Reflecting Back on 2013

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Another year has come to an end.  They seem to go faster every year, don’t they?


As each year comes to a close, I like to look back on the year and think about memorable and/or important things that happened during the year.  It’s a way of bringing closure to some things as well as appreciating other things we have in life.


Here are some of my memorable events of 2013:


  • In February, daughter #1 moved away to the San Francisco area.  She needed to grow on her own – but it was especially tough on Paula.  And me too.  But there comes a time when we have to cut the apron strings.
  • In March, we vacationed in San Francisco – mostly to help daughter #1 settle in.  It was our first ever visit to IKEA.
  • At the end of March, the Lord called my mother home.  I couldn’t help but feel happy for mom – for she no longer had to deal with the frustration of Dementia.  She was finally free of the disease.  And now she can watch over us and be with us in spirit.
  • In May, our Pomeranian-Chihuahua, Kibi left us after 11 years of bringing us joy and leaving her fur balls all over the house.  She was such a hand-full and had a big appetite, but she was so cute.  Some mornings when I’d be reading the newspaper, she would reach up to me and paw my leg wanting to come up and sit on my lap.  After I told her no, she would wander off and find her favorite toy – her “duckie” – and bring it to me in her mouth and paw me again wanting to come up.  How could I say no after that.
  • In July, we went to Las Vegas for my birthday. I didn’t care that the weather was going to be over 100° – I was itching to go.  But you know what?  That’s too damn hot!  I thought I was going to pass out from heat stroke.  No more birthday celebrations in Vegas.  Maybe someplace cooler like Seattle.
  • In September, we said goodbye to Sassydog.  She fought a long, hard battle with cancer.  She was very active with the retro-bands and there were a couple of fundraisers that were put together to help her defray medical costs.  But the best thing that came out of it (besides the funds raised) was all of her friends and family coming together.  She brought us all together.  And I’m sure that the love and support she felt was overwhelming.  But I think what she enjoyed the most was seeing everyone gathered together having a great time and dancing to the oldies.  That is what brought joy to Sharon.
  • In November – we spent the Thanksgiving weekend in San Francisco.  This time it was more of a tourist vacation thing and less of helping daughter #1 – who was pretty much settled in already.  We took in the sights, went on a couple of tours, ate the foods, got lost on pubic transit, spent Black Friday eve at Union Square, and had a great time.
  • In December after returning from our San Francisco vacation – I got the flu, which turned into Pneumonia.  Man, I was so messed up – from high fevers, to a sore lower back, to aching ribs from coughing.  I don’t ever want to get sick like that again.  But if I do – I want to make sure that I have Paula to take care of me like she did.  I don’t know if I could ever take as good care of her if she got sick, but I will try my best.

That pretty much highlights my 2013.  As I think of more, I’ll post them in the comments.


As you reflect on 2013 – what are some of the things that are most memorable to you?  What are some of your highlights of the year?  What are some of the lowlights of the year?  Hold on to those resolutions – we’ll discuss those later…

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  1. LINDA KATO says:

    I almost forgot the other event that took up a lot of my time in 2013, editing novels for my former Aiea High School classmate and favorite American author, Dr. Frank Pickard. Frank wrote 4 novels in 2013: AMERICAN NOMAD, THE WEIGHT OF GRAVITY, PHOTOPLASM: A HAUNTING and ISLAND JEWEL. I’ve even read his textbook, Theatre Arts, Fundamental Theory & Practice. Frank teaches theater arts/acting at a community college in Arizona.

    I completed editing PHOTOPLASM: A HAUNTING before it was published. THE WEIGHT OF GRAVITY was edited after publication. I am currently editing AMERICAN NOMAD and ISLAND JEWEL which I hope to finish before our next trip to Vegas in 2/2014. It’s hard work to edit and I do it for FREE because I want to…. that’s why…. I did ask him to please let me edit his next novel BEFORE publication…. he doesn’t want to ask a friend to help too much but I do it anyway…. a book reads so much better with proper grammar (IMHO)…. so between editing and renovation of our home, and posting on facebook, I haven’t been posting as much on the MLC blog…. I should have more time in 2014. But, editing for my friend feels like a part time job and I do love it. I have always loved books and reading…. it is a passion, only a book lover can understand this love for words…..
    2013 was a fabulous year, one of the best I’ve had in a long, long time. I look forward to 2014 ❗ 😀

