Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – But Didn’t

Thinking about Chico’s Pizza as we talked about in the Chico’s Pizza – Revisited With Wes (Ralph) Popham blog entry, and how I wished that I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve visited there at least once – I started thinking about other places around town – or that used to be around town, that I never went to.  And I never will be able to go to because it is no longer around.


I was just talking to a coworker today who said that she used to work at The Ranch House in Aina Haina.  And I started thinking that it’s another one of those places that I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve gone to but didn’t.  And it’s too late now.  And we talked about how Country Comfort used to play there.


And that got me thinking about Kalapana and how they used to play at the Toppe ada Shoppe.  Another place that I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve gone to – but didn’t.


Kelly’s by the airport.  Passed by it many times – but never ate there.


Aloha Motors.  Remember this garage?  Never been there.  And never will.


Tahitian Lanai – Didn’t know how legendary that place was – until it closed.


And one more:
Magic Mushroom Nightclub.  Passed by it at the Gold Bond building many, many times.  Again, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – but never did.  And now it’s too late…


What establishments did you Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve visited – but didn’t?




And speaking of Magic Mushroom


Magic Mushroom Reunion 2

Friday, February 15, 2013 – 7:30pm until 11:00pm

Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii – Manoa Grand Ballroom


Hana Hou! If you missed the last Magic Mushroom Re-union Party in July 2012 – Here’s your 2nd chance!

Tickets go on sale on Monday – January 7th. Unfortunately, this time there will be no will call, unless you purchase a Reserved Table (seats 10 people) in advance. Door opens at 6:30 pm. General seating will be first come first served. Tickets are $30 per person. There will be a no-host bar, and a pupu buffet will be available as well as snacks on each table. Parking is $5.00 on site with validation.

The Host, Ed Kanoi of 107.9 KOOL Gold, will be giving away prizes.

Featured bands will be:

* Electric Fish & The Tofu Factory (aka The King Pins) *

* Audissey & Friends, with special guest appearance by Rob Yamamoto & Kenneth Uyeno *

* White Light *

For tickets and event information contact:
Dennis Matsukawa at 271-2622 or at; or
Bernie Ferraria at 220-6329 , or at

Tickets also on sale at Dan’s Guitars, Carlos Performance Guitar and Westside Music.

PS: If you have any Magic Mushroom memorabilia, bring/wear it and share with us to see.


** or let me know and I can get you tickets and/or a table

83 Responses to “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – But Didn’t”

  1. Keoni says:

    Eh Ankles, is dat going be your new address? 😆

  2. LINDA KATO says:

    ankles 😆

  3. LINDA KATO says:

    Good evening MLCers ❗ Happy Sunday ❗ 😀

    Have a great evening ❗ 😀

    @COhiba, Nice to hear from you ❗ 😀

    Off to Vegas tonight ❗ Will check back in with you folks in a week ❗ Enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities here and Happy Valentine’s Day/week to all of you ❗ Have a great week ❗ 😀

  4. sally says:

    Just saw on the news that Waioli Tea Room will be closing this year.

  5. ankleBYTERS says:

    OCCC – 2199 Kamehameha Highway 😉

  6. Mike in Waipio says:

    Don’t remember details but I had been to the Civic Auditorium more than once; but I regret missing the “Show of Stars” series of concerts put on by Tom Moffatt. I’m a fan of music from the 50s/60s but back then I wasn’t into concerts. If I had been to even one show, it would be a memory I would cherish. The shows included big stars like Paul Anka, Platters, Everly Brothers, Brenda Lee, Connie Francis, Five Satins, Sam Cooke, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, Frankie Lymon, many others.

  7. M says:

    Kung Hee Fat Choy!!!!!

  8. Shoyu burner says:

    Does this. Count? Never had a ” peter max” folder…

  9. Shoyu burner says:

    Cohiba, thats true naan bread!

