Do You Remember… Chicken Joints

FYI: Jollibee is now open at the corner of Dillingham and King where the old KFC was.  Get some chickenjoy now!


When you think about it, chicken is a pretty popular dish.  When I grew up in Kailua, the Colonel’s famous Kentucky Fried Chicken was just down the street from us.  When anyone mentioned “chicken”, it was the Colonel’s secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices that immediately came to mind.  btw, when “Fried” foods became a naughty word in the food world, that when the Colonel changed the name to KFC.


But besides Kentucky Fried Chicken, there were other chicken joints in Kailua.  I remember that Andy’s Drive In used to sell their Little Red Hen fried chicken. It came in a box that looked like a barn with a carrying handle on it.  I never did try it though…


Andy's Little Red Hen Chicken


And I remember my older brother telling stories of how he used to go to this place across the Pali Lanes bowling alley called Broasted Chicken.  He and his friends would buy a bucket of Broasted Chicken along with a side of Broasted Potato Wedges, then go to the Kailua Drive In theater and grind out there.  That’s yet one more that I never tried…


Speaking of Broasted Chicken, does anyone remember the Hana Broasted Chicken that was on Sheridan street, just across of Makaloa street.  I remember passing by there so many times, but never did stop in to try it.  I always thought that it was closed during the day and opened only for dinner.  Anyone tried it?


I think that because when I was in that area and was jonesing for chicken, I always ended up at Chicken Alice on Kapiolani across the old HMSA building.  Good ol’ Chicken Alice.  Even the chicken plates with rice, mac salad, and kim chee was to die for.  And the side orders of just chicken were perfect for pot lucks.


And what’s chicken-talk without mentioning Chico’s Pizza and Chicken.  *sigh* – yet one more classic that I’ll never get to try…  Come on MLCers – tell me about Chico’s fried chicken.


Okay, here’s a little trivia test for you folks.  A co-worker of mine used to work at this chicken joint.  The one that he worked at was located somewhere around Kapiolani Blvd and Atkinson Drive.  They were famous for their delivery cars that had a plastic chicken on the roof.  What was the name of this place?  Bonus points if you can recite their trademark saying.


Honestly, I don’t remember this place nor their delivery cars.  I’m just going by what my friend said.  I wonder what kind of car they had – with the chicken on top.


And finally, remember Pioneer Chicken?  I remember Pioneer Chicken because I recall one being located in Aikahi Park shopping center.  And I remember the jingle – or some of it.  It goes to the tune of Yankee Doodle and starts off with “Let’s all go to Pioneer, the chickens crisp and crunchy“.  Try singing it to “Yankee Doodle went to town, riding on a pony”.  Anyone know the rest of it?


Okay, that’s enough to get you started.  What other chicken joints do you remember?  I never realized how many chicken places there were until now.  btw, this conversation can also talk about good chicken places around town.  Doesn’t have to be just a chicken joint, could be a drive in like KJ’s in Kaneohe.  Chicken like how my mom used to make it.




Tables are all sold out!  There are some seats of 3 or so available but you better act fast.  After this, it’s SRO (standing room only).



85 Responses to “Do You Remember… Chicken Joints”

  1. keoni says:

    @Seawalker Chik Fil A has a good chicken sandwich, served on a buttered roll with dill pickle slices. But there aren’t any stores here in Hawai’i. 🙁

  2. Rodney says:

    @HbH – Thanks for that Hana Chicken commercial. That was Willy Moku, right? Dig his Hang Ten shirt!

  3. khs68 says:

    Yes!! The fried chicken at Flamingo Chuckwagon was the best!

  4. Craig says:

    Also the fried chicken at Flamingo Chuckwagon buffet.

