All Things Chinese

Kung Hee Fat Choy!

Welcoming in the year of the rabbit:

According to Chinese tradition, the Rabbit brings a year in which you can catch your breath and calm your nerves.  It is a time for negotiation.  Don’t try to force issues, because if you do you will ultimately fail.  To gain the greatest benefits from this time, focus on home, family, security, diplomacy, and your relationships with women and children.   Make it a goal to create a safe, peaceful lifestyle, so you will be able to calmly deal with any problem that may arise.

So, to celebrate Chinese New Year – I thought we’d list All Things Chinese.  It could be anything from most liked to most hated.

I’ll get the list started:

  • Chinese movies – Alexander Fu Sheng, David Chiang, Shih Tzu, (I should post that topic again)
  • Toong Mai – Chinese puff rice snack with peanuts and bits of ginger (bought a tub last week)
  • Firecrackers – I’m going to miss them
  • Jasmine Pearl tea – Taste like pikake
  • Cheong sam – Love the design and beautiful embroidery
  • China Girl – David Bowie
  • Hi Chew – Chinese Starbust
  • Kung fu – Hiiiiyyyaaaa!

Okay, your turn.  To honor Chinese New Year – list All Things Chinese


And don’t forget all you Maui folks.  Here’s your chance!

211 Responses to “All Things Chinese”

  1. TwoFish says:

    DIO – I can’t speak for Matt, but Orville has the most kernels that pop, in my experience. It might be how it is sold – in a sealed container, which holds the moisture in the kernel, rather than those plastic bag ones, or the kind in bulk where they are sitting in an air-conditioned store.

    Orville’s cheapest at (ahem) Wal-Mart.

  2. David In Oregon says:

    matt: any tips? Just a regular pot filled with oil? Any particular brand of popcorn to buy?

  3. matt says:

    eh, DiO,
    I pop my own popcorn, too. in half half olive/veg. oil. tastes better than butter and more healthy than the microwave stuff.

  4. David In Oregon says:

    Good evening everybody! 😀

  5. TwoFish says:

    Oh good, people will be home watching TV, so when I’m moving stuff no traffic!

  6. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Superbowl Sunday ❗ 😀

  7. David In Oregon says:

    eh ankles: Kai’s pics. Kawaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. 😆

  8. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Hello ❗ 😀

  9. David In Oregon says:

    TwoFish: I don’t blame you. A lot of microwave stuff is evil. I don’t know what the hell they’re using as “butter” but it surely isn’t close to either butter, margarine, or anything I can think of.

  10. David In Oregon says:

    Hello Linda.

  11. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLC guys ❗ 😀 Guy talk again ❗

    Enjoy your weekend ❗ 😀

  12. TwoFish says:

    @Seawalker – oooh, grass jelly, and grass jelly drink! I love the feeling (yes, it’s all about the feeling in the mouth) of sucking up a piece of the gel in a straw.

    @DIO – I still pop corn in a pot, using olive oil. Taste better than the microwave stuff. I’m actually thinking about getting rid of the mwave –

    Anyone need/want a microwave or if my coworker doesn’t want this white bookshelf I have, it’s 6 feet tall, 3 feet wide, 12″ deep. 3 of the 4 shelves come off?

  13. ankleBYTERS says:


    I’ve noticed on that blog that if you don’t toe the line and follow their way of thinking…INNNNNCOOOOOMIIIING ❗ Nothing wrong with being passionate about your home team but like you said, think outside the box once in a while. Who will be the QB after Moniz graduated ❓

  14. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: No response to Sum Yung Gai? 😉

  15. Seawalker says:

    @ankles – That’s the buggah who cut me down real good in the other blog. But I didn’t retaliate. t thought having Jeremiah Massoli play for U.H. would have taken the team to BSC stardom once again. Moniz lost all the big games this year — S.C., Colorado, Boise, and were trashed by Tulsa. Point made. People have such tunnel vision. Have to look beyond the confines of the box sometimes. But ain’t going to let some 20-something year-old blogger rattle my cage. 🙂

  16. ankleBYTERS says:


    😆 That would be Chawancut…where is he lately ❓

  17. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: For those in the know, I think shrimp chips (making your own) have got to be the ultimate bargain. At one of the stores here, you can buy a 2 ounce bag of ready to eat shrimp chips for $1 or so. If I buy the box and make my own, I can get way more chips for a lot less money.

    As kids in Hawaii, we’d go around Trick-or-treating on Halloween. Sometimes we’d run into someone that would hand out small bags filled with a few shrimp chips. As kids, it didn’t matter, since we loved the chips. Now, as an adult, I look back and realize how intelligent these folks were. Imagine if you bought bags of lollipops and other candies, like Snickers, M&Ms or other stuff. You’d spend a ton of money. If you spent that same amount of money and cooked your own shrimp chips, you’d have enough chips to feed the entire city of Honolulu. I swear, those folks were geniuses, absolute geniuses!!

  18. ankleBYTERS says:

    Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark

  19. ankleBYTERS says:

    The Dangerous Summer – The Permanent Rain

  20. ankleBYTERS says:

    Secondhand Serenade – Something More

  21. ankleBYTERS says:

    Emo moooooosic time for the MLCers…..

