MLC Observation – Airplane Ponderings

When we were growing up, flying or air travel was, for the most part – a luxury.  Maybe we went on a family vacation to a neighbor island a couple of times.  Or a trip to Disneyland when we turned 8.  But nothing like today – where a family trip to Las Vegas is almost an annual event.  Maybe even twice a year- with a trip to San Francisco, or L.A., or Seattle thrown in between.


But back in the old days when air travel was mostly a luxury, passengers dressed and behaved in a luxurious manner.  And stewardesses reciprocated in the same manner.


However, air travel today is so much different.  It’s almost “business-like”.  We’re on the plane for one reason only – to get to our destination.  And the stewardesses flight-attendants are there to dispense the obligatory snacks and drinks and keep order.  Gone are the days of flirting with the help.




Do that now and you might get arrested. Although I must say that the Hawaiian Airlines folks do treat us with warmth and aloha.


But back to the topic of Airplane Ponderings.  These are just my observations and opinions and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone.


People dressed inappropriately for flying.  I’m talking about people who dress like they’re going to a beach picnic.  Tank-top, shorts, and slippers doesn’t strike me a appropriate – especially when the person is sitting RIGHT NEXT to me.  I don’t really want to see your arm-pit hair, much less – smell it.  A little more cover up, please.  A collared pull-over would be nice, or at least a t-shirt.  The shorts, well – I can give you that one.  It’s your legs that will get cold, not mine.


And hygiene.  What more can I say.  Just try your best to take a shower before flying.  It’s that close proximity in an airplane that make this so important.  And maybe freshly washed hair.  Nobody – especially the ones sitting behind you – want to be smelling head-sweat during the whole flight.


Something else I noticed – why do passengers want to go to the bathroom when the flight attendants are serving food or drinks?  I mean, you can see that there is a huge cart blocking the whole aisle.  If you know you can make it to the restroom, do your business, and get back to your seat before the cart blocks your path, then go for it.  But if you’re in doubt – then just wait until they’re done serving.  Sometimes I see the flight attendants back up the cart all they way until the person can get back to their row!


Okay, be honest here.  Raise your hand if you’ve ever farted on the airplane.  Don’t lie.  It’s not like anyone can hear your fut over the engine noise.  And the air is blowing so much that if there is any smell, it dissipates fast.  I’m talking about when the plane is in the air.  When it’s just taxi-ing down the runway – you take your chances of being heard.  And smelled.


On the last flight we took on Hawaiian Air, I had a hard time trying to sleep on the red-eye.  I kept tossing and turning and trying to get comfortable.  I’ll admit that the slim-fit jeans didn’t help.  But later on, someone mentioned to me that the seats on the Airbus planes don’t have much cushioning on the seats.  Then the light-bulb above my head went one and I realized that I was tossing and turning because my butt cheeks were getting sore – so I kept switching sides.  No wonder!  The tip they gave was: Use the blanket as additional seat cushioning.


Which leads me to the next issue.  How clean is the blanket and pillow?  Much like eating at a Chinese restaurant and not wanting to see the kitchen – if you don’t think about it, it’s okay.  If you think about it, well then you start freaking out.  If that’s the case, then just sit on the blanket for additional cushioning and pull out your own jacket to use as your blanket.  And the Airbus head rests have the “wings” that you can adjust to support your head.  As it did for every single other person who sat in that same seat.  DON’T THINK ABOUT IT!


Shoes.  I have a special pair of shoes that I use just for flying.

Merrell Slip Ons


They look similar to this shoe above but is suede.  And since they slip right on and off, they’re great for going through the TSA security check points.  No need to bend down to untie shoelaces or sit down after putting them back on to tie the shoelaces.  And while in the air, they’re easy to simply slip off and rest my feet on to buffer the vibration from the airplane floor.  And did you ever notice that when you take your shoes off during flight, it’s harder to put them back on?  That’s because your feet tend to swell in the higher atmosphere – and it takes a little time for them to shrink back down to size.  So these slip-ons gives me the room for me to put my inflated feet back into my shoes before landing.