  5. Craig says:

    Hana broasted chicken and Church’s

  6. Mark'75 says:

    @Seawalker: Just watch out for Jollibee’s vinegar-ish (vine-garish?) tasting mashed potatoes…maybe try see if get rice…

  7. Seawalker says:

    This topic is just like the food episodes on Shoko-ga-shiri-tai. Popular! Now, when will we take a tour on the bus? LOL

  8. Seawalker says:

    At the buffets, I usually skip the salads. Don’t want to make me-self full with ‘junk’ food. Some habits are hard to break! 😆

  9. Seawalker says:

    Where dat? Chick-fi-A… any place that got ‘chicks’ is worth checking out. LOL

  10. Seawalker says:

    @LK – How you? So jealous of you retirees. My high point of the day is going home from work. Go figure. Zippy’s should provide you and Mr. K with stock options for eating there so often. LOL You go girl!

    @4G – Eh, had to change my diet from the younger days. Before, it was eat like a mad-man and worry about it later. Nowadays, it’s more like eat like mad and still worry like h3ll. Nah, I still like to eat. But I make sure I have a big pile of veggies of my plate to take me over the top. No plumbing problems on this end. 😆

  11. 4G says:

    Does anyone know how Chick-fil-A chicken is? I was always curious, but never had a chance to try them . . . .

    @Seawalker – Seems like Chick-fil-A has a significant salad offering . . . . 😉

  12. 4G says:

    I’m not sure what’s going on with KFC, but there seems to be a significant reduction in the number of outlets on Oahu. Popeye’s chicken is a nice change-up from KFC original recipe (I never could understand the attraction of “extra crispy”), but their mashed potatoes and gravy, in my opinion, does not come close to KFC’s.

    I also used to like KFC’s Hot Wings. Due to the lack of convenient KFC outlets for me, I ended up trying McD’s Mighty Wings. They were actually not bad . . . . 🙂

  13. 4G says:

    @LK! Howzit?!

  14. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker….. “live to eat”….. that’s how I got so “fluffy” ❗ High point of the day is eating at Zippy’s ❗ 😀

  15. LINDA KATO says:

    Good afternoon MLCers ❗ Happy Wednesday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day everyone ❗ 😀

    Our favorite chicken is still KFC regular recipe which we enjoy now and then as a change from Zippy’s or Denny’s ❗ 😀

  16. 4G says:

    They can always have slaw . . . . 😉

  17. Seawalker says:

    You ever wondered, how come none of them chicken joints have salads? I mean, come on, somebody ought to step up to the plate for the vegans. But again, why the h3ll are you going to a chicken joint if you want to eat healthy in the first place. It’s like going into a sushi house and not wanting to order sushi and sake. It’ll be like going to Todai’s and not having an appetite for the all-you-can-eat buffet. Hey, look at the time, it’s almost the second best time of a work day–lunchauwah! 😆 😆

  18. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Year, I hear ya. Wife says I’m always salty too. Whatever that means. LOL

  19. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – re: Zippy’s and salty

    LOL – I guess I’m just a salty guy! 😉

  20. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Not yet. Haven’t been able to get out of the office lately. I know @Mark said he tried it, so I’ll go one of these days. Maybe on a Sunday. With fried stuff, it has to be only when super hungry. The last time went to JIB and had 4 of their 2 for 99 cents taco, and, boy, had to skip dinner with all that grease. For Zippy’s, you don’t find it salty? Think it’s their brine. Either that or they add too much salt in their batter. But put a bucket of their chicken in front of me and watch out, gonzos. LOL

  21. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – I haven’t tried the Jollibee’s chicken yet – you? I tried their burger when they first opened at Ala Moana. Was okay, but I wouldn’t go out of my way …. 😉

  22. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Everybody keeps talking about it. Heard they used to sell it at Star’s. But the Quicksilver on Kapiolani, of all places, sells it. Man, gotta try it one of these days. You went to Jollibee’s to get your fried chicken yet?

