a dedicated microwave oven came when I got married. I have had one ever since. I use it mainly for heating/reheating stuff. Oh, I pop popcorn with it. It’s also good for things like melting butter or softening ice cream. “Cooking” is confined to potatoes (@Kage – I agree with you about it cooking potatoes) and an occasional artichoke or two.

    I recall that reheating food before microwave ovens was mainly done on stovetop – sometimes the oven/toaster oven. Reheating with a microwave, in general, is a LOT better than stovetop. I don’t think we used to reheat rice before microwaves and you can reheat rice in a microwave!

    For me, I don’t think that I would classify a microwave oven as a “necessity” (then again, I don’t use it as a rice cooker), but it certainly is at the top of the list of “pretty darned nice to have”. Their pricing nowadays is affordable enough that I would have one. I don’t know that I would feel a need to have one as much if they were in the $600-$700 price range, however.

    @kathi – that Zojirushi really does do a special job at cooking rice! 😉

  78. Mark'75 says:

    Just leaned over to check and yup, our microwave is a Panasonic “The Genius.” I guess these things were made to last, as we invested in it about 26 years ago, and it still works well. Just needed to change the light bulb last year.

    Before that everything was cooked/reheated over the stove or toaster.

    Rodney: Thanks for the link to I bookmarked it.

  79. Newman says:

    I don’t think I would ever eat popcorn at home if it wasn’t for the micro-blaster. As a kid, we used to make popcorn in the popcorn maker with Wesson oil, table salt and melted, salted butter. Tasted good but what a mess to clean up.

    One lesson learned was to be careful cooking eggs in the micro. I used to eat 3 or 4 egg whites in the morning when I was training. The first time I tried cooking them in the microwave, I didn’t know I needed to stir it during the cooking cycle. So my cup of eggs started to cook then boom, the whole mess explodes out of the cup. It shoots with enough force to create a zillion little egg white pellets when the rubbery egg mass shoots through the little screen/vent holes on the top side of the microwave interior. I had to take the whole thing apart to clean up the mess. What a pain the the okole.

  80. LINDA KATO says:

    @ankles #74, sounds delicious ❗ 🙂

    We’re having the Zippy’s facebook coupon special, Mini Korean Chicken Plate for $4.79. After standing in the hot sun sign waiving for a political campaign from 4PM to 6PM, I’ll be too tired to cook ❗

  81. ankleBYTERS says:

    Making chicken/shrimp curry for dinner……and rice……in the rice cooker…no micro use this evening ❗ 😆

  82. TwoFish says:

    hydroman72 – with the food in the aluminum bento bako, no need heat up. Just eat like okazuya food. Room temperature, so long as the food was refrigerated the night before, or was cooked that morning, I ate it just fine. Still like to use that container too.

    Rob@96744 I’m low tech like you. Got an old Nokia 6010 that doesn’t fold, doesn’t have a camera, doesn’t have too many ringtones. Works for me.

    I cook everything in cast-iron pans, breakfast, quesadillas, making toast. I have different sizes. I figure get my daily intake of iron this way. You don’t want to wash a seasoned cast iron pan with soap, since it takes off the coating – the “seasoning” of it. If that happens, food gets stuck to the pan.

    jaydee – me too, I still cook rice (mostly brown short grain, with the occasional brown basmati or brown jasmine) in a heavy (thick) aluminum pot on the stove, but it has to be a gas stove for my prefrences. I also cook in a wok, so the gas flame makes a huge difference! Never owned a rice cooker until last month – it was from the neighbor. It sits on my back lanai, because the vent allows the sputter to splash, and I’m not that interested in cleaning up more.

    Leftovers were heated in an aluminum pot. The thin pots were for heating things like soups or stews, the heavier pots were used for heating things like chowders, so that the heat could be turned off and the item the pot contained would be warm for some time. We’d take out what amount we wanted to eat, so that the whole large Pyrex bowl of stew or curry wouldn’t be overcooked by the time a few days went by.

    I liked eating cold spaghetti on hot rice, cold fried chicken – still to this day, it’s better than it reheated – cold steaks with the fatty parts cut off, cold pizza is my favorite, but when I did want to warm it up, put the cast iron pan on the stove, and use a medium flame to make the crust crispy and the cheese melted again.

    Alternately, using the toaster oven would do the trick for pizza as well, and similarly for eggroll/lumpia/won tons/fried dim sum.