    Brand New – The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows

  22. Seawalker says:

    @ankles – Is that a new haircut? I get scared when I hear the word “bowl”.

    @DiO – My Popo fried her own shrimp chips. Somehow it tasted good when she made it. On that note, ting ting fat choy to you once more. Better yet, ting ting fat choy to all you MLCers! LOL

  23. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: In all seriousness, you know what cracks me up? Hearing stories like yours. Nowadays, you would never dream of popping corn in a pot on the stove. I’m assuming you did this with lots of oil, yes?

    If you tried popping popcorn in a pot, on the stove, using oil, people would freak. They’d say you’re endangering your kids by feeding them foods cooked in hydrogenated oils, not to mention, the (perceived) fire hazard from cooking with large amounts of oil. How did MLC folks survive to adulthood?

    Oh, to keep this on topic…another thing I forgot to mention that’s Chinese: the box of shrimp chips you can buy, and deep fry (the contents, not the box), to make your own shrimp chips.

  24. ankleBYTERS says:

    Chirashi bowl for lunch again ❗

  25. Seawalker says:

    For the record, I have no problems with people being bise(x)ual.

  26. Seawalker says:

    DiO – You know, come to think of it, we did pop our own popcorn in the pot when we were young. It came with the territory — being poor and naive about life. Parents were 1st generation. They couldn’t send us to private school, but they made sure all 8 of us graduated from college. Most of all, Pops taught us how to make money. But mom one-upped him, she made sure we had loving hearts and to be bilingual. Yes, to know all things Chinese and not bise(x)ual… LOL

  27. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: I’m surprised. Are you sure you’re really a pake? I would’ve thought you’d pop your own popcorn at home, made something that substitutes for cotton candy, and told the kids to walk to the park to play on the wheel there. That would’ve saved a lot of money. 😆

  28. Seawalker says:

    @Masako – We went to the Punahou carnival last night. Very crowded. The ride on the ferris wheel for the 4 of us costed $16 bucks. Popcorn and cotton candy sold for $3 a piece. Is that why they say the rich gets richer? Hehehe. Good fun. Can hardly wait for Iolani’s. Kids were still talking about it this morning.

  29. Seawalker says:

    All things Chinese includes a mention of Chinatown. That’s a stroll down memory lane because my Gung Gung and Popo used to take us there often. With a chow won rice bowl haircut and a toothy grin, the guy cutting the char siu would always slice us a piece to eat because we looked cuter than the 5 Chinese Brothers and Little Hop Sing combined.

    So after I did my doctor prescribed 5 mile walk this morning, I headed over to me ol’ stomping grounds. Lion dances were still going on. Bought some papayas, veggies, soup bones, and melon and pumpkin seeds. Here’s a tip from the Master Pake. When you buy soup bones, ask them for the pig tail. It has both bones and meat and not too much fat. 🙂

    I was going to buy some haw flakes also. But when I saw 3 packs for a buck, that was too expensive. You normally can get 4 or 5 packs for a buck. Guess it’s CNY and money is changing hands like Vegas. Not, Pakes always walk around with their fist closed. Haw flakes are cranberry in nature. It is good for digestion. It’s also good for a snack. But remember, bang for the buck!

    If you ever reach Master status like me, try the straw grass jelly. It comes in a can. Kind of like Chinese jello. No taste, but you can add you own sugar. Chill it in the refer and you’re good to go. Walk into any store and tell them “lerng fun” please. Lerng fun = straw glass jelly, right TwoFish? 🙂

  30. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: I think I’ll stick to your suggestion of trying Lam’s for e-mein. As for my cooking…

  31. Masako says:

    Going to Punahou Carnival now!

  32. Masako says:

    Last night at Asia Manoa we had XO Beef and scallops in taro basket, Crispy beef chow fun and salt and pepper pork chops. The servings were big, we brought lots of food home.

  33. Masako says:

    Good morning! Youngs Noodle factory, I bought emein from there before, good stuff!
    Hung won makes a good shredded chicken emein……ho now I craving some.

  34. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Saturday ❗ 😀

  35. TwoFish says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha, OK, just so that I’m not questioned, the e-mein’s dimensions are what I gave, not the cupboard. I soften the e-mein in my wok with hot water, since the e-mein doesn’t fit in other pots I have.

  36. TwoFish says:

    Youngs Noodle Factory on Liliha Street where the old Modern Printing used to be. Limited parking (2 stalls, I think). The e-mein is in a wire cupboard just past the counter when walking in the doors. It’s around 14″ in diameter, and ~2″ thick. I use my wok to soften it.

  37. David In Oregon says:

    Good morning everyone! 😀

    Young’s Noodle Factory? Wow, I haven’t heard that name in years. I can remember going there in elementary school on a field trip.

  38. Seawalker says:

    Good morning, everyone!

    @Mark – Based on TwoFish’s list, looks like Young’s Noodle Factory on Liliha has e-mein. It comes round in shape when it’s not cooked, like cup of noodles. But it becomes delicious after boiling it in water. I’m going to try it myself when I go visit my parents this weekend. 🙂

  39. TwoFish says:

    @Seawalker – I need some mon gum yeow. All month been packing to move out by myself, and caught a cold last Monday. I’m wiped out. Note to self: never live in a walkup apartment again, and be careful of what you surround yourself with (bookshelves and the like are nice, but time to move – none of these fit in the car! Time to get them out of my life.

