You Know You’re MLC If…

Okay, let’s have some fun.  Finish the sentence.  Never mind if you mistakenly repeat someone else (I don’t expect you to read every single comment).


You Know You’re MLC If…


  • Your house used to have a TV antenna on the roof
  • Or your TV had “rabbit ears” on the set.  Maybe with some tin-foil on the ends
  • You worked cannery
  • You shopped at Wigwam 😉
  • You talked your mom into buying you Fizzies
  • You listened to either K-POI or KKUA
  • You remember Food City
  • You only paid 10¢ to ride the bus
  • You remember the huge used car lot at the corner of Dillingham Blvd and Middle St.
  • You remember the green and white license plates

License Green White


Okay, you get the idea.

370 Responses to “You Know You’re MLC If…”

  1. Mark Shelby says:

    Ketz…..weekend people watching on Kalakaua was da bess! Just sitting on the lava rock wall. Where the good old Leis Stands used to be in front of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. Or strolling through the International Market Place! And listening to all of the music, including at the hotels, poolside. Just lay back in their poolside lounge chair and relax to the awesome free Hawaiian music!

  2. kelz says:

    Masqerades, PINKS GARAGE, WAVE, castle park & ice palace..teriyaki burgers @ Orange Julius oh & tower records. Thirst aid station in makai market. CRACK SEED STORE! How about woolworth in ala moana that had the trippy candles! CRUZIN ALA MOANA BEACH PARK EVERY SUNDAY JUST FOR GO ROUND IN CIRCLES. AND WAIKS FRIDAY & SATERDAY NIGHTS TO SEE EVERYONE GO BACK UP AND DOWN KALAKAUA AVE. Holiday mart. Does bank of hawaii in ala moana still have the drive thru that had the tube u put your money in & send it to the teller across..? Contempo casuals…ladies!

  3. Mark Shelby says:

    JindoMaster……..that’s it! My Mom always used to say …“Fill it up with Ethyl.” I either wondered why she was calling that man Ethyl…..or I was wondering if I was watching an I Love Lucy rerun! ……lol

  4. JindoMaster says:

    I thought of one while pumping gas tonight. You know you’re MLC if you remember your parents saying, “Fill it up with Ethyl.”

  5. Mark Shelby says:

    Ripper Collins! And all those guys! What a Hoot! Had me laughing all the time!

    Hbh……ya! Especially baby Luaus! You always wanted folks to have more babies so you could go pig out more!… Those were the good old days of Hawai’i Bradda! you nailed it!

  6. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If You remember a time were each small victory or good news was an excuse to throw a Luau or Potluck with the community or ohana.

  7. Kahuken says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er….
    If you went to the “Civic” to see Roller Derby or 50th State Big Time Wrestling! Ripper Collins and Curtis “The Bull” Iuakea , Lord Blears, Gentleman Ed Francis and my fave Johnny Berand!

  8. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er….

    If you can remember ‘The Beachwagon” cruising around Waikiki from U~Drive car rental! I always wanted one of deez! It was the perfect little kid toy car!

  9. Mark Shelby says:

    Considering we had to live our lives by airplanes and airfares. When you adjust for inflation. I would say it is cheaper to fly today then it was in the 1950’s and ’60’s. We always paid a price though, to live in Paradise! And we neva mind paying it.

  10. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: Thanks. Lots and lots of memories there.

  11. Kahuken says:

    I remeber so much of all dis kine stuffs you guys stay talkin about! Enjoy the photos and videos too! I remeber when had different bus companies on Oahu. I lived up in Wahiawa and had to take the WTS bus down to where Leeward Community College is now to catch the HRT bus owned by Henry Weinberg. Two separate fares since they had different owners. Then the driver strike came about and Frank Fasi bought used busses from Dallas Texas and formed MTL later know as OTS which runs “The Bus” thanks Mayor now we could go around the island for a quarter!

  12. Mark Shelby says:

    This pic is for your Mark’75. The former Honolulu HPD Headquarters. This is where I went to get my drivers license on my birthday in 1970 when I turned 15 years old. Just like my lifelong friend Pam did. I remember when this location was Sears. I was jus one little Keiki. And then Sears moved to Ala Moana. But gone again…….so sad.

  13. Mark Shelby says:

    In 1965…..we lived on Waialae Golf Course, just down the lane from the new Kahala Hilton Hotel. Before Dad built our house on Diamond Head.
    Kahala Beach was my playground. As was this canal. I used to crab, shrimp and fish along this canal. As a young boy. The huge rain storms cleaned it and made it better every time. It was a little kids delight! The bridge you see was later replaced with a much larger and more fancy walking bridge.

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    Do you realize? That if you owned everyone of these kewl old cars today. It could be your retirement account! We just needed one really big garage.

  15. Mark Shelby says:

    This was a very good day on MLC Hawaii…..Hbh. Ya Bra! We got some good things done and shared! Thanks Rodney!


    ~Mark Shelby

  16. Hbh says:

    I wantted to say tanks and mahalo to every MLCs for bringing me home even for awhile. Mahalos to Uncle Rodney for the commitment and work to keep MLC Hawaii going.

    And on a sidenote make sure you check out Kamaaina56’s photos on flicker, he has the best and most old photos of Hawaii from 50s,60s,70s. Plus if you get a chance say Mahalo because I couldn’t imagine how much hard work it took and time to collect, enhance photos etc for us to remember. And again tanks guys.

  17. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you can remember this sign. And you ate at the original Coco’s Restaurant!
    Crossroads of the Pacific….

    The famous “Crossroads of the Pacific” neon sign at Kau Kau Korner, located at the intersection of Kalakaua Avenue and Kapiolani Blvd. View in this photo is looking more or less mauka along Kalakaua. The black car in the middle of the photo is on Kapiolani heading ewa. Kau-Kau Korner became Coco’s in 1960 and Hard Rock Café from 1987 to 2010.

  18. Mark Shelby says:

    Waikiki Aerial View c1954

    Too good not to show! Enjoy!

  19. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you can remember when Waikiki looked like this.

  20. khs68 says:

    @Seawalker: Eh you right. They could be twins separated at birth!

  21. khs68 says:

    Saijo Hideki’s hair was just fine to me. He’s was a hottie back in the day.

  22. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you thought how Saijo Hideki’s hair was too long

  23. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you recall who Roy and Johnny were on Emergency

  24. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember Marcus Welby, M.D. and the other doctor, Dr. Kiley

  25. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you thought how alike Myron Floren was in resemblance to Lawrence Welk

  26. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remembered how the bus driver’s box collected both coins and bus tickets

  27. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you recall what a bunch of ding-a-lings the first Con-con produced

  28. Mark Shelby says:

    You are a hard core MLC’er…

    If your ever….
    Did you ever eat at the Halekulani Coral Lani. I remember they put up the metal structures to hold the trees up. The trees were for shade. The views of Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach were awesome, as always was the service and food!

  29. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember how popular the Apollo lunch boxes with the thermos were especially after watching on TV how the astronauts parachuted back down to earth

  30. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you were hoping McGovern would beat Nixon in the presidential election

  31. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember the first football game played at the rust bucket was an opponent Texas A & I

  32. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    ,,,when the name Henry Hu(i)hui made the news often 40 years ago

  33. Seawalker says:

    Saw Coach Murakami at Zippys the other week. Bless his heart and all his white hair. May they find a cure for the stroke one day.

  34. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you ever ate in the only restaurant in Honolulu, that was built to look like a boat on da wharf! And you have such wonderful memories of family and friends meeting here for a good meal. Laughing and sharing good times together! That’s what it is all about! And now you are sad that it is gone.

  35. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember the starting rotation of Chuck Crim and Bryan Duquette pitched for the Rainbows. Remember who caught for them? Yep, none other than Howard Dashefsky.

  36. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remembered how U.H. used Blaine Gaison on defense and offense

  37. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember how Dick Tomey ran the muddle-huddle play in football

  38. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you eva ate hea!!!!!!!!

  39. Mark Shelby says:

    Did you ever eat at the Crouching Lion Inn?

    In middle school my friends parents were the caretakers of the property. Their house was just to the left of the pic at the link below. We both went to Aina Hina Academy. Or “The Academy”. King Kaamahele used to invite me over to his parents house for weekend sleep overs. We would climb all over dat mountain and explore! That’s what little kids did in the good old days of Hawai’i! And your parents jus let you go! And then we would enjoy the Crouching Lion Restaurant for dinner, when the day was done! I always enjoyed driving up that coast to go to the Country! What a treat! Some of my best young days! Being one with nature on our island home. And good friends!

  40. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you thought PONG was the greatest sensation in video gaming. Yup, video games slowly but surely began replacing pinball machines at bowling alleys.

  41. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you had to get under your desk in elementary school for the monthly siren tests. I actually looked forward to joining the other giggling kids as we ‘ducked’ under our desks for the 3 sirens.

  42. Mark Shelby says:

    You are one hard core for life MLC’er…

    If you ever enjoyed a good meal at Pat’s at Punaluu!

  43. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: I remember people driving those pink Jeeps. Around that time, Ford came out with a special edition pink Mustang. Maybe it was some sort of fad.

  44. Mark Shelby says:

    You are one hard core MLC’er….

    If you ever ate at the Snack Shop! In Waikiki. And enjoyed the beach front views. Those were the days!

  45. Mark Shelby says:

    Hbh… January 22nd, 2014 at 3:28 pm #
    “Im surprised no one said anything about this, You Know You’re MLC If you remember any call outside of Hawaii was long distance”.

