Thursday 3 – Comfort

Here we go on to another Thursday 3 – Comfort.


  1. What is your favorite comfort food?
  2. What is comfortable clothing to you?
  3. Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?


Here’s my replies:


  1. What is your favorite comfort food?
    Where do I start!?!  Portuguese sausage, eggs, and rice.  Anytime of day or night!
    Chop steak with lots of celery!  Made with teriyaki sauce.
    Fried rice!  Local style kine.
  2. What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Jeans – not too tight, but not gangsta baggy either.  And definitely NOT grandpa jeans.  Fitted, in a nice wash.  And a knit pullover of some sort.  But not the kine polo shirts with the collars that flip up at the tips.  Maybe a Members Only jacket to top it off with the MLC look.  😉
  3. Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    Comfort.  Definitely comfort.  Those days of speeding around turns and loud cars are over for me.  Give me something that floats on the road with all the controls at my fingertips.  Did I just describe a Buick?  😯

Remember when Lexus wasn’t around yet?  The old-man luxury car was Buick.  Only the rich uncles used to drive them.


Schuman Carriage


Us, we had Ford Fairlane.  LOL


Okay, your turn to answer the Thursday 3 questions.  And no shame leave stories along with your answers.

101 Responses to “Thursday 3 – Comfort”

  1. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey keoni……….if we do not cover all of the bases of food in Hawaii in just 100 more post’s. We must have all been Slacking. Keep going my friend! And Good Grindz to You!

  2. keoni says:

    Deah, dat should do it! You welcome Uncle Rodney! Happy eating everyone! 😀

  3. keoni says:

    OMG, we almost at 100 posts!

  4. dihudfan says:

    just had canned salmon with shoyu and wasabi, hot rice and a big bowl of miso soup… talk about broke the mouth…

    the smell that drove me crazy wuz from the Loves bakery in the morning, while we golfing at Ala Wai…

  5. Mark Shelby says:

    Did you ever eat at Kings Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant? And then bring home good stuffs from their bakery on your way out? That you could smell da whole time you sat there and were eating! We did! This Genius was ahead of his time!

  6. keoni says:

    Eh 4G, ‘a’ole pilikia, that combo has been a favorite of mine for years.

  7. dihudfan says:

    @Mark Shelby… thanks for bring back a lot of memories of eating places…. didn’t realize how many places I’ve gone to eat at… good food… good memories to go along… too bad most of the places are gone… but many more have popped up…

  8. Hbh says:

    Im getting ready to send an order for one of my comfort foods from Hawai’i to be shipped here to the mainland. Got to have my crackseed. Wet white li hing mui plum, Lemon Peel, Wet li hing mui mango. Dried n Shredded cuddle fish. Im going to try a new product, I heard its real brok da moth ono, li hing mui pineapple. Oh growing up with yick lung. 🙂 Smoked Ika legs are ono too. God mouth watering.

  9. Hbh says:

    Yeah its too bad they closed Wo Fats they had good chow mein. Another Oahu landmark bits the dust in the name of progress? Whats progress? Olive garden, Red Robin, Saxs Fifth Avenue? Whats next to go? Leonards or Iolani Palace? 🙁 I just find it disgusting the total disregard of local culture is to mainlanders, special interests.

  10. 4G says:

    Eh, @keoni – that grilled tomato and cheese sandwich is a winner! Thanks!

  11. Mark Shelby says:

    The good old days of Hawai’i eating out! Found one more link…..

    Jus sharing da love!

  12. Mark Shelby says:

    Did you ever eat here at M’s Ranch House in Aina Haina? We used to go there every Sunday after church in the 1960’s for lunch. The only pic I could find is this link. Best steaks and BBQ on Oahu at the time. Supporting the good old Paniolo days of Hawai’i………..! With good old Hawaiian history hung ALL over da Walls! My Favorite place to eat, at the time! Little kids always liked Cowboys back den!

    M’s Ranch House Aina Haina

  13. Mark Shelby says:

    OMG! The best compilation of good old Oahu Eateries I have ever seen on one page!

    Oahu Eateries Memorialized…..

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    OMG! I ate in ALL of dees places! And remember all of dis stuffs!

    Wo Fat was like going back in Chinese time bradda!

    Don’t make me cry all over my MLC screen now! Holy!