  10. C0hiba says:

    @shoyu burner and Masako,
    I watched this guy bake the naan bread when the Third Floor was here on this island. It’s made of yogurt and other stuff. This guy was small with small arms. He would form it into a triangle, kinda like a slice of pizza, then he’d stick it inside an oven like a kamado. He would stretch his hand in the top opening and stick the bread inside and to the top of the dome oven. So the bread was hanging upside down from the top of the dome. Think he pulled it out with tongs.

  11. C0hiba says:

    Aloha MLCer’s!
    I must be really old. Cuz I think I’ve been to almost every place listed, except for Supah Ferry.
    BTW Masako, I like to way you spelled it!
    A few years ago, we had bought an Acura, no dealership on this island, so had thought that I could take it on the Supah Ferry to Oahu. Figured that I’d take it to the service center (the old one on Beretania), go walk and hang at one of the fine watering holes on Keeaumoku Street until the cars done. Then back on the Supah Ferry and head back home. Supah Ferry never made it to this island.

  12. sally says:

    Never rode da Supah Ferry. It still upsets me. I was so looking forward to the Big Island leg of it. Had big plans. Auwe.

  13. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Saturday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

    Masako: I ate shark fin soup here a lot when it was legal. Very tasty but I didn’t know it was made from actual shark fins.

  14. sally says:

    I never went to Kojaks either… apologies to Richard Natto.

    Never went to see Booga Booga either… but that was by choice.

  15. Mark'75 says:

    Found a clip of the original Booga Booga at the 20 second mark.

  16. Mark'75 says:

    Always wanted to, but never went to Territorial Tavern, when Booga Booga (the original) was there. Wow, dem guys was NUTS ❗

  17. Rodney says:

    The Pottery Steakhouse in Kaimuki. Never ate there…

  18. Rodney says:

    @dihadfan – When I googled Ishii Garden Tea House, it came up with a 2001 Honolulu Advertiser article that said the Ishii Garden Tea House was on Huna Street, off Kuakini.

  19. dihudfan says:

    @rod… nuuanu onsen could be the same as Ishi Gardens? used to go there once a year with old coffee club at work…

  20. Masako says:

    I just thought of a big Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve….wish I had eaten Shark fin soup when it was legal here. Oh well I guess I gotta go eat it in Japan.

  21. Masako says:

    @Shoyu Burner – I had heard that one of those places had good Naan, just couldnt remember which one.

  22. Masako says:

    I missed out on the Superfairy…was waiting for them to start service to the Big Island. I had visions of loading up the car with our SUP boards and bringing and taking home a ton of stuff cause no baggage fees. Too bad it didn’t work out.

  23. LINDA KATO says:

    Didn’t know that Chinese New Year begins on Sunday 2/10/13, the day we fly to Vegas again for our regularly scheduled vacation. A Chinese person told me that Chinese New Year is the 2nd busiest time of the year in Vegas. The first busiest time is Super Bowl Sunday. We didn’t plan to be in Vegas next week to celebrate Chinese New Year. Hawaiian Airlines reduced their fares to $300 round trip so I booked it fast, tickets sold briskly for this week ❗ We will soon see if this is a LUCKY time of the year ❗ Am counting the days ❗ 😀

  24. LINDA KATO says:

    If you have never taken a dinner cruise on a boat here and do not get seasick, take the ride just once in your lifetime, the view of Honolulu City Lights are breathtaking, the smell of the ocean, Hawaiian music such a beautiful memory and the food was delicious too ❗ 😀

  25. LINDA KATO says:

    Good afternoon MLCers ❗ Happy Aloha Friday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day and a great weekend ❗ 😀

    I rode Seaflight to Maui once. Loved the view of the islands from the ocean. I thought they were here to stay to supplement air rides but their business was short lived. Missed out on the Super Ferry. Thought that business would do well too.

  26. Rodney says:

    Hey Shoyu! How’s it Burnin’?

  27. lowtone123 says:

    @Masako: Are you referring to Tasty Freeze? They are called Faith’s Place now but supposed to still have that yellow sauce. They make the old school cheeseburgers that are so ono.