Drinking on the plane.  When the beverage cart comes around, usually someone will buy a drink, maybe two to help them take the edge off or catch a few winks.  But on this one daytime trip, I heard the “psshrt” of a can opening.  I looked over and there was this older gentleman cracking open a can of beer.  He had his tray down and a cup where he poured his beer and enjoyed it.  I heard other cans opening too and figured that the guy was just thirsty or something.  But by the time the plane was getting ready to land and they were clearing the trays, he had at least of 6-pack of empty beer cans on his tray.  And I’m positive that his tiny wife sitting next to him was helping him drink all that.  But when it was time to get off the plane, he let his wife walk first as he held on to her shoulders to stable himself on the way out.  I was saying that his vacation started even before they reached their destination.  But then maybe he has a fear of flying and this was how he copes with it.  Or he just enjoys beer.


One final pondering.  Living on this rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean means that any vacation outside of this state pretty much means a five hour flight, at least.  I used to wish that there was some way that the plane could go faster so I wouldn’t have to wait for so long to get to my destination.  But that all changed when someone told me that their dad or uncle or some family member liked to fly.  He said that when he was flying – that gave him five hours to just sit and relax.  Listen music if he wanted to, watch movies, sleep – whatever.  But it sure beat cleaning yard, doing house work, running errands.  And with that – my attitude changed.  And flying wasn’t so bad anymore.  It was a time to sit and cruise and do nothing for a bit.  And even get a drink and snack served to you.  See if you get that at home.


What airplane ponderings do you have?  Stories to share?  Observations?  Pet peeves?  Tips?  7-11 spam musubis taste real good on the airplane.  But the zip-pack in the next row looks even better.  Airplane Ponderings…

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  1. dihudfan says:

    wen I wuz in the Army, used to travel alot, instead of comming home… air fare wuz cheaper if you went on military standby, just had to wear your uniform on the flights…
    used to fly a lot on prop driven planes… wuz slower dan now a days, but back dan it wuz fast…
    used to get good service from the stewardess… they used to geeve a little more stuff to the guys in uniforms…
    but comming home wuz the bess… champagne flights… stewardess used to geeve me as much as I could handle… good old days… now a days I no drink at all… still enjoy the flights…

  2. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, MLCers ❗ Happy Saturday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day everyone ❗ 😀

    @M: your glider plane ride sounds too spooky to me ❗ You are an adventuresome one ❗ 😀

  3. M says:

    @4G.. it’s really peaceful in the glider.

  4. 4G says:

    Oy – riding in a glider must be cool, especially cause there’s no engine noise!

  5. Seawalker says:

    Then it must be BALLS TO THE WALL. Bwahahahahaha! Blessed are those who can stomach such G-force. Was having a Miller Lite one time, but puked in the bathroom because of the change in the cabin pressure. Lucky for me it just was airplane food. Nothing wasted. LOL

  6. M says:

    I rode a glider plane twice. My friend who was once a Blue Angles took me in the glider the first time. It was nuts, he did barrow rolls, loops, upside down, went straight up and stalled the glider and came straight down and pulled up just above the mountain top. He even let me fly it from the rear seat. He told me to grab the stick and he threw his hands in the air and said you’re in control. It was better than any roller coaster ride in the world.

  7. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker…. dang…. you mean to tell me that after we put them through college and higher education ….. we still have to do more??? We gave our daughter a 2014 Toyota Corolla in 2/2014! We told her that’s it for LIFE ❗ 😀

  8. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker…. airplane stories…. just the fat lady squishing me….. good thing she smelled “fresh out of the shower”…. could have been worse! And, not being able to go to the bathroom…. all other airlines let me go even if the seat belt sign is on!!!

    The FART stories I’m keeping to myself ❗ 😆

  9. 4G says:

    Oh, now …. LOL. 😉

    What can I say? It’s Friday; my brain quits around Wednesday …. 😉

  10. Seawalker says:

    Easy peasy, eh? That’s way too cheesy! 🙂 😉 😆

  11. Seawalker says:

    @LK – After your kids graduate, not home free yet. Need to help set up the practice. Besides, with grandkids coming (a good possibility), the heart softens. That’s what I heard. Any airplane stories to tell? Asked a cute dealer in Reno to go out once. Even though she said no, she said her heart was palpating (romance thumping and not not stalking thumping) . LOL

  12. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker…. I was disappointed with the Superferry too…. we wanted to drive our car on the ferry to visit relatives on other islands rather than rent a car there….. wish it would come back one day.