  15. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    I rememba da La Ronde, cool place brah!

  16. Mark Shelby says:

    Did your parents ever take you here to eat? The La Ronde. Mine did. I loved this place! It was kind of like our own Space Needle here in Hawaii. Because it revolved just like the dining in the Seattle space needle, that I watched them build as a young boy when we lived in Seattle. I started to think that revolving spacey looking things were starting to follow me every where I wen live! lol

    In the good old days, it was affordable. Always exceptional food. And so new and fun at the time!

  17. hemajang says:

    Comfort food: went Peterson’s upland egg farm yesterday and later for dinner made my long time from kid time favorate tamago rice with shoyu, along with natto and chop green onions and berru. But before going egg farm wen stop at PhoKing by Foodland for some pho, great comfort food.
    Comfort clothes: and was wearing standard local clothes, t-shirt and shorts.
    Comfort car: and was driving my 4 cylinder white Camry, typical old fut ride, reliable and built to last long time.

  18. Mark Shelby says:

    More than one Shrimp Truck in Kahuku! Check it out!

    And I remember the incident at the bottom of the link above. I was on Oahu at the time. That was Wild Wild West of Shrimping!! Shrimp Wars!……LOL

  19. Mark Shelby says:

    keoni….I could always smell it from a couple miles away. dat’s wen I knew I was close! …..hehe

  20. keoni says:

    @Mark Oh yeah da garlic shrimp! Worth da trip and/or wait!

  21. Mark Shelby says:

    And nobody mentioned da Shrimp Trucks on da North Shore! Kahuku side. Remember this one? Giovanni’s Aloha Shrimp.

    I signed my name on da side of dat truck! YUM!

  22. keoni says:

    @4G Nu’uanu Y cafeteria had the best coconut custard pie back in the 80’s.

  23. Pam says:

    I can sing the whole thing too……because I watched it over and over! Poetry in motion!

  24. 4G says:

    @Mark Shelby – LOL! Isn’t the human mind puzzling? Sometimes cannot remember what happened yesterday, but a TV theme song from like 45 years ago? No problem! 😉

  25. Mark Shelby says:

    4G….I saw that news about the GI Professor today. Made me sad. I had to change the channel. I used to live for watching Gilligan’s Island! I always thought the opening scene with this theme song and the boat leaving, was them leaving Ala Wai Harbor. How is dis food related you may ask? I always ate my Mom’s good home cooking while watching my favorite show, Gilligan’s Island! That was Paradise to me.

    Just sit right back
    And you’ll hear a tale
    A tale of a fateful trip,
    That started from this tropic port,
    Aboard this tiny ship.
    The mate was a mighty sailin’ man,
    The Skipper brave and sure,
    Five passengers set sail that day,
    For a three hour tour,
    A three hour tour.

    The weather started getting rough,
    The tiny ship was tossed.
    If not for the courage of the fearless crew
    The Minnow would be lost.
    The Minnow would be lost.

    The ship set ground on the shore
    Of this uncharted desert isle
    With Gilligan,
    The Skipper too.
    The millionaire
    And his wife,
    The movie star,
    The professor and Mary Ann,
    Here on Gilligan’s Isle.

    (Ending verse)

    So this is the tale of our castaways,
    They’re here for a long long time.
    They’ll have to make the best of things,
    It’s an uphill climb.

    The first mate and his Skipper too
    Will do their very best,
    To make the others comf’terble
    In their tropic island nest.

    No phone, no lights, no motor car,
    Not a single luxury
    Like Robinson Crusoe
    It’s primitive as can be.

    So join us here each week my friends,
    You’re sure to get a smile,
    From seven stranded castaways
    Here on Gilligan’s Isle!

  26. Pam says:

    Speaking of food…my first job was at the Wahiawa Dairy Queeen on California Ave. I made 1.45 an hour and my first pay check was around 24.00. That was a fortune in ’73!! Anyway, I not only learned to turn out some amazing hamburgers and hot dogs but I could make a Peanut Butter Parfait and a Banana Royale like no body else!;). And…….I had to MAKE the coke by mixing the carbonated water and the coke syrup just right for the fountain drinks. Fun times in old Wahiawa!

  27. 4G says:

    OT – Russell Johnson (Gilligan’s Island’s Professor) passed away yesterday. One article I read said that Ginger and Mary Ann are the last two remaining cast members still alive today.