    Hbh….In the good old days of Hawai’i, a long distance phone call to the mainland could cost $1.00 to $2.00 per minute or more depending on the time of day. So most business was done by mail. Although we did have something that was called the teletype. And also Western Union.

    My Dad used a Teletype as late as the mid 1980’s from our Furniture on Dillingham Blvd, which was next to our Wigwam Store, to communicate with our furniture suppliers in Asia, to save on long distance phone call cost’s. Which were very high. It was quite an amazing machine for it’s time! Communicating from Hawaii, has been a very creative experience since time began!

  46. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er….

    If you can remember the Hilton Hawaiian Village….before it was the Hilton Hawaiian Village!

  47. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you can remember people actually driving around in these!…lol

  48. Hbh says:


    Aloha and welcome to MLC Hawaii, please be at home.

  49. 4G says:

    Okay, sorry – kinda slow on the draw, as usual. 😉

    Aloha Stadium and rust

    I must have been in high school at the time and kind of getting into cars. ’68 Toyota Corona – I swear, Japanese cars back then were rust magnets. All I knew was, “Rust never sleeps”.

    I heard about Aloha Stadium and “rust will form a protective barrier”. I was like, Haaaa?! I don’t think soooo …”. Plus, look at how close that thing is to the salt water! LOL!

  50. 4G says:

    Wow – some kind of wind out there today!

    You know you’re MLC if you remember Betamax.

  51. Susan says:

    You remember Buck’s Portuguese Sweet Bread had its bakery next to the termite palace(old stadium)–miss that bread! And regarding that huge used car lot at Dillingham Blvd and Middle St.–we bought our 1962 used Buick there! Too many more, but love reading everyone else’s thoughts.

  52. A.T. says:

    To make your own toys was good but you also had the ones that you got for Christmas or Birthday. I really liked my Secret Sam, the briefcase with all the stuff inside to make a gun. It even came with a hidden camera. How about Man from U.N.C.L.E. stuff. it came with the triangle Man from U.N.C.L.E. badge. Kinda pre- transformers becaue I remember a radio that change into a machine gun and a camera that changed into a pistol. V-Room the plastic engine that attached to the bicycle. It had a handle that you pulled on and made a revving sound. Talking about bicycles the classic Schwin stingray with banana seat, maybe a sissy bar with diamond back pad. The rich guys had the orange crate or apple crate. I had a metal flake blue one. I wish i could afford the suspension spring in the front. The cool thing about the stingray was when you got older you could replace the banana seat with a black boxspring seat and the chopper handle bars with a goose neck handle bar. There was an older guy name Colgate (just like the tootpaste) that had a green stingray and he was the “pull” wheely champ and he would lean on the goose neck handble bar facing towards the back of the bike and pedal backwards and go forward. I thought it was the coolest thing. Then you had the reflective axle cleaners. The leather straps that wrapped around the axle of the tire that was connected together with a small reflector. Riding around with your stingray with a turbo tube up each arm (kinda look like Hercules) heading to the candy store… good old days…

  53. Mark Shelby says:

    You are one hard core life long MLC’er….

    If you can remember that it used to take two weeks to get a letter from the mainland in the mail (sent by ship). And all of the TV Shows were one week late! Because they had to fly the tapes to Honolulu. No such thing as Live TV!

  54. Hbh says:

    Im surprised no one said anything about this, You Know You’re MLC If you remember any call outside of Hawaii was long distance.

  55. Hbh says:


    Dont feel bad I can relate. But at the sametime your dealing with people who think Honolulu is a gorgeous place with Sax fifth Ave ans all the highend mainland stuff. 🙁

  56. khs68 says:

    …if your home telephone number was less than 7 digits.

  57. Mark Shelby says:

    If you can remember all of these views. And still have them embedded in your brain cells.

    You are one hard core MLC’er for life!

  58. khs68 says:

    Okay…am I the only one, who as a kid and up through my 40’s, pronounced Hanauma Bay as “Ha-na-ooo-ma Bay”? And when did Maili (my-lee) become “my-ee-lee”?

    When I first heard newscasters say these names I thought “where’s that?” Guess that’s what I get from living away from Hawaii for 17 years.

  59. Mark Shelby says:

    dihudfan…..that was my friend Pam above who said camping free at Hanauma Bay. My Dad was our high school Sunday School teacher at our church. And we would make it out to H Bay several times a years for good free camping, snorkeling, hiking and BBQ’s on that awesome Hanauma Bay! We would always have like 50 kids or more. It was always a big event. I remember the Boy Scouts camping there too at the same time we would be there.

  60. Mark Shelby says:

    Fun story….khs68

    You are one hard core MLC’er….

    If you can remember that in 1970 you could fill up your 1969 VW Beetle gas tank for less than $5.00 bucks! And den think to yourself with a smile on your face! Oh Wow! Look how many times I can go bodysurfing at Makapuu for less den $5.00 Bucks! And you kept your Duck Feet fins, trunks and a towel in your car jus in case!

  61. dihudfan says:

    too lazy to go read all from beginning again… but I know someone mentioned camping free at Hanauma Bay… we did it a lot while in the Boy Scouts… that wuz one good place to camp… swimming, fishing, hiking, and mostly cooking and eating outdoors… winnahs!!!

    does anyone remembah Tin Roof? good swimming hole at Kalihi Valley…

  62. khs68 says:

    …when all service stations were full service. As soon as the car ran over the black hose, the bell would go “ding ding” and the service station man (kid talk) would come running out. He would fill the gas, wipe all the windows, look under the hood to check the oil, and then check the tires. Meanwhile inside the car, I’d be jumping around the seats to see what he was doing. I liked to climb on top the backseat, lie down on the shelf and look up as the rear window was being wiped.

  63. Mark Shelby says:

    Ynaku….Thank YOU! That’s it! I have to go look that up now! We used to go there all of the time, in the 1960’s. We had a store in Hilo.

  64. Ynaku says:

    @Mark Shelby

    That place that showed the tsunami high water mark is still there. It’s at the Hilo Seaside Hotel by Ice Pond. I can’t remember the name of the old restaurant but the Hotel was called the Hilo Hukilau Hotel. The restaurant is now called Coconut Grill.

  65. M says:

    Flying A gas sations.

  66. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one hard core MLC’er…..

    If you snuck up your back yard and hiked Diamond Head in the 1960’s when you were one little Keiki. When nobody was supposed to be up there! And the goal was to explore all of the WWll Bunkers. Especially the four story bunker on the very top! We had to be really sneaky, or they would come get us! Did you ever do this? We used to even wear green clothes to blend in with da brush! Before they have now made it into a another tourist trap? Those were the days, braddas! And the views were to die for, I was jus one little kid but I knew that already!

    Great info on Diamond Head in this link…..

    Diamond Head was my Playground!

  67. keoni says:

    @Mark Shelby Ah yes, the Makaha Sons! Too sad that John is no longer with us. :'(

  68. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC if you watched this and knew what was being said, and knew how much stink it caused in public schools.

    Check out the picture of pearlridge shopping center when they hostted this event.

    Wow were at 300.

  69. Mark Shelby says:

    Thank God we still have good folks like these. Keeping our Aloha Spirit Alive!

  70. Hbh says:

    This is so kewl, to find other bruddahs & sistahs, aunties & uncles who remember and know what the heck im talking about.

  71. Seawalker says:

    Pagoda Hotel was party-central for us way back when. Everytime we checked-in, the front desk would advise that no partying would be allowed. Did we listen? Nah. First, it was sneaking in the coolers. Then the other food. The hardest part was getting the people in. Somehow they became suspicious when there was a steady stream of people coming and going.

  72. Mark Shelby says:

    You are one hard core MLC’er….

    If you can remember when the 76 gas stations were giving away their little round orange foam 76 antenna ball. That you would put on your antenna, and you would drive around all cool ’cause you got the 76 ball. I remember the mom’s loved it because then they could spot there car in the Ala Moana shopping center parking lot!……lol

  73. dihudfan says:

    one of my ex’s used to work at the Pagoda… used to eat there alot… also check out the shows there… Zulu wuz kinda funny… dan wen they became a disco… wen to check out the chicks… btw did you know that the water the fishes swim in is from a natural artesian well…

    @khs68… food wuz ono from Helena’s wen wuz on King St. accross the Water Pumping station… laddah on down by the start of King st. had one good place too… Leongs…

    @Mark Shelby… wen I wuz younger wen up the Stairway to Heaven… can’t believe used to have so much energy, another friend and I ran about a quarter way up the stairs… not any moa…

  74. Mark Shelby says:

    Hbn so I know exactly where you lived. Our neighbor next to our house on Diamond Head owned Holiday Mart. And my Dad and partners owned Wigwam Dept. Stores. So here we were neighbors to our competition. It felt awkward at times, but great family and always so kind to me. Back then it was small island, and it was like everyone knew every body. Or at least you know somebody, who knows somebody you know!….hehe So betta no ack! Or the coconut wireless going to get you!

  75. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby. Yncle Ya for awhile my earliest memory of Honolulu was living behind St Peter and Paul cathlic church right across from the old holiday market on Kaheka St not far from the pagoda.

    Im not proud to say this but I still tearup and grieve for lost old oahu. Anybody else the same way?

  76. Mark Shelby says:

    Hbh…..yes looks like Matsumotos is still in business.
    We used to go to the Pagoda after church on Sundays for lunch all of the time. Looks like according to this KITV story, some of the very same fish are still there and alive since I was one little kid! Wow!

  77. Hbh says:

    I was surfing youtube and ran into the pagoda hotel, wow i remember it in the early 70s. What a memory, the japanese garden path was so cool. I know i sound like a tourist or haole but i was real hanabata and we lived a few blocks from da hotel and I was very independent back then, it was a good memory.

