Merry MLC Christmas

Merry MLC Christmas


Can you guess which one is me?




What are some of your best Small-Kid-Time Christmas memories?  Sometimes it takes a picture to jog your memories – like this:


Christmas Opening Gifts


One thing I remember is the scrawny Christmas trees we used to have.  None of these sheared, Noble Fir, full, thick trees.  We had Charlie Brown trees.  And they were awesome!


And of course – all the presents.  We had this tradition of placing Christmas cards within the tree branches.  Those were like a bonus to open after all the presents were opened.


Ahh, nothing like Christmas morning joy!


Merry Christmas MLCers!



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  1. LINDA KATO says:

    Wow! Did I miss Christmas too, sorry MLCer’s ❗ Hope everyone had a very merry Christmas ❗ We spent the day at Kuliouou at my brother-in-law’s home for lunch as usual…. too much food! Nice to spend the day with family. And, very envious they already had their PV system up and running since 3/2013!

  2. Mark Shelby says:

    OK….my no shame little kid firecracker story! Just so you know, little Keiki’s need adult supervision. …

    Here goes….

    I have a crazy New Years Day story for you. I was about 10 years old. We were up on Sunset Beach for NYD. And for good Puka Shell hunting! Dat was about 1965, oh no I am dating myself! Dad let me go walk down da beach and light firecrackers. So I went for a walk toward Pipeline and I was looking for things to blow up along my walk. You know us little Keiki jus love to do dat! One time I lit a firecracker and it did not go off. Being a dumb little kid and first time with Firecrackers, I picked it up and put it in my shirt pocket to go back and ask Dad why dis bugga was broke, and it did not go off. I did not want to waste you know! Dee’s coss money! Walking back to Dad at Sunset Beach, it blew up in my shirt pocket and blasted gun powered into my eyes. I could not see. They put me in the car and took me to the nearest beach showers to flush my eyes. There were no showers at Sunset Beach in those days, in 1965. Now dat was a very long drive! Crazy huh? Proof positive little Keiki need adult supervision! Silly me. Thank God I survived my little kid silliness with firecrackers. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  3. hawai'ian by heart says:

    As silly as this may sound. One thing I really miss about home is the Koa fish. Go figure :-),

  4. hawai'ian by heart says:

    @4g and everyone.

    Since we have talked about the old Ala Moana Shopping Center on this thread. Heres some other pictures I found.

  5. hawau'ian by heart says:

    @4G Mahalo for clarifying that for me brah. 🙂

  6. 4G says:

    @hbh – no, no – can still burn traditional firecrackers …. Just more highly regulated and cannot burn the more ornamental stuff. The main rationale was air quality for people with respiratory issues – not so much noise.

  7. hawau'ian by heart says:

    @4G man bruh dat gets my native blood boiling. Why cant mainland cats leave good things alone? For generations Hawai’i residents have celibratted chinese new years and etc. They used real firecrackers thru the generations. Then a few mainlanders move here and get uptight about the noise. So now we all lose part of our traditions. Same thing goes for our local culture and things that we loved from the past. It makes me sad!

  8. 4G says:

    @hbh – yup; been several years now. I think this like the third year? Only can buy firecrackers legally. No novelties like fountains, jumping jacks, etc. 🙁

    Still get plenty illegal aerials, though. LOL!

  9. hawai'ian by heart says:


    Aloha, I heard a rumor from a friend that real firecrackers are banned in Oahu now? That if you want to buy fireworks you have to have a permit? Is this correct?

  10. Mark Shelby says:

    EL SHADDAI (AMY GRANT) 1983…..good memories!

  11. khs68 says:

    Jean-Lu Toys – Yep, there was one in Ala Moana & Kahala

  12. khs68 says:

    @4G – We used to listen to this Doors song ad nauseum.

  13. Mark Shelby says:

    “Later, when we moved to Hawaii, I couldn’t figure out how he’d come in the house since we no longer had a fireplace and chimney”!!?

    Snow……this is how to fix dat!

    How to Make a Santa Claus Key…..

    If you don’t have a chimney, or you leave a fire burning on Christmas Eve, your little ones might worry about how Santa Claus is going to get inside the house. Well, Santa is magic, of course, but we can all use a little help now and then. So make this key with your kiddos, and make Santa’s work a little bit lighter.

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    We started the one gift on Christmas Eve in our new Hawaiian Home in 1966. But I almost did not want to open it, because dat would be one less Present on Christmas morning!

  15. 4G says:

    Doors special on HSMIT tonight (OC 1339); only caught the tail end. 🙁 I wish I could have seen the whole thing. Didn’t realize Morrison died and was buried in Paris ….