    @4G… ok I’ll buy it and read the instructions! Thanks for the tip!

    Yes, we are great! When both of our kids finally graduate from higher education we will be even better ❗ 😀

  13. 4G says:

    @LK – re: saline nasal spray

    Easy-peasy to use . . . . 🙂

    Glad to hear you are doing well!

  14. Seawalker says:

    Pretty much the only avenue off this island is via an areoplane ride. That’s no fun since we’re surrounded by water. I thought they had something good going with the Superferry. Imagine, you want to go to Hilo for the Merrie Monarch. Okay, HAL it is. But with something like the Superferry, just drive straight onto the boat and it’ll take you Hilo. No need to rent a car too. When it is time to come home, you just drive back on board the boat. Of all the wasteful money the State does with taxpayer’s money, making the Superferry work would have been neat. Maybe we could still convince Cayetano to run for mayor, kill the rail, and divert the money for another Superferry.

  15. LINDA KATO says:

    @Seawalker and @4G: howsit from prior post :!::

    Between editing novels for my classmate, Dr. Frank Pickard and going to VEGAS every other month, very busy but fun…. thank you ❗ 😀 I’m currently editing a 4th novel for him…. and he is in the process of writing 3 more….. more fun to come…..

  16. LINDA KATO says:

    @4G: saline nasal spray…. easy to use? Will look into it. I use eye drops too so my eyes aren’t so red when we land after our red eye flight. I always have gum to freshen our breath after the long flight.

    I use the blanket and pillow to sit on since the seats are so hard so if you use the pillow, it may have been under my butt…. just saying…..

  17. LINDA KATO says:

    Our daughter is attending medical school in VEGAS so we travel there often to see her and to gamble at our favorite casino, THE CAL. I’ve been incredulously lucky there and at other casinos as well. The M Casino is another lucky casino for me…. I seem to have the midas touch there….. 😀

    I am counting down the days again to our next trip…. makes retirement fun since I don’t need to ask a boss permission…. any time we feel like going…. we do! This one trip is on miles and FREE hotel room and meals so it’s a real deal. I have enough miles on Hawaiian for another FREE trip so maybe for my birthday! Love those FREE miles ❗ 😀 Love retirement ❗ 😀

  18. LINDA KATO says:

    Opps typo…. seat belt light in above story…

  19. LINDA KATO says:

    We’re leaving for VEGAS again in a month on 5/26/14, on Memorial Day via Hawaiian Airlines. I always take a novel to read over the ocean…. by the time I am on the last chapter…. we are landing…. I used to watch the movie but would rather watch it at home or in the theatre so reading is preferable. Hubby and I usually sit next to each other so I don’t have to worry about anyone else leaning on me. I once sat next to a very fat lady that took up 6 inches of my seat and squished me in the window seat on United Airlines….. never flew United after THAT smashing experience. Also when I wanted to “P” the United male steward said the seat beat light was on so to HOLD IT and get back to my seat…. yelling at me in front of all the passengers…. shoulda p’d in my pants but I HELD IT and NEVER FLEW UNITED AGAIN!!!

  20. LINDA KATO says:

    Our last flight to Vegas was via Delta Airlines only because we had a FREE companion certificate. I paid for the extra leg room seating since their plane is much smaller than Hawaiian Airlines. We were surprised to find the plane half empty going to VEGAS and coming home so we could spread out in the 3 seats we were in. The flight attendant told hubby to move into the window seat to balance the plane (really) I’m THAT fluffy! LOL! Anyway she went up and down the airplane telling everyone to spread out. Only off limits seats were the extra legroom seats and first class (shucks)! We had to stop over in Los Angeles and the connecting gate was right next door to the gate where we disembarked. Easy peasy! I have more miles on Delta….. I would go that route again….. one day this year. 😀

  21. LINDA KATO says:

    Good afternoon MLCers ❗ Happy Aloha Friday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day everyone ❗ 😀

  22. KAN says:

    I’m glad food selection is getting better at airports. Sea-Tac even has sushi/udon joint, an Ivar’s Seafood (local chain of fish n chips joints), and an Anthony’s Home Port (higher-end local seafood chain). They’re even opening up a store for Sub Pop Records (the label that launched Nirvana, among other Seattle acts).