  23. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – re: Holy’s apple pie

    The hardest part is letting that thing cool down before eating. LOL. Else, burnt palate! 🙁

  24. Seawalker says:

    Kids are still in the phase where if they could have Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s at every meal, they would. But come to think about it, I go ape-crazy about McDonald’s french fries too. It’s something about eating fried food I think. In my MLC phase, I try to not eat fried food excessively. Except for potato chips–nobody could eat just one. Piece, not bag (in the commercial). Got me thinking. The gravy on KFC mash potato is not bad. Goes good with their chicken. In our office, been a lot of chatter about the buttered apple pie from Holy’s Bakery lately. That’s the one from the Big Island. Supposed to be super ono. Man, some people ‘eat to live’. Me? It’s definitely ‘live to eat’.

  25. HbH says:

    Eh anyone say Chicken? See you rememba dis?

  26. 4G says:

    I had totally forgotten about Pioneer and Church’s Chicken. As I recall, both of them were pretty good. I remember really liking Pioneer Chicken. It had that thick, dark batter – kind of like Chicken Alice in color/texture. I remember keeping some good sized pieces of skin on the side to finish up with after eating the rest of the chicken. 🙂

  27. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    We have lots and lots of chickens running around at work. You would think it’s a chicken farm.

  28. cmo says:

    I love chicken. Today had BBQ chicken from Sam’s (Korean style) on Nuuanu, tonight chicken w/cabbage and brown rice. I really liked Hana Broasted, came in a box w/musubi. Once my mom made sweet sour chicken (I think it was baked then fried, no bones–eat the whole thing!) that was my favorite. Then “my favorite” became almost any kind of fried chicken! Blane’s had a lunch wagon, they have a plate lunch place in Hilo, close to airport–so ono. Rainbow Drive In katsu w/gravy all over & shoyu chicken. Mitsu-ken Garlic chicken! Sugoi’s has all kind chicken, my favorite there is mochiko. Costco roasted, L&L katsu, and Safeway $5 Fridays (wings and 8 piece) best deals. My brother raises chickens (and goats, pigs, he has horses and other animals too on his farm). Better STOP here–could go on and on.

  29. BlueJade says:

    Church’s Chicken was the bestest of that time period. I ‘member them cuz they leased the land from the company that I worked for at that time – this was the Kalihi location, not the town one that sat on that corner of Keeaumoku & Beretania.

    Popeye’s WAS good and then it became really medicore. KFC was always just crappy tasting, along with any supermarket version – all of ’em over salted.

    The best chicken was Chester Fried Chicken which was avail. at Marukai Kalihi for a while… surprisingly they offer them at a gas station of all places. Yes, Freedom Gas Station in Mililani has them. That is THE best chicken and the pieces are HUGE for $1.89 or a plate lunch for $6.99. They do make ’em early in the a.m. but they stay crispy even after they get cold. Had it last nite for dinner and it was so ono, even the inside had flavor and it was moist not dry.

    If they run out of their small batch it’s too bad cuz they only cook them in the a.m. and won’t make more. They USE to make home made eggy mac/potato salad. That was so good too, but last time was that gross pre-made plastic tub that has mustard that the markets sells from the mainland.

    Mitsuba has the best garlic chicken – the original – but it’s oily and too much skin and too little meat. Even for me it’s too oily and I loved all that greasy stuff. (my cholestrol is naturally low no matter the oily/greasy stuff I eat, it’s hereditary – I lucked out there)

  30. Seawalker says:

    To me, some of the best parts of fried chicken are the stuff most people don’t eat. Okay, fried gizzards, liver and heart goes good with those liquid hops and barley. At Thanksgiving, some of us go after the neck and the tail pieces. When having dim sum, some people like chicken or duck feet. Heck, even had a classmate who was gnawing on the bones in the caferteria. But tried this once at Royal Garden Restaurant at the Ala Moana Hotel. Semi-crispy chicken head. They leave the head as part of the presentation of the dish of a whole chicken. Me, I ‘no sced’. I when whack ’em too. Had to try the buggah just to say I’ve tried it. It’s mostly skin around the head. The beak area is tough to eat. Even got as far as the eyes. Think I’ll leave it alone the next time though. The rest of the chicken was much more palatable. And so was the shrimp chips that came with the fried whole chicken.