  2. LINDA KATO says:

    The most memorable event in 2013 was an interview for medical school for our daughter in January 2013. We went to Vegas for a week in January to give her moral support. If anyone knows what it’s like to interview at medical schools, the competition is fierce, not to mention the expense of applying to schools from New York to California and many states in between. After numerous interviews and spending over $10K for hotel stays, rent a car, college applications, our daughter was beginning to think she’d never get accepted anywhere…. then the call came, she was accepted into Touro University and another medical school in California. She chose Nevada since she knew her parents would visit her often there. We had already paid for a trip to Vegas for February when we added the January trip. Then we had to plan the road trip to move Lynne from Omaha, Nebraska to Henderson, Nevada in April 2013. We drove through 5 states in 3 days, driving all day and resting at night in a La Quinta hotel in Omaha, Wyoming, and Utah. It was snowing and 11 degrees in Wyoming….. I was freezing….. I don’t even own a jacket! The wind blew through my muumuus! We made it, Lynne started school and she is doing very well. She will become a certified Physician’s Assistant by summer of 2015! We are very proud of her!

    We began our serious renovation of our 25 year old home, not a moment too soon. As our kitchen plumbing was being removed, it disintegrated into nothing…. it was a flood waiting to happen…. we have changed all the plumbing throughout our home, 2 brand new bathrooms, new fixtures in the tub and sink, new tub, one bathroom was converted to a shower, with grab bars both bathrooms, new flooring, new wallpaper, new window blinds. New kitchen sink and outdoor sink. We redid the wallpaper and window blinds in the master bedroom, looks lovely now, like a brand new home! The rest of the home will be done a little at a time. We have a new roof, new solar water heater and PV system is waiting on HECO approval…. only God knows when that will be. Being a homeowner is hard work, not to mention expensive. But it is thanks to this home that paid for our kids college tuition. We refinanced our home’s 5 percent 15 year mortgage to a 2.79 percent 15 year mortgage; sweet! Lynne will have to pay for medical school herself…. so we can pay off our mortgage finally! Everything is running smoothly, we love retirement, trips to Vegas any time we feel like it…. I don’t have to ask permission from a boss; just go when the flights are cheap! Every day is a blessing!

    Goodbye 2013, thank you for the happy memories. Yes, we lost special relatives and friends but it only reminds us that each new day is a gift and we should enjoy each day as it comes for tomorrow is not promised. Have a happy 2014 everyone ❗ 😀

  3. Mark Shelby says:

    Happy New Year everyone! I have some 2013 stories to tell. I will save them for later. I hope you got all of da firecrackers dat you asked Santa for! And dat you did not almost blow yourself up! Carry on with “Your Good Island Loving Selves”! And have a totally Awesome 2014!
    God Bless!
    ~Mark Shelby

  4. Rodney says:

    Take care, hydroman72!

  5. hydroman72 says:

    I must be getting old, wait, I am old. LOL
    My 2013 was to travel which I got to do. Went to Las Vegas & took my first cruise from NYC to Canada.
    Played a lot of golf during 2013.
    My year ended just like Rod, sick. That was junk!

  6. Mark'75 says:

    Barry Manilow – It’s Just Another New Year’s Eve (nice remix)

  7. Rodney says:

    @kailua girl – HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! <3

  8. M says:

    Happy New Year!

  9. Mark'75 says:

    2013: work.

  10. kailua girl says:

    The five first months of 2013 are a blur and then I realized why! LOL, I was knee deep in co-chairing an event that had over 300 guests and a nightmare co-chair to deal with. It took all of my patience to not lose it with her. After having her say zip it to me twice, I finally told her that was unbelievably rude. She was totally clueless and had NO idea that was rude. Sadly, she and her BFF and Pres. of this “club” were impressed that their wedding planner friend do the centerpieces. LOL, big difference with an event vs. a wedding. Lesson learned for them and a true test on my usage of proper manners by my not blowing a gasket. Luckily I had a few friends that helped me get through this AND…I knew I had my one month trip home to look forward to.
    JUNE arrives and I’m dragging my feet to the finish line of hanging on to 59. I’m SIXTY now and I don’t feel old and am ever so thankful for being healthy!
    Came home in JULY and omigosh…within three hours of being home, I got a ticket for supposedly NOT stopping at a stop sign. Who the heck isn’t going to STOP when you can see TWO cops trying to trap drivers? I get SO intimidated by them. Paid the ticket and figured this female cop from Waikiki would have her karma coming – she KNEW I stopped.
    Had our mini class reunion in AUGUST to celebrate our 60th birthdays at Pinky’s – small but nice that everyone got to spend time with one another.
    Being home and spending time with my family and friends for a month is ALWAYS the highlight of my year. It’s one of two things I look forward to EVERY year. I’m more disciplined about exercising and force myself to get into the pool at least 5 times a week. No schedules to adhere to AND my daughter finally found time to get her driver’s license!!! I’m FREE from having to drive her to school and volleyball practices! Three and a half hours times 3 days of driving time on weekdays. Now we just spend time grocery shopping and delivering groceries to two senior citizens (much more senior than me…LOL) every other week.
    At the end of August, returning back to sunny California, my father-in-law passed away. He had just celebrated his 89th birthday at the beginning of the month. His health had been declining the past 5 years. Great memories with Dad K. We took him to London and France with us one summer, Martha’s Vineyard and several vacations to Kailua and Kona Village. We miss him…
    SEPTEMBER – We went to Dad K’s memorial service in Webster Groves, MO. and his burial was in Roanoke, VA. My husband, eldest son and I visited a plantation that my husband’s family owned at one time. They have since donated it to Virginia Tech University. It made me very sad to know that his ancestors had slaves.
    OCTOBER is our annual “girl’s”get together. My mom and three sisters, a cousin and a family friend – sometimes our aunties from S.F. meet us there, too. Always fun! We saw the Cirque du Soleil, Michael Jackson and Terry Fator. Had dinner with a few of my elementary and high school friends. None of them live in Vegas but we arranged this dinner. Ca., Az. and Kailua…
    NOVEMBER was the first time to have a Thanksgiving dinner here at our house in over six years. We had been going to MO. since David’s dad wasn’t traveling anymore. LOL, made my 27 yr. old son be in charge of the turkey! We had our close friends over for dinner and game night after we stuffed ourselves. It’s always great to see our kids laughing together. They have been friends since they were babies.
    DECEMBER…the end of another year. WOW – sigh, wish I could slow down the time. Celebrating our 32nd wedding anniversary today. More than half my life! I am blessed to have such a wonderful, caring, giving and funny husband.
    Our daughter, youngest one will be graduating from high school in June. We’ll be empty nesters soon.
    You never realize how fast time goes by until your children turn eighteen. It really is a blink of an eye…

    Happy, healthy new year to everyone!

  11. Masako says:

    Here’s my 2013

    The year started with my grandmother not doing to well health wise. She was in and out of the hospital and staring to show signs of dementia. In early February I dreamed that she told me she was going to be leaving the earth soon so I spent most of my extra time visiting her and making sure the home she was at was giving her good care. On the Friday after Easter Sunday I got a call that she had passed away during her afternoon nap. When I saw her she looked so peaceful and I knew it was her time.
    Since my grandma wasn’t doing to well we took a short trip to Maui during Spring Break instead of going to Japan. We checked out some farms and ate some good food and had a chance to relax.
    June was a exciting month. We spent a couple of weeks in Japan checking out some new places like Kagoshima, Disney Sea and the island of Hokkaido. We sightseed, shopped and ate our way thru Japan.

    Upon coming home our son announced to us that he got accpeted to USC. I was so excited because going there had also been my dream. We spent some time trying to work out the financials, bickering back and forth with the financial aid office. To make matters harder, we were paying only 3 grand a year to send him to HPU because of scholarships. I think we didn’t fully decide until November that he was going and we’ve had a stressful couple of months figured out all the logistics.

    On top of all that I made an impulsive decision to when an opportunity to make one of my dreams come true. The TV show Ultimate Japan which is hosted by aquaintences of ours offered a tour to Japan during the New Years. We had two days to decide so i signed up. Well here I am now, its day one and has been a blast, no regrets! I feel for M who will be flying out 3 days after we return to Hawaii to take our son up to USC.

    Another high point is that i’m back Stand up paddling after recovering from a frozen shoulder injury.

    So despite all the stresses of the year, I know its was a blessed one and things always happen for a reason.

    Happy New Years everyone!

  12. Masako says:

    Wow am I first? Well its 10 pm here in Kobe, everyone must still be sleeping.

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