    You Know You’re MLC If You rememba it was safe fo keiki to run around Oahu.

  78. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one hard core MLC’er….

    If you can remember the good old days of hiking up to Waimea Falls for free. Nobody around. Bring pic nic lunch, and go cliff diving all day long. Sit quiet, just hear the birds and the water. And pay respect to the Aina. And dream of what old Hawai’i used to be like.
    Unlike in this video where it has since become a tourist trap.

  79. Seawalker says:

    @khs – At’s the one. The owner was so nice. Knew her back then. She won some kind of national award. Went to Ritchie’s down the street the other week. Wow, plate lunches are sure getting expensive. Lose money when you can only eat 1 scoop of the rice and 1/2 of the mac salad. When Ritchie’s was in downtown, I remember the plate lunches selling in the $4 range.

  80. khs68 says:

    @Seawalker: I did go to Helena’s on King Street. Wasn’t it on the mauka side of King, just Diamond Head of Waiakamilo but not on the corner? Separate concrete building where the car lot is now? They had one piece wooden booths? Sooo long ago. I don’t remember them having pipikaula short ribs at that time.

  81. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Uncle is Matsumoto’s still open? I heard they shutdown?

  82. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one hard core MLC’er ….

    If you ever hiked up the Stairway to Heaven!

    It starts getting good at min. 4

  83. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you rememba penguins in the center court of Phase I (Uptown now), of pearlridge shopping center.

  84. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Your mean uncle, stinkeye fo you. 0o

  85. Seawalker says:

    @khs – You know what the best thing about Gulick? You get to pick what you want to eat. That’s not so true in life for some of us. At our house, I get assigned to eat the oldest things in the refer first. So when I’m at Gulick, I TELL THEM WHAT TO PUT ON MY PLATE. lol, issues, issues, issues… Remember when Helena’s used to be on King St. instead?

  86. Hbh says:


    OMG! Rmao! on the ground laughing. Good one auntie.

  87. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one hard core MLC’er….

    If you used to beg your parents to take you up to the North Shore to go Puka Shell hunting. Then beg to stop at Matsumoto’s for one massive shave ice! With one scoop ice cream on da bottom! YUM!

  88. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    I rememba uncle, just don’t think we shopped there much. I agree those places were what made Oahu unique. Too bad they almost all gone.

  89. khs68 says:

    @hbh – I know. When an audit team from San Francisco came to Honolulu first thing one of them asked was “can we drink the water?” I told them “yes, but not from the toilet”.

  90. khs68 says:

    @Seawalker – Never been to Kamehameha Bakery, but everyone says it’s good. I’ll try it next time we go to Helena’s. I hate driving on School Street. I was glad when Gulick opened in McCully. But somehow the McCully one doesn’t have that old time ambiance (dingy/dirty) like the Kalihi one.

  91. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you never tire of laughing at the dumb questions people who have never been to Hawai’i ask you. (A whole nother topic)

  92. Mark Shelby says:

    Hbh….Mom would always take us to the old crack seed store at Koko Head Ave. and Waialae Ave. Should still be there. That guy has everything! You know, like all of the big glass jar full of anykine. I think his little shop was featured on that strange/bizzare foods show not long ago. Looked like the same man running it from when I was a little kid.
    So…..if you can remember the Koko Head crack seed store. You definitely one hard core MLC’er……..hehe

  93. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one MLC’er…..

    If you remember the phrase “Eddie would go”

    And you used to say hi to him at the Waimea Bay life guard tower.

    I read in the S/A supped to have 50 foot waves on the North Shore this week, maybe even as I type.

  94. Hbh says:


    Wow comming up on 300 uncle, your really quiet.

  95. Hbh says:


    Check out my last post uncle. you may like?

  96. Seawalker says:

    @Hbh – What was the Missing Link’s tagline? “Ohhh, Yeahhh” Nice. And they say wrestling is fake. LOL

  97. Hbh says:


    You know uncle dat does sound ono. But im still with auntie khs68 on da tourist thing.

  98. Seawalker says:

    @khs – Kamehemeha Bakery haupia taro doughnut over Leonard’s malasadas any day. Mo’ bettah.

  99. khs68 says:

    Tourists are good for our economy, but geez, why can’t they just stay in Waikiki? Just joking…just joking…

  100. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember how the names John Tolas, Steve Strong, Chief Billy Whitewolf, Bob Backlund, and The Iron Shiek made you think you were the king of the ring

  101. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you reconize this place.

  102. khs68 says:

    …if you remember seeing Booga Booga at the Territorial Tavern.

  103. Hbh says:


    Ya auntie i grieve wit you. Dat why we on dis blog is because tourism is killing local Hawai’i. Dat why all of our places gone fo tourism. Stinks. 🙁

  104. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If You reconize this and were it was?

  105. khs68 says:

    …if you remember when Leonard’s Bakery customers were mainly local people. Now all day long it’s overrun by tourists — line so long and they only buy one malasada each. WWD?

  106. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you rememba christmas pupet shows in Ala Moans Shopping Center, when the stage was right by the sandbox.

  107. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember how Derek Tatsuno was the Pied Piper of U.H. baseball

  108. Hbh says:


    Yes auntie, would of stayed bulldog if my mother didn’t ship me to da mainland to live wit my father, for no other reason then I was a teen boy. Still angry at her. Now 30 years of cold, really bad luck mainland lol.

  109. Seawalker says:

    @Hbh – LOL. We’re about the same vintage. And like good wine, we get better over time. Just drove by Waioli Tea Room the other day. Seawalker knows Hawaii, or at least he thinks he does. Keep it comin’ brutha.

  110. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember going to the movie Earthquake and still feeling the tremors for days afterwards

  111. M says:

    Go Dawgs! Green N Gold!

  112. Hbh says:


    What would be something we both share uncle? Me being born 1970? How about Paradise Park?, Oh when It was legal to setoff firecrackers. Or climb da banyan trees.

  113. khs68 says:

    Liz Hernandez – Hawaiian Warriors roller derby at the Civic Auditorium.

  114. khs68 says:

    @hbh – You one Bulldog, too? This one is for you:

  115. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember Julio Cruz of the Hawaii Islanders

  116. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you rememba K.C. Drive in, da old location.

  117. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you can hum to the tune of Doris Day or Mary Tyler Moore

  118. Hbh says:

    Oh im Kaimuki High School Green & Gold, Go bulldogs! 🙂

    Oh and You Know You’re MLC If one of the schools you went to in oahu dosnt exist anymore. 🙁

  119. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you can recall the TV show Room 222

  120. Hbh says:


    Sorry auntie, about da only things I rememba about McCully was zippys and da McCully Mall.

  121. Hbh says:


    Dats probably it uncle. Mahalo. Even I have troubles rememberin and im da youngest lol.

  122. Hbh says:


    Uncle you no have to be silver to do the Pledge of Allegiance before class started in the mornings. I did in da 70s.


    frozen chocolate banana, eaten home made mango seed. Oh uncle I miss home lol.


    You Know You’re MLC If you know the beattles, the monkeys, kodak hula show, crackerballs, Davey Crockett,Leave It To Beaver, Lassie, Benji, Bonanza, The Desi Arnaz and Lucy Show, Rawhide, The Twilight Zone. Real Crackseed, Remember almost all the driveins(both movie and food), Remember almost all da old theaters, Remember the tailend of the old local places, remember just how gorgeous hawaii used to be. Without being a member of da silver club. (sticks out tounge) lol, joking aunties and uncles. Like I said before, my generation living in Hawai’i was blessed because we were the last to really experience local hawaii culture.

  123. khs68 says:

    Putt-Putt (mini) Golf on corner of S. King & Wiliwili St. in McCully. Also had pinball machines that paid.

  124. khs68 says:

    Hi Fishhead!!

  125. Mark'75 says:

    Royal Theater was on the corner of Kanekapolei/Kuhio Avenue. Next to Royal Theater on Kuhio Ave, is Food Pantry. Behind the theater along Kanekapolei was the mini golf course.

  126. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Uncle your an example of what it takes to be a transplant or local. Its always been about aloha spirit, attitude and respect. Some people could live on Hawai’i for three life times and still be haole or malihini.

  127. Hbh says:

    Miniature golf in Waikiki next to Royal Theater? In the 70s there was a big grocery store by kapahulu ave in waikiki, that had a movie theater next to it and on the otherside a outdoor arcade and miniature golf course, was that the one you were talking about? What was the name of the store and theater?

  128. M says:

    You remember wearing Jack shirts to school.

  129. M says:

    Good morning MLCers!
    You know you’re MLC if you remember that all 5 TV stations played the Star Spangled Banner at midnight and go off the air.

    In school the fire alarm was a huge triangle.

    In school you said the Pledge of Allegiance before class started in the mornings.

  130. Mark'75 says:

    @fishhead: Howzit! Cracker balls and shoo shoo babies! Cherry bomb….neva like so much.

  131. 4G says:

    You know you’re MLC if you remember cruising Hotel Street.

    Davey, Davey Crockett
    King of the wild frontier. 😉

  132. fishhead says:

    you know you’re MLC if you remember buta kau kau man, kodak hula show, Dick Jensen, Get Smart telephone shoe, cracker balls, shoo shoo babies and cherry bomb.

  133. fishhead says:

    for the guys: raquel welch 2000 bc,

  134. fishhead says:


  135. khs68 says:

    Happy Trails to you…Roy Rodgers & Dale Evans. Wild Bill Hickock – wow Guy Madison was so handsome.

