H.I.C. Turns 50 Years Old

The Neal S. Blaisdell Center – or the Honolulu International Center (HIC) as most of us MLCers know it as – turns 50 years old this year.  The HIC was opened in 1964.




When I think of the HIC, the first thing that comes to mind are the concerts.




Remember this standard concert set up?

The “Floor” for the expensive tickets where I’ve never sat.

Then the “Risers“.  The “Side Risers” and the “Rear Risers”.

And then there’s the 2 rows of seats just above the Risers but below the Balcony knows at the “Loges“.  I think those seats were the best because people standing up on the floor or the risers didn’t block your view.  Only weird thing was that the walkway was right above your head with people walking back and forth right behind you.  It can make one a little paranoid while enjoying the “herbs”.

And of course – the “Upper Level“.  AKA – the cheap seats.  There are other names, but let’s not go there.  😉


Remember this when buying your tickets?

HIC Seating Chart


I remember having a little card from Otahite with this chart.  I used to keep it in my wallet so when I went to buy concert tickets, I knew exactly where I was buying.  Otherwise, you’d have to buy your tickets, then go over to the chart in the lanai are of the HIC and see where you’re sitting.  Things were so “manual” back in the day…


But the HIC wasn’t just for concerts.  Remember when there was a sumo tournament at the HIC?




I wish I had gone to see that.


What else have you attended at the HIC?  I remember going to many Punahou graduations there.  In fact, Kailua High School (my alma mater) used to graduate at the HIC.  That was until it was time for my class to graduate.  The tradition moved back to the high school field.  I was bummed at the time.  But reflecting back on it now, I’m kinda happy that it was at our home field.  I still remember being on the field in the early evening with the sun setting behind the Koolau mountain range.  A memory that will be etched in my mind forever.


What else did we go to the HIC for?  High school basketball games.  The Globetrotters!  Ice Capades.  The New Product and Food Show.


What are some of you memories of the HIC.  Come on, you must have some because after all – the HIC has been around for 50 years.  Which concerts do you remember going to?  Or other events besides concerts?  And how about in the Exhibition hall?  Or the Concert hall?  Or the Parking lot?  Share your HIC memories with us!


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  1. Mark Shelby says:

    Thanks dihudfan! Not old Fut’s! Wise Hawai’i loving men with a heart! Keep going Bradda!


    ~Mark Shelby

  2. dihudfan says:

    @Mark Shelby… thanks for the links to old pictures of old Honolulu… I remembah most of the places, makes me feel like a really old fut…
    also used to go to Masu’s when wuz on Makaloa, in fact, the nephew of the owner used to be an sports editor for Advertiser and he used to serve us when we bought lunches at the old place…
    oh yeh… also went to the Olomana concert at the HIC (concert hall)… I liked their music but fell asleep during the concert, I think my girl friend wuz kinda shame, don’t know if I wuz snoring….

  3. Steve says:


    That great Chuck Berry concert you mentioned took place in January of 1972 at the HIC Arena. Bo Diddley was the opening act. I found a film clip of Chuck and Bo jamming together at Madison Square Garden in 1972. This performance was in the 1973 movie “Let The Good Times Roll”

  4. Mark Shelby says:

    Since we get one delay in talk story. Here is one good intermission song for you all…..carry on MLC’ers….with your good Hawai’i Loving selves!

    Hapa – Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai (studio version)

  5. Lowtone123 says:

    Growing up it was pro wrestling, ice capades, the circus and of course the concerts. First concert I attended there was Pat Benatar in the early 80’s. Last one was Chicago when they played here last.

  6. Hbh says:


    Aloha kakahiaka (good morning)

  7. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  8. Mark Shelby says:

    Just one more……Enjoy……

    Love Our Aina…..

    Jerry Santos – E Kuu Sweet Lei Poina Ole

  9. Mark Shelby says:

    Loving my Island home tonight… And remembering the good old days of Our Hawai’i…….. Please enjoy. Love you all!

