MLC Rite Of Passage

Rite of passage; a ritual event that marks a person’s transition from one status to another.


Colonoscopy; see Rite of passage.


I think you know where this is going. Literally.


Remember the Rites of Passage from growing up time?

  • Working at the Cannery.
  • Your first kiss.
  • Getting your driver’s license.
  • Graduating from school.


Well, I just experienced a MLC Rite of Passage – my first Colonoscopy.




I’m about 5 years late in getting a colonoscopy, and after listening to my doctor constantly remind me to get one, I finally decided to take the plunge, so to speak.


I originally had it scheduled for December of last year – but the flu/pneumonia one-two punch caused me to postpone it.  Then our January vacation gave me reason to postpone it further.  But alas, I can’t be putting this off any more.  So I made the appointment.


Now, before getting into the nitty-gritties, the topic of Colonoscopy is quite popular.  We talk about it during lunch, sharing stories while eating.  No big deal.  Even the medical assistant that was prepping me mentioned how the Colonoscopy is talked about at parties.  The younger folks might even say that Colonoscopy is “trending” amongst the MLC crowd.


Now, one of the top reasons that people are hesitant to get a Colonoscopy is not the procedure itself – rather, it’s the prepping.


The night before my Colonoscopy was what I was dreading the most – drinking that special cocktail.  People gave me tips like, mix it with Crystal Light, or suck on a lemon or lime after drinking it to help kill the taste – like you do with tequila.  Yeah, right.  And mostly everyone admitted that they didn’t finish drinking the whole milk-gallon jug of the nasty mix.


The morning of the day that I had to do my “cleansing”, I read the TriLyte instructions and had to decide what flavor powder I wanted to add to the mix.  There was Orange, Pineapple, Lemon/Lime, Citrus/Berry, and Cherry.  Since I love Pineapple, I decided to go with the Orange.  See, I didn’t want to chance having a bad experience with it and end up hating Pineapple flavoring because of it – so I chose Orange.  I mixed in the Orange flavor packet, filled it up with water and put it in the refrigerator to chill.


And since I had to be on a liquid diet for the day, Paula made me Lime jello for lunch.  But I mostly just drank a Sierra Mist and sipped on Sencha tea all day.


When I got home, I started drinking the formula.  It didn’t taste THAT bad, but it did take some focusing to keep it down.  Then I tried the ol’ “hold your nose” trick and it worked.  I downed the first cup.  There was no turning back now!


After about 15 minutes, I held my nose and drank the second cup.  Then a bit later, the third cup.   And nothing.  I thought “what if this stuff doesn’t work on me”.  But after the 4th cup, the rumbling started.  It was like there was a thunderstorm brewing in my stomach.  I mean, just sound wise.  No cramps or pains.  Just rumbling.


So I took my charged up iPad with me into the bathroom to occupy my mind while my body did it’s thing.  Only reason I got off was because it was time to drink another cup.  Plus, one of my legs fell asleep.  And Paula wanted to bocha.  So after I drank the next Cup-o-Doodoo, I used the “pencil maneuver” (inside joke) until the bathroom was available once again.  *We do have other toilets, but there’s something comforting about using your own throne.


Can you imagine if this was around during our small-kid-time – when there were at least 6 people living at home and there was just 1 bathroom?


So anyway, it wasn’t that bad, really.  I only went through about 1/2 a roll of toilet paper.  Other than my left leg falling asleep on the toilet, it took only about 5 or 6 seatings.  And to prevent RBS (Raw Butthole Syndrome), I used the “tapping” technique when it came to wiping.  Like how you tap dry your face with a towel instead of wiping hard.  Okay, I could’ve chose a better example, but you get the idea.  Just have to be careful and be sure to wipe the run-off on your butt-cheeks first so you don’t get it on your arms.


Somewhere around 11:00 PM the jug was about 90% empty.  And so was I.


Then came the big day!  Woo-hoo!  Just for good measure, I woke up about 3 hours before my appointment and drank 1 more cup of the delicious mixture.  Did my thing while reading the morning newspaper comics and I was good to go!


Actually, I did go once more.  You know – for good luck.


I got to the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii, checked in and about an hour before my scheduled appointment, my name was called.  The pretty young girl (oh great – why couldn’t be one ugly old hag), took me into one of the prep rooms and gave me instructions to put on the gown (open side in the back) after removing all my clothes.  Including underwear.  I guess they have to add that last part in there.  But she was really nice as she took my vitals and gathered information.  And knowing that I was a Colonoscopy virgin, she was very gentle with me.  She even asked me if I wanted a blanket since it was kinda cold.  I accepted her offer and she came back with a nice warm blanket – like when you put on an article of clothing straight out of the dryer.  It was nice.  Then she asked if I wanted a magazine to read or if I wanted the light turned down a bit, but I was okay since my procedure was schedule for 10:00 – which was about a 1/2 hour away.