  136. khs68 says:

    Davey, Davey Crockett — Born on a mountain top in Tennessee…

  137. khs68 says:

    Captain Midnight & Ovaltine.

  138. khs68 says:

    @dihudfan: Rainbow Rollerland had frozen chocolate bananas. Sooo ono. First bite give you major brain freeze.

  139. khs68 says:

    Leave It To Beaver.

  140. Mark Shelby says:

    Hawaii in 1950 …..

    Awesome Memories!

  141. khs68 says:

    Oops. Sorry M, I repeated Palladin & Marshall Dillon.

  142. khs68 says:

    Oh and Have Gun Will Travel & Gunsmoke.

  143. khs68 says:

    Don’t forget Ed Sullivan, Fury, Wagon Train, Death Valley Days & Lassie.

  144. dihudfan says:

    You know You’re MLC if you remember… Rawhide… You Asked For It… I’ve Got A Secret… Phil Silvers Show.. Dragnet… Combat… The Desi Arnaz and Lucy Show… Lawrence Welk… Bonanza… Rifleman… Mitch Miller… Let’s Go Fishing… KHON Televi Digest…
    wooo endless yeah?……

  145. Mark Shelby says:

    8mm Vintage Film Footage of Hawaii 1959 ….

    I see no tall buildings except one on the foot of Diamond Head, by my beloved Tonggs surf spot! How did that building get there so soon? This video is for the pics memories of our good old Honolulu, like it was. In the good old days.

  146. Mark Shelby says:

    Historic Old Maui – The Valley Isle 1940 ….

    OH MY!

  147. M says:

    You know You’re MLC if you remember the Kini Popo show, Our Gang or TheLittle Rascals, The Three Stooges, Live It to Beaver show, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, One Step Beyond, Lost In Space, My Favorite Martian, Mr. Ed, Outer Limits, Petticoat Junction, The Beverly Hillbillies, The Flying Nun, The Munsters, The Real McCoys, The Twilight Zone, The Honeymooners, Alfred Hitchcock, The Jack Benny Show, Father Knows Best, Have Gun Will travel, Gunsmoke, Perry Mason…. I’ll stop here.

  148. Mark Shelby says:

    Historic Old Kaua’i 1940 – The Garden Isle …..

    OH Ya!

  149. dihudfan says:

    sorry… burned my draft card while in basic training…

  150. rob foy says:

    Anyone remember going to the kailua theater? It was torn down and a tire shop put in. or when downtown kailua had the holloween contest right in the middle of town.

  151. dihudfan says:

    has anyone played tennis with a Bancroft bamboo racket?
    bowled with Manhattan Rubber, Ebonite rubber bowling balls?
    bought a frozen chocolate banana from a machine for 10c?
    eaten home made mango seed?
    eaten home made guava jelley?
    burned your draft card? This dummy enlisted and burned his card is basic training…….

  152. Mark Shelby says:

    You know that your are one MLC’er…

    If you used to listen to…..J. Akuhead Pupule

    On da Radio!

    And laugh at him as one little kid! Dat means you knew what waz going on! And You paid attention in class!

  153. keoni says:

    Wow UR, dis topic wen hit one home run, yeah? Ovah 200 posts! Keep ‘um coming!

  154. Mark Shelby says:

    Seawalker…..what year did you graduate from McKinley?

  155. Seawalker says:

    @Mark Shelby – I remember my social studies teacher well. Haole guy, and played football in the NFL before becoming a teacher. Big-a$$ dude at 6′ 5″ and sported a mustache with a baritone voice. The student body is way different now. Heard there was a lot of foreigners. Wait a minute, and they say it is expensive to live in town–what gives?

  156. dihudfan says:

    you know you one MLC’r wen you know what a long kui top is…
    or “Cookie, Cookie lem me your comb” what show that wuz from
    or who Maynard G Crabbs wuz… what show Sgt. Curvey (?) wuz on… or who Sgt. Bilko wuz… or Sgt Joe Friday wuz…

  157. Mark Shelby says:

    I was picked on my entire young life in school for being a Haole in Hawaii.
    At McKinley, I was one of about 14 Haole’s in a total school body of around 3,000. By the time I graduated in 1973. Not one time at McKinley did I ever feel threatened. And not one person ever disrespected me. We were like family. Like the way old Hawai’i was. We ALL had the Aloha Spirit! And everyone knew, that was the way you had to act! Or else! This is why I chose McKinley. I knew the respect.

  158. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: Thanks, I’m starting to remember Dodies.

  159. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember they closed down Kalakaua Ave. on a Saturday night because some lolo was using a rifle and shooting from the unfininshed Royal Hawn Shopping Center

  160. Seawalker says:

    @Mark Shelby – First day at McKinley, I go waltzing over the oval lawn unknowingly. “Get the h3ll off, Sophomore”. Some of us learn the traditions the hard way. Only on graduation day did we finally dare step on the oval again.

  161. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you attended a wedding reception at Wo Fat and had their peking duck with bun

  162. Mark Shelby says:

    High school talk……..

    My district high school was Kalani. Because I lived in Kahala. But I did not want to go there with all of those long haired pot smoking rich kid haoles! OMG! Even though I was one haole myself! But I was not like them. I had already been here so long. I was not like them. So I searched for another school to go to. I thought about Kaimuki High. It was well respected, and close to home. But my friends from church were going to McKinley High. And our family friends had a long history of going to McKinley high with good results and good stories. So I got a ‘District Exemption”….so I could attend McKinley High School. Remember those? It was a choice, not a mandate! I always felt it was the best school on all of Oahu! And I was Proud to attend McKinley High School! And sing it’s praises!

  163. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember the slogan “Fasi gets it done” or Ariyoshi’s “quiet and effective” style

  164. Mark Shelby says:

    Mark’75…..Dodies was a part of Wigwam. Like an extension. There were many locations. It was a Fabric store and also sold sewing machines. Sewing machines were big, back in the day. Even way out in Haaula! I think we had a Dodies in Aina Hina too. And maybe on Keaamoku in the old Tower Records building. We held the lease on that building for years. I would have to do a search to try and remember all.

    Don’t make me cry on my MLC screen now!

  165. Mark Shelby says:


    I remember Libby’s! Wow!

    Our first Wigwam was across the street from the old Meadowgold Dairy. Then we latter built a new Wigwam up the Street still On Dillingham at the link with pic I just posted above.

    I think Emjays took over our old original location across from Meadowgold. After we moved toward Town/Diamond Head with our new building. Frank Fasi owned that building. Our original location from the 1950’s. I remember Fasi and my Dad having huge fights over the phone about Fasi’s very leaky roof! LOL! And during huge rain storms, my Dad had to run down to the store in the middle of the night to put up plastic and set buckets because of the very leaky Frank Fasi Roof!…..LOL! Then we built a new building you see in my link above. I cleaned that parking lot in that Summer of 1967 for $1.35 per hour!

  166. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: Neat link! Do you remember where the Dodies’ locations were? Dodies rings a bell, but I just can’t place it.

  167. Seawalker says:

    @Mark Shelby – She worked at the Dillingham one. Think she got tired of Libby’s Manapua Shop down the street and wanted to try something new. Man, your dad must have been some businessman as I remember Wigwam well. Emjays was there shortly after, no?

  168. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you are one MLC’er……..

    If you remember shopping at Wigwam Department Stores, with your parents. Especially the Toy Department! Thanks for the Wigwam Smiley above, Rodney!

    The very reason why I showed up on our shores with my Mom and Dad in 1956! No other blog says it better than this one below.

    Letting you to get to know me better……

    You have no idea how much I miss OUR good old days of Hawai’i….!


    ~Mark Shelby

  169. Seawalker says:

    @A.T. – Pencil fight? We used to go to the neighborhood store to get our Moonlight brand to get ready for battle. Not just any ordinary Moonlight pencil, but the ones with redwood casing for durability. The Eagle pencil was cheap, but good only for the sissy-Marys. Good memories. No, make that great memories. No time for school.

  170. Mark'75 says:

    Wow, now I know I was a klutz…wasn’t limited to knuckles, but wrist, forearm, back of the hand, all bruised up from kabonker balls.

  171. Mark Shelby says:

    Seawalker…..I don’t know what skeleton men means. but my Dad did every creative holiday theme sale that you could ever imagine! Which Wigwam store did your Mom work in? In the 1960’s and early 1970’s we used to have whole company Wigwam Store parties at our house! Kalua Pig Feast/Luau….live Hawaiian music and Hula Dancers! Da bess days of my life bra! We were ALL Family! And life was good!

  172. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Yup, plenty soles.

  173. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember how bruised your knuckles got playing with kabonkers

  174. Seawalker says:

    @Mark ’75 – High regards for Kaimuki. That’s where I scoped out my wife. Plenty soles, too?

  175. Seawalker says:

    @Mark Shelby – My mom worked at Wigwams for a while. Think it was the early 70s. Still remember how she used to refer to the “skeleton men” in the parking lot. You guys must have had choke sole’ customers. Mom did not know much English, but she knew the bad sole’ words to use on us when we misbehaved. lol

  176. Mark Shelby says:

    Not trying to repeat…..just found this. This is fun!

    Over The Sea To Honolulu 1950….

  177. Mark Shelby says:

    This is way before my time of course. But so fun to see the good old days of Hawai’i…..! I learned how to surf in Waikiki in front of our beloved Royal Hawaiian Hotel, with lessons from a Waikiki Beach……beach boy! In 1962, when I was just 7 years old. Now that was Paradise to me!

    Vintage Hawaiian Film – Circa 1913 – Waikiki Honolulu surfing scenery

  178. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re a McKinley MLC’er if you remember their band playing this song:

    aaaaahhhh the Songleaders!

