Slang Words and Phrases From the Olden Days

Volleymom2 previously wrote:

@Mark’75– lol, haven’t heard ” make A” in a long, long time!! Hey Rod- maybe we should do slang words of back in the day??


Good idea, Volleymom2!  Although it might result in some brain strain trying to recall the slang words and popular phrases we used to use back in the day.


How about we list the phrase or slang – give the definition – and use it in a sentence.  Wow, sounds like a spelling bee contest.  Let’s see if I can get it started:


“No Can Handle” – Cant’ keep up –  “What brah, no can handle?”  Actually, I hear my daughter using this term.  But they follow it with “Randall” –  “What? No can handle Randall”.


“I going bag” – What you said when you were about to leave – “Eh you guys, I going bag”.


“Going steady” – To be an exclusive couple – “Yeah, we stay going steady”.


“Just trippin'” – The phase before going steady – “Nah, we just trippin”.


“Bad rep” – A bad reputation – “That club get one bad rep”.


“Rippa” – A good looking surfer guy – “Ho, check out da rippa”.


“Fast” – Guys who are smooth with the moves – “I don’t like that kine ‘fast’ guys”.


“Townie” – If your zip code begins with 968 – “I like townie chicks”.


“Ahanakukulele” – What you say to someone when they did something bad – “Ahanakukulele, I going tell dad!”.


“Crimany sakes” – The phrase our dads said before giving us lickins – “Crimany sake boy, whatsamatta you?”


“Lickins” – Parental discipline – “Get me the belt, cuz you going get lickins”


“You going get it” – Sibling threat – “Wait until dad gets home, you going get it”


Okay, that should get you thinking about phrases and slang words from the olden days.  (“olden days” is one).  So share with us your words.  Remember to list a definition and use it in a sentence.  And have fun with it!




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216 Responses to “Slang Words and Phrases From the Olden Days”

  1. volleymom2 says:

    – see moi lips? too funny
    – now I know what a ching ching driver is, lol
    – used to say tough titties small kid time, silicone, yeah…
    fox= good looking guy
    Oh, look at that fox (handsome dude).

  2. LINDA KATO says:

    ankles: 😆

    Keoni: Nice to hear from you ❗ 😀

    Rod: Lots of posts from so many people ❗ Good topic for Hawaii ❗ 😀

  3. KHS68 says:

    OMG. Dick Clark died!

  4. KHS68 says:

    Just remembered a phrase from my New York days:

    Remember when the Camaro IROC came out? In New York (Brooklyn) IROC was the acronymn for:
    Italian Retard Out Crusing.
    Okay, it’s a regional thing. 🙂

  5. KHS68 says:

    See moi lips – when cho cho lips get all dry and cracked.

    “Wow, look her see moi lips. She neva heard of chap stick or what?”

  6. Seawalker says:

    @KHS68 – You write like one Bulldog (a compliment).

    @Mark – Used to work with this bruddah from Kohala. Went nuts trying to understand what the heck he was saying. Good fun!

  7. Seawalker says:

    wax ’em = getting a perfect score on the test, piece of cake

    Alright! Way to go, buffalo. You went wax ’em again, heh?

  8. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Wow, duke ’em up…haven’t heard that one for a long time! My “duke ’em up” back in the day: aloha shirt, corduroy pants, and goza slippers (before kamaboko slippers). Had to wear the good goza slippers, not the ones with hauna toe jams. LOL

  9. KHS68 says:

    Mark’75: Hahahahaha!

  10. Mark'75 says:

    KHS68: ooohhh my!

  11. KHS68 says:

    @Mark’75: Bad Kaimuki girls said, “tough titties”. This reference makes sense now since the recall of silicone implants.

  12. Mark'75 says:

    KHS68: oh my

  13. KHS68 says:

    @Mark’75 & Seawalker: Some guys do have ching-chings. You gotta look close. hehehe.
    “Officer, I saw da whole ting. Dat car ova dea caused the accident. Try check if da guy driving has a ching-ching. For sure he does, odda wise how come he neva make a signal before turning?” “Uh, sorry m’am, but we not the TSA. We don’t do a body search unless it’s absolutely necessary to the investigation.” 🙂

  14. Mark'75 says:

    Tough Sh_t. Term used to immediately stop someone’s grumbling, with no explanation needed. Funny, we don’t hear that term much today.
    “You don’t like it, tough sh_t!”