  28. 4G says:

    1. Nuuanu YMCA Gravy and Rice (35 cents!)

  29. Mark Shelby says:

    One more hamburger comfort food story. If I can get past my Oldtimers Typos….

    Does anyone remember the awesome Hamburger joint in the International Market Place around 1965? There was like a small food court in those good old days. You could smell da burgers cooking on da grill throughout the entire IMP! We used to go there all the time. Especially on Sunday nights after church to walk around and enjoy. These were very special BBQ tasting burgers. I think the owner fire cooked his burgers with Kiawe wood over live wood flame. The best tasting burgers I have ever had, to this day! Those were the good old days of Hawai’i.

  30. keoni says:

    Man you guys making me jealous seeing all da good stuffs I missed out on!

  31. keoni says:

    @Mark Too funny dat typo! Had me laughing! 😆

  32. Mark Shelby says:

    Oldtimers TYPO……..YARDS. lol

    Hey M…..I remember the Walls. While you were paipo boarding there. I was surfing at Tonggs just a few 100 YARDS away.

  33. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey M…..I remember the Walls. While you were paipo boarding there. I was surfing at Tonggs just a few 100 years away. At the point of Diamond Head. This really is a food story…..My good friend Mark Thomas’s Dad had a membership at the Outrigger Canoe Club. So when we got hungry about lunch time. We would walk into da club and order up massive burgers and fries and coke on Mr. Thomas’s tab! Now how cool is that? What fun we had! That was my surfing comfort food. We started doing that about 1967. Back when our parents let us roam Oahu freely!

  34. Kage says:

    1. What is your favorite comfort food?
    Canned corned beef hash, eggs sunny side up, on top of white rice.

    2. What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Shorts and Tshirt. I like the volley shorts from Riggers. Strong elastic and baggy. 🙂

    3. Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    Comfort. Get too much traffic ever ytime I need to go somewhere. I want to be comfortable while driving.

  35. Mark Shelby says:

    I remember Rosie’s M! I think I got my corner wrong above for my hamburger steak. I just checked a satellite map. I believe the old coffee shop was on the corner at Rycroft and Keeaumoku on the makai/ewa side. Is that where the new Wal Mart went it? Looks like it from the satellite view. Losing too many good old memories we used to visit on Oahu. Very sad.

  36. M says:

    Back in around 66-68 when I went to walls to paipo board, there was a concession stand near the Kapiolani Band Stand called Rosie’s. The hambuger steak with a can juice was $1.00, that was the good ole days.

  37. keoni says:

    @Hbh Never thought much about the style of ‘ake I ate. Back in NJ it was kind of plain – other than the numerous salt water soaks, I don’t think they did or added much to it.
    The first time I had it here was at Haili’s at their old location at the Farmer’s Market and didn’t care for the way they made it with the limu kohu, etc. But I kept getting it now and then and have grown to love it that way!

  38. Mark Shelby says:

    Oh forgot….wanted to mention. I think the Hamburger Steak and all was about $1.95. This was 1972. I went to work after school for $1.85 per hour. So it took me just over one hour work to pay for my comfort food lunch. But it was so worth it!

  39. Mark Shelby says:

    Another food…this one is from long ago.
    I went to McKinley High School. I could not stand the cafeteria food. And the noise and the crowds. So I would leave my VW Bug parked so I would lose my parking place. And walk down Rycroft to Piikoi. To an awesome little corner old style local coffee shop. I wish I could remember the name. My favorite comfort food of the day was Hamburger Steak with gravy on da RICE! With Mac salad and a side veggie. I went there so often, they would start to load my plate almost before I would sit down. They knew I had to get back to class. Now that’s the good old days of Hawai’i. When people knew you and took care of you! What fun times our good old days of Hawai’i were!

  40. M says:

    Can corn beef and onions with rice is another comfort food for me.

  41. Hbh says:


    Uncle you like ‘ake? Poke style yes? I never like da beef liver dat much.:-( Poke style ok.

  42. Hbh says:

    Two words Moco loco, another two words Crack Seed( li hing mui mango). One more important word Manapua. lol more comfort food. :-).