So I waited and waited.  I must’ve dozed off a bit and I lost track of time.  Then I overheard one of the nurses saying that it was 10 minutes until 11:00.  How long was I sleeping!?  And while I was behind the curtain, I could hear the nurse’s desk telling the other doctors that your so-and-so appointment cancelled because he said he vomited when trying to drink the solution.  And another guy hurt his shoulder, so he cancelled too.  I’ll bet the nurses must hear some doosies of excuses of people chickening out.
So after about 20 minutes more, they come into my waiting room and transport me into one of the procedure rooms.  I’m lying there checking out all the technology and monitors and stuff.  And listening to all the beeps and buzzes of the equipment.  Then the doctor comes in and introduces herself.  Dr. Bueno was a lot tinier that I expected.  And there were a couple of other nurses in the room too.  Wow, so much attention (not that I wanted it).


After stating my first and last name and my date of birth, and the reason that I was in there, they started getting to work.


I saw the nurse anesthetist inject something into the IV.  But I didn’t feel sleepy.  I was waiting for the nurse to say “Start counting down backwards from 10” because I wanted to see how far down I could count.  But the next thing I know, she injected something else, I blinked, and that’s all I remember.


Actually, I do remember waking up a little during the procedure and feeling something weird – like a stomach cramp.  But it was for maybe 3 seconds only and I was back out.  It was almost like a dream.


Next thing I know, I woke up in a different room and all the things that were stuck, poked, and inserted in me were gone!  Then I started trying to remember and I recall waking up for the short period.  And then I thought “Hey!  I didn’t get to count down backwards from 10!  I got gypped!”.


The nurse in the recovery room offered me some juice and showed me copies of the reports.  A few polyps removed and recommended again in 3-5 years because of the polyps and family history.


I got up from the bed, feeling a little drunk, but managed to get my clothes back on without falling to the floor.  Then I went to the waiting area for Paula to pick me up and take me home.


Overall, it wasn’t that bad.  In fact, it’s like how people drink a special juice mixture for a full week to do a “cleansing” of their system.  But in this case, it’s done in one evening just by drinking the kaka-cocktail.  And it’s a time to take advantage of the cleansing and start watching what you put into your body.


If any of you MLCers are 50 or over and haven’t done your Colonoscopy yet, schedule it!  Medical insurance now covers a Colonoscopy procedure.  And it’s not just a guy thing.  Girls need to get checked too.  Or if you notice blood in your doo-doo, check with your doctor right away.


And the biggest thing is – it may save your life!  Colon cancer is one of the most preventable cancers today by early detection.


Plus, it’s a MLC Rite of Passage.


Have you had a Colonoscopy?  How was your prepping experience?  How did your procedure go?  Do you have any helpful tips to pass on?  Share your Colonoscopy stories with us.  And on Thursday, we’ll talk about other Rites of Passages – so start thinking about them.

64 Responses to “MLC Rite Of Passage”

  1. Rodney says:

    @Davy – thanks for the comment and welcome to the MLC blog. You know, it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I’m almost looking forward to my next one.
    Okay, I probably say that now only because I finished it. LOL

  2. Davy says:

    You couldn’t have explained it better, Rodney! I also put mine off for several years, but finally did it just shy of the “double nickel age of passage”! For me, it was fear of the unknown, but so glad I had it done… So with that I say, if you haven’t done it yet, get it!

  3. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Howzit? Hope uncle rodney is ok? Never known him to not post a new topix monday & thursday.

    Ok im at the HAPA concert waitng fo it to start. Tty guys later mahalo

  4. EMM386 says:

    @Rodney: Barium is a metal alkali that shows up on x-rays, so they are used to improve contrast on x-rays of the digestive system.

  5. Pam says:

    Oh, yeah, camping out at Hanauma Bay overnight and walking along the rocky shoreline. Then snorkeling in the bay when the coral colors were like the rainbow…..

  6. Pam says:

    Pukka shell hunting on the north Shore, alone, sun on my back, VW parked close by.

    Hiking up to Waimea Falls (for free!!). No charge back then! Swimming with my friends.

    Body surfing at Bellows Beach with my family, every Tuesday, Dad’s day off.