  40. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: I too am surprised there is no beach photo. That alone would be worth most of the cost of admission. 🙂

  41. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Thank you for the link to Shangri La. Pictures cannot do the place justice. You have to see it in person with your own eyes to see the beauty of everything. I’m surprised they don’t have a view of the beach from the house. It’s a million dollar view!

  42. Seawalker says:

    DiO – I’m calling it a night. Going crash. Laters. 🙂

  43. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: Yes, she is older than me, though I was at Hogwarts for a bit of the time she was there. Like I said, she’s in the yearbook. Even back then, she was in Drama Class.

  44. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – We used to play basketball with my brother’s friend who lived next door to Kelly Hu. Let me tell you, when her name came up, everyone was all ears. She’s got to be older than you. Or at least she looks “mature” nowadays. 🙂

  45. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: just gotta order off the special menu at Fat Boy’s. 😆

  46. Seawalker says:

    DiO – Dude, Dang Hao Lee is your relative? Time for ting, ting fat choy again… LOL

  47. David In Oregon says:

    M: How is che doing? Haven’t heard that name in ages.

  48. Seawalker says:

    DiO – Of course not, Dang Hao Lee is the owner of Lee’s Bakery. The only white guy in Chinatown… LOL

  49. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: Yeah, Dang Hao Lee is not the same nationality of Lee as Mr. Sang Cho Lee with the plenty lychee, or the owner of this blog, Mister Rodney Lee. 😆

  50. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – Dang Hao Lee.. that, that, that’s the FHB teller I was telling you guys earlier. “fluctuations” LOL

  51. M says:

    Guud evening MLCers!
    Had dinner at Asia Manoa and saw che picking up a take out order. He’s a regular there, all the waitresses knows him and knows what he likes to order. Haven’t seen him since maybe the last Triad pay-tay.

  52. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: One of these days I will come back to visit, then you can introduce me to the family, including to Sum Ting Wong, and I can introduce you to my relatives, including Dang Hao Lee. 😉

  53. David In Oregon says:

    Hu me? It not me, it Yu. 😆

  54. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: You can check out more of Shangri La here:

  55. Seawalker says:

    Sorry LK, it’s all DiO and ankles’ fault… LOL

  56. Seawalker says:

    @TwoFish – Tiger Balm = mon gum yeow. Very impressive listing, grasshopper! One more chamber to go and you graduate from Shaolin Temple.

    @DiO and @ankles – Chee Won Tong is the place to go for da kine problems. Get the seahorse or perhaps snake’s blood… LOL. Think they have sale on oysters at Don Quixote. But it won’t help you two fools!

    @DiO – You should come back when ankles is in Hawaii. I’ll try my best to be there if you’re there. Chicken Alice’s? Hehehe

    @ankles – Don’t forget to list ginseng, bee pollen or rose hips for stamina! LOL 🙂

  57. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Doris Duke loved art from around the world. She imported everything from tiles to flooring and artistic wood ceiling from all over the world. Every room was a museum of lovely things one would never see in a regular person’s home. I entered a contest for 2 people to go on this tour for free. It is normally $20 per person. I would go again to look over everything more carefully next time. Simply beautiful. The ultra rich can buy anything and everything! If you came to Hawaii, I know you would enjoy this 1.5 hour tour!

  58. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Shangrila was simply beautiful and breathtaking ❗ An ocean front property with a fantastic view ❗ A whale even spouted while we were watching a huge boat on the ocean. Surfers and swimmers were enjoying the beautiful ocean. I live here on Oahu but I rarely see the ocean up close. We should play tourist on our island more often! It was a simply delightful picture perfect day in Hawaii. When asked who in this tour group is from Hawaii, I raised my hand. The mainlanders said, “can tell”! It’s the muumuu that’s the giveaway! 😆

  59. LINDA KATO says:

    Wow guys, what have you been eating this week, all this sex talk inbetween food talk 😆

    Good evening MLCers ❗ 😀

  60. TwoFish says:

    Not buying retail.
    Using a cleaver to chop, slice, dice, macerate, etc.
    Having and cooking with dried or preserved food stuffs, that don’t perish in a short time span.
    xiang qi (Korean baduk, buddah head go)
    Kuan Yin cha with tong go (candied dried fruit)
    Malay goh (Chinese steamed cake)

  61. TwoFish says:

    Oh wo won ton mein with chou (vinegar). . . nom, nom, nom

  62. TwoFish says:

    Yat Tung Chow
    Young’s Noodle Factory for e-mein round
    Bak Fah Yeow
    Po Chai
    Tiger Balm
    Cheong Fun
    Gai lat
    Lat jiew jeung
    Dit dah jow
    York jeow
    Chang’s Meat Market to look at live prawns, golden tilapia, frogs, abalone, Alaskan cod, lobsters, etc – and especially watching the lady banging the tilapia on the head to kill, then clean it,

  63. ankleBYTERS says:


    I don’t need the blue pill or see alice or c*ntrum silver 😆 😆

  64. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: Viagra? No need. Just go Chee Wo Tong for a cure, then Ting Ting Fat Choy!!!