    Jerry Santos – Come to Me Gently

  10. Mark Shelby says:

    Almost impossible to find any live videos of Olomana……..I think I remember this was at our Windward mall. A long time ago. I think I was there….Hbh. I drove there from town on purpose, jus to see. On topic with Hbh post’s…..hehe

    I jus love our old Hawai’i…………! Although this was a little bit newer. But they had da heart! I would go see anyone who knew and loved our old Hawai’i. And praised it and protected it.

    Olomana – Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u

    Carry On with your good Hawaii Loving Selves!


    ~Mark Shelby

  11. Mark Shelby says:

    Hbh…..C&K were da bess man! None better! I am Off topic again…..but good history! Bradda! jus like you! And just sharing da facts. Don’t get me started on da Bradda IZ! Love that man! Gabby….love you man! Olomana! OMG!

    Hbh…..can you please stop making me cry on MLCHawaii…’s embarrassing Bradda.

    One of my all time favorites. I wish I could find a live video………

    Cecilio & Kapono ” You and Me ” (ELUA)

    ……….Keep Going Bradda Hbh……!

  12. Mark Shelby says:

    This thread is going so random….I might have to talk about da good old days of bodysurfing at Makapuu and Point Panic! And Pounders. Surfing off Diamond Head. And da north shore when I almost died from 20 foot waves! They hold you down bra!

    I remember the Elephant on the Rampage on Ward Ave. Rodney. I was there, and watched it on the Local TV news. I think they even had Live TV news video feed as it happened. Insane! I felt so bad that they shot him. Always looked forward to the circus coming to Honolulu! If I remember right. One year my Father had the Elephants come to our Wigwam Store on Dillingham Blvd.

  13. Hbh says:


    Yeah your right bruddah Kealii Reichel could sing, I think its easy sometimes to forget that we in Hawai’i were also blessed with just giftted locals musicians. C & K (Cecilio and Kapono) Israel Kamakawiwo’ole(r.i.p my pono bruddah), Guava Jam, Gabby Pahinui, Olomana(Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u, tearup everytime I hear that song out here on the mainland) I could go on forever but wont. To keep on topic i remember the Honolulu International Center being a really nice designed building in the 70s, it looks alot better then what we have here in Oregon.

  14. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Thanks for the ramen burger info and picture. Looks appetizing. Wonder if that son-of-a-gun will give the In-N-Out animal style burger a run for its money?

  15. Seawalker says:

    While you guys were jamming and rocking out with concerts, I took another road less traveled. Sure, I remember the concerts, circus, the audience clapping rhythmically before the introduction to the Fabulous Five games, and Wrestle-maina at the HIC. But, for me, it was helping with pageant festivities held at the HIC. One year, I got to sit with the judges. It was sort of like bolo-head row, but a few rows back. Other times, it was to the side of the stage. There, you could see how the contestants were really like after flubbing a question.

    One year, they had these fireman conducting themselves as escorts on stage. Just the thought of a fireman in person could send shivers down some of your spines. But this one particular fireman, he must have been nervous or was filled with stage fright. He had this most awkward smile while posing on stage. The audience picked this up and, boy, you could hear the snickering loud and clear. Poor guy.

    The most memorable concert for me was Kealii Reichel. Man, can that buggah sing. For one song, he sat at the edge of the stage while singing from his soul. It literally felt like he was singing to you personally. My date that night (sorry honey, this was before you) and I kept talking about it after the concert.

    But one thing for sure, it’s great to be older than the HIC–spring chicken! LOL

  16. Mark Shelby says:

    Tanks 4G…..da main ones dat was missing in da pics was….was Leonard’s Bakery, and King Street Bakery! Yummers!

    Another closing….Hbh…………

    And you have no idea how much I miss ….Masu’s Massive Plate Lunch on Liliha Blvd! OMG! I used to take my kids there all of the time! Lau Lau Bradda!