  15. Seawalker says:

    @Mark – Know what you mean. Those guys, they drive like they have ching-chings! LOL

  16. Mark'75 says:

    Howzit ankleBYTERS!

  17. Seawalker says:

    duke ’em up = dress to impress, it’s the clothes that makes the man

    Eh, Chief, where you going? Duke ’em up, no?

  18. Mark'75 says:

    @fishhead: okay, I got your back. But not only women drive like that, plenty guys too. Seen all kine. Yep, aaaalllll kine.

  19. fishhead says:

    hickey- eh u saw jerome’s neck. get so much hickeys. who’s his girl friend.

  20. Mark'75 says:

    keen. something neat. (short for peachy-keen?)
    Wow, the finish on that paipo board is keen, man!

  21. fishhead says:

    keoni- volcano, local way” vollocano”

  22. KHS68 says:

    @fishhead: oh, so it was body part id’ing of a driver.

  23. Seawalker says:

    @ankles – What’s been happening? You’ve been incognito.

  24. fishhead says:

    volleymom2-no get mad but my pop always use to say ching ching driver when a lady was in the fast lane and going so slow or when they change lane without looking just because they have their blinker on. come on guys, back me up on this.

  25. ankleBYTERS says:

    Zip Min and Zip Pak……..ooops….wrong day, wrong topic…

  26. fishhead says:

    no mess with KHS68. she going look at you and wonder what kind sausage you are.

  27. KHS68 says:

    Have you noticed that as you age, your butt hangs lower so your legs look shorter? Ai carumba!

  28. KHS68 says:

    @dihudfan: as far as i know, my baban only used the term daikon legs. she didn’t want me to take hula lessons because she believed daikon legs were the result of too many ami-ami’s. LOL

    the worst condition is unshaven, kakio’d, and short daikon legs.

  29. dihudfan says:

    bowling slang… pluggah… the guy just wiffing the bowl and plugging away… just aim for the head pin and throw fast
    dumper… the guy one dumper, he win jackpot every other week… if no mo chance to win the jackpot, miss on purpose, keep your average low and get mo handicap… wuz me
    ringgah… the ringgah won again… excellent bowlah

  30. KHS68 says:

    @Seawalker: Dis all for fun! The girls I hung out with at Kaimuki were, let’s say, experimentalists. While most of us believed those urban myths about the size of the hands and feet, others were out doing their own research. And, unfortunately, er…sausages were used as the measurement of choice. Later on during the “age of disco”, the rest of us found out first hand — da Vinci’s vitruvian man proportions do not always apply. LOL.
    Just like guys, nowadays, beeeg chichi’s could be store-bought. Is it live? Or is it memorex? hehehe.

  31. dihudfan says:

    no act… eh brah no act… acting stupid

    khs68… wat about bobadah legs… same thing as diakon legs?

  32. Seawalker says:

    broke the mouth = get punched in the face by a Sole

    Shoots, that Sole, I think he went Farrington, he’s not only going to break your a$$… he going broke your mouth too.

  33. Seawalker says:

    broke the mouth = good grinds, ono, to die for

    Ho, Rod’s pipikaula the other day… broke the mouth.

  34. Seawalker says:

    @KHS68 – LOL. Good try. But we all know guys are the shallow ones. Some of us age and mature gracefully. And some, and we all know who, just become dirty-old men after MLC. 😆

  35. KHS68 says:

    Only the girls would get a chuckle out of this since the guys are calling our chichi’s manapuas, cans, mosquito bites… Keep in mind I went Kaimuki, so k-den:
    “Eh, look dat cute guy ova dea. What you tink? Vienna or Redondo?” “Nah, I seen ’em. Pupu pup.” LOL

  36. Keoni says:

    @KHS68 Yep, love those Dutch desserts!