  179. Mark Shelby says:

    Thanks Mark’75………that’s IT! I stood there on those McKinley Steps for our graduation in 1973 and we sang that song! Don’t make me cry all over my MLC screen now!

  180. Mark'75 says:

    McKinley High School. I get chicken skin hearing this song everytime. It brings back memories of dad taking me to Honolulu Stadium and seeing everyone, even old folks, standing and singing this song. It just drips with tradition.

  181. Mark Shelby says:

    LOL!……Hey Seawalker!

    I laid rubber with my Mom’s 1968 Ford LTD two door…..with massive 396 and 4 barrel carb! Wow! That thing could fly! It was a total sleeper hot rod! It was like a Mom’s hot rod that nobody ever knew until you stepped on da gas! It was green with a black vinyl top. I cherished that thing! And I washed and waxed it every Sat. for her.

  182. Mark Shelby says:

    I remember being in Hilo in the 1960’s as a young boy. And eating at a coffee shop with my parents near the pond. And there were lines and dates on the wall. Where the Tidal Waves came up and into the coffee shop. Anyone remember this? Remember the name of the coffee shop? I was Always intrigued by this. And wondered what our Hilo friends experienced during these tidal waves.

  183. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you laid rubber on the road with dad’s Dodge Dart

  184. Mark Shelby says:

    Mark’75………..I played miniature golf there for years! So fun bradda!

  185. Mark Shelby says:

    Wailoa pond stay in Hilo. Beautiful Scenery! Sometimes on a clear night. We could catch live Hilo TV from our tall TV antenna on top of our house on da back slope of Diamond Head on Oahu! But mostly every night, TV signals from Maui.

  186. Seawalker says:

    @Mark Shelby – Did I hear McKinley Black and Gold? Or was that the Punahou of all DOE schools you were saying? lol

  187. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you played miniature golf in Waikiki next to Royal Theater.

  188. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you shopped at Kaiko’o Mall.

  189. Mark'75 says:

    awww, I always wanted to ride the sampan bus, but never got a chance.

  190. Ynaku says:

    Sun Sun Lau used to be on the shores of Wailoa Pond

  191. Ynaku says:

    Remember Paramount Grill

  192. Ynaku says:

    You rode the Sampan Bus in Hilo and knew who Shake Shake was

  193. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know you are one MLC’er…..and one local…..

    If you can tell Portagee jokes and they actually laughed at you. And neva beat you up!….lol

  194. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you had to take your turn working cafeteria in intermediate school. I never got a skill job like serving…always got the slop, or at Kaimuki Intermediate, Substation Kokohead or Substation Ewa.

  195. Mark Shelby says:

    OH Wow! I can’t believe I just found this!

    Duke Kahanamoku This Is Your Life !

  196. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Wow uncle during the mid 70s i lived just across from the Honolulu Zoo on Kapahulu st. Right across from the Zoo enterence.

  197. Mark Shelby says:

    The DUKE……….
    Where were the Sandwich Islands….in 1912?

    My Hero!

  198. Mark Shelby says:

    Mark’75…..My Father used to take our high school Sunday School class to every football game at the Termite Stadium. He was our Sunday School teacher at First Church of the Nazarene on Judd Street in Nuuanu. Our home church since I was one little Keiki, in 1956. We would park ALL of our cars for Free on top of our Moiliili Wigwam Store across the street. I had the Key! To let us all out after da game! Do you remember how the stands would shake? When everyone would jump up and down with excitement? OMG! That was scary! GO McKinley Black and Gold!

  199. Mark Shelby says:

    CBS Sports Spetacular TV Broadcast 1965 1st Annual Duke Kahanamoku Invitational Surfing Championships
    First surfing contest held on the North Shore of Hawaii – Shown on NBC Sports Easter Sunday 1966 – Narrated by Bruce Brown –
    Sunset Beach – Mike Doyle Greg Noll Fred Hemmings Rusty Miller Mike Hanson Jacky Everlyn Paul Straw Peter Cole Felipe Pomar + others + Interview with Mickey Dora

    Remember all of these great surfer names? I had their large surfing posters all over my bedroom walls!!!!!!!! Remember the days of large surfing posters? You can’t find one today.

  200. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: I’d take Honolulu Stadium any day over Aloha Stadium. Such memories there. Also, from Honolulu Stadium’s bleachers was the first time I saw the tennis courts atop Wigwam!

  201. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey Mark’75………I think the Aloha Stadium rust idea…..was kind of like the Termite Palace Stadium in Moiliili………..If they all still keep holding hands we are OK! Who was in charge den? OMG!

    I shook my head too!

  202. Mark Shelby says:

    I remember that Mark’75. I hated seeing dat building! But I actually bought my very first real estate investment at the Waikiki Grand Hotel just across from the Zoo. And behind that eyesore……when they turned the Waikiki Grand into private ownership. I was just 19 years old when I bought that hotel studio. I know that corner very well.

  203. khs68 says:

    @Sally – your ironing ritual sounds so familiar. Baban used to put wet jeans on a metal shaper to avoid ironing. The jeans could standup by themselves after a day drying in the sun.

    The rest of the clothes got sprinkled and put in the refrigerator for awhile then ironed. Yep, took all day. I was in charge of sprinkling and refrigeration. I was demoted from ironing after I dropped the iron and it broke. Ooops. hehehe

  204. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you shook your head at the idea of building a stadium with metal that rusts to a point and then the rust forms a protective layer against further rust…..hmmmm

  205. Mark'75 says:

    You know you’re MLC if you remember the Park Shore Hotel (Kalakaua/Kapahulu) as a rusting skeleton of metal beams for years before completion. Used to see it all the time while paipo boarding off walls and ins & outs.

  206. Mark Shelby says:


    The King of Surfing!

  207. Mark Shelby says:

    More……….this was my lifestyle in da islands.

    Duke Kahanamoku´s World of Surfing 1968 TV Special Part 2 …

  208. Mark Shelby says:

    Old timers typo………….

    It was a beautiful 9′ 6″ Duke Kahanamoku! Blue and white with THICK………… all wood stringer.

  209. Mark Shelby says:

    You are really one MLC’er for life if you remember dis video!

    Duke Kahanamoku´s World of Surfing 1968 TV Special Part 1

    I bought my first surfboard at Wigwam across from Meadowgold Dairy on Dillingham Blvd. We were having a Sale in the sporting goods department. That was about 1966/ 1967. The Duke was there shaking hands and signing autographs. That’s the day I bought my very own surfboard with my paper route money. $225 Bucks for a little kid was a lot of money! It was a beautiful 9′ 6″ Duke Kahanamoku! Blue and white with think all wood stringer. I met the Duke that fine day! My Dad walked me up to my Surfing Hero! I shook the Dukes Hand and we talked surfing. He had the biggest and most proud smile I had ever seen in my life! And I got his autograph. One of my best Hawaii memories of all time! A most special Hawai’i day.

  210. Mark Shelby says:

    Found it…………!

    Thomas Edison´s Hawaii Old and Rare Footage 1906 Part 1


  211. Mark Shelby says:

    Probably the first footage of surfing and one of the oldest footages of Hawaii
    Thomas Edison´s Hawaii Old and Rare Footage 1906 Part 2
    Surfboard Riders + Surf Scenes Waikiki + Hawaiians Arriving to a ” Luau ”
    In 1906, Robert Bonine came to Hawaii for Thomas Edison to film an “Actuality” documentary of life in the Polynesian territory. The very first shot is a “Panoramic View, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu” a 360 degree view of 1906 Waikiki which shows men in suits and white skimmers and the women in full battle dress — buttoned up to the neck, the wrists and the ankles. There are shots of native Hawaiians throwing net in malos, and there is a shot of a mass of kids playing King of the Hill on The Float — most of them wearing tanksuits. The first moving pictures of surfers riding waves – Surf Riders, Waikiki Beach, Honolulu — shows a minute of about a dozen surfers on alaia boards in head-high, offshore surf at what is probably Canoes. These surfers are shot too far away to detail what they were wearing, but they all appear to be in tanksuits as well.

    Now I have to hunt for Part One!

  212. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey A.T……we used to have Marbles competition at Kahala Elementary. We used to shoot for Pennies! I would come to school with pennies in my left pocket. And marbles in my right pocket! Those were the dayz bradda! And all of dat above that you just posted! Keep going! Triangle football finger games in da classroom when the teacher was not looking!…..LOL

  213. A.T. says:

    We had to make our own fun back in the day. We used to buy Icee from the store and kept the straw to turn it inside out. Icee straws worked the best. 4 popsicle sticks made a boomarang that exploded on impact. 2 popsicle sticks and a rubber band made a flying ninja star. An empty pen cartridge, cut piece of a clothes hanger with one end bent like a handle and a carrot made what we called a carrot gun. You would poke the pen cartridge in the carrot at both ends. Then you stick your clothes hanger in one end of the cartridge and push as hard as you can. The air pressure trapped by the carrots would cause the piece of the carrot to shoot out, instant carrot gun. Spear gun with an empty thread spool, rubber bands or surgical rubber and a sharpened straightened clothes hanger.
    Shoot marbles, 5 hole of course. Pencil fight, try broke the other guys pencil. Cowboy matches from Big 88 military surplus store on Beretania Street. Light it with your pants zipper or stuck it to the wall. Paper footbal game. Fold the typing paper to make a triangle football. Make your own poppers with paper shot, bb’s for bb gun and wax paper. Now days they get the pre-made kine in the box with the saw dust. kukui nut top, just need kukui nut, drill and bbq stick.
    I better stop my head is spinning.