  7. Mark Shelby says:

    New thread idea…….just sharing….Rodney for ideas.

    “Outdoor Life Hawaii”

    On all the islands. Everywhere you have been and what you most enjoyed about your Outdoor Hawaii Life experiences! Your favorite places…..etc.

    Hiking, biking, surfing, bodysurfing, hang gliding, snorkeling, scuba, sailing…..etc. and all dat!

  8. Mark Shelby says:

    LOL…..I was being silly Rodney!
    Don’t always take me seriously…….hehe
    I like to crack ’em with the best of them.

  9. Rodney says:

    @Mark Shelby – a whole post about okole? Hmm… Gotta think about that one. lol

  10. Rodney says:

    @EMM386 – Barium – sounds like something radioactive. lol

  11. Mark Shelby says:

    The Sweet ‘Okole version you neva wen see!…

  12. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Bawhahahaha guud one uncle :-). Ya sweet okoles waz to many brah. Our home most nani gurls eh? 😉

    You really blessed if you got yourself a nani wahine from Hawai’i.

  13. M says:

    Guud morning MLcers!
    Hump day!

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    New thread idea…..

    Hula in Hawaii!

    I swear I was here that day this film was made! I remember every part of this performance! We used to take all of our friends from the mainland to the Kodak Hula Show! Remember the Free Kodak Hula Show? Did you ever go?


    Now they had some Okoles Swinging!……lol

  15. Mark Shelby says:

    New Thread Idea…… “Sweet Okoles”……

  16. Mark Shelby says:

    DIO……here is my latest sweet Okole online love! Holy!

    Anuhea – Higher Than The Clouds (Official Video)

  17. DIO says:

    I don’t know why, the thought of okole made me think of that song. 😆

  18. Mark Shelby says:

    DIO….Thank YOU! I just Love Raiatea Helm and Braddah Beamer!

    Waz always chasing Sweet Okoles back in da day!

  19. Mark Shelby says:

    Hawai’ian by Heart…..When I stay much younga….all I wanted was one Sweet Okole!

    I neva stay tink about dis!……lol

    Pidgin spoken fo effec Braddah!

  20. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Lol i love you guys, your the only uncles and aunties i know who can make something like a colonoscopy funny. Real locals stuff lol. 🙂

  21. EMM386 says:

    Not quite old enough for the colonoscopy yet, but I did have a Barium UGI once because I was having terrible heartburn. The prep is pretty easy because its just a 12-hour fast, the last 6 with nothing (no water, no liquids or anything). Its the after part that sucks because all that barium you drink has to come out. The barium is so heavy it just sits at the bottom of the bowl and doesn’t flush. You have two choices: flush the toilet 10-20 times, or use your toilet brush to break up the barium as you flush, then throw out your brush and buy a new one (because it’s not just barium coming out).

  22. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  23. Mark Shelby says:

    This is exactly why I no like talk about Okole!……..LOL

    March 10th, 2014 at 10:36 pm #
    i felt like a red ass monkey.

  24. fishhead says:

    i felt like a red ass monkey.

  25. cmo says:

    What timing for this topic…I am supposed to schedule it before my next regular appt. w/my doc which is early April! I read a nice article about the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii & woohoo! I had a reason to stall (my doc already had given me a whole folder of info and forms for Queen’s). Does anyone have feedback re: Queen’s vs. E.I. of Hi? Anyway, the holidays came around, other personal stuff to deal with…and now I’ll see my doc again in April and have to tell him I did not do it yet! It will be my first. Thanks, Rodney, for all the “INSIDE SCOOPS” hahaha!

  26. DIO says:

    So, Rod, before you drank your “Cup-o-Doodoo” did you make a toast? Okole Maluna! 😆

  27. NaPueo says:

    Had my colonoscopy about 7 years ago, had to drink that liquid also. I forget what flavor I used. Like hemajang I also had to do an enema. Not easy to do by oneself. Had to set up transportation to and from Straub Hospital. Made sure to go shopping for food so I wouldn’t have to go out that night.

  28. DIO says:

    Oh man, even managed to find the exact blog post too. Way to go, khs68. 😆

  29. khs68 says:

    @4G – Just gifted, I guess. 😉

    I can never forget when I first read Rodney’s mistaken lyrics I laughed so hard I cried. To this day whenever I hear Blinded by the Light I remember Rodney’s post and can’t help but laugh. Too funny! And so appropriate for the current topic. 😀 Anus curly wurly = secret code name for colonoscopy.