    My Mom resteamed poi if it sat in the fridge too long and got hard. There was an aluminum device that was like a tripod and it elevated the bowl above the boiling water. Add a piece of citrus to make sure the pot didn’t turn black.

    If there were just a few pieces of leftovers like lup cheong or pork hash, when the pot of rice was almost done, she’d put the ceramic bowl with its dampened outside right into the cooked rice. The lid was put back, and the whole pot was left for the rice to finish steaming and the food to warm up.

    Going to the beach, Dad would put cans of Beanie Weenies or other easy-to-eat foods where the sun would hit it from the dashboard or back window. Lunchtime came, and we had a hot meal.

    I actually thought of getting rid of my microwave. That is a roach hotel, no matter how much I keep the insides clean. I think the roaches like the fact that there might be food splatters in the perforated areas that I can’t clean, plus it offers a safe area to make house. The thing that hasn’t stopped me is the clock.

  83. Kage says:

    I never tried cooking rice in the microwave because once I heard it does NOT save time, I figured why bother. I like the fact I can press a switch and forget the rest until it is done.

    Can not beat the microwave to cook a potato.
    A baked potato in less than 5 minutes…

  84. LINDA KATO says:

    Have a great day everyone ❗ Doing chores, then going out to lunch at Zippy’s with hubby ❗ What a busy day ❗ 😆

  85. Kage says:

    Good Morning All.

    Our first microwave was a Sharp Carousel back in the late 70’s/early 80’s.

    I remember trying to cook all kinds of different things in there. Eggs were tricky. Too long and it was rubbery.

    Used it mostly for warming leftovers.

    There was a time when I did not have a microwave for about 3 months. I had to warm up leftovers on the stove or in the oven. Usually I just took leftovers to work for lunch and used the microwave in the breakroom.

  86. LINDA KATO says:

    @jaydee #65, you’re too YOUNG to retire ❗ Just think, you don’t have as many wrinkles as I do ❗ 😆

  87. jaydee says:

    @ visitor:

    No, it’s not just you. I see the same thing.

  88. visitor says:

    Good morning! Like most everyone we depend on our microwave. So easy to make my instant saimin…just one bowl with water and add the powdered dashi and dried saimin noodles. Plus side of microwave it not as much dirty dishes.

    I know Sally, not healthy with all of the sodium. But I don’t use all the dashi powder.

    BTW, is it just me or are the reddish date/time embedded in a dark olive box? Cannot see.

  89. ankleBYTERS says:

    Cook rice in microwave ❓ WWD ❗

    I just use a rice cooker in the infrequent times I make rice….

    I still use a Sharp Carousel that my SIL game me 15 years ago…still works like a charm. I remember the first one we had….a ginormous steel box…had to replace the magnetron once and it was HEAVY to transport….

  90. jaydee says:

    @ Linda #60,

    Cruel, just cruel…. 🙂

  91. jaydee says:

    I never even heard of anyone cooking rice in a microwave. Geez, where have I been? I cooked rice on a stove when I was 10 (It was my job, “rice-boy” they used to call me) then later in a rice cooker. I still cook rice on a stove…comes out perfect everytime. The only thing we use the microwave for is to reheat foods.

  92. Seawalker says:

    Wow, a microwave oven, can’t do without this modern day marvel. When we were designing our kitchen, the very thing that came to mind was how much counter space it took. So it was out with the designer hood and, instead, a combination microwave oven and vent system in its place.

    I remember the first microwave oven my parents had. It was purchased at the Navy Exchange and yup, one huge big-a$$ thingamajig. Only recently, my mother got rid of it. It had no turntable to rotate your food to cook evenly. It had a rack and it weighed a ton.

    Since I’m a home lunch freak, having a microwave oven at work is a must. But ho, keeping it clean is another story. Some people are so inconsiderate when it comes to wiping up your exploding food. Gross, I always give it a good scrubbing once in a while.

    We still use a rice cooker at home. And time is still the most precious commodity for us right now. So not having a microwave oven is not do-able for us. It is the same as not having a cell phone or not having internet.

    I’m like Rob@96744; I don’t like fancy-smancy gadgets. I don’t know half the buttons on the TV remote control. And my wife uses and maintains the camera for uploading pictures. 🙂

  93. Jo says:

    I don’t remember left overs…every one ate everything. I love bar-b ques.