  214. Mark Shelby says:

    Thank You Hbh……I never saw that you posted that. I was late for this party. Thanks bradda! You jus Love our Hawai’i like I do! You nailed it! I always keep searching for more good old Hawai’i history to share.

  215. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If You Remember Or Had a Tutu or old Auntie, who when you were kohole or missbehaved she could yell at you in Multi different languages(rare to find today) when you made her angry. My auntie it was English, pidgin english, Olelo Hawai’ian, Tagalog, some Japanese and something i could of swore was some ancient pele curse mixed in there. The worst punishment after da lickins was the worst stink eye and silent treatment for the rest of the night. Even my uncle was smart enought to goto his private spot in the garage for the rest of the night. God rest my aunties soul, she was the most giving, kindest soul, intill you push her to far. Anyway my auntie would alse tell me stories of ancient hawaiian obake and pele to keep me in line. So old school anyone else can relate?

  216. Hbh says:


    Auntie, doing things the oldway really changes your perceptions on things huh, I know. On the mainland here for about 6mths in high school i lived in a place that was kinda of a blackout area, no electrical wires, not phone, no running hot water, and had to use an out house, everything was the old way. You learned to be greatful for everything modern lol.

  217. Hbh says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Its good you found the old historic honolulu videos uncle. If you look up at about 5:45pm yesterday on this thread you will see I have videos for 1950s, 1960s for you guys too. Enjoy, just forgot to lable them. There so good it worth mentioning them 100 times.

  218. 4G says:

    I don’t know about “MLC”, but you know you getting old when you start eating dinner before 5:00 p.m. consistently. 😉

  219. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember on TV who the “Meathead” was or “Edith, get me a beer”

  220. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you remember the school supply list included an option for an apron or dad’s old shirt. Guess which one I got?

  221. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you thought Long-life instant saimin was the bomb. Nowadays, if you want long life, you stay away from that stuff!

  222. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you pull up your pants above your bellybutton

  223. Seawalker says:

    @HBh – therapy, eh? LOL, no help…

    You know you MLC…

    …when you take a good look in the mirror and see that your forehead has more wrinkles than a bag of prunes.

  224. sally says:

    …if your ironing day was like this:

    Spread the big plastic sheet on the living room floor
    Throw all your laundry on it.
    Sit down with a big bowl of water next to you.
    Sprinkle the laundry (if you’re truly MLC, I don’t need to describe this).
    Set up the iron and ironing board (lucky we weren’t using the charcoal ones by the time ironing became my chore).
    No steam irons back then, now you know the purpose of sprinkling the laundry.
    Take half a day to iron EVERYTHING. This included t-shirts, handkerchiefs, pillowcases, sheets, as well as clothing. Cuz that was the rule in my house.

  225. Mark Shelby says:

    Historic Old Oahu 1940 – Part Three ….Touring

    Historic Old Oahu 1940 – Part Four

    ….Enjoy! I’m so glad I found these!

  226. sally says:

    …if your laundry day was like this:

    Scrubbed clothes on a washboard. Used a tawashi for stains.
    Washed clothes in the wringer washer.
    Set the kitchen timer cuz wringer washers are not automatic.
    Boiled starch on the stove.
    Added it to water in the tarai (galvanized tub) and added bluing for whitening (go figure).
    Soaked your percale sheets and pillowcases befor hanging them on the clothesline.

  227. Mark Shelby says:

    Historic Old Oahu 1940 – Part Two ……..

    Before my time, but fun to watch the good old days of Hawai’i….! And thankful that this is actually on film. Which is very rare to find. Enjoy!

  228. Mark Shelby says:

    In reference to my last post about the Aloha Tower. You may find this video I just found interesting. I was not alive in the 1940’s, but I can remember visiting the Lurline in the late 1950’s at the dock at the Aloha Tower. And this is what it was like.

  229. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one MLC’er….

    If you can remember when the Aloha Tower was still almost the tallest building in downtown Honolulu. And you used to go with your parents in the late 1950’s to see arriving or departing friends on the huge cruise ships that were docked next to the Aloha Tower. And throw lei’s in the water as a blessing. And have fun watching the local kids diving for change that the passengers would throw down to them in the water. Those were da days bradda! Everyone was happy. And everyone had Aloha!

  230. Mark Shelby says:


    You know your are one MLC’er…..

    When you can remember when the Royal Hawaiian and Moana Hotels were the tallest and grandest on Waikiki Beach! Next best was the Original Halekulani hotel and their awesome little beach hut rooms. Now those were cool!

  231. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If You Miss The Following.

    @Mark Shelby

    Eh uncle don’t get me startted, I lived in a ohana greatly out numbered by wahines, you can imagine all of them thinking what wonderful cute things can we dress lil ol hbh in, or cute situations we can put him in. (don’t ask lol, still paying for the therapy :-))

  232. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one MLC’er….

    If you can remember before Kahala Mall grew up, there was only a huge parking lot. With Longs Drugs on one side, and Star Market on the other side. With one long covered walk way in between so you would not get rained on walking across.

  233. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one MLC’er…

    When you have good memories of Skateland and the miniature electric indoor race car track in Kahala.

  234. Mark Shelby says:

    You know you one MLC’er ….

    when in 1965 at Kahala Elementary they made you take off your shirt and wear one bright red lava lava for May Day. And stand in the King and Queens court in front of the entire school, while holding the royal flower pole. And den when it was all over, you were so embarrassed that you ran home almost in tears!….lol But now you enjoy the memories!

  235. dihudfan says:

    you know you one MLC’r wen you had metal wheel from skates nailed to a board and called it a skate car…

  236. khs68 says:

    When you wear knee braces on both knees to play tennis.

  237. khs68 says:

    When your social club had dances in a friend’s garage and the neighbors complained about the loud music.

  238. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey Lowtone123
    You know you one MLC’r when your first skateboard had steel roller skate wheels! Now dat was scary bra! Especially going downhill!

  239. Lowtone123 says:

    You had the Black Knight skateboard with the red clay wheels.

  240. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you’re better half tells you you blind as a bat, have chronic deafears, and forget to compliment her cooking b/c you can’t smell for beans

  241. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you spend just as much money for docs and meds than last week’s pupus and brews

  242. Seawalker says:

    You know you MLC…

    …when you never have to get up several times a night to P

  243. Hbh says:


    Oh ok uncle, well give me a little time. Im also going to post 70s-80s, its just hard to find real good stuff sometimes.

    @Mark Shelby

    Mahalo uncle, It gives me joy to share aloha and the things I find even if I didn’t live in that generation. There will be more. Hawaii was gorgeous in your generation uncle, really was.

  244. M says:

    When the The Bus was known as HRT….

  245. Fernandez says:

    for the Whitmo gang, Remember the store bus? The material man in the green panel van? Kakanoa park? Macadamia Trees for make da kine?

  246. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…
    If you loved this movie! And know how special this song is for us in Hawaii. My lifelong friends cousin was one of the hula girls on the canoe platform in this scene. I talked with her about it. I was there the day after they filmed this scene at the Polynesian Cultural Center. They told me I was sitting where Elvis sat yesterday. I said….wow!

  247. Mark Shelby says:

    PERFECT!…………..M ……You Nailed IT! All Dat!

    January 20th, 2014 at 8:47 pm #
    You know You’re MLC if you remember Lippy Espinda, Caption Kangaroo, Caption Honolulu, Roper Room, K.K. Kaumanua, Hawaii Calls, J. Akuhead Pupule, Lucky Luck, Weird Beard, Hawaiian Eye, Jack McCoy, 50th State Wrestling, Napua Stevens, Micky Mouse Club, Howdy Doody, American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan show, Laugh In show, Lawence Welk Show, Sonny and Cher Show, Red Skelton Show, Dean Martin Show, Donnie and Marie Show, Lucy Show, Carol Burnett Show, Shindig, I’ll stop here for now…..

  248. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…
    If you used to visit your friend in Foster village for a sleep over. And den look out your bedroom window from your bunk bed toward Ewa and Wahiawa. And watch the sugar cane Fires Light up da Sky! Da whole island was glowing!
    I remember driving through the cane field areas with my parents. And there would be warning signs and flashing lights about the smoke. And roads would even be temporally closed because of the smoke.

  249. Pam says:

    I think they were retired city buses given to the schools to cart us back and forth. They were so hazardous and there didn’t seem to be any rules back then for safety! Yikes!

  250. Mark Shelby says:

    Pam, I still remember the clink, clink, clink…..they should have paid us to ride them!

  251. Pam says:

    When you had to ride those 10 cents green and pink 45 passenger buses to school with 75 crammed on. And….you could see the road passing buy through holes in the floorboard! I still remember how that dime sounded as it clink, clink, clinked down the chamber!

  252. Pam says:

    When you camped out over night at Hanauma Bay for free.

  253. Pam says:

    When you greeted the P.O.W.’s back from Viet Nam at Hickum AFB……..

  254. Mark Shelby says:

    If you remember the Red and White License Plate…..and the windshield stickers…..
    You are old school MLC! I neva knew what the windshield stickers were all about. Anyone know?

  255. Pam says:

    When your back yard in Mililani Town was pineapple fields!

  256. Mark Shelby says:

    January 20th, 2014 at 8:35 am #
    …if you remember watching Checkers & Pogo after school.

    KAN……my father Marvin Shelby developed the Checkers and Pogo show with Cec Heftel at KGMB. If you remember back hard. You always saw Wigwam Toy Commercials while watching the Checkers and Pogo Show. I was on those TV commercials as a little kid, demonstrating all of our new toys for sale. Hula hoop, skate boards……..and anything else that was new to our islands.