  23. KAN says:

    @M & Masako: I was so depressed to leave Japan that I didn’t go explore the airports. That would’ve been fun. I think I went to one store at Narita looking for last-minute small-kine omiyage, but I didn’t wander around.

  24. Masako says:

    Japan airports also have a machine that can scan your water so you can bring it through the checkpoint. Hopefully its safe.

  25. Masako says:

    @4G I’ve heard that too. Kagoshima airport had a footbath. I thought that was kind of cool.

  26. Masako says:

    I love the airports in Japan. Since there are no baggage fees, everything gets packed in the suitcase so I have two free hands to shop and carry on stuff. I have a routine, there are regional items that you can buy at the airport, so I always pick up Royce chocolates and Shiroi kobito cookies. Another great thing about the airports is they don’t jack up the prices like they do in the US, its the same or even cheaper. On our last trip I was telling M at the airport that I wish we had been able to shop at more Daiso’s (100 yen stores). We went down the escalator to go look for dinner and lo and behold, A Daiso! We always have a last Japan meal at the airport too.

  27. 4G says:

    I heard some of the Japanese airports even have shower/spa facilities . . . .

  28. Seawalker says:

    The terminals in Japan are almost like Vegas. In Japan, it’s one more meal before hitting the road. In Vegas, it’s one more pull of the handle before heading home. Heard the airports in China are pretty nice too. That’s so important because that’s the first impression you get when you get there as well as the last impression you get before you leave. Something tells me they should bring back the pineapple juice and leis over at HNL. Throw in a tray of macadamia nuts and the tourist will go nuts.

  29. M says:

    My wife loves the airports in Japan, more shopping and eating.

  30. Seawalker says:

    At the airport in Japan, forgot if it was Terminal A or Terminal B, it just feels nice and inviting when you arrive and depart. Had to wait at the terminal for 4 hours. You really feel isolated when you can’t speak the language. Gomenasai and Simimasen will only take you ye far when you’re on foreign turf. But the grinds at the airport make you forget your fears real fast. Over the years, they’ve improved things at HNL. I still remember the old road from Rodgers Blvd. when going to the airport. Been to the air traffic controllers tower once. Totally radical. Too good when you are able to work in the dark like those guys. It’s like watching a movie in 4D. Hats off to the people in the airline industry. No such thing as being over-worked and under-paid like some of the slugs in downtown. LOL

  31. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  32. 4G says:

    Eh, @M – I was goimg say the same thing about carry-ons – especially if they no can even lift um to stow um by themselves! WTH???

  33. M says:

    JAL is da best!

  34. Seawalker says:

    Those JAL flight attendants, they were still young and single. No wonder they so nice to you, no hubby to deal with at home. Once they get married, they end up quitting their jobs. Lucky for us, the cycle continues on. Out with the old, in with the new. 😆

  35. Mark'75 says:

    Who pays attention to the in-flight safety presentation? Not many. Air New Zealand got it figured out…

  36. Seawalker says:

    One time, had to bring a tray of katsu to someone on the mainland. Put it in the overhead compartment. Needless to say, it wasn’t crunchy when we arrived. In Japan, Customs seized my pordagee sausages brought up for someone. They said you needed a certain stamp on the meat to bring it into the county. As we were leaving and going through the airport, an alarm sounded. There, the Custom brought the sausages frozen in a freezer to take back home. At least they gave it back to me to return home. Coming home from Mexico, they confiscated my spray deodorant. They said you needed to check it in instead of carrying it on. Whatever. I offered my toothbrush as a peace offering, but I could sense the buggah was saying, ‘go home, tourist!’ Took home a whole roasted duck from S.F. once. Head was still attached and I had it as a carry-on. Made it back without any trouble. Man, these omiyage rituals has got to change. LOL

  37. Mark'75 says:

    I agree with everyone, JAL is number 1!