  94. LINDA KATO says:

    @Rob@96744 #61, your turn will come one day ❗ 😆

  95. Rob@96744 says:

    @RETIRED #60; from all of us at this MLC blog, YEAH,YEAH,YEAH….LOL

  96. LINDA KATO says:

    This is my 3rd week of retirement, still feel as though I’m on vacation ❗ 😀

    For those of you still working, have a great week ❗

  97. David In Oregon says:

    Avocado Green Frigidaire would’ve been a perfect match to my mom’s Tupperware. 😆

  98. sally says:

    My friend still has her very first micro from when she got married, which was in 1975. I was shocked when I went to her house, she said she’s waiting, but it just won’t die. LOL It’s like a car… a big clunker. She could probably put this is some kind of museum for kitchen appliances. Right next to the Avocado Green Frigidaire.

  99. Ynaku says:

    I think my first oven was a Tappan. Saw this Amana oven that was almost commercial grade. Must have cost some big $$$

  100. Rob@96744 says:

    Dean: That’s why Amana called it the “RadarRange”… Have my $400 micro from 1984, still works (i think) because I don’t use it. I’m low-tech, even the cell phone doesn’t have a camera, has an antenna..(no..I don’t use the brick)…Sally, you crack me up. Modern version of MAGAIVAH. (McGuyver)

  101. kathi says:

    @sally: As you saw from the link that DiO posted, Zojirushi does make other cool things, but the only must-have one for me is the rice cooker. Although I was almost tempted by those cute Mr./Ms. Bento lunch jars 🙂

  102. Ynaku says:

    @LK, No, I have an appointment this Wednesday. Doc canceled last week. Hope it’s not a RCT. I still blame the hard fried rice that busted my filling 😆

  103. sally says:

    Ynaku, I’m UPPPPPP!

  104. sally says:

    @DiO: I hesitantly checked out the site for fear of finding some cool appliance that I just have to have. LOL Not having space is sometimes a good thing, I’d have nowhere to put anything so I can’t buy anything.

  105. LINDA KATO says:

    @Ynaku, how are your teeth? All fixed now? I went to the dentist on Sat. for my 6 month checkup and thought of you. If you visit the dentist every 6 mos. problem spots are caught early! Hope all is well now! Have a great week! 😀

  106. David In Oregon says:

    Good morning everyone!!

    sally: check out this link:

  107. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  108. Ynaku says:

    Good Morning MLC. It’s MONDAY 😀 *blech* I want to go back to bed.

    Dean and DiO You guys crack me up. So true, so true. Us Elect Techs know what you saying.

    OK, time to figure out where we working today.

  109. sally says:

    kathi: I’m scared to try one of those Zojirushi cookers for fear I might like it too much hahaha! Doesn’t that brand make other things too?

    yikes! don’t get me hooked! LOL

  110. sally says:

    My initial reason for cooking rice in the micro was to get rid of the rice cooker, it took up precious real estate on the counter. LOL True, it doesn’t save time but, ironically, that makes it not matter to me. It’s a pros and cons thing.

    It took a few tries to perfect (verb, not adjective) brown rice to get it soft and sticky… not a crunchy grain in the pot! heh heh

    Some things, however, must still be white rice… like sushi! I do have my limits LOL!

  111. kathi says:

    Oven, toaster oven, and heavy frying pan were what we used to reheat stuff that couldn’t be reheated in the pot like stew or chili. I would not be happy to give up my microwave, but I think I could deal with it better than younger folks who grew up always having one. I’m guessing most of us here were well into our 20s or 30s when microwaves became inexpensive enough that most people had them, so we would know how to deal with not having one.

    I’m deciding whether to be surprised or not that so many of you prefer to cook rice in the microwave. Even my parents switched over (now that was a huge surprise to me). Not me, mostly because it doesn’t save any time and I don’t think the rice is as good as rice cooked in a rice cooker or on the stove. I have one of those overpriced Zojirushi Neuro Fuzzy rice cookers and now there is something I won’t give up. It’s the only rice cooker I’ve had where the “keep warm” setting actually keeps the rice warm without drying it out, and also that will cook brown rice properly.

  112. LINDA KATO says:

    @DIO #31, I didn’t know my friend, Joe, wrote a cookbook. Joe passed away several years ago. He once made lasagna for me. Nice memories…..

  113. sally says:

    Good Morning MLCers!

    Already used my micro to make my coffee. I use the Toddy Coffee System so no Mr. Coffees for me. In a few minutes I’m gonna make my oatmeal in the micro.