  37. KHS68 says:

    @Keoni: I miss funnel cakes. I always had them at the street fairs in Manhattan. But I guess if it ain’t from PA, then it ain’t authentic.

  38. KHS68 says:

    @dihudfan: follow-up to daikon legs.
    “Check out her daikon legs. Man, das not calves, das cows!” LOL

  39. KHS68 says:

    Kakaroach – take without asking or borrow for indefinite period of time.
    “Eh, you seen who wen kakaroach the last beer? Why you smiling?”

  40. Keoni says:

    The Dutch also pronounce words beginning with “v” as a “w”, for instance vanilla becomes “wanilla”.

  41. Keoni says:

    Spritzing = lightly raining. sprinkling
    I remember my mom had a clothes sprinkler made from an old slope top tin can purchased at the Hershey Dutch Days festival; it read: Der Vesh Spritzer (the Wash Sprinkler)

  42. Keoni says:

    Some PA Dutch pronunciations…

    Chudge = judge
    Chonny = Johnny
    Most words with a “j” are pronounced as above.

  43. Keoni says:

    More from back east…

    death breath = it hauna!

  44. dihudfan says:

    hapai… eh the wahine, she stay hapai… pregnant
    daikon legs… the chick, she get daikon legs… oriental puffy legs

  45. dihudfan says:

    bocha… go bocha… take a bath
    baff… same thing

  46. dihudfan says:

    F O B… fresh off the boat
    mojah… wow that broad, she one mojah… ugly
    broad… wahine
    hagimogi… you saw that guy, he all hagimogi… no mo teeth
    haunas… eh brah, you went bocha or what, you haunas… smelly

  47. LINDA KATO says:

    Pidgin to da max here ❗ What an education I’m having ❗ 😆

  48. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Wednesday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  49. Kage says:

    Good Morning.

  50. Mark'75 says:

    fink. someone who’s creepy.
    oh, another: creep.

  51. Seawalker says:

    get bonah = it only happens to guys, you just smile when this occurs, a prelude to @Supes “oofing”

    Dude, you spock that chick? Garans get bonah.

  52. Mark'75 says:

    @KHS68: Wow, I never heard S’ Why Hard. I listened to Ron Jacobs in the ’70s (think it was KKUA). He played Da Kine once in a while. About the only thing I remember about the song was when they say, “Da Kine!” LOL. Thanks.

  53. KHS68 says:

    @Mark’75: S’ Why Hard. Way before your time!

  54. KHS68 says:

    @Mark’75: I found this on the Ron Jacobs blog. He wrote “Da Kine” & “S Why Hard”.

    The “Big Studio” could be seen through the window located behind the RCA console, above. In the 1940s Hawaiian performers from Gabby Pahinui to Genoa Keawe recorded in that large space. In 1959, Moffatt and I founded Teen Records (how cool, man.) Our first session involved five guys from Farrington High School in Kalihi: Rudy & The Royal Drifters (below). Two sides, featuring the first Rock/Pidgon records, were released as our first 45 single. I wrote both tunes, the immortal “Da Kine” and “‘S Why Hard.” They sold well — perhaps concidentally with KPOI pounding out the record in max rotatation.

  55. Mark'75 says:

    ai caramba. Oh my gosh.

  56. Mark'75 says:

    @KHS68: Sorry, went sleep early. No, I don’t remember a song “As Why Hard.” (maybe MLC)

  57. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers~!

  58. KHS68 says:

    Shark bait = extremely white; no tan at all. “Whoa, check out dat guy’s legs. Shark bait.”

  59. Keoni says:

    I’m having a MLC moment (extended kine no less!). There were slang terms we used back east, but the only one I can recall right now is from the Jersey shore:
    shoobee = a visitor from elsewhere

    I going try to remember some more. Laters.

  60. volleymom2 says:

    get chance??= do you want to go out with me??

  61. volleymom2 says:

    @fishhead- what’s a ching ching driver??

