Do You Remember… Easter

Happy MLC Easter everyone!

Easter Bunny
Can you find me?  Hint: I’m not the blurred out one.


Remember small-kid-time Easter?  Here are some of my Easter memories:


I remember that from Good Friday until Easter, we used to refrain from eating meat.  You don’t really realize how often you eat meat until you give it up.  What was automatically a “hamburger”, suddenly became a “fish-burger”.  But this went on only for a couple of years as I remember my dad saying “We’re not Catholic” – so that practice was over.


I remember watching the Lawrence Welk Easter show:



And what’s Easter without coloring eggs!  I remember that the Saturday night before Easter, we’d take out old newspapers and cover the table.  And the kitchen would smell of warmed up vinegar for the dye.  Had to be Paas brand.

Easter Egg Coloring Kit


And remember how it came with that copper wire egg-dipper?  And the clear wax crayon so you could write on your egg before you colored it?  Only problem was that you couldn’t see what you were writing until after you dyed the egg!

Easter Dye Kit


And remember how you used to dye an end of the egg one color and the other end a different color?  And then you got all artsy-fartsy and made a 3 colored egg?  It was all good until you got carried away and dyed an egg so many times that the whole thing ended up turning an ugly purpleish-gray color.  That’s when you knew that you pushed it beyond the limits.


Then on Easter day, after coming home from Sunday morning service – it was time for the annual Easter egg hunt.  Someone in the family would go outside and hide all the eggs while you had to wait in the bedroom – and no peeking out the window – until you got the “Go!” signal.  First eggs in the corner of the yard were the easiest to find.  It was all eyes to the ground.  Then you started getting wise and started looking in the ti-leaf plants, and plumeria tree branches, and behind the water hose.


Then we’d bring the eggs into the house and eat at least 1 colored hard-boiled egg.  Always had to add salt on the egg when eating it.  The rest was made into egg salad for the next day’s lunch.


Did you used to get a chocolate Easter bunny for Easter?  We always had one and my brother always made a fuss that it was hollow.  That was fine with me because it was easier to eat and tasted just as good.  Well, one year we did get solid chocolate Easter bunnies.  Do you know how hard it is to bite into a solid chocolate Easter bunny that’s been sitting in the icebox?  Ended up chopping it up with a knife into little bite-sized pieces.  Sometimes, less it more.


What are some of your Easter memories?  Remember when Ala Moana Center used to be closed on Easter Sunday?  And most everything else.  Did you have a special luncheon or dinner?  Betcha you had a ham.  How about an Easter basket with all that fake green grass stuff?  And the Easter candies: Peeps, pastel almonds, jelly beans, etc.  Share your Easter memories with us.  I know you had an Easter egg hunt.  Did you pass on the tradition to your kids?




As of this post, only 2 tables left for this big event!  Call Dennis now!


38 Responses to “Do You Remember… Easter”

  1. Mark Ellis says:

    Our family Easter’s were about all of the above, but, most importantly, about Mass.

  2. Mark'75 says:

    Think I ate enough hard boiled eggs to last to next year!

  3. LINDA KATO says:

    Happy Easter MLCers ❗ Have a great day everyone ❗ 😀

  4. Rodney says:

    Happy Easter to all the MLCers out there! Don’t eat the fake grass…

  5. Mark'75 says:


  6. Mark'75 says:

    hmmmm…..ideas for tomorrow…

  7. BlueJade says:

    I grew up in a Buddhist family so the first time I got an Easter basket I was like ‘wow’ sorta like Xmas. My folks did the eggs but that was it. I only remember getting one basket from a cousin and never again. So we didn’t really celebrate Easter, but we were also poor. But when you’re a kid you don’t think you’re deprived. So Easter wasn’t a big deal until I got wayyyyyy older and became Christian.

  8. Volleymom2 says:

    Yes dyed the eggs with that wire. My mom would hide the eggs around the house for the hunt. I would get a new dress for Easter ever year and looked forward to that!

  9. Hawai'ian by Heart says:


    And the raise will be another excuse to raise taxes or regulate something else to make a profit. I maynot live in oahu anymore, but that doesn’t mean i like what they have done to our home. I not sure what else they can regulate or tax? They got fireworks, celebration licences etc etc. Maybe a lunchplate special tax because we all know the cost of obesity and the medical conditions related to it is to the government in health insurance. Or maybe a pidgin tax for our schools because of the extra costs to educate kids with english as a 2nd language lol. Sorry got a resentment over everything related to curropt government and curropt mainlanders.

  10. khs68 says:

    @keoni – I’m with you.

    Check out this website. Verry interesting…

    Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to search the salaries of all employees in a City department. No need to put in a name just select the department and click on “Search” — you can see all the employees.