  28. Shoyu burner says:

    Aloha all! Been reading blog but just lurking. Good topic. I’ve guess i been
    Fortunate to have gone/ experience at lot of places mentioned. Top of da shoppe i
    Remember seeing “summer” play there. @ masako, the Third floor had good Naan bread. They served it with pate. Best of all it was complimentary! Never went to crater festival…

  29. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  30. 4G says:

    More of a “always wanted to, but was never allowed to”:

    I was not allowed to attend any of the Crater Festivals – we were forced to make the rounds of family/friends houses on New Year’s Day. 🙁 Really bummed me out way back then . . . .

  31. Masako says:

    I never ate at Third Floor or Bagwells, according to my parents, thats where adults went out to eat so we had to stay home with the grandparents.

  32. Rodney says:

    Woolworth’s Coffee Shop in Ala Moana. Walked by that place so many times but never stepped foot in there.

  33. Rodney says:

    Kojak’s – Another one that I Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve gone to to see Toma/Natto.

  34. Rodney says:

    @hemajang – I read that the H3 run was tough because coming down on the town side, the road is a gradual downhill and was brutal on the legs of a lot of runners.

  35. Rodney says:

    @Mark’75 – Yes, Olomana. Forgot about them.

  36. Rodney says:

    Civic Auditorium – never been there. * sigh *

  37. sally says:

    I’m not even sure if I ever ate at Chunky’s (Sorry Masako). I must have, at some point, gone there after a football game… just don’t remember? I think I remember going to Scotty’s once.

  38. sally says:

    Never went to Hank’s Place in Kaimuki. Makaha Sons of Niihau played there.

  39. Rodney says:

    @khs68 – It’s not too late. I think Byron’s closes at the end of this month.

  40. khs68 says:

    Canlis Restaurant.

  41. khs68 says:

    Byron’s drive-in. Heard a lot about the food, but never got around to going.

  42. khs68 says:

    Makaha Sons of Niihau played at the Ranch House. Never got to see them even though.

  43. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: At the Ranch House I saw Country Comfort and later Olomana. Other groups had gigs there, but I remember these two.

  44. Mark'75 says:

    Nick’s Fishmarket…heard so much about it…never been there.

  45. Mark'75 says:

    @NaPueo: Wow, Seaflight and Super Ferry….me too….missed out!

  46. sally says:

    @kailuagirl: I was a Top O’ da Shoppe fan too! We went there 3-4 times a week, it was the best hangout!

  47. NaPueo says:

    Seaflight and the Super Ferry

  48. KAN says:

    KC Drive In. I never had a waffle dog (and can’t eat one now since I’m allergic to wheat). I once told two friends that I’d never gone to KC’s, and they looked at me like I’d grown pink horns.

  49. Kage says:

    Good afternoon everyone.
    @hemajang- I got to walk around the H3 tunnel entrance on the Kailua side before it opened. It is a nice view. I had a film camera with me but did not develop the pictures before the film went bad.

  50. hemajang says:

    Yeah, Honolulu Stadium, recall going Islander games, high school football, baseball championship between Waipahu and Punahou in 1964?, Shriners football, but maybe the most chilling was the city summer fun finale with thousands of kids screaming in unison with tin can noise makers…deafening.

    Also went wrestling at Civic small kid time and concerts UH time. Back then in the 50’s and 60’s, I thought both venues were pretty run down and dilapidated, nothing to be proud of.

  51. hemajang says:

    I shoulda signed up for the H3 walk/run in 1997 before freeway opened up, nice view.

  52. hemajang says:

    I been to Tahitian Lanai many years ago and details escapes me. Never been to La Mariana Restaurant on Sand Island Access Road, maybe closest thing to Tahitian Lanai? Got to go there one day…also the Hawaiian Railway train ride in Ewa as Linda suggested. I played over the tracks in my youth and the train when it was located in front of the Ewa Plantation office.

  53. Rodney says:

    @kailua girl – you used to hang out at Toppe ada Shoppe that much!?!

  54. kailua girl says:

    I’m glad I got to be at Toppe ada Shoppe and hear Kalapana at least 4x’s a week for an entire summer. I loved the Tahitian Lanai! For those of you who never got to the Tahitian Lanai, you missed out on the BEST curry and banana muffins! I missed out on the tea houses – the only tea room I ever went to, was the Waioli Tea room in Manoa.