  30. 4G says:

    I drank a large glass of prune juice once. The results were almost instant! It started with HUGE stomach rumblings! In hindsight (LOL – no pun intended), I don’t think I needed such a large glass . . . . LOL.

  31. 4G says:

    I don’t know how much of a problem it truly is, but there have been a few, recent news stories critical of “wet wipes”. They were saying that even if they’re labeled “flushable”, they really weren’t and they end up clogging the sewer system grinders and pumps. Don’t know if “wet wipes” include “baby wipes” or not. The stories were from the adult usage perspective (versus from a baby care perspective).

  32. 4G says:

    Aiyah – TMI, TMI and TMI! LOL – nah, just kidding. Good information, everyone.

    Not exactly one of those life passages that you look forward to, yeah? LOL.

    So, I gotta know – @khs68 – how do you come to remember those lyrics? LOL!

  33. Ynaku says:

    Got mine a few years ago just before I retired. They found 1 polyp so I need to repeat in 5 years.

    When they gave me my bottle, they handed my Crystal Lite. I stayed downstairs all night. Real close to my throne. 😆

    I couldn’t finish the whole bottle. I think had about 3 cups to go, but I was full to the gills. No matter what went in came straight out 😀 The mind tells you your full.

    Early the next morning when to the Endo office and yes, cute nurses worked there. Hilo being a small time, they look at your name and ask, “Eh you related to so and so?” Aigoo I can only imagine the stories they tell at parties. “I saw your cousin’s Okole da uddah day.” Cute butt.

    I guess you see one you see them all. Da HOLE thing.

    They knocked me out but I got up in between looked at the screen and passed out again. I wished I could see the video 🙂

  34. DIO says:

    So how often are you supposed to get an anus curly wurly? 😆

  35. Mark'75 says:

    @khs68: the things you remember ❗ 😆

  36. hydroman72 says:

    I have a friend who had colon cancer and survived. But the pain and agony he talked about surely out weighed an colonoscopy.
    No need to give me any more reasons, I went and got mine done right away.
    Good subject, I’d better check back with my doctor to see when my next one should be.

  37. Rodney says:

    @khs – That song was inspired by a Colonoscopy. LOL!

  38. Rodney says:

    @KAN – I know someone who also underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy, one after another. She joked that they used the same camera.

  39. khs68 says:

    Staying on topic, I think… I had to laugh remembering Rodney’s mistaken lyrics for Blinded by the Light.

    “Blinded by the light, Wrapped up like a douche you know the roller in the night”
    “…and little early burly gave my anus curly wurly and asked me if I needed a ride“. 😆

  40. KAN says:

    I know someone who underwent an endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time – the person asked the doc if the cameras would meet in the middle! (Not quite.)

  41. KAN says:

    You can tell we’re all getting MLC since we’re willingly talking about medical procedures!

    I had my first endoscopy (scope down the throat) when I was in my 20s because they thought I might have an ulcer. Had to stay conscious for that one because it goes down the throat. Luckily, whatever sedative they use made me forget everything, but my mom said I was gaunt and pale when they were done with me.

  42. Kage says:

    I have a couple of years before I need to schedule my procedure.

    I thought I was having reflux so I scheduled a procedure where they put the micro camera down your throat. While I was laying there and they were prepping the patient in the other bed, I noticed the monitor with my name had COLON next to my name.!!!!!
    I calmed down quickly when I remembered I was still wearing my BBDs. 🙂

    The nurse came up to my bed and started bringing out equipment. She checked my chart and the monitor and stated,”Oh, you not here for a colonoscopy.” Whew, that was a close one.

  43. hemajang says:

    Goodness Rodney, you had a very beautiful team. I’ll have them check my butt next time. Actually I looked at the medical staff from your link and Dr. Minami did my sigmoidoscopy. Thought he was good and after my not so good experience at St. Francis West I was determined not to go there and would go back to Dr. Minami the next go around. Thanks for the link.

  44. 91boz says:

    Colonoscopy? Just had one last month. Yes the worst part is the night before as Rodney mentioned. My doctors receptionist gave me a good tip about using some vaseline and flushable baby wipes. It helped but By the time I finished the whole gallon my okole was a little raw but would have been worse I think if not for the vaseline.
    I also woke up during the procedure and was watching the monitor. Was very interesting watching a real time video of the insides of your colon. I did remember asking, “Whats that black spot is that a tumor?”I think my vitals started to spike so the next thing I was in recovery waiting for my wife to pick me up.
    Everything turned out ok only one polyp non cancerous type. Have to do it again in 10 years.