  65. Mike in Waipio says:

    About Kristin Kreuk on “Chuck”: Kristin was on for a few episodes but I think her role is done for now. While she was on the show, she and Chuck were an item. What a tough job for Chuck, forced to make out with Kristin Kreuk. Why didn’t the writers give her a more permanent character? FYI, “Chuck” is on Mondays on KHNL.

  66. Seawalker says:

    @ankles and @DiO – I think you two took one dose of Viagra too much… LOL

  67. Seawalker says:

    @Masako – Suggest that you go with braised tofu, Chinese brocoli, clams with black beans, and scallop soup. Don’t go with M’s gunn funn it. You’re asking for the stink eye from the waiter if you do that. Enjoy!

  68. ankleBYTERS says:

    Seawalker, you had better take your nitro pills, especially the pool scene 😆

  69. ankleBYTERS says:

    The previous video also includes:

    Hoobastank – The reason
    Lifehouse - You and me
    Superman – Five for fighting

  70. ankleBYTERS says:

    Kelly Clarkson – Sober (I like the part where Lana and Clark are looking at the same moon but from thousands of miles away….)

  71. ankleBYTERS says:

    Chinese actress mooooosic time….em, actually, only Lana Lang 🙂

    VAST – One More Day

  72. older brother says:

    What about the “Panda Bear”.
    And the true “Pake”, penny pincher, jew, tightwad, our cousin use to lick his tootsie pop, wrap it back up and put it in the refigerator for later.
    And the country with the most people, they must all be rabbits!

  73. David In Oregon says:


    He’ll just say he’s supporting Chinese artists. 😆

  74. ankleBYTERS says:


    Or he can buy the DVD Euro Trip or Street Fighter – Legend of Chung-Li…he’ll have to tell the Mrs. it’s for a work assignment 😉

  75. David In Oregon says:

    oooh, I think Seawalker is going to find when and what channel that show airs. 😉

  76. ankleBYTERS says:


    In the meantime you can watch her in Chuck…I don’t watch it thou.

  77. David In Oregon says:

    ankles: I think you can count at least 2 folks besides you that would watch the episode. 😀

  78. ankleBYTERS says:


    I hope they bring her back for an episode since this is the last season.

  79. David In Oregon says:

    anklebiters: I think Seawalker is simply a fan of K.K. and so am I. 😆

  80. David In Oregon says:

    Good afternoon everyone! Happy Aloha Friday.

  81. ankleBYTERS says:


    Order a shredded beef chimichanga with sour cream and chives 🙂 And a bottle of Corona ❗ CNY Mexican style ❗

    Every CNY our boss takes his entire staff (~30) out for a CNY lunch. He does this instead of a Xmas lunch since so many of us are out on vacation during the holidays. This year it was at Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet. This is one of the better places that serves Chinese buffet with a sushi bar….and 7oz bottles of Coronas…

  82. ankleBYTERS says:


    You a Smallville fan ? I didn’t think there existed an MLC aged fan on the planet but me 😆

    I remember one year I was in San Fran for a conference during the CNY week. I had my then wife fly up so we could spend the week away from the kids :-). We visited Napa Valley and had their wine tours, visited Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf and got to see the CNY parade live and up close as we stood in the rain as they danced passed the hotel.

  83. Kage says:

    @Seawalker – 😆

  84. Seawalker says:

    All things Chinese include a reprint of jokes. Never mind, MLCers can’t recall anyway…

    Why It’s Important To Understand English:

    Had a bunch of Chinese dollars I needed to exchange, so went to the currency exchange window at First Hawaiian Bank.

    Short line.

    Just one lady in front of me . . an Asian lady who was trying to exchange yen for dollars and she was a little irritated . . .

    She asked the teller, “Why it change?? Yestaday, I get two hunat dolla fo yen. Today, I get hunat eighty?? Why it change?”

    The teller shrugged his shoulders and said, “Fluctuations, probably” .

    The Asian lady shouts back, “Fluc you white people, too!


  85. Ynaku says:

    @Seawalker I knew about the Chinese Pigs feet soup. But if my wife wasn’t going to eat it, no sense letting it go to waste 😀

    Although I live in Hilo, my wife was medivac to Kapiolani Hospital where my son was born. I have dear friends in this Chinese couple on Oahu who are like family to us. They are great supporters. So much so, when my son was born, we named him Bao Shin which is a Chinese equivalent of their English names.

    Besides Chinese food, I love them too 😀

  86. Masako says:

    M and I are going out tonight for our Chinese new years dinner. Any suggestions on what to order?

  87. Masako says:

    Good Morning!

    @Seawalker – Pastor Aaron is the pastor at our Church. He is married to a lovely lady and they have a beautiful daughter. They are expecting another baby in August. I serve every other week with his wife in the nursery.

  88. KAN says:

    Funny thing when I first read Rod’s list, I thought “Seawalker & M!”

  89. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers ❗
    Happy Aloha Friday ❗

  90. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Aloha Friday ❗ 😀

  91. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: How did you guess ❓ 😆

  92. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Parfait-a-plenty!!! 😆

  93. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: My friend is very intelligent. Being with her is an educational adventure. I’m sure we’ll have a great time! We are also eating very well. Will diet when her visit is over 😆 Always, tomorrow….

  94. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Have fun. I think you’ll find Shangri-La quite interesting. From what I can recall seeing in pictures, Doris had quite an interest in various religions and cultures.