  62. volleymom2 says:

    @seawalker-I remember my dad used to always see Jew fut, lol! Its been ages and I am laughing…
    mochi face?? thats funny, too… never have too many Asians where I resided

    cha ching!= money… depending on how you use cha ching…
    When I take my dog to the vet… cha ching!! (thats the truth)

  63. Seawalker says:

    manapuas = preferred over mosquito-bite kine on the wahines

    No act, brah. I know you like those manapuas, even though you one leg-man!

  64. Seawalker says:

    Jew fut = a tight wad, penny pincher, the last person on the table to break out his wallet when the bill arrives

    Man, that Jew fut buggah… he makes good money, but he’s one tight wad. Must be a boxer with his fist closed all the time!

  65. Seawalker says:

    break your a$$ = another common term used at Farrington for the vegan-types who don’t like to say, “like beef?’

    That’s it Pake, this time I going break you a$$ for sure!

  66. Seawalker says:

    mochi face = what we used to call the real bobora-looking local Asians.

    Ho, brah… you went suck-face with mochi face the other night?

  67. KHS68 says:

    Bachi – what goes around will come around.
    “Eh, no be mean. You going get bachi.”

  68. KHS68 says:

    @Seawalker: Tanx for the explanation. Make sense. Must be the old fut row — no mo hair so “bolohead”. We had some Soles that came to Washington Intermediate because they got kicked out of Kalakaua. They scared the shit out of us Japanese.

  69. Seawalker says:

    @KHS68 – Not quite sure why it’s called bolohead row at the bars. I heard the term “cheap Charley” because those people don’t buy drinks for the girls when they come sit with you. Bolohead row is probably the strip bars with a stage and a stripper pole and mirrors. Most of the boloheads are the old futs. They have a hard time seeing, so they have to sit right next to the stage. Also, heard that tipping etiquette requires you to blow your wad of ones when you’re at bolohead row. All this here-say though. LOL

  70. Seawalker says:

    what, owe you money? = sarcastic way of saying, ‘what you looking at’

    A Pake would never say this. He thinks the whole world owes him money!

  71. Seawalker says:

    you like die? = when one haole stumbles onto Farrington (love to pick on them Govs)

  72. Seawalker says:

    borrow quarter = this is what they do when they extort money from you at Farrington

    Brah, I like borrow quarter. And as if the dumb-a$$ Sole going pay you back in interest. 😆

  73. KHS68 says:

    @Fishhead: Hi Dawg! Poho – my baban used to say that all the time. “Poho if you throw that away, can wash ’em and use ’em one mo time.” And she was talking about aluminum foil. LOL

  74. Seawalker says:

    slap your head = a fist full of knuckles, Sole-style

    Eh, Pake… you like me come “slap your head”?

  75. Seawalker says:

    what, beef? = the standard greeting when you step foot onto Farrington H.S.

  76. fishhead says:

    my favorite saying. damn ching ching driver. no offense ladied.

  77. fishhead says:

    poho- so wasteful

  78. KHS68 says:

    @Mark’75: Funny. Wasn’t there a song “As Why Hard” by some local group?

  79. Mark'75 says:

    K. K. Kaumanua, with some gems like, “…’as why hard.”

  80. KHS68 says:

    @volleymom2: cho-cho lips, daikon legs and butsu butsus on da face. ai kudeesh! cherry blossom queen nightmare. LOL

  81. volleymom2 says:

    cho- cho= big, full
    she get cho-cho lips.
    Mick Jagger get cho-cho lips.

  82. KHS68 says:

    “Everybody chipping in for da gas, but dat one make all unconscious wen time to pay. He one real chang-a-lang.”

  83. KHS68 says:

    Habuts = short for habuteru; reaction when you don’t get your way — long face, pouty, sulky.

    “She neva get picked for songleader, so now she all habuts.”

  84. Rodney says:

    Ice shave – Big Island shave ice 😆

  85. KHS68 says:

    Old aunty phrases.
    “Dis kid no can stay still. You get ants in the pants or wat?”
    “How come dis kid eat so much but still stay skinny? You get worms or wat?”