  31. KAN says:

    @Sally – I haven’t lost my taste for fried food, but my stomach can’t handle it any more. Fried food just sits in there like a rock. I used to have a cast-iron stomach but not any more. It’s hard when I get ono for crunchy grease – mouth wants, stomach rejects.

  32. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    The fried chicken at Side Street is good.

  33. CTS says:

    Cajoe’s on Nimitz/Airport. Good cornbread.

  34. NaPueo says:

    I used to get Chico’s chicken a lot. Pioneer was good too. Used to go to the one that was on King Street in Makiki.

  35. Rodney says:

    Like @Mark’75, I too was hungry for fried chicken today so we went to Palama Market in Kalihi. In the back, there is Tae’s Teppanyaki “Turn & Burn” (shortened menu). I always saw their fried chicken but didn’t try it until today. $1.80 per piece (big pieces). They have plates too. I was pretty damn good! I would definitely eat it again.

  36. khs68 says:

    Tanabe Superette’s fried chicken skin.

  37. dihudfan says:

    KFC wuz good… especially wen wuz free… used to to the one on Nimitz, on dat triangle island across from City Mill… used to have a game place in front of the KFC… you could play games and win chicken… used to score on the bowling machine…
    Chicken Alice wuz good too… used to order at least once a week at work… nite shift…
    Chicken Delite wuz good for a little while…
    Popeye’s wuz good and spicy…
    Really liked El Pollo Loco…
    now a days just go to either Zippy’s … always good broasted….
    Pali Safeway… they tend to overfry (which I luv) and on the salty side…

  38. Seawalker says:

    Yeah, the baked chicken in intermediate and high school was worth buying 2 lunches. Unlike the pizza days where it had a funny smell to the food, the chicken was not bad. Only with turkey corned scallop did we go for the gusto and had 3 lunches. Hey, at 25 cents a pop, how could you go wrong? Beef stew was another item we doubled-up on. Strange, but true. It is the smell of the cafeteria food that takes me back to my elementary school days. It was a complete opposite of what we had at home. My sense of smell is way kaput nowadays. But just smelling the food and the salt air at the beach when dad drove by Kapiolani Park takes me back, way back in time.

  39. Mark'75 says:

    This topic put me in the mood for fried chicken. Today for lunch, I tried Jolibee for the first time. The fried chicken and butter corn was real good, but the mashed potatoes had an odd vinegary like taste to it….was not prepared for that one!

  40. Seawalker says:

    Forgot which place used to use an orange batter to give their fried chicken a more ‘golden’ look. When I saw that, it made me go ‘hmm’, It could have been Church’s , but it was definitely at a chicken joint. The fried chicken over at Gulick’s is nice. But I tend not to order that just because it’s fried. A lot of times, the fried chicken at an ‘okazu-ya’ is borderline soggy because of the nature of making it ahead of time. I go for more of the shoyu chicken-style nowadays, but again, it is sometimes too salty. And if you skip the starch, you really have to watch your salt consumption. No can win.

  41. Seawalker says:

    @A.T. – Know the short Filipino lady who does the cooking over at New Wave Deli. The garlic chicken is indeed good. Got a lot of skin on the buggah, but that’s what make it so good. Garlic flavor not overpowering at all.

    Chicken Alice was sure a legend back in the days. Everybody remembers her, even till today. Surprised that nobody is putting something out like her. How can you not miss her 40- or 60- piece sizes? Again, it went very well with beer. It was crispy, but not crispy like fried chicken. It was spicy-hot and loaded with garlic. And the aroma of the chicken, boy, it was out of this world. Once in a while, something works and it works well for you. Good for you, Alice, worth mentioning again.

  42. RatMin says:

    Growing up in Salt Lake for us it was Pioneer Chicken at the Salt Lake Shopping center where the American Savings Bank is now. Didn’t have Soon’s back then and the where Pizza Hut is now used to be a laundromat. Loved the crispiness of Pioneer chicken. They used to batter their chicken to get that extra crunchiness. I liked to peel off the skin and eat it last. In fact I still do! When going to UH we used to go to Round Table pizza for the buffet that had fried chicken. Great way for starving college students to stretch their money.