    I was kinda shocked about how healthy we were as small kids, I was talking to a malihini the other day about da guud ol days. This guy was shocked that us kids ran around Hawai’i without adult supervision in the 70s. Of course we could run around it was safe but that don’t mean we could be too Kolohe, the pineapple and coconut phone lines were still strong back den, everyone knew everyone.

    Back to point, one of the four different places i lived in oahu was Kapahulu area right across from zoo. I remember how I used to walk from Kapahulu st to Ala Moana shopping center at least three times a week and back cutting thru the International Market Place at night to see the koi fish ponds lit up. I was looking at a map yesterday and said wow that was alot of walking for an 8 year old, no wonder I could eat like a 3 people and not gain a pound. :-).

  43. Hbh says:

    @keoni, oh tanks bruddah fo da grilled cheese and tomato –fo’get broke da mout’ too.

    @4G Aloha brah, our club is an exclusive club, you paid all dues and fees already. Now if i can just rememba were I put the thingy that goes above my shoulders lol. 🙂

  44. Mark Shelby says:

    Ya Pam. I remember. I used to spend a couple of hours washing and waxing every Saturday, so my baby blue Beetle would stay more shiny dan yours on Sunday morning! In the good old days, us little kids would take good care of our things, to make them last. Because we worked so hard for so little.

  45. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  46. Pam says:

    Comfort food….chili and rice! Sticky rice is my fav til this day!
    Clothes, jeans, soft T, no shoes…..

  47. Pam says:

    Best car I ever had………..when I was 14, our family lived in Southern California. My Dad had just gotten his orders to move to Wheeler AFB up in Wahiawa and just sold a great big ole Chrysler Newport because he didn’t want to take it to Hawaii, too big! We did however have two other vehicles, a 1968 VW camper van and a 1968 VW beetle, baby blue! We took these two vehicles with us to Hawaii in 1972. You could get your driver’s license in HI when your were 15 back then so on my fifteenth birthday, I was on the steps of the DMV! Dad let me drive that 1968 VW from then on. It was adorable, perfect condition! Most fun thing, it matched Mark Shelby’s VW almost to a tee. Mark and I went to the same church and we would park our matching cars side by side! My VW took me around Oahu more times than I remember. Never a problem with it hardly at all! I loved washing and waxing it! Best car I ever did have!

  48. 4G says:

    @keoni – mmmmm; grilled cheese and tomato sounds good. Gonna have to try that. Thanks!

  49. keoni says:

    @4G Dat reminds me of a bumper sticker I recall seeing: “Of all the things I’ve ever lost, I miss my mind the most” 😀

  50. keoni says:

    Hey 4G, try grilled cheese and tomato – broke da mout’, brah!

  51. 4G says:

    Pardon me while I lose my mind. LOL – oh, wait – MLC – was gone already! 😉

  52. keoni says:

    Since we’re on the subject of food (like dat rarely happens! :lol:) One thing I’d like fo’ try is lomi ‘o’io; I’ve heard that it is really ono.

  53. 4G says:

    More worse – supposed to be #1, too!

  54. 4G says:

    2. A simple PB & J sandwich. Bread gotta be fresh and white. Grilled cheese sandwich. A tuna melt. Dern! Now I hungry! LOL!

  55. kailuagirl says:

    hmmmm, comfort food – penne arrabiata, potato salad with crabmeat and peas…OR a spicy ahi bowl
    when I’m home in Hawai’i & hanging out at the house, a sarong
    In sunny California, Rick Owens cords, a Johnny Was shirt and boots
    I LOVE my 2007 VW convertible bug!!! (just wish it didn’t have all the rattling noise but it sure beats driving my mommie mobile – a Volvo XC90…)

  56. keoni says:

    @DIO Yep, love ‘ake! And you know where I first had it? At back yard lu’au in Riverside, NJ with the Kaluhiokalani ‘ohana!
    Now, the only place I know has it is Haili Foods in Kapahulu. Hmmm, I definitely feel a trip to Honolulu coming on… 😆

  57. Mark '75 says:

    Thinking about comfort food brought back a memory from the deeeep. On South Beretania St, ewa of the old police station and across from Pfleuger used cars, was a Korean restaurant named Jin Mi. Around the early ’80s we’d walk from the station and have two eggs over easy on fried rice, with ko choo jung sauce over the top. oooohhhhhh so good!

  58. khs68 says:

    @Mark ’75 – No forget, the baloney gotta be fried in butter for the full yummy cholesterol experience.