  95. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Yes, I received your note today. It takes about 3-5 days to Oregon depending on the mail carrier. It takes that long to Omaha too!

    Yes, we are going to Shangri-La tomorrow! Another fun day in paradise! 😀

    I know how to recognize a win notice since I’ve received so many!

  96. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Initially, I thought of having a bit of fun. I was going to address the envelope to “Contest Winner, Linda Kato” 😆

  97. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: Doris’ house? You mean Shangri-La?

  98. David In Oregon says:

    Linda: You got the note? I didn’t know it was going to get there that quickly. I figured it would get there in 7 days. It seems like it took 3 or 4.

  99. LINDA KATO says:

    Tomorrow we will be going on a guided tour of Doris Duke’s home through the Academy of Arts. My friend wanted to see how the ultra rich lived. It sounds interesting! Of course I will be envious of her lifestyle!

    Hope everyone is having a good week! 😀

  100. LINDA KATO says:

    DIO: Express mail from China received today, not a win notice. I purchased DVD’s for the Hawaii Five-O series since I wanted the episode that my #1 daughter played a small part in. I didn’t know the CD’s were made in China! Hope the CD’s play ok. You get what you pay for. If they have the episode I am looking for I will be real happy! The best mail I received today was a thank you note from YOU! Thank you! It was very heartwarming! I like to share my possessions with others. What goes around comes around! I KNOW this will be a good year! Thank you for your note! 😀

  101. LINDA KATO says:

    Good late evening to MLCers ❗ 😀

    Seawalker: nice wedding story ❗ 😀

  102. David In Oregon says:

    See-Wah-Kah: Yes, Kelly Hu is a grad of Hogwarts. She’s in my yearbook. 😀

  103. David In Oregon says:

    Gooood evening everybody!! 😀

  104. Seawalker says:

    Hey DiO – Ting ting fat choy to you… LOL

  105. Seawalker says:

    @LK – Thanks again on the Nature Made advice and tip.

    Is your friend into Macadamia Nuts. If so, head out Kuuloa Ranch side. There’s a place where you can sample all these different styles of macnuts. Just like Costcos. Eat every sample in the store. Have a dog and soda for a buck and a half afterwards. See, I know how to be profitable by eating out. LOL

  106. Seawalker says:

    Heard a good one today. Somebody told me ting ting fat choy. Say what? It means to be prosperous and to have more kids. Prosperous yes, more kids… no way, Jose! By the time they get off of diapers, then it’s my turn to be in diapers… LOL

  107. Seawalker says:

    @Keoni – Yes, my heart skipped a beat that day. One time, I asked this guy why he never considered marrying. He then calmly told me, “too lazy”. Wow, now that is what I call confidence. 🙂

  108. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: Your description of the year of the Rabbit sounds like it’s going to be a pretty good year. In fact, I like just about all of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac…Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Dog…except mine….da chicken. Hmmmm, not much to get excited about that one.

  109. Seawalker says:

    @4G – You have Miss Chinatown on your list. Yes, Pake power! I had a behind the scenes thing at the Cherry Blossom Festival. In fact, I was on the steering committee and chaired the public appearances. All I can say about those experiences is that all that glitter isn’t gold. But I wouldn’t trade those adventures for anything… LOL

  110. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Next chance I get, I’ll chance Lam’s. Thanks.

  111. Seawalker says:

    @Masako – Yes, that’s the Pastor Aaron that married us. We had 2 seats reserved for him at our reception. But he chose to come alone probably to help us with the cost. He has a lot of his dad in him. Heard Aaron got married. Real good guy!

  112. Seawalker says:

    @Ynaku – You know what the ancient Chinese secret of having pig’s feet after giving birth? It’s to clean out mom. But hard to drink all that black vinegar that they use in cooking the pig’s feet. I still remember helping my Popo peel ginger for the concoction when my mom gave birth to my younger bothers. Popo always saved the knuckle and toes of the pig’s feet for me. But I didn’t care for the chicken egg though. 🙂

  113. Seawalker says:

    @ankles – Are we talking about the Lana? Shoots, if I had to make a list, she would be first. Heck, I’d list her twice on the list. Hehehe.

    Right back at you, this song’s for you. 🙂

  114. Seawalker says:

    @DiO – I noticed you had Kelly Hu at the top of your Chinese list. Good choice. Isn’t Kelly an alumna of Kamehameha? Wow, brains along with beauty!

  115. Seawalker says:

    @Mark – Hey, your kids go Kalani, right? My district too. There’s a Lam’s Garden that might have e-mein. Golden Duck just opened up. That place is good. But sometimes, if you’re on a budget like me, the places that are cheap seems to taste the best. LOL

  116. Seawalker says:

    @Supes – We look about the same vintage. Both your picture and your costume. Damien, right? You know an Albert? A billy goat kind of fella. We worked in the same building in the 90’s.

  117. Seawalker says:

    Chinese New Year is always hectic. But I started the morning off with a power breakfast of jai and brown rice. Ono! Lunch was on the company today. I’ll tell you what we had. Cold chicken, roast duck, fish with choy sum, beef chow fun, taco poke, jin dui, sweet and sour shrimp, kim chee, pickled cucumbers, and sake. Can’t remember the rest. To top it off, all of us got 2 packs of li sees.