  16. 4G says:

    @Rod – I was always envious of those that could open one gift on Christmas Eve. No go for me …. 🙁

  17. 4G says:

    Jeanlu? Really? WTH was I? LOL. The store I remember there was Hotei- Ya. Next to Sears where Old Navy is today.

  18. Mark'75 says:

    Jeanlu was the store’s name at Ala Moana. It had the peg board wall paneling inside. Jeanlu was around where Old Navy is today. I got a deja vu feeling walking into the Kailua store years later.

  19. hawai'ian by heart says:


    Idk what the name of the store she had in the Ala Moana Center. But her first store was in waikiki.

    The store I was thinking about could of been the Hotei-Ya store? it was at the far end of the mall almost right next to a major dept store(but it wasn’t sears).

    Like you uncle I do remember Lida’s(that nani smell) next to the sandbox? There was also a bookstore next to the sandbox where I loved looking at the popup books. Wasn’t it Woolworth’s that had that funny melting plastic smell? Sorry didn’t mean to get O.T. The memeries are flowing.:-)

  20. Rodney says:

    @KAN – it’s too cold to venture out where you are. Better to stay inside and clean. *Trying to justify it.

  21. Rodney says:

    Our Christmas tradition was that we were allowed to open 1 gift before we went to sleep on Christmas eve. I always picked the one with clothes – because it was the more boring. My philosophy was that if I opened a toy gift, I wouldn’t go sleep and would only want to play with the toy. So, a boring clothes gift it was.

  22. Rodney says:

    @hawai’ian by heart – I didn’t know Jeanlu had a store at Ala Moana. Was it the Hotei-Ya store?

  23. snow says:

    a little late, but merry christmas MLCers! happy new year, too!

    i love those charlie brown trees!! my uncle used to work a nursery when i was little and used to give us the tree of our choice for christmas. my dad did not like the big, expensive trees but always preferred the charlie brown ones. me, too! but, can’t find the charlie brown trees anymore!

    i loved decorating the tree and helping with the “real” metal tinsel! (i don’t think my mom loved me helping with the tinsel… i was obsessed with smashing it and rolling it into a ball! lol.) i also remember “helping” and dropping a glass ornament or two… that shattered on the floor! 🙁 had to be careful to find every thin shard of glass!

    i could barely sleep on christmas eve – i was so excited in anticipation of santa’s visit!! my dad was the best santa! we used to write letters and left them in our stockings and santa would always write back. the handwriting was so different – very curly – that i never recognized it as my dad’s.

    i would get pissed when i was trying to sleep and i could hear my older siblings still talking in the living room… i mean, excuse me, but santa is not coming to deliver my gifts while you’re in the living room!?! somehow i convinced myself that he’d still come – albeit, later than planned – because we lived in california. later, when we moved to hawaii, i couldn’t figure out how he’d come in the house since we no longer had a fireplace and chimney!!?

  24. M says:

    Yahoo! vacay starts after today and then it’s off to the land of the raisng sun.

  25. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  26. Mark Shelby says:

    Oh Shoot……that was 2012….well at least you get to see dat one too.

  27. Mark Shelby says:

    I messed up again. See if this link works. The Hawaii Kai Holiday Parade. Sorry.

  28. Mark Shelby says:

    Trying for a better link to the start of the Hawaii Kai Holiday Parade 2013, at the link. From the beginning.;_ylt=At.H0vaNEMnnVsuS4xIv4nibvZx4?p=hawaii+kai+holiday+parade&toggle=1&cop=mss&ei=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-900

  29. Mark Shelby says:

    Oh Shoots! I Missed dis! Nobody on da mainland would understand any of dis for sure! It’s Hawaiian Style Christmas Parade!

    2013 Hawaii Kai Holiday Parade.

    I wish they would call it Christmas Parade, because dat’s what it is.

  30. Mark Shelby says:

    Did you ever go to the Hawaii Kai Marina to see the Christmas boat parade? This has to be the most wild boats I ever saw, in this video below. I would have to close my kids eyes! LOL. It’s been going on for about 17 years. I see there is now a Christmas boat parade on the Ala Wai also. I used to drive my kids down to Hawaii Kai to watch this Christmas Boat Parade. So Fun!

  31. KAN says:

    When I was still living at home, the big deal for our family was Christmas Eve. That’s when the big party at Grandma’s house was. Family we would only see once a year was there. We’d stuff ourselves silly, then gather around the piano while my cousin played and sang Christmas carols. My uncles have fine voices, and that’s where I learned about four-part harmony. I miss the music as much as I miss the food.

    My parents let me open presents on Christmas Eve before going to bed so they could sleep in. Since we often didn’t get home until after 2, we often didn’t go to bed until 4.