  86. NKHEA says:

    futless = tired, wasted = I all futless already
    no fut around = no fool around = stop futing around
    garans ballbarans = guarantee = garans ballbarans going work
    bumbucha = big= you keep eating like that you going get bumbucha

  87. Mark'75 says:

    scabbing: girl watching (townie term?)
    Wot, you went scabbing down Ala Moana? (gotta carry package, so no make obvious, LOL)
    Bunch of guys scabbing? Scabco.

  88. volleymom2 says:

    jugga lugga? long time I didnt hear that one, like in jugga lugga car
    I still say hold your horses, lol!
    bum bai= later on Bum bai I going store.

  89. KHS68 says:

    We had a Kauai “exchange” student in senior year. She always used “some”. “Da hamburger some good, no?” “Today some hot, yeah?” “Dat guy some good looking.”

  90. Rodney says:

    ai kudeesh! – portagee swear word

  91. Mark'75 says:

    jugga lugga. kinda like all bus up or worn out.
    These slippahs all jugga lugga already.

  92. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: You’re right! I first heard ‘broke seat’ from my classmate across the street whose parents came from Kauai.

  93. Mark'75 says:

    Ain’t no beeg ting braddah!!!!

  94. KHS68 says:

    Boofa kakanetas – podagee slang/swear phrase when you stay all frustrated. “I wen forget buy bread. Gotta go back market again. Boofa kakanetas!”

  95. KHS68 says:

    For real or wat? “Eh look her acting ladat. She for real or wat?”

  96. KHS68 says:

    Pain in da ass. “I cannot go wid you guys today. Gotta watch my nephew. Dat kid one maja pain in da ass”.

  97. LINDA KATO says:

    Seawalker: Thanks for the update ❗ 😀

    Twofish: Hello, long time no post ❗ Nice to hear from you ❗ 😀

    MLCers: Now I’m educated on all the local talk. Heard some of them but not all of them. Thanks for sharing everyone ❗ 😀

  98. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Tuesday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  99. KHS68 says:

    My baban’s favorite: Hold your horses. “Baban, I hungry. When we going eat?” “Hold your horses! Almost pau.”

  100. KHS68 says:

    No worry, beef curry. “Eh, drive mo fast. I gotta go cook rice before my muddah comes home.” “No worry, beef curry. We get ’em.”

  101. KHS68 says:

    Up the bull’s ass & Boda you. “Eh, where you guys going?” “We going up the bull’s ass, turn right. Why? boda you?”

  102. KHS68 says:

    @Sherb: Das right!!!

  103. Rodney says:

    @Mark’75 – On Maui, they no say “broke seat”. They call it “cut seat”. Kauai people say “broke seat”. I didn’t know Oahu people had a name for it.
    During high school – it was important to have a car with a front bench seat.

  104. shoyu burner says:

    “fo cryin out loud”
    bolo head dicky dong
    skid marks = TMI

  105. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers ❗

  106. Mark'75 says:

    dig. like, or could get into it.
    Can ya dig it?!

  107. Mark'75 says:

    broke seat. When your date slides over to the middle of the front bench seat.

  108. Mark'75 says:

    @fishhead: Howzit! ….was sleeping

  109. Sherb says:

    @KHS68: usually accompanying “wop your jaw” was a hand gesture stroking your chin in the direction of whoever you were insulting!

  110. Rodney says:

    Here come de judge – Another one from the Laugh-In.

  111. Rodney says:

    You bet your sweet bippy – From the Rowan and Martin Laugh-In

  112. Rodney says:

    “Keep on Truckin'” – I had that poster too with the cartoon guys in line strutting with a big step forward.

  113. Rodney says:

    Let’s Boogie – I had that poster with the cartoon guy dressed up like a pimp swinging the stopwatch on a chain.