    On came the lions from the Chinese Lion Dance Association. Only 2 lions were dancing, but there were two 50,000 firecrackers. Both with bombs. This year the boss took it easy on us. My job was to help hold the bamboo connecting the firecrackers. No workout for me under the lion head this year. In fact, all us Chinese braddahs went to the roof.

    In the end, the boss was satisfied. We were happy with the denomination given in each li see. The food was bountiful. But if I may, Pops is always the best!

  118. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – *sniff* – eh, no fair making me all misty-eyed li’ dat . . . . Nice story – I am envious!

  119. Masako says:

    @Seawalker – Wow your wedding must have been nice! Is Pastor Aaron that you mentioned Aaron Codeiro?

  120. Keoni says:

    Eh, Seawalker & Ankles, between you two guys, you going make me cry! But seriously, that was such a beautiful account of a special moment in your life, Seawalker. I can only wish many more years of happiness with the one you love.

  121. ankleBYTERS says:

    今年大发财【三大皇牌 – 舞动春天】

  122. Ynaku says:

    @Seawalker Beautiful vows. I gotta copy that for future 🙂

  123. ankleBYTERS says:

    《春风吹到你的家》 Chinese New Year Song

  124. ankleBYTERS says:

    新秀 《新的一年》 Chinese New Year Song (no idea what is being sung)

  125. ankleBYTERS says:

    To Mr. & Mrs. Seawalker:

    Elvis Presley – The Hawaiian Wedding Song

  126. ankleBYTERS says:


    What’s the difference between a reacher and a settler

    The reacher ends up with the unobtanium. The settler ends up with the consolation prize. 😉

  127. David In Oregon says:

    Seawalker: Just make sure you understand her family completely, that you’re a “catch” and not a “catch and release” 😆

  128. David In Oregon says:

    Good afternoon everybody. And, Happy New Year once again!!

  129. Seawalker says:

    Something new, something old, something borrowed, something blue… that’s what we kept in the back of our minds for our wedding day.

    But I told my fiancé, something also Chinese. But what? We were going to get married and have our reception at the Halekulani. And Halekulani = BIG bucks, something I wasn’t accustomed to. So we decided to use my nice existing jade ring from China and the promise ring band I had given her earlier. Besides, her diamond overshadowed everything anyway. Problem solved.

    It was a gorgeous day. She promptly walked down the makeshift aisle on her dad’s arm at 5:00. It was late November. We knew the sun would be setting at exactly 5:55. Timing was everything. As I stood their next to my best man and Pastor Aaron, I couldn’t believe her dad was about to allow me to marry her daughter, the most beautiful person I know both inside and out.

    “I, Seawalker, take you, Ms. S, to be my lawfully wedded wife, knowing in my heart that you will be my constant friend, my faithful partner in life, and my one true love. On this special and holy day, I affirm to you in the presence of God and all those in attendance my sacred promise to stay by your side as your faithful husband in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow,
    as well as through the good times and the bad.”

    Yes, I remember those special words on our special day!

    At one point, I actually got misty-eyed from the ceremony. It was like a lump in my throat that left me speechless. But you know you married the right person when her whole family thinks you are a catch. Well, if I am a catch, then she is definitely a keeper!

    Thank you, Rod for coming up with these amazing topics. Sometimes it brings back good memories. Sometimes those memories are exceptional, just like the people on this blog.

  130. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Still searching for the elusive e-mein. So far, I haven’t found anyplace that sells it. Must be looking at the wrong places.

  131. Seawalker says:

    Flower Drum Song – A Hundred Million Miracles – Lea Salonga

    Mom told me that it was the first movie my Pops took her to. That was 50 years ago. I couldn’t stop laughing. I saw the movie on TV a few times. I always remember the “wetback” scene. Ala Rod Tam. “I came here illegally. My back is all wet.” Some things are just lost in the translation. LOL

  132. snow says:

    @mike in waipio – wow, i never would have guessed that tiger was 1/4 chinese! i didn’t know earl woods was mixed, too.

  133. snow says:

    @jaydee and sally – i love that book, too! i read it over and over again!

    @keoni – you’re right! we might forget a lot of things but we’ll always remember the food! lol. hmmm… now that makes me curious, is it memorable because we engage most of our senses?

  134. Mike in Waipio says:

    Did you know that Tiger Woods is a quarter Chinese? His Dad was half black, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter native American (don’t know what tribe). His Mom is half Thai, a quarter Chinese, and a quarter Dutch. So, Tiger is a quarter black, a quarter Thai, a quarter Chinese, an eighth native American, and an eighth Dutch. That means that Tiger is half Asian (or more, if you go along with the theory that native Americans traveled from Asia through Alaska. Tiger has Chinese and Dutch, but nowhere near looking like Kristin Kreuk.

  135. Mike in Waipio says:

    Dim sum, lemon chicken, orange chicken, plum sauce. Whenever there’s a course with plum sauce, I put extra sauce on my plate and use it with whatever.
    @volleymom2 (2/3; 7:28 am): you reminded me of a scene from “Two and a Half Men”. The family was looking at the menu at a fancy restaurant. Uncle Charlie asks a young Jake, “Ever eat snails?” Jake: “Sure.” Charlie: “I mean in a restaurant.” Jake: “Uh, no.”