    So Christmas Day was often kind of anticlimactic. We’d go back to Grandma’s (same Grandma, dad’s side) for leftovers and watch to basketball (there were almost always U.H. games on that night).

    Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas. Now I’m deep into cleaning for New Years, so I may not check in until after 1/1. HNY!

  32. Mark Shelby says:

    Did anyone here ever shop at the Wigwam Stores toy department with your parents? Please share your memories of this if you have dem. Tanks……

  33. hawai'ian by heart says:

    @Rodney, Mark’75

    I believe the auntie who ownered Jeanlu Toy Stores had about three locations in the 70s and 80s. She closed them due to her business partner passing away and retirement.

    I remember a store in Ala Moana I loved to look around in but can’t remember its name. In the 70s it had all of the kikaida, kaimen rider, ultraman and japanese giant robot toys. Really cool.

  34. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: Growing up in Kailua….so close to Jeanlu Toy Store! Neat! Walking into there in the ’80s was so reminiscent of their Ala Moana Store, with the peg board wall paneling and all.

  35. Rodney says:

    Growing up in Kailua – Thee place to see Santa was Kailua Liberty House. 2nd floor next to the Toy department.

  36. Rodney says:

    @Mark Shelby – Family and friends during the holiday: that’s what it’s all about.

  37. Rodney says:

    Hope everyone had a terrific Christmas! We had one last buffet lunch at Treetops at the old Paradise Park. We’ve been going there for at least the last 10 years. Sadly, they are closing at the end of this year. Not sure if new owners will take over. (fingers crossed).

    @sally – Yes! The net stockings with Christmas candy inside. Good eye!

    @CMO – RCA TV peeking on the right side if the picture. Good eye too!

    And on the left side of the picture is “Tweety” in the hanging cage.

  38. hawai'ian by heart says:

    Eh! Auwe! Brok da mouth on all the ono grindz yesterday! Da belt no space. A nodda kanak attack day fo me. Shootz den. Aloha 🙂

  39. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Merry Christmas!

  40. 4G says:

    @volleymom2 – Melanie, “Brand New Key”:


  41. Mark Shelby says:


  42. volleymom2 says:

    Waking my parents up to go open the gifts, but we had to wait until we ate breakfast. Then playing with my toys! Memorable one- getting my roller skates.. the kind with the key, or should I say shoe skate! What’s that song by Melanie.. I’ve got a brand new pair of roller skates…

  43. Mark Shelby says:

    It was an awesome day! My good friend of 15 years, invited me over for a Ham and Prime Rib Christmas dinner, so I would not have to be alone. She invites me every year, including Thanksgiving. Thank God for good friends! This is what it is all about. Friends, Family, Sharing, Giving and Serving one Another.

  44. dihudfan says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!!! Hope Santa brought everything you wished for!!!

  45. khs68 says:

    Merry Christmas!

  46. sally says:

    Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

    Those trees are still my fave. They have the best “Christmas Tree Smell” and are the best for hanging ornaments cuz can see ‘um all, instead of hiding in thick branches. I don’t know, maybe it’s the memory it evokes, but I still rather have that Charlie Brown Tree than a fancy one.

    And check your guys’ stockings on the tree! The net ones with candy inside!

  47. Mark'75 says:

    Memories of opening Christmas presents….clothes…clothes…TOY!…clothes…clothes…TOY!…clothes…

  48. hawai'ian by heart says:

    Mele Kalikimaka guys.

  49. Mark'75 says:


  50. Mark Shelby says:

    Jim was always very special to me! His wife still runs the Croce restaurant here in San Diego. They just had to move. But they are still here.

    Another awesome guy……who I always admired! James Taylor. Sharing this for more good Christmas music tonight. And good memories.

  51. cmo says:

    Mele Kalikimaka! The photo of opening presents under the tree brought back a rush of memories…we usually had the same Charlie Brown kine tree with big round ornaments. And an RCA TV like the one peeking on the right side. I followed what I thought was our family’s rule of not opening presents until Christmas Day, which was after midnight to me so I’d wake up or stay up and sometimes be the only one awake opening presents at midnight! Happy Holidays to all!

  52. 4G says:

    “Photographs and Memories”, Jim Croce:

  53. 4G says:

    Merry MLC Christmas, everyone!

    Upside down umbrella, indeed! 😉 LOL!

    It’s true that “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone”.

    You may not be able to go home again, but there are still the memories …. 🙂

  54. Mark Shelby says:

    “Can you guess which one is me”?
    The crying cute little kid on the right side of Santa’s lap?

    Great family pics!

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

  55. NaPueo says:

    Merry Christmas to all!!!

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