    I luurve my micro!

  114. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Monday ❗ 😀

  115. KAN says:

    Guuud morning everyone! Hope this is a start to a good week for everyone.

    I’ve had access to a microwave for most of the time I’ve been able to cook, so I can’t imagine life without it. We use it mostly to warm up leftovers, though. And heat frozen dinners!

    I would give up my microwave before I gave up my toaster over, however. I love that toaster oven.

  116. ankleBYTERS says:


    …are an English band from Liverpool primarily known for their melodic, atmospheric rock… ❓

  117. snow says:

    rodney – thanks for the link to the scoring live website! love it! i had stumbled upon it a few weeks ago when i was looking for scores for a pearl city high football game and it’s good to know the origins of it! the pictures are awesome! please thank your former colleagues for putting together a wonderful resource!

  118. snow says:

    my dad used to work with microwaves while he worked on stuff for the space program and would not let a microwave oven in our house! before he passed away, he was thinking of getting one for us but me and my mom said “no need.” we were used to heating things up on the stovetop… and, in the toaster oven! that’s how we did it for the longest time… certain things, like fried foods, were better heated up in the oven, so my dad would wrap every little thing up in aluminum foil to heat them up!

    we did not have a microwave oven until a few years ago – and we only got it because someone gave it to my husband! i actually have another one, still in a box, that i won as a door prize (it was the grand prize! LK, made me think of you!)! i’ve never bought a microwave! i could live without it – i only use the microwave at home about once a week, or less (especially now that my growing son eats more! lol.) my mom has never used one (however, she never eats her leftovers anyway! 🙄 ) i use the one at work much more often… that one is a must have! hot lunches are much better than cold ones!

  119. hydroman72 says:

    I remember how my dad reheated all the meals. He used his famous cast-iron skillet. Every home had one. He’d take stuff out of the refrig., sort it by food groups (fish, meat, chicken) & then one by one, reheat it in the skillet. That cast-iron skillet was so greasey & heavy, but the good thing was we didn’t wash it. He took care of that all by himself and I didn’t realize how much work it was. After heating up the leftovers, then he’d start the new meal. Everyday we had leftovers and something new. If we didn’t eat all the new stuff, we’d get it again and sometimes 2 days later. I don’t think it lasted more then 2 days, cause he’d take leftovers for his lunch.
    I bet you’re wondering how he heated up his lunch at work…well he’d take his lunch in a metal box which had everything inside (rice, stew or meat or chicken, etc) and he’d just place it on….wait a minute, I don’t remember how he heated it up. I just remember the metal bento box which everyone had. Anyone know how the carpenters heated up that metal box?

    btw – I still have the cast-iron pan and I don’t use it cause to hard to prep, clean & store. besides, I probably burn everything using it. lol

  120. NaPueo says:

    Bought my microwave in 1984. Still using it. $399.00 plus tax. I cook my rice in it too. Nice small one person portions. I also cook my noodles in it.

  121. David In Oregon says:

    Ynaku (#13): No worry, you safe as long as you wear your foil helmet. 😆

  122. David In Oregon says:

    Rodney (#12): I scanned a few articles, and none of them said whether it was the “white” meat areas or the “dark” meat that got cooked. 😯

  123. Rodney says:

    Tupperware? Paula used to be a… wait, I’ll save it for another entry 😉

  124. sally says:

    Eyeballs are burning, I’m FAAK! Good night all!

  125. David In Oregon says:

    sally (#27): No, the book I have is called “Island Style Microwave Cooking. It’s No Secret Anymore!” by Joseph Melillo, copyright 1979.

  126. sally says:

    The salt I have now is sea salt, mainly used to add to water when boiling eggs (to prevent seepage in case the shells crack). I have had this container of salt since about 1995. Does salt have an expiration date? I don’t see any on the packaging. lol

  127. Dean says:

    Sally… you’re right about the sodium thing. My mom went on a low-sodium diet way back in the 70s and I never add salt to anything.

    I was on a freelance job for Y.Hata’s, and one of the products was the large containers of Morton’s salt. They gave me these after the photo session. They sat in my cabinet until I found someone to give them away to.

    A 25-pound bag of salt is in my garage, but I use that to salt bait prior to freezing.

  128. sally says:

    hahaha did I just type “$779?” Was ‘posed to be $700, same diff. LOL, I must be tired! Pretty soon time to nene.

  129. sally says:

    @DiO: Carol’s book? I have both editions. That woman was a microwave genius!