  59. Mark '75 says:

    @khs68: any way is good…half sandwich or double decker!! Yah!

  60. Hbh says:

    @DIO Howzit? I hear you live in Oregon? So do I at the moment. Just wantted to say aloha.

    My confort food is Saimin, Lunchplate Specials(with rice and mac sal), Ice Cream and waffle dogs from KC drive in.

    Hawai’i: slippahs, tshirt, shorts. Oregon: 3 Layers of clothing, boots, rain or leather jacket.

    Hawai’i: Da Bus(lol) Oregon: Ford Explorer 96, Harley(you know what for:-))

  61. khs68 says:

    @Mark ’75 – But the fried baloney gotta be on one piece of bread folded ova.

  62. Mark Shelby says:

    Mini Tanks….Mark ’75. Some secrets, are good secrets! I knew you would get this. It was your beat………..

  63. Mark '75 says:

    @Rodney: Shoyu hot dog….a must have on my okazu plate!
    Oh, another fave…fried baloney sandwich with mayo. Gotta have the baloney with red ring.

  64. Mark '75 says:

    @khs68: Tough Actin’ Tinactin….works for me! 🙂

  65. Mark Shelby says:

    The first car I ever bought in Hawaii, was in 1970. I was just 15 years old. I wanted a VW Beetle.

    I was practical, and wanted to save money on gas. I kept scouring the Star Bulletin Classifieds for a good one! I earned money since I was just 9 years old. $1.35 per hour! Then later $1.85 per hour at the Wigwam Furniture Store warehouse after school. I even delivered the Star Bulletin on my bicycle in my neighborhood to make extra money. And Even the “Sun Press”, who remembers dat?

    Then one Saturday, an ad for a 1969 VW Beetle appeared in the Star Bulletin. It was in Kailua. So I asked my friend to drive me there to look at this VW.

    It was VW baby blue! And in perfect condition! Not even one door ding! Wow!

    The man who was selling it was very kind. He was a school teacher in Kailua. He wanted over $1,500 for his one year old 1969 VW Beetle.

    I had $1,150 cash in my pocket. From all of my young years I saved from my hard work. I offered him $1,150 dollars for his mint, low mile 1969 VW Beetle. Will you accept my offer?

    He looked at me like a very proud Father and smiled and said yes. And he shook my hand.

    I drove home that summer day in 1970, with my first car.

    I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my beloved VW took me surfing with da racks on top…..or bodysurfing at Makapuu. Impossible to count! Bess car I eva had!

  66. DIO says:

    keoni: ake? Really? You eat that? Man, I haven’t heard that in a long time.

  67. khs68 says:

    @Mark ’75 – there’s a high risk of toe jam associated with the constant wearing of sneakers. And then again, Crocs are known for toe jam. Can’t win. Body Mint is the only solution, I guess.

  68. Mark Shelby says:

    4G…it’s OK. Da Chevy was da little sistah of da Buick and Olds! Same chassis. Different badge and lights, trim.

  69. Mark Shelby says:

    One more good old local style food story…..
    In the 1960’s….my favorite comfort food was on a Sunday night with my Dad on our way home from church on Judd Street. We would stop at Chun Hoon on Nuuanu Ave. ……on any rainy winter night. And I would order, Won Ton Min. Sometimes, I thought I could see my breath it was so cold and rainy!…..hehe

  70. 4G says:

    Buicks and Oldmobiles – *sigh* – we only had a Chevy! 😉

  71. 4G says:

    Water bumpers – LOL! That’s a blast from the past, too (just like Love Thomas Motors – I totally forgot about them). Boy, those water bumpers sure were ugly and clunky looking! LOL – I’m sure it didn’t do wonders for gas mileage, either! 😉

  72. Rodney says:

    No one mentioned Shoyu Hot-dog.

  73. Mark '75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: I know whea dey stay!!!! its a secret….

  74. Mark '75 says:

    What is your favorite comfort food?
    #1: Saimin #2: Gau Gee Mein Soup
    What is comfortable clothing to you?
    T-shirt, shorts, sneakers. “Hi, my name is Mark, and I’m a sneakerhead.”
    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    vroooom, rumble rumble rumble…. 😆

  75. Mark Shelby says:

    dihudfan….by 1974 the Feds had new restrictions on bumpers. They had to be stronger. That’s why my 1974 MGB had to have those stupid looking black rectangular water bumpers on the front and back. I was told that I had to keep them filled with water or I would be in trouble! LOL! Then by 1975, the Feds had a new idea. Raise the standard for bumper height, so they all match. Then MGB had to raise the height of their cars, to meet the new bumper height standard. This all seems very strange now, because we have so many very low cars today! Then MGB stopped shipping to the USA in about 1977……..that was a very sad day.