  136. jaydee says:

    @sally: I know what you mean. We had that book when we were all small kids. The art work in the original book was what made it fascinating.

  137. Kage says:

    @sally – Amazon has that book used for $1.09 – $2.99. 🙂 You will probably have to pay like $10 for shipping 😆

  138. sally says:

    @jaydee: I have a shmall kine obsession with that book. I had it when I was little and I am now searching for it. I know it’s available at bookstores and online, but I want to find one at a garage or rummage sale or at a book fair. I know, weird, but I want one that is old and used and loved.

    Someday I will find it.

  139. jaydee says:

    Ziyi Zhang
    Gong Li
    This book—->The Five Chinese Brothers
    I remember reading it when I was a small kid and was fascinated by it. It might be considered racist now but when you’re a small kid, such things don’t seem to matter.

  140. M says:

    Black Bean sauce

  141. M says:

    Steam Choy Sum with oyster sauce

  142. M says:

    Gunn Funn it 😆

  143. M says:

    My mom made Jai the other night. So ono!

  144. M says:

    Bird nest soup
    Kau Yuk

  145. Masako says:

    @Seawalker – I might make Jai later……I need a whole day to do that.

  146. Masako says:

    Kung Hee Fat Choy! I like all kind chinese stuff. My favorite is my hubby M 🙂

  147. Kage says:

    Good Morning.
    Kung Hee Fat Choy.

    I will have to come back later to read everyone’s comments.

    Have a great day. It is almost Friday. 🙂

  148. matt says:

    Olivia Munn

  149. matt says:

    cake noodle!!
    my wife
    half of my kids
    Yao Ming
    Jet Li
    five deadly venoms
    salt and pepper anything (squid, shrimp, fish, pork chops…)

  150. matt says:

    isn’t Hi Chew budda head, not pake?

  151. M says:

    Won ton Mein
    Shark fin soup
    Fungus soup
    Look Funn
    Fortune cookies
    Peking Duck
    Char Siu

  152. M says:

    Hoisin sauce
    Oyster sauce
    Haum Ha sauce

  153. volleymom2 says:

    @ Rod- maybe one day a blog on things we ate as a kid only to find out it kinda gross?? But yet it tasted good…. or not so ono. ex: chicken feet, pig ear, escargo, frog leg, etc..

  154. M says:

    Guud morning ab, LK, Ynaku and MLCers!

    I’m all Pake….
    Gao, I’m eating it as I type.
    Jin dui
    Chicken Feet
    Kung HEE Fat Choy!

  155. 4G says:

    Miss Chinatown 😉

    Candied fruits


    Dim Sum


    Crispy Gau Gee

    The old neighborhood cracked seed store

    The Great Wall

    Peking Duck (the skin part)


    Pillow Books – LOL

    @Seawalker – thanks for the lead on Waialae Iki park. I will have to go check it out. Unfortunately, my every other week game is Saturday afternoon. In my younger day, long since past, it would not be unheard of for me to play a game in the morning and have another in the afternoon. Not so much, anymore . . . . LOL.

  156. Ynaku says:

    Somebody mentioned “Pigs Feet?” NOM NOM I like the Chinese Style one that they make for Mothers that just gave birth. I’ll eat their share.

    Oh and Good Morning MLC 😀

  157. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Thursday ❗ 😀

  158. ankleBYTERS says:

    Kristin Kreuk – Lana on Smallville..Dutch/Chinese

  159. ankleBYTERS says:

    China Man’s Hat isle…

  160. superman808 says:

    Believe it or not, the Hawaiian Superman is also one Pake!

    Grandma on left is pure Chinese.

    Anyway, here is my list….
    – Sun Tzu “Art of War”
    – Chinese ex-girlfriend
    – the Manapua Man
    – lai sze that is given to you as a gift

    Oh yeah…
    Sun nien fai lok = Happy New Year
    Gung hay fat choy = May you become prosperous

  161. David In Oregon says:

    Other Chinese Stuff:

    Mun Lun School
    Chinese Cultural Plaza

  162. Keoni says:

    Hark! I just heard fire cracker. It must be Chinese New Year! Kung Hee Fat Choy!

  163. Keoni says:

    Ho, Sally! Good to see you. We so enthusiastic about things Chinese, we just plunged in and started posting without waiting for you!

  164. Keoni says:

    Lo mein of any type. I first had lo mein at a Chinese restaurant in McKee City, NJ (near Atlantic City) in the mid 70’s. I was stunned at how delicious it was; I was hooked immediately!

  165. sally says:

    Here I stay! lol just got home.

    My most fave Chinese thing is not a thing… it’s my nephew!

  166. Rodney says:

    Egg fu yong! Nom,nom,nom…

  167. Keoni says:

    Speaking of eggs, the wife of my Chinese co-worker made tea eggs for a pah-tay year. They were so good I think I could exist on a diet of them alone!

  168. David In Oregon says:

    Other Chinese stuff:

    Harm Ha

  169. Rodney says:

    Good night Seawalker. No forget to put on your pah-jah-mah! 😆

  170. David In Oregon says:

    Stuff I’m not fond of:

    Haw Flakes
    Thousand Year eggs
    Fermented tofu

  171. David In Oregon says:

    Other stuff I like:

    Chinese New Year celebrations
    Lai See (or however it is spelled)
    hilariously badly dubbed ole school kung fu movies
    roast duck, roast pork, heck, pretty much a lot of the foods…..
    crack seed and all the other goodies

  172. Keoni says:

    Heck, any kine bao!