    @Ynaku: my first microwave was $779+!!! The one I have now was $39 after instant rebate at Costco.

  130. David In Oregon says:

    Panasonic Genius? We had one of those at the house. I forget where we bought it from, I think from OK TV & Appliance.

  131. David In Oregon says:

    sheesh sally: maybe I should let you borrow my cookbook. I think I have one of “Island” recipes cooked using a microwave.

  132. sally says:

    heh heh, I make separate comment to boost your numbers, Rod.

    In the mid 90s I went to a Tupperware Warehouse Sale. To demo their new line of micro cookware, Carol M cooked all kinds of stuff and we sampled. There were 7 micros going at any given time, cooking something she was demo-ing. Was like a live infomercial! I have two of her cookbooks and make meals and desserts all the time in the micro. From kimpira gobo to chicken broccoli bake, from beef tomato to pineapple upside down cake!

    The microwave is my friend!

  133. sally says:

    K-den BOT.

    My first micro was in the mid 70s when I got married. It was a Panasonic Genius … a gigantic thing that lasted over 20yrs! Panasonic offered free classes where we learned to make Kahlua pork, a veggie dish, baked potatoes, and a neopolitan cake!

    Fear diminished, I made all kine stuffs in the micro.

  134. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ When I started dating my hubby, he didn’t have a microwave oven. I would use 4 pots to reheat all the leftovers from the dinners I made for him. This made a lot of dishes after our meal. He bought me a microwave oven! What a time saver. We could place portions of food on our microwavable plate and heat it up! No more pots and pans to wash every night! Of course, those were the days I cooked every night and didn’t go to Zippy’s 😆 We’ve had a microwave oven from 1983 to now! Can’t live without it!

  135. sally says:

    Rod, you (and all us MLCers) gotta watch how we eat. Those instant meals are so high in sodium it’s crazy! True, we need sodium, but not 2200mg per serving.

    I had to cook salt-less since 6th/7th grade when my dad had his first heart attack and had to go salt restricted diet. Mom said to cook 2 pots of food, one salt/one saltless. I said “brothers can use the salt shaker if they want it so bad. So I lost my taste for salt very early on. Today at Sam’s they were sampling some flap meat. I took one bite and threw it away.

    Brown rice was a gradual change. First I made 2parts white : 1 part brown. Then half/half. Then 2 parts brown : 1 part white. Then I got tired of keeping track of my ratio so I just went all in for brown rice. If you add the right amount of water, it’s just as sticky as white.

    Boy, howz dat for off topic eh? LOL!

  136. Dean says:

    Back on topic: Before microwave ovens, my mom would reheat manapua by making a pot into a steamer. A tuna can, with both ends cut out of it, would support a plate within the pot. About a half inch of water was in the pot and the steam it generated on the stove would do a nice job of heating up the manapua.

    Other stuff would just be reheated on the stove, the whole pot at once.

    When the magic of the microwave was brought to our house, all sorts of experiments took place. One was making biscuits. They sort of cooked. But they never browned.

    And in an upcoming episode of “Hawaii Goes Fishing”, Kimi Werner will steam a whole kumu that she speared the day before in a microwave oven. Came out really good. And it only took 5 or 10 minutes!

  137. Dean says:

    Rod… hahaha! Good point! I don’t think it was mentioned WHICH pocket!

    DIO… that thing must have been 15 feet wide and moving at 60 rpm. Not quite the same as getting hit by a baseball bat but bad enough!

    Ynaku… Yep, microwave radiation is everywhere. When I was thinking of building an airplane, there was some discussion about the placement of the “transponder” that “talks” to ATC radar. And the thought was to provide some shielding in the composite, non-metallic fuselage by incorporating metal screening in the fuselage around the transponder antenna. Otherwise, the antenna is right beneath the pilot’s seat… radiating the you-know-whats.

  138. volleymom2 says:

    I can do without a cell phone and laptop, but not without a microwave. I remember when my microwave broke, I went crazy. Didn’t realize I was so dependent on it.. don’t need to heat it up in the pot anymore, just nuke it. But I still use a rice cooker for my rice.

    @ Rod- my hubby comes from a family with 4 boys and 1 girl. He said there was never any leftovers with boys in the house, so if you didnt come home on time for dinner- oh well… Till this day, he is one that doesnt like left overs unless its a stew or soup .