  38. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Do they even show movies anymore on airplanes? Have not done a long distance flight in a very long time.

  39. M says:

    We stop at Fukuya or Gulick Deli on our way to the airport. We bring an empty water bottle and fill it up with water at the water fountain after we go through security.

  40. Seawalker says:

    Now that you have to pay for an in-flight meal, it is wise to buy something at the airport and bring it on board. Airport food is still pricey, but at least the food is better. I’m not a sandwich eater, but the last time we traveled, went to Subways and got a foot-long to smuggle on board. I always make sure I have something to read while passing time flying. The newspaper is my favorite. Especially on the return flight, The S.F. Examiner or the local Vegas paper makes for a good read as you check out the ads for cars and the price of homes there.

  41. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Thanks for the link. That’s what I like, a man with the ‘facts’ and facts only. Had a piece of fried chicken from St. Louis Okazuya. Not too shabby. Good size, the chicken.

  42. Seawalker says:

    Been on the end with the crying baby. So we tried to link up our flights to Rhode Island from Hawaii with back-to-back flights. Not a good idea with a very young child-in-tow. The first leg to O’Hare was okay, But not the second leg. Worst yet, it was a red-eye. Lucky for us the people aboard our flight was cool about it. Think they even felt sorry for us. That’s why it doesn’t phase me when a young family is sitting nearby us. Some people dread it, but not us. We just smile and be grateful of travelling on vacation. Those days are way behind us now. But I still have this fear about sitting next to the Bulk, no, I mean, next to the Hulk. They should put those guys in ‘cargo’. LOL

  43. 4G says:

    @HbH – try copying and pasting into URL address bar.

  44. Hawai'ian by Heart says:


    Howzit 4G wat new?

  45. Hawai'ian by Heart says:


    Uncle your link is broken.

  46. 4G says:

    The best was the seats that reclined all the way down so it was like lying in bed . . . .

  47. 4G says:

    I got to fly business class on JAL to and from Tokyo.

    A W E S O M E !


  48. 4G says:

    A bit late on the draw (again! LOL).

    Related to “Chicken Joints”:

  49. Masako says:

    I don’t mind babies crying that much if the parents are making an effort to stop them. What I don’t like is parents who let their kids kick the chair in front or make lots of noise or even run around the airplane. When we were kids we were always told before boarding what the expectations as far as behavior was and the consequence if we failed to follow. Needless to say we always behaved. Missing a day a Disneyland or whatever fun place we were heading was not worth the fun of being naughty on the airplane.

  50. Masako says:

    JAL is the best, like first class on another airline. They are always coming around offering you something to drink along with small snacks in addition to the regular and small meal before landing. Wish I was rich enough to check out first class on that airline. We fly Hawaiian now to Japan because the fares are low, many times its cheaper than a flight to LA or Vegas. Its not JAL but cannot beat the price.

  51. Rodney says:

    One time I saw this huge couple sitting together. Luckily they had the 3-seats section for just the two of them. After lifting the arm-rests, they were quite comfortable. Then it dawned on me that being a full flight, they probably bought the extra seat just for their comfort. And more importantly, not to discomfort others. Kudos to them.

  52. KAN says:

    My first trip on a plane was from O`ahu to Kona to see family friends. I was 10. I was so excited the night before that I couldn’t sleep.

    First time to the Mainland was when I was 14. My family was on a tour with friends to go to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, and Reno, and San Fran. I thought Mainland food was so awful I feared I’d never be able to go to a Mainland college. Half the people on that tour caught a cold, including me. I remember eating clam chowder in San Francisco for the first time and watching the sun set over one of the bridges. That was awesome.

    My first international flight was to Japan when I was 22. That was a big plane. About an hour before landing in Osaka, the plane took a big dip – big enough that half of the plane screamed. I’ve never liked roller coasters, and that dip just confirmed that for me.