  114. volleymom2 says:

    Oh wow- lau, lau… I learned a couple new “old” slangs and laughed at many of them!!
    hanakukulele- used to say that all the time and still saying “go home, cook rice”- Rod- not a Kailua thing, lol!!
    skylab?? oh, funny, new one for me
    boats?? never heard of that one either!
    dig nose?? I would’ve thought of digging the nose
    Here are the ones I could think of:
    let’s bag… let’s go
    bite the bag… like in wop your jaw
    pig, fuzz= cop How did the cop get this name?? Used to hear it a lot, somebody enlighten me
    get bread? get money?
    high watas= long pants actually short, used to say he waiting for the flood (bottom of pants no get wet)
    far out- great, ok! Far out, man!

  115. Rodney says:

    “slow and smooth” or “baby bouncy” – how you want the ball rolled to you when playing kickball. “I like ‘um baby bouncy”.

  116. hydroman72 says:

    make die dead

  117. hydroman72 says:

    u fallas

  118. KHS68 says:

    Whatevas = I give up; I’m at the end of my rope; obviously there’s no way of pleasing you.

  119. dihudfan says:

    dry… eh the show wuz dry… boring
    kalah… no can go out, no mo kalah… money
    molah… same thing
    coke bottles… wow that guy wearing coke bottles… thick glasses

  120. KHS68 says:

    @Fishhead: Have you been to Rainbows lately? They made the parking lot mo big — took over the next door apartment building. And, teri pork is now on the regular menu — used to be only on Wednesday. Broke da mouth — teri pork is better than the bbq steak. for real. ono and juicy.

    Whoa — just realized two old time phrases: broke da mouth & juicy. hehehe.

  121. KHS68 says:

    Howzit fishhead! Go Dawgs!! Maybe Mark stay working — protecting and defending.

  122. fishhead says:

    KHS68: howzit my fellow bulldog. Mark’75 must be sleeping already.

  123. KHS68 says:

    Oh wow laulau: poetic expression of surprise.
    “Wat? You did wat? Oh wow laulau!”

  124. KHS68 says:

    Craters – deep scars resulting from a bad case of acne. “He got some mean craters on his face.”

  125. KHS68 says:

    Stink eye. “eh, whassup wid da stink eye? i owe you money or wat?”

  126. KHS68 says:

    @Fishhead: Kakio legs — dreaded mosquito bite scars on da legs. Forget about running for cherry blossom queen. LOL

  127. fishhead says:

    kakio. i’m breaking out pipples. looks so kakio.

  128. fishhead says:

    hemo. the fish wen hemo the hook

  129. fishhead says:

    cans. wow she get big cans(breast)

  130. fishhead says:

    stink ear. what you no can hear, stink ear.

  131. fishhead says:

    buckle loose. eh no get me mad or i going buckle loose.

  132. dihudfan says:

    lip service… bull

  133. dihudfan says:

    shaka… just wonderful

  134. hydroman72 says:

    no mo’um – I don’t have it

  135. hydroman72 says:

    I learned this from my cousin from Hilo
    “chop quarter” – getting hijacked in school

  136. Seawalker says:

    head honcho = the boss, alpha dog, leader of the pack

    No act like a head honcho when you only janitor.

  137. Seawalker says:

    jam up = in a bind, up the creek without a paddle

    All jam up if you not finished with your tax returns yet.

  138. Seawalker says:

    @LK – Got called a panty at work for no good reason. If you dish it out, gotta expect to take it too. Kind of like a guy’s locker room talk. 🙂

  139. Seawalker says:

    schmall kine = it happens after you go swimming

    Ho, brah… the buggah shrank to schmall kine and kind of wrinkled too!

  140. Seawalker says:

    fag out = decide not to go thru with it

    What, you going “fag out” Dot’s this Saturday?

  141. Mark'75 says:

    I’d like to hear from Ynaku, ‘cuz Hilo get some winnahs!

  142. Mark'75 says:

    cheap sale…when you get to school and others are wearing the same thing as you.
    Wot, had cheap sale?

  143. Mark'75 says:

    rubbah cork: for use in case you don’t want be-be.

  144. Mark'75 says:

    bumbai pau…In a little while, it won’t hurt as much.
    Wot, soa?…bumbai pau!

  145. Oki says:

    Hi everyone….