  43. dihudfan says:

    WINNAH… WINNAH… CHICKEN DINNAH… CHICO’S wuz the best with pizza and potato wedges… the whole chicken broasted…

  44. HbH says:

    I only remember Foodland Fried chicken, Chicken Alice and Lahaina chicken in Ala Moana. Of course i don’t recall eating alot of fried chicken either.

  45. Seawalker says:

    The misoyaki chicken over at Side Street Inn is pretty good. Might be the massive pile of chicken they have that gives it it’s appeal. But the flavor is good and sometimes when you get a burnt piece, ho, together with the miso-flavoring, it is ono. Plus, I think they give some salad on the side and there’s cabbage on the bottom, so the dish is well-balanced with protein and veggies. Throw in a dish of fried rice, man, who needs the beer? Just kidding. Everything goes good with beer!

  46. Seawalker says:

    Lately, been chomping on more chicken katsu than going to the chicken joints. At Kim Chee Restaurant in Kamuki, we always order a dish of chicken katsu to go along with their other delicious food. It’s something alluring about their chicken katsu. It’s crispy, but yet flavorful and juicy. Still can’t beat the ones in Japan (they use the real McCoy–animal oil), but it is still, nevertheless, guud. The take-out joint near the Staduim (Bob’s) has pretty good fried food and their chicken katsu is decent. I remember my dad making minuet chicken in the wok for us when we were little. I used to see dad throw in strips of ginger and always remember him adding the oyster sauce in last so the chicken won’t burn in the wok. But still, I think the kicker was a dab of oil to give the minuet chicken a ‘shine’ when it was dished up. Missed the food from younger days.

  47. A.T. says:

    Best chicken I ever ate was during a power outage when I was in high school. My friends father was the president of the booster club so he had a freezer full of hulihuli chicken that he ended up buying for a fundraiser. Rather than having the chicken spoil he thawed it out and fired up the propane wok with peanut oil and deep fried all the hulihuli chicken halves. The chicken had the smokey taste of the kiawe and the skin was crispy from deep frying. We had a big pot of rice, cabbage tsukemono with dried shirmp and shoyu drizzled on top… broke da mouth.

    My favorites not neccesarily in order:
    1) Bigway Burger broasted chicken (had to wait 20 minutes or call in advance)
    2) Mililani Restaurant broasted chicken (they stopped making it)
    3) Dirty Lickins Chicken (best buffalo wings ever, don’t forget the garlic blue cheese sauce, gotta pay seperate now)
    4) Chicken Alice (classic)
    5) Magoos Chicken dinner (had big steak fries and corn on the cob, would order when was at U.H. dorm)
    6) Garlic chicken from New Wave Deli on Halekauwila Street (garlic chicken, seafood delight and ahi poke with one musubi)
    7) Lahaina chicken Ala Moana (pricey)
    8) Marukai fried chicken (I liked it better before they pre-packaged it)
    9) Foodland Fried chicken (what a deal)
    10) Popeye’s Fried chicken (getting too salty but love their red beans and rice)

  48. Rodney says:

    @Mark’75 – Yes, Chicken Delight was the place!
    @4G – Correct! “Why cook tonight, call Chicken Delight”.

  49. Mark'75 says:

    @4G: Great memory! I don’t remember the jingle.

  50. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Chico’s Pizza Palor fried chicken was da winna with da potatoe wedges.

  51. Seawalker says:

    We buy tons of rotisserie chicken at Costco. It’s a pretty good deal and it saves on cooking for the night. But after a couple days of this stuff, you get tired of it. Actually, you can make a pretty good chicken veggie soup with the chicken from Costco. The added flavor is already there and the chicken bones gives it that ‘oomph’ to the soup. Need to make a push again for french fries at Costco. They would make a killing to go along with the hot dog and soda deal. You hear me, Mr. Kirkland? LOL

  52. 4G says:

    Rotisserie chicken is pretty good . . . .