  76. M says:

    Spam musubi would be another comfort food for me.

  77. keoni says:

    @Kan Well, I’m MLC and PROUD of it!

  78. dihudfan says:

    @Mark Shelby… my MGB wuz one older one, I think the last year they made it so low to the ground… ’61? fun car, took turns really nice… top speed, flat out floor board… 87 MPH… traded that car for a ’76 RIviera… what a tank… drove it from gas station to gas station…

  79. Masako says:

    My grandparents drove Buicks, I remember a Skylark, Lasabra and the last one my grandma had was a regal. They would put the two huge cars into a tiny garage, i don’t know how they did it. The ride was super smooth and the cars had so much power. I used to enjoy going to Shuman Carriage with them and look at all the new cars.

  80. Masako says:

    @4G I really wanted to try one of those Ramen burgers. I usually don’t eat meat but I would have to try the burger. Unfortunately I had to work. Hopefully if they come again it will be in the evening or during a time that i’m not working.

    Another comfort food, Zippy’s vegetarian chili and mac salad mixed together.

  81. Mark Shelby says:

    Oh wow! I can pick one of my favorite local fresh foods right by my house and I neva knew dis! Can you guess where this is from the video. What fun! Shuuuu! don’t tell anyone.

  82. Mark Shelby says:

    Remember in the old days when they were called Zori’s? How can it even be possible that these little $2 dolla slippahs can now be $12 bucks? Is this for real?

  83. Mark Shelby says:


  84. Rodney says:

    Love Thomas Motors <--- That's a blast from the past. * Surfah brand slippahs more soft than Locals. Surfah for comfort, Locals for handling. LOL

  85. Mark Shelby says:

    dihudfan….I used to drive an MGB also. I bought it from Love Thomas Motors in 1975. It was a 1974. Maroon with a black top. Mr. Thomas sold it to me for cost, just $3,750 bucks! I loved that car!

  86. Mark Shelby says:

    1. Kalua Pig with cabbage, rice and macaroni salad. Also Lau Lau! YUM! Or anything that can fit on one very long Luau table! ; ) Especially opihi!

    2. Board shorts/swim trunks loose T~shirt with surfer style pics and logos. And flip flops. I always went to Longs Drugs at Kahala Mall and picked out my favorite colors of the “Local’s” brand rubber slippahs! I seem to remember they were only $1.99 for years.

    3 Cars….oh my. My whole story would be too long for one small kine answer. I’ll talk story later about my cars. But I will say in this answer for now. I currently have four cars, and I just about have all of the bases covered. Da current list…..
    1972 Porsche 911…that I bought at Love Thomas Motors on Kapiolani Blvd in 1980. Bought for speed and handling. I went to school with Mr. Thomas’ son Mark starting at 3rd grade at Kahala Elementary. This is how my love for sports cars began.
    A 1976 Cadillac El Dorado. It’s my floater cruiser/collector 25K original miles.
    A 1988 Toyota 4Runner 4×4. original body style with fiberglass removable top. Silver with black top. For my off road exploring/camping and outdoor photography.
    And a 1991 Buick Le Sabre that I found on C’list last summer with only 42,000 original miles! This is my old mans comfy daily driver. It’s silver with silver leather interior. I remember in the old days, they would call this the poor mans Cadillac.

  87. dihudfan says:

    What is your favorite comfort food?
    breakfast foods… my favorite meal… pork sausage, portugee sausage, vienna sausage, spam and eggs, pancakes, waffles, SOS… love um all
    for supper… steak is winnahs…

    What is comfortable clothing to you?
    short pants and tshirt… ever since I retired, I only wear long pants when we go someplace good to eat or travel…

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    used to like sports or high output cars wen wuz younger… used to drive a MGB, than laddahs a 280ZX and than a Z28, but now would love to drive cars for comfort, presently driving a Volvo station wagon…

  88. 4G says:

    1. What is your favorite comfort food?

    Saimin stand quality Saimin.