  11. keoni says:

    This is way off topic, but I am furious! The city Salary Commission is recommending an 8% raise for top officials. What a ku ka paila kukae!!! They are ALREADY OVERPAID! But it seems we have to do with less so these useless feeders can have even more. How greedy can they get?

  12. 4G says:

    Sooo – one Easter weekend night, when I had my daughter and she was really young (like, maybe four[?]), I had the bright idea that I should expose her to the “religious” background on Easter. LOL.

    There was an animated special on PBS titled something like, “The True Story of Easter”. So, I sat my daughter down to watch. About 10-15 minutes into it, she comes up with, “Where’s the wrabbit (sic)???”. 🙁

    Too funny!

  13. DIO says:

    Thanks for the reminder. I have to remember to go to the malls (here in my area) on Saturday, or wait until Monday, ’cause they’re all closed on Easter Sunday.

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    4G… had to go out for dinner before 7pm……or all of Kalakaua Avenue would be shut down!

  15. Mark Shelby says:


    Even Waikiki would shut down early at night!

    I remember!

    Do you remember the Lewers street Café? On the corner?

  16. 4G says:

    @HbH: Howzit!?

    @Mark Shelby: Yup; and on the neighbor islands everything would shutdown at night!

  17. Mark Shelby says:

    4G…..In the really good old days…..ALL stores were closed on Sunday.

  18. Hawai'ian by Heart says:



  19. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Re:Easter picture

    Can anyone say Halmark lol. 🙂

  20. 4G says:

    Thanks, @Rod!

  21. dihudfan says:

    used to use crayon to draw pictures on the egg and dan would dye it… I nevah really care for marshmellow, but loved chocolate… would trade all my marshmellow bunnies for chocolate….
    always remembah going to church and having a nice potluck meal… everyone looked so good, all dressed up…
    also remembah going to sunrise services wen we were older…

  22. Rodney says:

    @4G – I don’t have the okay to use his picture or any likeness of him so I blurred him out. I guess the 350 is like you said – to identify the people.

  23. 4G says:

    Re: The Easter Picture

    @Rod – as I recall, you are the baby of the family, so that makes you the one on the far right.

    But – how come, of the four brothers, one is censored?

    And – what is that “350” at the bottom of the picture – to help the photographer identify the picture and subjects?

    I recall Easter also being the time for taking “formal” pictures. Mine weren’t from LH, though. Mine were typically, wait for it . . . SEARS! LOL.

  24. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    @Uncle Rodney

    Another good topic. 🙂

  25. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Wish you and your ohanas a safe and full of aloha easter weekend. Mahalo for eveything.

  26. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    like back den, i believe if people today experienced those things they would make different decisions about our home and might understand kama’aina better. Just my opinion.

  27. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Yup Easter was a lot like Halloween in Oahu, a good excuse for parents to spoil you. Huge basket full of candy. Everything and anything in it. Ok Reeses, chocolate marshmellow bunnies and peeps were the best!

    You know you sometimes have to feel sorry for malahini or transplants in Hawaii today. Because all they know as reality is the smartphones, sax fifth avenues and walmarts of today, they really don’t have a clue what was lost or that there was an unique and in some cases a better Oahu before.

    Now i know every generation states there time was the best, but im talking about a slower more relaxed ohana lifestyle and uniqueness. Wish i had a time machine that i could take some of these malahini and send em back in time so they could experience what it was like to sit together and color easter eggs as an ohana or experience K.C drivein or Goto one of the many small unique community movie houses or just experience the old local hangout. Further they could see what nature looked

  28. 4G says:

    Easter means time to stock up on Peeps! 😉

  29. khs68 says:

    Robin eggs – make your lips all white. 😆

  30. 4G says:

    Never had much luck with those wire “egg dippers”. We just used to use tablespoons.

    Never really realized, small kid time, how things basically shutdown on Easter Sunday. It became more apparent when we used to go cruising at night. Easter Sunday night sucked! LOL – nothing (especially places to eat) seemed to be open!

    I believe that Easter is how I learned about the “spinning egg” trick – to see if the egg is raw or not.

  31. M says:

    I remember the house smelling like vinegar and I knew we were going to dye eggs.

  32. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: Yup, Paas had the best and boldest colors!

  33. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!

  34. Mark'75 says:

    Even with the wire, my thumb, index and middle fingertips turned some purplish/bluish/grayish color from all the dye colors.

  35. 4G says:

    Easter egg fight! And, the winner got the winning egg cracked on his/her forehead!

  36. 4G says:

    Easter baskets! Easter was like a mini Christmas!

  37. Mark Shelby says:

    One more….

    I have not seen an Easter Egg dipping kit in the past 20+ years!

    What happened?

  38. Mark Shelby says:

    Dipping the eggs with the little wire…..Yup! I did that!

    And experimenting with Colors!

    And wrapping Decals around the eggs! Wheeeeee!

    And was smiling all the way!

    Do smart phone kids even know how to do this anymore?

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