    Finance Factors, founded in 1952 by six island families, has grown to become a large company offering residential and commercial real estate loans as well as certificates of deposit and savings accounts.

    Finance Factors has 11 branches in the state as well as a mortgage center in Guam.

    The Chun Family were part owners and founders of Finance Factors. In this article. They were our very fine neighbors across the street from our house on Diamond Head. Patsy Chun was the kindest woman you could ever know! Some of your families might have known them. She has gone to be with our Lord now as her husband.

    I knew them all my life. And toally respected them. When we were kids, we knew good people when we talked with them. What fine people! I miss my old Hawaii Days………..And our great people, who made our Islands, with Honor and Aloha!


    Mark Shelby

  17. 4G says:

    @Mark Shelby – thanks for that link, man. Awesome pics and captions!

  18. Mark Shelby says:

    My online friends Blog…..
    Just to add more fun old Hawaii pics. And the HIC is included. My childhood friends Father owned Aloha motors. The first pic. Remember where that corner was? Ever bought a car there? Ever ate at Tops?

    Ever see the Ward Estate before it was torn down to make way for the HIC? 1957 photo of the Ward Estate. The entire estate was demolished in 1959 to make room for the Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall and the Blaisdell Center. It covered the entire block of Ward Ave., King St. and Kapiolani Blvd.

    ……Carry On! With your good Old Hawai’i Loving Selves!


    ~Mark Shelby

  19. Mark Shelby says:

    I totally agree with your sentiments on all of our changes on Oahu Hbh. I first arrived on Oahu in 1956, at just six months old. I practically grew up on Waikiki Beach. I can remember when the Royal Hawaiian and Moana hotels were the grandest of all. I can remember when there were NO tall buildings, even at the foot of Diamond Head. Later as I grew and could head out surfing on my own around 12 years old, Tonggs was my favorite surf spot on the south shore, at the foot of Diamond Head. And I watched them build the buildings in my beloved Waikiki. Before that, there was hardly a tall building in da sky! I watched the massive Sheraton Waikiki being built every week while surfing at Tonggs, and then it towered over my beloved Pink Royal Hawaii Hotel, that I played and surfed in front of as a child. And built sand castles. And learned about our Hawaii way of life. I learned how to surf in front of our beautiful Royal Hawaiian Hotel from a Beach Boy who taught me well! I stood up the very first time, and I was hooked for life. I bet we have lost all of the original good old beach boys by now. I used to know them by name. Then in the late 1960’s and 1970’s the clanging of the pile drivers started in Waikiki. To start the foundations for all of the new high rises and new very tall hotels that were coming. Even as a young boy, I knew this was wrong. I have so many stories to tell. If you think back. Some of you may know my family. My Father Marvin Shelby came here in the 1950’s to start our Wigwam Department Stores. To bring the best deals to Hawaii that our islands had ever seen. Dad got tired of cold Seattle. And moved us to the our endless summer paradise! You may have shopped at our stores with your parents when you were young. Nobody loved OUR Hawai’i more than my Father. Way too many stories to make in one post. And I don’t want to flood Rodney’s fun HIC thread with massive off topic stories. And my crying! Regarding the HIC. I watched them build it as a young boy, and I looked forward to all of the fun things that we could do there. I also watched them build Ala Moana Shopping Center….in the Christmas thread.

    I have enjoyed most all that has been mentioned in this thread. So I did not want to be redundant before. My most memorable at HIC was Elvis Presley’s last concert in 1977. Even though I was not a total Elvis fan, I respected the man. I saw that night that he did not look well, and then he passed away not long after. I also used to sit out on the lawn of the HIC like my lifelong friend Pam said, when I could not afford a ticket. Bring a beach towel, some snacks and drinks and good to go!