    Those were really the good old days! Even though I was only making $1.35 per hour! Who could complain.

  257. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…

    If your ever cruised Waikiki in both directions! On Friday and Saturday nights, looking for girls!

  258. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…

    If you remember…..’The Coconut Wireless”………!

    “On the Coconut Wireless”……”On the Coconut Wireless”! Do you remember that tune? I still do.

  259. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…
    If you had to blast KPOI and KKUA out your 1969 VW Beetle windows, so everyone would think that you are Kewl!…

  260. Mark Shelby says:

    You Know You’re MLC If…
    You used to go watch high school football games in Moiliili, in the old rickety wood stadium. Across from Wigwam. And stay and root for your home team even when it was raining Hard! Sometimes da bleachers would bounce wit joy!…..Wow! Scary!

  261. keoni says:

    @Hbh My first visit here was in 1980. Went all over the island, saw friends in Ma’ili, and watched as the Hokule’a returned from Tahiti. I Also visited Kaua’i, Molokai and the Big Island in that trip.

  262. Mark Shelby says:

    Awesome Links Hbh…..! I can remember going down to the Aloha Tower in the 1950’s and early 1960’s to welcome friends come in on the ships to Honolulu Harbor, or say goodbye. That was really a big deal in those days!

  263. 4G says:

    When the term,”Made in Japan” was practically synonymous with cheap goods and shoddy workmanship.

  264. Mark Shelby says:

    Oh Ya! I am guilty of ALL of dat! And, in 1966 I helped my Dad put up a 15 foot tall TV antenna on our roof so we could watch TV. Our house is on the back side of Diamond Head, facing Koko Head and Kahala and another good island across the sea. The DH mountain blocked the TV signal from downtown Honolulu. So we put that TV antenna up and aimed it toward Maui! YUP! Maui! We watched all of our three TV stations (and PBS?) from Maui. And do you remember, in the good old days, TV shows were always one week old by the time they made it to the islands! No such thing as live TV in da old Hawaiian days. They had to mail the tapes to da islands.

  265. Hbh says:


    How far do you go back uncle here in oahu?

  266. keoni says:

    Oh, how I wish I could’ve seen Hawai’i back then.

  267. Hbh says:


    You would be surprised what you can find on the internet if you know were to look and have the time. Lol just a few days ago I watched the first episodes ever for both kikaida and kaiman rider on youtube lol.

  268. Hbh says:


    Rememba bout 4th uncle, dat count?

  269. M says:

    You know You’re MLC if you remember Lippy Espinda, Caption Kangaroo, Caption Honolulu, Roper Room, K.K. Kaumanua, Hawaii Calls, J. Akuhead Pupule, Lucky Luck, Weird Beard, Hawaiian Eye, Jack McCoy, 50th State Wrestling, Napua Stevens, Micky Mouse Club, Howdy Doody, American Bandstand, Ed Sullivan show, Laugh In show, Lawence Welk Show, Sonny and Cher Show, Red Skelton Show, Dean Martin Show, Donnie and Marie Show, Lucy Show, Carol Burnett Show, Shindig, I’ll stop here for now…..

  270. Mark'75 says:

    Lucky Luck used to crack me up when he’d end his kids TV show, “…well boys and girls, that’s the end of my show, be good to your mommies and daddies…or I going come your house and bus’ you up!”

  271. Mark'75 says:

    @Hbh: Nice!
    In another commercial, Lucky Luck sang, “You come my house, we eat Pao Doce, that’s the Leonard’s style…”

  272. NaPueo says:

    There was no automatic transmissions.

  273. NaPueo says:

    The HRT bus systems longest route ran between Kaimuki and Kalihi. When they extended the routes you had to pay an extra “zone fare”.

  274. Hbh says:

    One thing I do have to say, looking back at the videos of Oahu in the 60s,50s,40s. I have to say Oahu was so nani about 3x more then the 70s. Man all those trees in the 50s, you could see the skyline and green grass, open spaces. It baffles me how anyone remembering how gorgeous things were, could even think this current concrete jungle is better? Anyway no moe OT fo me. Great topic uncle rodney.

  275. Hbh says:


    Well thats before my time i was born 1970s.

  276. Mark'75 says:

    oh, and it was not an anime.

  277. Mark'75 says:

    @Hbh: no, this predates KIKU.

  278. Hbh says:

    @Mark’75 was that a KIKU program?

  279. hydroman72 says:

    …when I read all the postings and start day dreaming.
    …when after reading all the postings, wait for more!
    …have a big grin on my face from all the memories.

  280. Mark'75 says:

    If this old morning TV show’s theme rings a bell…

  281. Hbh says:

    @khs68 Lol k auntie. 🙂

  282. Mark'75 says:

    @Hbh: yup, 50th State Wrestling! Thanks.

  283. khs68 says:

    @hbh – okay, okay change that to aunty. 😆

  284. khs68 says:

    Tally Ho Lord Blears. I went to Washington Intermediate with his daughter, and Sgt. Sacto’s son.

  285. Hbh says:

    Oh sorry my bad sistah. 🙁

  286. khs68 says:

    @hbh – I one sista!!

  287. Hbh says:


    Mahalo i will try to remember that in future.

  288. Hbh says:

    Ok out of moderator limbo, bruddahs & sistahs, aunties & uncles, please check out the renewed vintage videotapes of oahu from your times above ^^^^, also a ton of pictures from the link provided after the videos. Mahalo hope you enjoy.

  289. Rodney says:

    Just a reminder – Inserting 3 or more links into a single comment will cause the comment to be held for moderation. It’s a Spam thing.

    Carry on, MLCers. :mrgreen:

  290. Mark'75 says:

    @khs68: Yup, that’s the ones. Imagine falling in today, yikes!

  291. Mark'75 says:

    If you remember “Frank Valenti’s ILH Game of the Week” and “50th State Wrestling” on TV.

  292. khs68 says:

    @Mark ’75: There were also those wooden chairs in the Ala Wai. I remember my jichan used to sit and fish. Once I tried to climb on and fell in the water. Lucky wasn’t deep, but my mother took me right away to the doctor for a tetanus shot. What tetanus shot? We used to eat the fish my jichan caught. Think it was awa.

  293. Hbh says:

    @khs68 Oh man, KC drive in waffle dogs ono!

  294. khs68 says:

    if you remember KC and Likelike drive-ins’ carhops.

  295. Mark'75 says:

    @4G: Was great fun getting blasted by jet exhaust and gravel on the roof, yeah? I miss those days when you could see friends and loved ones off at their gate, drape them with leis (flower kine, candy kine, liquor kine, any kine)

  296. Mark'75 says:

    @khs68: BOAT RIDE!!! I remember the red and white sign far off in the distance at McCully Street bridge as I ran along Ala Wai Boulevard. Used to seem forever until I neared the bridge.

    Also, remember the wooden platforms that you could walk out on and actually fish in the Ala Wai? …..think I’ll pass nowadays…

  297. Mark'75 says:

    If you had to go Kaiser Hospital to stitch your puka head, you went to Waikiki.

  298. Hbh says:

    My bruddahs & sistahs, aunties and uncles. I have a real gift for you. I found this uncles site. You Know You’re MLC If you rememba any of the following. If you get a chance say Mahalo to Kamaaina56 it really must of took forever to have such an awsome collection. Enjoy while my other stuff is awaiting moderation. Oh and aloha to all of you.

  299. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC If you rememba any of the following: Found this for my older aunties and uncles 1940-1950s Old Honolulu. Yes its 1950s too.

  300. keoni says:

    You MLC if you remember wen TheBus was HRT.

  301. khs68 says:

    if you remember the rent-a-boats in the Ala Wai canal.

  302. Mark'75 says:

    When public high schools had carnivals too, not just Punahou.

  303. 4G says:

    When seeing people off at the old Honolulu International Airport, especially to the mainland, was a big deal. You would see them off at the gate downstairs, then go upstairs to the open air “roof”, try to see them through those tiny windows, then get blasted by the jet exhaust as the plane taxied away .….

  304. 4G says:

    @dihudfan – “Diving for coins …” – seriously?! Awesome!

  305. Hbh says:


    Now did you just say all dat in one breath? 🙂

  306. dihudfan says:

    wen your tv only wuz black and white…
    a pack of cigarettes wuz 25 cents…
    candy actually wuz a penny…
    saimin wuz 25cents and barbq stick 5cents…
    all the ILH football games played at the Honolulu Stadium…
    school fare for HRT wuz 10 cents…
    roller skating at the Rainbow Roller Land…
    Saturday morning shows wuz 9 cents…
    Daily newspapah wuz 5 cents…
    drag racing wuz in Kahuku…
    playing in the Iolani Palace…
    playing in the Aloha tower…
    playing in the Bishop Museum…
    diving for coins at the piers…
    captain Honolulu…
    Checkers and Pogo…
    Lucky Luck…
    Kinnie Popo…
    J Aku Head…
    Lippy Espinda…
    Aloha Motors, Kapiolani Motors, Love Motors, Wholesale Motors…
    Kalihi, Stadium Bowl O Drome, Kapiolni, City, Waialae, Kaimuki, Kam, Classic, Boulevard, Jet Lanes, Hawaiian Lanes, Pearl City, Tropicanna, Windward, Waikiki, Aloha, Bowling alleys…

  307. Hbh says:

    @4G lol, I don’t rememba Romper Room! But don’t blame you, all asian hapa and asian wahines are nani. Oh how I miss home “sigh” 🙂 lol.

  308. 4G says:

    Romper Room! Robin Mann – *sigh*. 😉 LOL!