  53. 4G says:

    @Mark’75 – Chicken Delight! LOL – I could picture the truck, but couldn’t come up with the name. I think that’s it!

    The jingle was something along the lines of:

    Don’t cook tonight,
    Call Chicken Delight

  54. Seawalker says:

    In elementary school, it was the boys against the girls at lunch time in the cafeteria. The objective was which sex could eat everything off their trays. On most days, the girls would win because we could not eat what they served–the veggies. But on the days when they had chicken, the boys ruled. Not only did this one foreigner boy helped us boys to eat everything off our trays, he ate the chicken bones that was included. Man, that was a sight to behold watching this guy munch on the chicken bones. Those were the good ‘ol days of lunch in the cafeteria for us.

  55. Gareth says:

    I remember Hana Chicken fondly. Only had it a few times; but it was quite tasty. Crispy on the outside, juicy and flavorful on the inside. The closest modern equivalent is probably Jollibee’s.

    There was a Pioneer Chicken pretty close to our home. Convenient, but I thought the chicken was a bit on the greasy side.

    Church’s is pretty good. It’s like the phantom chicken place. It appears for a few years, then disappears for a long time; then it reappears, but in a new location. Kind of like Dracula…

  56. Seawalker says:

    Parents used to buy frozen Banquet Fried Chicken and popped it in the oven for dinner. Not bad, the buggah came out pretty crispy. But the best was when dad made fried chicken at home. Real oil back then, not the sissy stuff like veggie or peanut oil nowadays. But I had this pack with my bro whenever we had fried chicken. He would always give me the skin to his chicken when we had Banquet, but I had to pony-up my chicken skin whenever we had those succulent home-made fried chicken. That was the highlight of our fried chicken meals–the crispy skin. Never mind the meat.

  57. Seawalker says:

    Wow, the chicken at Foodland is pretty good, crunchy and juicy too? But the thing is if you buy a dozen, they toss in whatever pieces they got in the pan. For the life of me, chicken breast is just too dry, even when fried. I’d take a thigh any day. Hey, does that make me a leg-man (a guy thing for classification purposes). LOL

  58. Seawalker says:

    @Rod – Red Rooster? “What, beef? Chicken…” 😆

  59. Lowtone123 says:

    Remember Pioneer Chicken well because my dad loved it. I always thought it was too salty but we would go there over the more popular KFC (or Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it known back then). Foodland is pretty good when it is fresh. Their turnover is pretty good at dinnertime so chances are good it is fresh. Zippy’s is good when it is fresh but more often it is not. Not as good as it used to be. Or is it because there is more options now? I like Popeye’s over KFC. My favorite lunch at school was the baked chicken with brown gravy and mashed potatoes. Yum!

  60. superman808 says:

    Woolworth Chicken!!!

  61. Mark'75 says:

    @Rodney: Chicken Delight?

  62. Masako says:

    My cook at school makes a killer oven baked chicken. He mixes the flour with a secret blend than dredges the chicken thigh into the flour. It goes on a cookie sheet and is sprayed with water right before it goes into the oven. About an hour later its done. If its eaten within the hour of being done it taste almost like Zippy’s chicken. Its our most popular lunch.

  63. Masako says:

    Good morning! I worked at Pioneer chicken during 1984-85. It was my first job. I worked at the counter. I used to like the spicy chicken, the spicy rice and the biscuits. I got tired of it after awhile.
    I remember Hana’s chicken, it was pretty good. Chico’s was the best, with those fries. Knotts Berry Farm used to have a good chicken dinner but the last time I tried it wasn’t as good. I heard that KJ’s in Kaneohe has good chicken. I try to stay away from friend chicken these days but I cannot resist Zippy’s.

  64. 4G says:

    I recall being disappointed by Hana Broasted Chicken.

    I would like to try the Minit Stop chicken.

    Lahaina Chicken Company (is that right? LOL.), in the Ala Moana Center food court is pretty good . . . .