    Sorry, kinda OT, but did you see that line for the Ramen Burger yesterday? I heard people started lining up at 8:30 a.m. for an 11:00 a.m. opening! I wanted to try one, but not that badly! LOL.

    2. What is comfortable clothing to you?

    Aged, well worn, comfy, loose fitting T-shirt (pukas optional – LOL) and gym shorts (no crotch, no pockets kind) or “sweat suit” style pants – no elastic at the bottom of the pant legs, no crotch, pockets are helpful, but not required.

    3. Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?

    I like a car that can accelerate and corner (handle) decently in comfort. 😉 If I absolutely had to choose between the two, I would go with handling more than comfort.

    I’m such a pain, yeah? Wait – don’t answer that question! LOL.

  89. sally says:

    What is your favorite comfort food?
    Beanie Weenies over rice.

    What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Tank top and shorts.

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    Comfort. Mos def. (do we still say mos def? LOL)

  90. NKHEA says:

    Howzit UR,

    I know I know long time no post butt I always reading

    What is your favorite comfort food?
    Got to be beef teriyaki, rice and mac salad with teri sauce all ova
    What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Like most, shorts, t-shirt and rubba slippa’s
    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    Me old furt butt still like drive hot rods

    Take care everybody

  91. Lowtone123 says:

    1.What is your favorite comfort food?
    Wow! This one took a lot of thought to narrow it down to a few but portuguese bean soup or beef stew and rice hits the spot.
    2.What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Baggy T-shirt, shorts and slippers.
    3.Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    Definitely comfort! Give me comfort and reliability over style anyday.

  92. KAN says:

    What is your favorite comfort food? Corned beef hash, rice & sunny side up eggs or (wheat-free) waffles with fruit & vienna sausage on the side. Or sushi. Depends.

    What is comfortable clothing to you? The pants I bought two sizes too big from Ross and a fuzzy sweater with fuzzy socks. Especially now in the winter. In warmer weather, shorts, tank top and slippahs.

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort? I’m like Keoni – I ride Uncle Ed’s limo (in Seattle).

    (Btw, Keoni, you’re showing your age! I remember calling it Uncle Frank’s limo, then it was Aunty Eileen’s limo, then Uncle Frank’s AGAIN, then I think I moved away.)

  93. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

    What is your favorite comfort food? Ramen, saimin would be next

    What is comfortable clothing to you? Borad shorts and t-shirt

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort? My truck is for carrying my standup paddle board so it’s not handling or comfort but needs.

  94. Masako says:

    Good morning!

    What is your favorite comfort food? It depends on my mood. Recently its been warn stuff like ramen, soup and long rice. Sometimes just a bowl of Chazuke hits the spot.
    It used to be sweets before I had to watch my sugars.

    What is comfortable clothing to you? Shorts and t shirt.

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort? I just want a car that gets me from point A to point B.

  95. losthawaiian says:

    1.What is your favorite comfort food?
    Loco moco home-style with ground beef on top of rice with two sunny-side up eggs topped with worstershire sauce and ketcup.
    I’d probably say saimin or other stuff but I can’t get them out here. cup o’ noodles just doesn’t cut it, lol.

    2.What is comfortable clothing to you?
    T-shirt and shorts, Always!!! Even in the winter time.

    3.Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    I have a car for comfort but I drive my big Dodge dually for practical use. Living in the country, you need a truck with power and hauling capability.

  96. keoni says:

    Hey Uncle Rodney, dis would be a good survey question: Do you prefer saimin or won ton min and why? Who makes the best of either? (I know Shige’s goin be right up deah for saimin; not sure about won ton min.)

  97. keoni says:

    Wow, I’m numbah one today! What prize I get? 😀

  98. keoni says:

    What is your favorite comfort food?
    Hmmm, gotta give two part answer.
    East coast side has to be scrapple and eggs
    Hawai’i side mo’ hahd to choose, probably won ton min. (although some of da mo’ rare Hawaiian delicacies like ‘ake make my mouth water!)

    What is comfortable clothing to you?
    Definitely shorts and tee shirt.

    Would you rather drive a car for handling or comfort?
    No mo’ cah, I stay using Fasi’s limo! 😆

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