  55. Rodney says:

    @hemajang – Thanks for the correction. Who was it that played at The Ranch House?

  56. Masako says:

    I would have loved going to those Teahouses……

    I’ve been to Kanraku, Rainbow and Natsunoya’s but those others look really nice.

  57. hemajang says:

    Saw Kalapana at Toppe adda Shoppe but wished went to the Funny Farm at American Chinese clubhouse, many local bands played there.

  58. hemajang says:

    Think country comfort played at The Sty in Niu Valley shopping center, I R remember how laid back and intimate it was.

  59. Rodney says:

    @dihudfan – Ishi Garden? I don’t remember that one…

  60. Rodney says:

    Mochizuki Tea House ~ Is that now Kunawai Terrace?

  61. TwoFish says:

    @M – Lau Yee Chai was run by Shiro’s Saimin family member, as was Mochizuki Tea House. I never knew that before.

  62. TwoFish says:

    Mochizuki Tea House, now a condominium.

  63. dihudfan says:

    eh rod… don’t forget Ishi Garden… next to Nuuanu stream…

  64. Rodney says:

    Nuuanu Onsen on Laimi road. Another tea house that’s gone…

  65. Rodney says:

    Kanraku Tea House on Kohou street. Like @lowtone123, could only look at the pictures and imagine it.

  66. moWS says:

    @Sally – Pearl City Tavern was great. The nicest place to dine on the leeward side. It had the monkey bar, bonsai garden on the roof, and I had the biggest lobster I ever ate which was shucked by kamono clad waitresses. It was fabulous.

  67. Masako says:

    I never been to this Drive in in Waianae that had french fries with a special sauce that’s suppose to be really good.

  68. lowtone123 says:

    As a sports fan, It’s Honolulu Stadium and the Civic Auditorium. I was just a kid when they both went down in the 70’s. I imagine sometimes by looking at old pics the sights, sounds, smell of the food, etc.

  69. lowtone123 says:

    @sally: The only thing that was cool as a kid going there was the Monkey Bar where live monkeys roamed in a glass enclosure behind the bar.

  70. M says:

    @sally, I never been there too.

  71. sally says:

    Never went to Pearl City Tavern. Did I miss anything?

  72. M says:

    Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – But Didn’t go to Oasis in Waialae.

  73. eddyo says:


    Without doubt watching an Islanders game at Honolulu Stadium. Seen them at Aloha Stadium, but I wanted that old time baseball experience (sigh…)

    btw, been to the Aloha Motors, you didn’t miss much!

    To me, the list of places I miss is much longer, you could devote a month’s worth of blogs on this topic alone with all us MLCers.

  74. LINDA KATO says:

    Remember Rod posting a blog about the Ewa Railroad ❓ I always wanted to ride the Ewa train while it is still available but have never gotten around to it. Better hurry, there are talks about someone trying to buy the land under the railroad tracks, if so, they would shut down one of the last railroads in Hawaii. Better schedule my visit on the train before that site becomes history and just a memory too ❗

  75. LINDA KATO says:

    Many people have told me that the PERRY & PRICE Saturday show is fun to attend. They have moved their show from the Hanohano Room to John Dominis Restaurant to Jimmy Buffet and now to a Chinese Restaurant at Ala Moana Center but I have yet to make reservations to see their show. They are getting older and older so I’d better hurry up and plan something. Does anyone know why their show at the California Hotel in Vegas was cancelled for March 2013 ❓ I always wanted to see that show too ❗

  76. M says:

    Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – But Didn’t go to the old Waikiki Lau Yee Chai on Kuhio Ave.

  77. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Thursday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  78. Masako says:

    Andy’s Drive in

  79. Masako says:

    @Rod – The Aloha Motors brings back memories….wow thats a heck of a lotta cars!

  80. Masako says:

    Having a meal at Umeke market

  81. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – But Didn’t go to Arakawa’s

  82. Masako says:

    Good morning! Cannot think of any right now….to early. I’m sure I’ll think of some later.

  83. Masako says:


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