  65. 4G says:

    @KAN – I miss Zaney’s. Here’s a link to their defunct Yelp page:

    They used to serve prime rib one day a week – was ono! 🙂

  66. Mark'75 says:

    Haven’t had it in a while, but I liked Rainbow Drive In’s fried chicken. Was certainly worth the wait!

  67. Seawalker says:

    At Popeye’s (or was it Church’s or Pioneer’s), used to order the double mashed potatoes in place of the cole slaw with the chicken meal. Who need’s veggies with grease? LOL

  68. Seawalker says:

    My tolerance for fried food is still alright in the MLC neighborhood. It’s the saltiness that causes my ‘spider=senses’ to go onto sensory overload. Zippy’s chicken is good, crunchy and juicy, but lately, it is way too salty. If I see a Fish and Chips item on the menu, it does have that certain appeal. Must be the ‘it’s better if it’s fried’ mentality that a lot of people have. Country Fried Chicken Steak with ‘grandma’s gravy slathered all over it is another eye-catcher for the ‘ol taste of greasiness. But, to me, nothing beats a good old order of French Fries with them fried chicken. Protein and starch is a deadly, winning combination. Winnah, winnah, chicken dinner? But the fries need to be extra crispy and not not the raw potatoey taste of extra-thick cut kind. The extra-thick cut french fries is a cross between a steamed potato (without the fixings) and ‘plain’ potato chips.

  69. Seawalker says:

    The hull-huli chicken sales were pretty rad in intermediate school. It was not the selling of the tickets, but actually participating in the ‘huli-ing’ on the morning of the pick-up that was the most memorable. It was loading the chicken on the racks, which, by the way, was loaded with rock salt, to the turning of the chicken in which the workers would shout out “huli” because they had to grab the handles to the rack to flip the chicken over, and finally to spraying the shoyu-based secret sauce on to the chicken. Can you smeeeeelllllll what the Rock is cooking?–WWE wrestling tagline.

    When the chicken was removed, some of the chicken stuck on to the rack. There, with gloves and all, you could ‘sample’ some of the chicken hot off the grill. Then it was on to the next batch. I remember dad dropping me off that morning at around 4:30 in the morning. But me ‘no sced’ because I was used to getting up early on Sunday mornings to deliver papers. Besides, you knew you would be surrounded by a bunch of ‘chickens’ anyway!

  70. sally says:

    I’ve tried the garlic chicken from a couple of the well known places. While ono, I cannot handle the greasiness of it.

    I don’t know about the rest of you MLCers, but as I’ve gotten older (since my early 40’s) I’ve lost my taste for fried foods creamy. Cannot even handle Mochiko Chicken or Pietro’s White Sauce.

    How much of a bummer is that huh?

  71. sally says:

    Pioneer had a jingle? lol

  72. KAN says:

    Back before I found out I was allergic to wheat, my friend L took me to this place on Fort Street Mall called Zanee’s. (I think that was how they spelled it – MLC, so can’t really remember.) They had the most ono garlic chicken. Now, I’ve never tried Mitsuken’s, so I can’t compare, but Zanee’s was really good. I think L said they’re gone now.

  73. Robin says:

    When I first moved here back in 1993 .. Chicken Alice was popular, it became our favorite potluck item if , I didn’t cook something. I remember it was hot and spicy.

  74. 4G says:

    Zippy’s fried chicken is pretty good. So is Foodland’s.

    Fort Street Inn has a killer garlic chicken ….

  75. DIO says:

    Fried chicken at The Pastele Shop

  76. DIO says:

    Mitsu-Ken Garlic Chicken

  77. DIO says:

    Koala Moa Chicken

  78. DIO says:

    Huli Huli Chicken

  79. DIO says:

    Popeye’s Chicken

  80. DIO says:

    Kentucky Fried Chicken / KFC

  81. DIO says:

    Pioneer Chicken

  82. DIO says:

    Chicken Alice’s

  83. DIO says:

    Hana Chicken

  84. DIO says:

    Let’s see….

    Church’s Chicken

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