    Rodney…..yes the next growth is now moving to Kauai, Maui, and my beloved Big Island….my Favorite! For the past two weeks there have been articles in the Star Advertiser, explaining that the future growth will be moving to these islands. You are correct! These articles are gone now from the SA, but maybe somebody knows how to look up the SA archives.

    This would be a very good subject for another thread. Maybe we need a remember Hawaii like it was thread……so we can vent and share, talk story.

    I am afraid for our future.

    Much Aloha!

    My fellow MLC’ers

    Mark Shelby

  20. Hbh says:


    Ya i just meant oahu from your and my times. Not king k days lol.:-) But yeah Big Island is nice I heard. 🙂

  21. 4G says:

    Hey – that Tofu Shirataki sounds interesting! I wonder if anyone from here has tried it?

  22. 4G says:

    @Rod – yeah, I remember that elephant episode and was saddened that it had to be put down – though that’s totally understandable.

    The lesson? Don’t get in the way of a pissed off elephant! I still remember the news footage of that poor guy that tried to slam a chain link gate on the charging Tyke. That guy went flying! 🙂

  23. Rodney says:

    Remember the circus at the HIC when the elephant went wild, killed it’s trainer, escaped out of the arena and ran down Ward Ave? Unfortunately, it had a sad ending when it was shot to death in Kakaako.

  24. Rodney says:

    @Pam – The Elton John concert was the BEST concert that I ever went to. I was already a fan of Kiki Dee so it was a big bonus when she came on as the warm up act.

  25. Rodney says:

    @Hbh – Oahu is shot. You only chance of capturing “old” Hawaii is on the neighbor islands. Kauai still has hippies. Big Island has the Vietnam vets. Maui – the next Oahu. Lanai is owned by Oracle.

  26. Rodney says:

    Since we’re OT – a health alternative to noodles:

    Heard that it’s available at Sam’s Club

  27. 4G says:

    Talk about OT. LOL. Original Ramen Burger Creators Come to Hawaii, from KHON news:

    I want to try one of those! 😉

  28. Hbh says:

    Auwe! I miss home as I remember it. Im kinda scared to come back to stay or visit, im afraid i will become a tourist in my own home town, things being soo different. Some of the changes make me very angry. I fear that one day I will wake up and no matter were I go in this country everything will look the same, same high end stores, same restaurants. Its a shame that most people I speak to in Hawaii are to young to remember that Hawai’i was very unique when majority of the business was owned by locals. They think this current concrete jungle is awsome. Not realising that its no different then other major cities except for the sun, ocean, palmtrees. I miss everything that was unique in our generation. May i ask? Does anyone else get angry about the changes? Sorry guys don’t mean to get off topic. Its just I have this list of places that we all shared and everyweek I feel im checking 1 or 2 places gone. 98% of the Home I know is gone! Just checked off the International Market Place. All this for what? 🙁

  29. 4G says:

    I remember that it used be a bit of a “thing” to gate crash (people would actually try to get through via the pond that circled the HIC/NBC arena). I am not aware of anyone being successful. I guess being wet is a bit of a giveaway, huh? LOL.

  30. 4G says:

    Plus, firecrackers never got us banned in subsequent years! 😉

  31. 4G says:

    My daughter’s graduation was at the NBC. It was nice and all. My graduation was held on the school campus. It felt intimate/familiar and I never pined for it to have been held anywhere else.

  32. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    I remember going to the Dionne Warwick concert there.

  33. 4G says:

    @Hbh – yup, I think that was the circus I remember . . . .

  34. Mark'75 says:

    Before Honolulu City Lights at Honolulu Hale became the big Christmas event, I remember Neal Blaisdell Center was the place for Festival of Trees. This event was held in the meeting rooms at the Ward Ave. side of the Exhibition Hall and featured some of the most beautifully decorated Christmas trees in town!

  35. Mark'75 says:

    @Hbh: Yup, there were things like dunking booths and carnival-like games in the parking lot. Come to think of it, it was before the multi-deck lot was built. The firemen solicited donations on King Street with their boots.