    How’s about…
    garut (spelling)
    no backs

  146. KHS68 says:

    as if — catty retort. “she said she neva have plastic surgery.” “yea, sure. as if”.

  147. KHS68 says:

    haunas. “whoa, put your shoes back on. haunas!”

  148. dihudfan says:

    mok it… I gotta mok it… leave quickly
    mok out… eh no mok out… act stupid
    peel out… eh the buggah wen peel out… burn rubbah or leave quickly
    wuz up… wuz up brah… what’s happenin’
    howzit… howzit brah… hello
    laddahs… see you latter

  149. KHS68 says:

    Bomb (car reference). “Shame go out wid dat guy. He drive one bomb.”

  150. superman808 says:

    Pilau buggah – dirty or nasty. “Moke boy, he wen oof Honey Girl who is married to his braddah.”

  151. KHS68 says:

    When I was small, I used to stand in front of the t.v. while everybody else were sitting on the couch. My older cousin always used to yell, “Eh, your faddah make glass or what? Sit down!”

    I never got what that meant until later in life when I found out about the birds & bees. LOL

  152. Rodney says:

    Shit Faced – See Pilute. LOL

  153. Rodney says:

    “Pilute” – See Totaled.

  154. KHS68 says:

    Totaled – earlier usage of wasted. “We wen drinking last night and got all totaled.”

  155. KHS68 says:

    Rat bite. “I heard he went to the barber school for cut hair. No wonda his hair all rat bite.”

  156. KHS68 says:

    Burn rubbah (get a move on). “Eh, your muddah looking for you. You betta burn rubbah go home cook rice.”

  157. KHS68 says:

    High waters. “Wow, look his pants -high waters. No mo money or what?”

  158. KHS68 says:

    False crack used in a sentence.
    “Da two guys was arguing, den the one guy wen false crack the uddah guy. So das how the fight started.”

  159. TwoFish says:

    “Chicken wai wai” as your response to asking a grown up, “Why?”. Never understood what that means.

  160. TwoFish says:

    KHS68 – I learned it as, “Cut line, times, no back”

    “Sample” – said to the driver of a hot rod going through Ala Moana Beach Park, or McCully Zippy’s. Then the driver would gun engine and often burn out (see Tantaran).

  161. KHS68 says:

    Dig nose – idle; nothing to do. “Wat you wen do Friday night? Stay home dig nose?”

  162. KHS68 says:

    Tantaran – showing off.

  163. KHS68 says:

    A-lah! Supposed to be “pass on, no pass back”.

  164. KHS68 says:

    Bleed nose seats. “Wow dis guy, he so cheap. We wen concert at HIC and we wen sit in da bleed nose seats (last row, way at the top).”

    Bolohead row – I heard this is the front row at a strip club. Not quite sure why it’s called that.

  165. KHS68 says:

    Pass on, no take back. Used when you trying to unload something on your friends.

  166. KHS68 says:

    No act. “I no like him.” “No act, can tell you like him.”

  167. KHS68 says:

    Whop your jaws — “See? I told you you stay wrong. Whop your jaws!”

  168. M says:

    ruff take – something you have to give away to a bunch of people – you throw it on the ground or in the air and yell, “ruff take!”.

  169. dihudfan says:

    s why hud… bad situation
    beef… you like beef… you like fight
    kaukau… eat… grind
    beadit… get out of here

  170. Mark'75 says:

    Win by shutout: “bolo!”

  171. Mark'75 says:

    Variation on “I going bag.”
    “We go shag!”

  172. Rodney says:

    “Charley Horse” – Getting whacked on the thigh – just heard Jim and Pal talking about this word yesterday on Rainbow baseball after a batter got beaned in the back of the thigh “Ho, he going get one Charley Horse tomorrow when he wake up”.

  173. superman808 says:

    “side-pain” – the pain you feel on the side of your body after over exertion.

    “Times!” – announce taking a break in the action or event. “Woah brah…TIMES! I get side-pain”

    “Pounds!” – claiming the end of a transaction and no other deals to follow. Situation: you’re purchasing lychee from the Chinese lady, the sign says “50 for $1”. You ask for what’s the price to confirm, she says “100 for $1″…then you shout POUNDS! and give her the $1 right away, then explain to her that her sign is wrong.