  139. David In Oregon says:

    Ynaku: Isn’t that why one of the detectors is a simple, small fluorescent bulb? If/When the bulb lights up, microwave is cooking…….. 🙂

  140. David In Oregon says:

    Dean: That’s usually the dead giveaway. When you find yourself all alone somewhere……. 😆

    Seriously though, I know what you’re talking about. Before I moved from the islands, I used to work in electronics, so I’ve worked on those radar, as well as, other electronic stuff onboard ship. Even if that thing is not radiating, you still have to be careful. Some of those radar dishes are so large, you don’t want to have it rotate and hit you. That would leave a huuuuuuge mark. 😆

  141. Ynaku says:

    I remember my first oven was so huge and expensive. Now so cheap.

  142. Ynaku says:

    Hey Dean, in the Air Force, we had this Tropo Micowave radio that put out 1KW of power that could light up fluorescent bulbs if you held it in the signal path. Was crazy. Antenna mast had this big red line. Don’t put your head past or it’ll fry your brain. hmmmm, wonder if that’s why I’m the way I am today? 😆

  143. Rodney says:

    Dean, I wonder if that candy bar was in his pants pocket or his shirt pocket. I mean, what else got cooked? 😯

  144. Dean says:

    DIO: We suddenly realized why no one was hanging out at that spot, despite how great a view it provided! The crew was probably thinking, “stupid civilians.”

  145. Rodney says:

    I haven’t succumb to brown rice yet. I told myself I’ll eat healthier when I turn 50. Oh wait, that was a couple of years ago. LOL

    Costco microwave pizza. Mmm… And the newest kick:
    The tomato and basil is onolicious. Wait until it goes on sale at Holiday Mart for 99¢

  146. Ynaku says:

    Rice still cooked in rice cooker. I like my stews one day old. Fried chicke I can eat cold. I sometime reheat fuud on stove, not the whole pot, but just enough for that meal.

    But yeah, that micro is a time saver. My poi from Kauai was kept in the frig so it came hard. No problem, crumble it into a microwave safe bowl, add some water and micro a minute at a time, take out after each minute to smash the clumps and stir. heat another minute, take out stir again until smooth. Add more water as needed for the consistancy you want. I think I did 3 minutes and was just right. Good for frozen poi too.

  147. Dean says:

    Back in the early 90’s I was living by myself in my bachelor pad and figured out how to cook rice in a microwave oven.

    It had to be done in a glass container. Same ratio of rice and water.

    And it doesn’t cook any faster, either.

    But it saved me from having to buy a rice cooker.

    BTW, it didn’t impress any women.

  148. David In Oregon says:

    Dean: You mean you didn’t want to become a microwaved meal? 😆

  149. Dean says:

    For those who don’t know how the microwave oven was “invented”, a couple of engineers working for Raytheon was standing in front of a powerful radar while it was operating.

    One of them had a candy bar in his pocket and, to his surprise, it melted. This obviously wasn’t in Hawaii, where a candy bar would melt no matter what.

    That’s when it was discovered that submillimeter radio signals had the ability to heat things by vibrating water molecules. And it was also discovered that it’s a really bad idea to stand in front of radar antennas.

    Which brings up another story: I was on the outdoor “signal bridge” of the USS Nimitz that overlooks the flight deck, getting a picture of Star-Bulletin reporter Gregg Kakesako. My camera’s flash kept going off all by itself. I realized that we were standing right in the path of the ship’s powerful surveillance radar, and everytime it swung in our direction, the flash would go off.

    We got back inside real fast!

  150. sally says:

    I cook rice in the micro too, Rod. I haven’t used a rice cooker in over 20 yrs and haven’t cooked white rice in about 15. I make cakes, ham, breakfast, all kines in the micro. btw, brown rice on sale at Longs this week!

  151. David In Oregon says:

    Actually, I think some things, like stews, tasted better as leftovers. All the ingredients really got a chance to melt and blend together better than on the first day.

  152. sally says:

    Hello New Post!

    Remember cold pizza? LOL

    We heated food up in the pot on the stove. Rice had to be made fresh every night, that was my job. These days, I make 3 cups (regular cups, not rice cups) rice at a time and divvie it up in ZippiBags and keep it in the freezer. I take one bag out at a time in the refrig and take what I need from there… heated in the micro of course!

  153. David In Oregon says:

    Foooood: Before we got a microwave oven, food was reheated, refried, or eaten cold.

  154. David In Oregon says:


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