    @kaimukitita: My sister grad in ’69! Yeah, they were the only class to graduate at HIC.

  36. Pam says:

    After the Elton John concert in the 70’s, I couldn’t hear anything out of my left ear for three days! I went with a guy named Darryl, thanks Darryl! We sat in Loge 9or 10 right by gigantic speakers! Elton was amazing! My memory is his half green and half red feathery chicken suit! Best concert I ever heard! I could not believe the same guy on the front of my Yellow Brick Road album was right in front of me! Ki Ki Dee was the opening act that night and she was great! Whatever happened to her?

  37. khs68 says:

    @kaimukitita – I jealous. Class of ’68 graduated at the Waikiki Shell.

  38. kaimukitita says:

    The Kaimuki Class of 69 was the only class to graduate at the “HIC” and the girls wore white long dresses and the guys wore suits…I think they had dark green blazers. I remember going to a lot of concerts there…Dave Clark Five, Herman’s Hermits, Rascals, Barry Manilow, Rod Stewart, Neil Diamond and most memorable…ELVIS!!! We also went to many of Uncle Tom Moffit’s Oldies concerts.

  39. dihudfan says:

    I had season tickets for the Bows… fabulous five… nose bleed section, but went to most of the games… used to get comp tickets to boxing matches, compliments of Adv Sports editors… really used to enjoy the Rainbow Classic too… nevah go to much concerts… used to work nite shift…
    most memorable wuz Kamehameha Song contest… sat in the good seats downstairs in middle… (my friend wuz one counselor there)… sounded so goooood!!!

  40. Hbh says:

    @Mark’75 Didn’t the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon outside of the Neal Blaisdell Center have fundraising events going on?

    @4G Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey 3 ring circus was the big one in Hawai’i during the 70s at the H.I.C. They also would have a ok carnival. Is that what you were talking about?

  41. Mark'75 says:

    A memorable moment from the Elvis concert at HIC Arena:
    I’ll Remember You

  42. Mark'75 says:

    @4G: yeah, even now gets hot when it’s packed, no? can tell when you pass someone who neva take shower before coming. whew….!

  43. 4G says:

    Back in those days, Straub never used to charge for parking. Was free parking for concerts! 🙂

  44. 4G says:

    @Mark’75 – LOL! I totally forgot about the Exhibition Hall before air conditioning! That was a pretty disgusting experience . . . .

  45. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: “Miniature.” Talk about chicken skin. I clicked on the link and realized I used to listen to that album all the time. Woooow, a song (more like an intro) long forgotten….thanks!

  46. Mark'75 says:

    Remember the Exhibition Hall before air conditioning? When it got crowded, was a sweat-fest!

  47. Mark'75 says:

    Neal Blaisdell Center was the venue for the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon in the late ’70s to early ’80s. The Concert Hall was where the entertainers performed and the Exhibition Hall had a 24-hour wheelchair race.
    As a young policeman, I volunteered for several years working security for this event and entered the wheelchair race.
    The wheelchair race was fun. We solicited sponsors for donations for each lap completed, and like typical young folks, the race got competitive.

  48. Mark'75 says:

    The Fabulous Five rocked the HIC Arena. Scream-fest? Close! Playing in front of packed houses, I remember the excitement of watching UH Basketball at its height. I think their aloha print shorts started a trend, as everybody started wearing them around town. Beside the five starters, my favorite player was Artie Wilson, the sixth man.

  49. Mark'75 says:

    I remember some special car shows at the HIC Exhibition Hall where I saw Roland Leong’s “Hawaiian” and ‘T.V.’ Tommy Ivo’s top fuel dragsters. In later years, Roland Leong had his “Hawaiian” funny cars on display.

  50. Mark'75 says:

    The scream-fest that was the Monkees concert must have traumatized me in my youth…..didn’t care to go to rock concerts there after that.