  45. ankleBYTERS says:

    Try using a Fletch Enema (green and white box)….intake not orally….use your imagination….I’m not looking forward to using it on Friday. 🙁

  46. M says:

    Both of minds was done at QMC.

  47. Rodney says:

    @hemajang – When you’re ready for your next one, see if you can have it done at the Endoscopy Institute of Hawaii (EIH). It’s in the new building at the corner of Beretania and Keeaumoku where the old Meadow Gold ice cream factory was. I call it the Pulelehua building.

    This was my team:

  48. Rodney says:

    @khs68 – resi-doodoo. LOL!

  49. hemajang says:

    Had colonoscopy about 8 years ago and a sigmoidoscopy before that. At the time HMSA had a Health Pass program which was like a free mini physical once a year. And the first year I participated they prescribed a sigmoidoscopy which was done out patient in the doctors office. Went through the prep the day before and you go through the procedure on your side fully conscience, was a little uncomfortable as they stick a flexible thing up your butt but only for about lower third of your intestines. Supposedly most pre-cancer polyps are found in the lower third. It was pretty quick and painless. A small non cancerous polyp was removed.
    My colonoscopy is another story. I was sick with what seemed like intestinal flu with some bleeding, my internist prescribed a colonoscopy. Seems like every doctor has their own prep method. Besides the stuff you mention I also had to do a self enema. Problem was getting that nozzle to go in, totally awkward trying to do it yourself. After a few minutes of probing I finally succeeded and it certainly worked its magic. Thankfully I didn’t need to call wife for help, it probably would have traumatized her more than me.
    Okay, went to St. Francis West for procedure and was last on schedule so my wait was really long and biggest problem was getting that darn IV needle inserted. I not sure why my veins were not cooperating but it may be from dehydration and being sick a few days prior. It started with a young nurse, no success after a couple tries, then a more experience nurse and finally the 4th and most senior nurse got that IV in. Took about 5-6 pokes. I’ve had about 9 surgeries in my lifetime and this was the worst. I’m due for another in couple years, hopefully it goes a lot smoother.

  50. M says:

    My first procedure the anesthetist said this doctor likes The Beatles so there was Beatles music playing, that’s all I remember…

  51. khs68 says:

    Just when you thought everything came out and you can finally sleep ….resi-doodoo. Eek!!

  52. Masako says:

    I know you said we’d talk about other Rites of Passage on Thursday but i’ll share another icky medical one that I do not look forward too. Its called a Mammogram. I think the magic age is 40 but my over protective doctor made me start at 35. I skipped it a couple of times but even my internist always scolds me for not going yearly. I really hate it but the advantage over a colonoscopy is that its over in 5 minutes.

  53. Masako says:

    Good morning! When I think of Rite of Passage, something fun that you can’t wait to do. I’m not so sure about a colonoscopy. I haven’t reached THAT age yet but since I had acid reflux, my doctor made me get one. Like M said, the worst part was the prep. The procedure was a breeze, I barely remember it. The other day my doc reminded me that I’ll have another one in two years, not looking forward to it.

  54. M says:

    And seating on the throne all night long.

  55. M says:

    The second time around for me wasn’t any easier than the first time. I say it was worst because I knew how hard it was to drink that stuff.

  56. M says:

    The prep is the hardest part, drinking that stuff and a gallon of it. The procedure was a breeze, it was like I just blinked and I woke up in the recovery room.

  57. DIO says:

    MLC: Mid Life Colonoscopy. Yikes!!

  58. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Welcome to da club!
    I had it done twice already.

  59. Mark'75 says:

    Overall, it was a very pleasant experience, except for the “RBS”…. was RBS to da MAX ❗ AAAARRRGGGHHHH ❗ next time I try the tap technique. hope it works.

  60. Hawaiian by Heart says:

    Oh thank god im da youngest of da group! Not looking forward to it. 🙁 believe me exit sign only! EEEEKKKK!

  61. KAN says:

    Mine’s coming up this summer. I’ve heard the prep part is the worst too. Not looking forward to it, but gotta do it – might as well get it over with. As ujjy as it is, I appreciate your description, Rodney, information is power, right! 😉

  62. jaydee says:

    I’ve been putting off the big “C” for a few years now. I’m preparing myself mentally….Ok, I’m chicken.

    Thanks for the belly laughs Rodney… “Cup-Oh-Doodoo”, lmao!

  63. Mark Shelby says:


    Oh My! I don’t tink I can talk about Okole! It must have been horrendous!…….hehe


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