  309. Hbh says:

    @KAN- Chik’n’skin brah, same here wen learning da ukulele!

    @khs68- Yeah uncle, Filipino Fiesta ran intil 1980s.

    You Know You’re MLC if you remember the Electric Company, Old Sesame Street, Hanna-Barbera Cartoons (Space Ghost), The Banana Splits(reruns in Hawaii, and no were as good as Checkers & Pogo)

    You know you’re MLC if you remember KHNL as KIKU with all the japanese programming. And if you remember TV Pow first startted?

    (not the same channel 13 show but same game)

  310. LINDA KATO says:

    Before when we hung out, everyone talking to each other…..
    today, everyone is on their smart phones….. we see it all the time at Zippy’s with NO ONE talking at all sitting at the same table all on their smart phones….. why bother going out together ❓ So funny to me…. the in person company of that person is more important to me than being on the phone every single minute ❗

  311. LINDA KATO says:

    So many MLC memories, thanks everyone ❗ 😀

  312. volleymom2 says:

    @4G- yes, I flew up the mainland (to Minnesota) myself for school and didn’t know anyone!! Nowadays the parents go with them. sometimes my daughter brings this up… well, she still can’t get it thru her head that I didn’t have the money to do that. However, she was lucky that her friend and her family were going the same way and dropped her off!! At least she had someone…but during my time I felt so independent and proud going by myself..

  313. volleymom2 says:

    Your house used to have a TV antenna on the roof- yep, cuz we had no rabbit ears

    You worked cannery- for about 3 summers, I was a trimmer!

    You shopped at Wigwam- my parents did and I tagged along. I remember they bought this wind up tiger that I wanted. My cat used to love to play with this toy.

    You talked your mom into buying you Fizzies- ate fizzes too

    You listened to either K-POI or KKUA- listened to both stations

    You remember Food City- vaguely.. located at market city??

    You only paid 10¢ to ride the bus- my limo to school during intermediate days

    You remember the huge used car lot at the corner of Dillingham Blvd and Middle St.- was that Schuman Carriage- had the big orange advertisement??

    You remember the green and white license plates- yes, yes!!

  314. khs68 says:

    remember Ala Moana beach without magic island.

  315. khs68 says:

    Biddy boxing and 50th State wrestling.

  316. khs68 says:

    hula hoop and dakochan.

  317. khs68 says:

    remember Captain Honolulu, Sgt. Sackto & Chubby Roland.

  318. khs68 says:

    remember…Barbara Lee on Televi Digest. Faustino Respicio on Filipino Fiesta — “maestro musica!”

  319. khs68 says:

    remember the manapua man coming to your neighborhood.

  320. khs68 says:

    …if you remember Kaheka (Lane) street ended at the back of Kapiolani Drive-In theater.

  321. khs68 says:

    ..using a mimeograph to make copies — purple ink all over your fingers.

    ..using carbon paper to type original and copy. aargh hard to hide typos. Thank God for Bill Gates.

  322. KAN says:

    …when you look forward to Mondays and Thursdays for new MLC blog topics!

  323. KAN says:

    @Hbh: when I was learning to play `ukulele, the Exchange song was one of the first every kid wanted to learn. The other was the theme to “Hawai`i 5-0.”

  324. KAN says:

    …if you remember watching Checkers & Pogo after school.

  325. KAN says:

    Hey, an Ankles sighting! Welcome back, Ankles!

    …if you remember schools having a dress code. Never used to be able to wear jeans, much less shorts, to school!

  326. 4G says:

    * If you remember canned soda before aluminum cans – yikes, some of those (especially Colas) were nasty! LOL.

  327. 4G says:

    * If you remember public telephones being prevalent (and it cost 10 cents to make a phone call)

  328. 4G says:

    * If you remember Bruno Mars as Little Elvis, performing in Waikiki

  329. 4G says:

    BTW – Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

    * You know you’re MLC if you remember when segregation was a prevalent part of American society.

    * If you remember the March on Washington and getting chicken skin listening to the “I have a dream” speech

  330. 4G says:

    If you remember nuclear attack drills – yeah, ducking under my desk is going to ensure my safety! LOL.

  331. 4G says:

    @Ankles! Howzit?!

    * Car registration (and maybe even safety check?) stickers were windshield decals that consisted of the year of registration (mounted inside the front windshield)

    * There was no H1 freeway

    * Forget dollar meals – you could get five hamburgers for a dollar

    * The ILH was the “city” schools (public and private) and the OIA was the “country” schools

    * If you know that hippies and yippies came before yuppies

    * People burning draft cards and bras

    * School kids used to have to work in the cafeterias and clean classrooms

    * A pack of cigarettes was like $0.50

    * Real chrome bumpers

    * If you remember Wally Yee carnival rides, Checkers and Pogo, and Bireley’s soda

    * If you remember Gibsons

    * There were only baby boomers – no Gen X’ers and Gen Y’ers

    * “Rap” meant talking story

    * If you remember Philips 66 gas stations

    * If you remember when cars and bench seats (in the front) and seat belts weren’t standard equipment

    * If you remember trading stamps (like Gold Bond)

    * If you remember when gas stations where all “full service” What? Pump my own gas? LOL.

    * If you remember lining up for gas on odd and even days – depending on your license plate

    * Kids going to the mainland for school had to actually fly up to school and get settled by themselves

    * If you remember longshoremen strikes and stocking up (okay – hoarding!) toilet paper and rice

    * If you remember when gas stations used to give away stuff like drinking glasses and plates

    * Searchlights at store grand openings and such (and those things were humongous – not like the more compact models of today!)

  332. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC, when you can sing the words to da Exchange Orange Aide and Yick lung commercials.

    The exchange goes round round round
    and down down down
    in your glass glass glass
    makes your mind
    think yum yum yum
    It’s that Orangeade called Exchange

    The exchange goes round round round
    and down down down
    in your tum tum tum
    makes your mind
    think yum yum yum
    It’s that Orangeade called Exchange

    “Sometimes when I’m happy I stick out my tongue, and put on a flavor of Yick Lung!”. I like the Flavor of Yick Lung!

  333. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC, when you refer to Don Quijotes as Holiday Mart when you give directions.

    You Know You’re MLC or just getting old when you rememba da Checkers & Pogo show and watched Kikaida, Ultraman, Kamen Rider when you was kid.

    You Know You’re MLC, when you rememba shopping at kress stores. Or when on social networks you just can’t help comparing da guud ol days to now, and driving people pupule or lolo. 🙂

  334. Hbh says:

    You Know You’re MLC, when you get overly excited to see or talk about old places you used to goto, or eat at etc lol.

    You Know You’re MLC, when you rememba Ala Moana had only two levels.

    You Know You’re MLC when you rememba Pearlridge shopping center phase 1 & 2.

  335. ankleBYTERS says:

    …reverb unit, 8-trk, and 6×9 Jensen tri-axials installed in the back shelf..
    …Firestone Wide Ovals
    …Goodyear Polyglas GT
    …Gabriel Hi-Jackers
    …gas $0.25/gal at Ft. Shafter
    …carton of Marlboro Greens for $2.50 at PX
    …telephone party lines
    …Pan Am bags for school
    …Schwinn 5-spd
    …slot car racing with Hall’s Chaparral and Bond’s Aston Martin
    ..watching Islander games at the Termite Palace and wrestling at Civic Auditorium
    …shopping at Gems

  336. NaPueo says:

    High School football games were at the (Termite Palace} Honolulu Stadium.

  337. NaPueo says:

    If you remember white wall tires.

  338. NaPueo says:

    You went to movies at Drive In Theaters.

  339. NaPueo says:

    Fort Street Mall was just Fort Street.

  340. khs68 says:

    All adult male relatives wore black criss cross slippahs for holoholo.

  341. khs68 says:

    Milkman delivered milk and juice.

  342. khs68 says:

    All sodas were in bottles.

  343. khs68 says:

    BBQ sticks at a saimin stand was 15 cents.

  344. khs68 says:

    King Street and Beretania Street were two-ways.

  345. keoni says:

    You remember penny candy that actually cost $.01! 😯

  346. keoni says:

    AND you remember getting coal delivered into your coal bin.

  347. keoni says:

    You remember shoveling coal into the furnace in your house and shaking the grate to remove the ashes (on the mainland).

  348. keoni says:

    You watched American Bandstand wen it stay broadcasting from Philadelphia!

  349. keoni says:

    You watched the Mickey Mouse Club.

  350. eddyo says:

    Lunch at school was $.25 & juice $.05
    Tuition at UH $240.40
    NBC was a network not HIC
    You shopped at Holiday Mart
    8track tape was neat
    & you use da word NEAT!

  351. khs68 says:

    your Dad’s car had “mud guards”.

  352. khs68 says:

    your mom’s car had “curb feelers”.

  353. keoni says:

    What? Not read every comment?! Why that’s, that’s… anti-MLC!!! 😯 😆

  354. LINDA KATO says:

    … your parent’s car didn’t have air conditioning!

  355. DIO says:

    your car only had a radio, an AM radio.

  356. LINDA KATO says:

    You know you’re MLC if….

    …you paid 10 cents to see a movie in a theatre… before the movie you watched news reels and a cartoon before a DOUBLE FEATURE!

    …you watched black and white shows on TV.

    …you pull out your AARP card for the 15 percent discount at Denny’s.

    …you shop at Don Quijote on Tuesdays for the Senior citizen discount.

    …you pull out your Senior citizen discount card (I use hubby’s… for 65 years and older) for a 10 percent discount at Zippy’s.

  357. DIO says:

    …you can remember watching tv shows in black and white.

  358. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Monday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

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