  51. khs68 says:

    I remember going to my first “adult” concert at the HIC arena in the ’70s – Liza Minnelli. It was such a fabulous concert – she got all sweaty singing that one of her false eyelashes came off. She just ripped off the other side and continued blasting away with that great voice.

  52. Pam says:

    Rodney, You have no idea how much I love the islands. Just a little haole girl who was fortunate enough to spend her formidable teen years there in paradise! Walked along Waikiki on my sixteenth birthday…….strolled along Makapu’u in the evening moonlight with a dashing young tan surfer guy who stole my heart…..the memories go on and on…I could type for hours…..but thank you for letting me share….I am tearing up so better just leave it at that…………

  53. Rodney says:

    @Pam – Hi Pam! Welcome to the blog and thank you for sharing your HIC memories with us. America! I remember that concert. After the house lights went out, a recorded version of “Miniature” played, then the band went right into “Tin Man”.

    Something like this:

  54. sally says:

    I love that Broadway started bringing their shows to Hawaii. Phantom of the Opera was sooooo excellent… every single time I went!

    Was so bummed when Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat cancelled 🙁

    Had a great nap during Cats LOL

    Jesus Christ Superstar certainly did not disappoint! Ted Neeley is still a hottie and I’m glad I saw Carl Anderson perform before he passed away.

  55. 4G says:

    Wow – the HIC, now NBC. I believe there are quite a few memories from there – too bad I don’t remember a lot of them! LOL – attribute that to the “fog” of concerts! 😉 I remember that arena seating chart and how you used to be able to refer to a copy in the telephone book (remember those?) for reference.

    What I remember most are the concerts. This is 70’s-era. LOL. I floated around that arena n my mind’s eye many times. What comes to mind are War, Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Loggins and Messina concerts. We would sometimes hang out in the parking lot when some concerts were performing – either due to a lack of tickets or not having anything better to do . . . . My first “date” was in the arena. It was a Three Dog Night concert. I must have been in the eighth grade. Hmmm – strikes me that that was a much less complicated time. LOL. I used to like the loges the best.

    I also remember going to see the Ice Capades and the Harlem Globetrotters there. They used to also have a 3-ring Circus there from time to time. This was after my time of attending circuses, but remember Tyke the elephant and the rampage through Kakaako? I remember taking my daughter to see Sesame Street Live. There were also numerous exhibits like the New Products Show over the years. I remember when it was the home of UH Basketball. I still remember the Fabulous Five.

    I remember going to see the Honolulu Youth Symphony and Carmen in the Concert Hall.

  56. 4G says:

    LOL – Rod just let me out of moderation purgatory (I think) – just trying to post again to see if it goes . . . . 🙂

  57. Mark Shelby says:

    LOL! I remember that firecracker incident. Was that outside by the koi ponds? I said man are they ever in trouble now!

  58. PA says:

    my first recollection was i was around 10 driving by there with my mom and seeing jimi hendrix name on the reader board then in intermediate school hearing from my friend whose older brother went to an iron butterfly concert and people were jumping off the balcony high on something my first concert was a school field trip to see JC superstar was pretty cool then plenty of concerts stones/zztop/lynerd skynerd’s last show /elvin bishop being some of the best. BTW rodney KHS got banned from the HIC because of the 1975 firecraker incident

  59. Pam says:

    The HIC has great memories for me. I lived in Hawaii all through high school and am a Leilehua grad Class of 75!!! Go Mules!! The concerts were the best! I saw America, The Carpenters, Steven Stills, Roberta Flack, Kee Kee Dee and ELTON JOHN!! So many good memories! When we could not afford the concert ticket, we’d lay out on the lawn around the arena and just listen……those were the days, and those are days I will carry in my memory and cherish all of my life!