  173. Keoni says:

    Char Siu Bao

  174. Keoni says:

    @snow Food’s the most important Ting!

  175. Keoni says:

    Eh DiO, yu Hu hu?

  176. snow says:

    good evening MLCers!

    all things chinese… let’s see…

    chinese restaurants… they’re always open!
    dim sum… yum yum!
    everything that the chinese invented first… amazing!
    bound feet… ye-ouch!

    (i can’t think of anything else that’s not food related! lol.)

  177. David In Oregon says:

    Eh See Hwa Kah: I’m not Yu, I’m Hu. 😆

  178. Seawalker says:

    @Keoni – Now it’s really time to moimoi. That’s where I hear it — voices in my head! LOL and good night.

  179. David In Oregon says:

    Things I like:

    Kelly Hu 😀
    Toong Mai: gotta agree with you on this, Rod.
    Firecrackers: Only if no shushu 😉
    Lion dances / dragon dances
    Noodles: any kind is good
    Dim Sum
    Pig’s Feet
    Duck Eggs
    Lup Cheong
    the various choy’s: Ong Choy, Kai Choy, Bok Choy, etc.
    black fungus
    Bruce Lee
    Jackie Chan
    Golden Harvest Theater
    Empress Theater (yeah, I know, not originally Chinese…)

  180. Keoni says:

    @Seawalker These funny expressions that sound Chinese still totally crack me up! 😆

  181. volleymom2 says:

    1. Chinese herbs- any kine, they work
    2. Oolong tea
    3. noodles- long life
    4. froggies…. like buttons on the cheong sam
    5. acupuncture
    6. terra cotta soldiers (life size) in Xian
    7. joong
    8. lup chong

  182. Seawalker says:

    Hey DiO – Wei Yu Hai Ding? Where are you?

  183. David In Oregon says:

    Kung Hee Fat Choy!!

  184. Keoni says:

    Perhaps the best thing Chinese I’ve found here – the people! All you who are Pake (in the best sense) here and at my workplace!!

  185. Keoni says:

    Real saimin and won ton min – stuff that packaged ramen can only hint at! Another reason lucky I live Hawai’i!

  186. Seawalker says:

    From my Shaolin Temple to yours, jai. Food of the monks. Food that M said Masako is making. Something that I also miss about Popo. Bless her heart!

  187. Keoni says:

    Kulikuli my mout’! 😀

  188. Seawalker says:

    Hey Keoni, we beat Sally posting tonight. Shhhh.

  189. Keoni says:

    And li hing mango too!

  190. Keoni says:

    Li hing mui But not real strong, please!

  191. Seawalker says:

    @Michelle – All of your dislikes you listed are my favorites. Those “strange” things are all in the texture. The chewier, the better!

  192. Keoni says:

    @Seawalker You talkin about me? My last name begins with “S”!

  193. Seawalker says:

    Hey, that’s my line. I was born in the year of the rabbit. And I got the ears to prove it… LOL

  194. Rodney says:

    Chinese pretzels – YUM!

  195. Keoni says:

    “I’m”, even! Lest you think I’m totally uneducated!

  196. Seawalker says:

    @LK – I know, I know… that’s what I said earlier. I was rolling around in bed. So here I am again. I will definitely try what you suggested. But first, I have to do the diet for a month because the doctor wants to know what’s the cause of it.

    And BTW, Keoni and LK, first time I’m first. Hehehe.

    “I spied with my little eyes something that is first and begins with the letter S.” Okay, I’ll stop rubbing it in.

  197. Keoni says:

    @Michelle I with you on the pig & chicken feet.

  198. Rodney says:

    Chinese parsley – YUK!

  199. Keoni says:

    Another thing – the beauty of artfully rendered Chinese ideographs.

  200. Michelle says:

    Kung Hee Fat Choy!!! things i love the most…
    1) Lion Dances!!!
    2) the food
    3) Kung Fu theater
    4) Char Hung Sut / manapua / half moon / pork hash
    (I always have to have when I come home)
    5) and the most bestest thing I love about Chinese New Year…My popo…and every year that we have to celebrate without her…makes me miss her that much more…

    Things most disliked:
    fungus foods (anything with not mushrooms but the black pond scum looking stuff)
    fish heads
    pigs feet
    chicken feet
    duck eggs
    and all those “strange” things that they tried to make me eat!

  201. Keoni says:

    OK, dare I say it? Chow Fun. (But subject to change – ain’t I fickle?) 😆

  202. LINDA KATO says:

    Seawalker: You supposed to be sleeping. Go back to prior blog to read my comments to you.

  203. Keoni says:

    pshaw, guess not. 🙁

  204. LINDA KATO says:

    3 way tie ❗ 😀

  205. LINDA KATO says:

    First ❗ I was born in the year of the Rabbit ❗ I am looking forward to a great year ❗ 😀

  206. Keoni says:

    Furst. Again? Wow! 🙂

  207. Seawalker says:

    Wow, a blog dedicated to the Pakes. You da man, Rod!

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