  174. KHS68 says:

    False crack

  175. KHS68 says:

    Unreal – used two ways.

    Good – “Whoa, seen dat guy’s car? Unreal.”
    Bad – “She act so unreal. She need one slap.”

  176. Rodney says:

    Crack fut – see Cut da cheese

  177. Rodney says:

    Cut da cheese – flatulence – “Peee Yuuu – Who wen cut da cheese!”

  178. KHS68 says:

    He kinda hard on da eyes.

  179. KHS68 says:

    Chicken skin – reaction to ooji. “eek! he wen act all ooji. gave me chicken skin.”

  180. KHS68 says:

    Ooji – creepy, chicken skin

  181. LINDA KATO says:

    L7, was called a L7, a “square” for not speaking pidgeon and for not using slang, such as examples noted today. 🙂

  182. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Monday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  183. KHS68 says:

    Ettay – he act kinda ettay, no?

  184. KHS68 says:

    Daikon legs – undesirable trait for high school girls.

  185. KHS68 says:

    Boats – big feet

  186. KHS68 says:

    Ching ching eyes – prior to double eye job. LOL

  187. KHS68 says:

    Eh, no make la dat – chastising bad behavior.

  188. KHS68 says:

    Jap slaps – rubbah slippahs

  189. M says:

    Drag – when you ask a friend for a puff of his cigarette – I like one drag.

  190. KHS68 says:

    high makamaka = snob; rich. “eh, no act high makamaka”.

  191. KHS68 says:

    Make anykine = spontaneous behavior

  192. Rodney says:

    April 16th, 2012 at 6:30 am #

    “Go home, cook rice.”

    Wow, I thought that was only a Kailua slang.

  193. Mark'75 says:

    …I’ll be right there…but first I gotta take a wiz!

  194. CoastalTrader says:

    DIRTY lickins’ – an invitaion to fight or threat of a beating. “You wan dirty lickins’ brah?” “I goin give you dirty lickins’.”

  195. CoastalTrader says:

    rough take – a system of allocating scarce resources. ex. When you have one piece of gum and five friends who want it, fling the stick of gum into the air and yell “Rough take!”

  196. M says:

    Spock – see – I go spock you latahs…….

  197. Mark'75 says:

    Oh, far-out man!

  198. Mark'75 says:

    c’mon teenk….use your cabesa!

  199. hemajang says:

    go stay come – come here/invited – “had good fun yeah? you go stay come aunties house anytime.”

  200. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  201. hemajang says:

    nah nah – only joking/just kiddin’/not me – “nah nah nah nah I nevah call you one panty.”

  202. hemajang says:

    bumbye – later on – “eh, going do taxes bumbye, get plenty time.”

  203. hemajang says:

    k-den – okay/all right/agree w/reluctance/latahs – “k-den, spark you latah.” or “k-den, you can have da whole ting.”

  204. KAN says:

    “Go home, cook rice.”

  205. KAN says:

    Good morning Sally! I just think our double-posting means great minds think alike 😉

  206. hemajang says:

    junk – bad/not good/no work/off ladat – “waves junk today so went school instead.”

  207. hemajang says:

    galagala – runny sticky nose/throat mucus – “had galagalas all day, sleeves like starched already.”

  208. hemajang says:

    ha-laaa – expression of warning – “Ha-laaa Bertram, you going get scoldings from da teacha.”

  209. hemajang says:

    hemajang – all messed up or kapakahi – “ho, all hemajang, nevah no wea fo go.”

  210. sally says:

    Need to remember to refresh before posting LOL. Good Morning KAN!

  211. sally says:


  212. KAN says:

    Righteous. = Tubular. = Sick.

  213. sally says:

    Submarine races. Later turned into “watch Skylab”.

  214. superman808 says:

    trying this again…

    “Oofing” = making out… Braddah Rod when make oof and now get be-be!

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