  60. Hbh says:


    Ok you said eagles, your pono in my book sistah 🙂

  61. sally says:

    My friend and I were huge Elton John fans and went to every concert he had in the mid 70s. Legendary!

    Then there was the unexpectedly wonderful John Denver concert.

    Then the unexpectedly dissapointing Gordon Lightfoot and then the Joe Cocker concerts, both wayyy to stoned and obnoxious to deliver any decent form of entertainment.

    Eagles, Tower of Power, Barry Manilow were total money’s worth concerts!

  62. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Monday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

    Our daughter’s graduation from Hawaii Baptist Academy was held there at the Blaisdell Center. We attend many Senior Fairs, Made in Hawaii, New Product Shows, there. We did see Phantom of the Opera, twice at the Blaisdell Concert Hall, and other operas shows there. Lots and lots of memories made at that location…..

  63. Rodney says:

    Must’ve been in the late 60’s. My dad took us to some kind of health fair in the exhibition hall. All I remember was all the Anti-Drug displays and films. Mostly scare tactics. I remember seeing a short clip with the government voice saying “Even though you did LSD only once years ago, it can come back in later years and make you do crazy things”. Then it shows a guy walking on the sidewalk with his friends and suddenly darting out into the street in front of an oncoming car.

  64. Hbh says:

    Or like what Masako said Ice capades

    And Disney Ice capades.

    Anyway couldn’t find the big fundraser event outside the center during the 70s it had dunk tanks, jello pools, carnival.

    Sorry guys cant go further, left Oahu b4 real concert age.

  65. sally says:

    My friend wrote for the school newspaper, she was given an assignment (hance, given tickets) to write about the Chuck Berry concert. We un-enthusiastically went and un-expectedly witnessed a great concert!!!

    Another time, my cousin (who was ready to break up with her boyfriend) begged me to go with them to the Rolling Stones concert. It must have been 1972 (?). Best concert EVARRRRR!

  66. sally says:

    My first major concert was Chicago/Three Dog Night in 1973. All thru the remainder of high school, if not at a social, we were at a concert.

    Sha Na Na were regulars and we went to all of those.

  67. sally says:

    My cousin and I went to every Young Rascals concert at H.I.C. in the 60’s. Started young LOL

  68. KAN says:

    I remember seeing Barry Manilow live for the first time at Blaisdell during his “2 A.M. Paradise Cafe” tour. That was a big deal for me.

    Also saw Manhattan Transfer for the first time there. Also a big deal.

    Pretty sure I saw “Cats” there with a couple of friends, but we had obstructed view seats.

  69. KAN says:

    A neighbor kid used to think the lyrics to Three Dog Night’s “Joy to the World” went like this:

    “Joy to the world
    All the boys and girls
    Joy to the fishes at the HIC
    Joy to you and me!”

  70. Masako says:

    Good morning! Wow many memories. As a child, Ice capades and Sesame street and going to the Symphony during elementary school. We used to go to basketball games too sometimes when my dad got free tickets. I remember being heartbroken when Shaun Cassidy did a concert and my parents wouldn’t let me go.

    High school time, I was finally old enough to go to concerts. Chicago, Lover boy, Air supply, Pat Benatar, Gogo’s, Def Leppard, AC/DC are the ones that come to mind. We used to also go to the car shows over there.

    College time there were more concerts. Food and product shows and KCC graduations in the concert hall.

    As a young adult I went to see Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar and Miss Saigon and maybe a few concerts and maybe a few product shows, and started to attend Made in Hawaii and Christmas craft fairs.

    Now as MLC I attended my son graduation from high school, farmers markets and have started attending senior fairs.

    Interesting how things change over the years. Whenever i’m at Neal Blaisdell the memories always go back to the younger concert days. The smell of alcohol and Pakalolo, I swear I would get stoned without even lighting up. I liked to buy those concert t-shirts with the 3/4 sleeves. Those were the days!

  71. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    I’m back at work and I’m sooo tired..

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