  53. M says:

    Have you seen some of the carry ons? Almost full size luggage. They need to enforce the carry on size. One time I helped this lady with her carry on. It was so heavy she couldn’t lift it to put it into the overhead bin so I did it for her and it was heavy. I wouldn’t want to be seating under or near the over head bin with that much weight in it.

  54. Seawalker says:

    @4G – Sometimes the pits get so overcooked, I want to tell the armrest hogger, “need a shot of b.o., buddy?”. But better my pits than their pits! 😆

  55. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – LOL! Armrest wrestling is a pain. But worse, they literally overflow into your seat’s “space”! 😉

  56. Seawalker says:

    I also watch for those blalahs coming in the plane and hope they’re not seated next to me. Sometimes, I feel sympathetic for those fat palukas because they are so uncomfortable in the cheap seats. But that still no bother me as much as those guys who thinks the arm rest belongs to them. Bruddah and sistahs, if we sit next to each other, we share the arm rest. So what I do now is to make sure I establish that fact by leaving my arm there in the first. Before them. I like to fold my arms up when I fall asleep on the plane. Your turn now, I’m telling ’em in my mind. LOL

  57. Hawai'ian by Heart says:


    Howzit? its amazing how much thing has changed since small kid time.

  58. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    My only issue with flying while i was in the military was the child who cried the whole flight between Seatle and San Diego. So for the future bring loud ipod with great headphones.

  59. jaydee says:

    Remember when they allowed smoking on the planes. I used to be a smoker then too. It’s kind of ridiculous that they had a Smoking/Non Smoking area. Like the smoke’s not going to migrate to the other section, lol

  60. Seawalker says:

    Agree that JAL is ichiban alright. Food was good, flight attendants were courteous, got moved to the section with the wider seats, free slippers coming back home, and even played a game while in flight. Once went to Vegas on Hawaiian. Flight attendant gave us a free bottle of champagne to celebrate when we got there. Scored! Still like United the best. Mind-set is that they got lots of flights. So just in case you need another flight… Don’t have trouble falling asleep on the plane. It’s staying asleep is the problem. The pressurized cabin or weird oxygen piped in makes me groggy. Can’t count the times being fast asleep upon take-off.

  61. Seawalker says:

    Wow, many issues with the plane ride. Me, I just rough it and check out the pretty wahines on-board. As far as farting goes, just let ‘er rip, potoato chip! No, not nice and no class. Mom always taught us not to do pilau things. But hmmm… the engine noise drowns out the sound and dissipates quickly, eh? Time to hire some FBI agents… Fart Benign Investigators!

  62. 4G says:

    LOL – “plane” (not plan) still on the tarmac.

  63. 4G says:

    I feel fortunate that I inherited the ability to sleep just about anywhere from my dad. LOL.

    Airline seating is not the most conducive to sleeping, but if I’m tired, I can fall asleep. All the noise and other disturbances may cause me to wake, but I can usually go back to sleep again . . . .

    We were once on a morning flight out of Chicago O’hare into HNL. We had to fly from NY to O’hare first – that first leg was REALLY early in the morning. Plus, we had just gotten out of the emergency room at 3 a.m. that morning.

    Anywho – I was tired and started napping while the plan was still on the tarmac, before even taxiing out to the runway. Next thing I know, I was awakened by a very LOUD “boom” as we were making our initial ascent. An engine (on a twin engine, what must have been like a 767, airliner) went out. I opened my eyes, saw the plane still headed in an upward orientation, figured it was okay, at least for now, and went back to sleep.

    I was awakened a little while later by my daughter who was telling me that the captain had just announced that we had lost an engine and we were headed back to O’hare after having to dump fuel first.

    Me? I went back to sleep! LOL.

  64. 4G says:

    @M – and, I swear there is more leg room on international airlines, too. Plus, more seating options, like business class.


  65. NaPueo says:

    First trip to the mainland was by military cargo plane. They had installed seats. Fed us sandwiches and drinks midway through.
    Next trip was on American Airlines to Texas. It was a good trip with a friendly cabin crew.
    Last few trips were to Japan. JAL is the best. Although I haven’t flown Hawaiian yet. Just don’t take the bulkhead seats.
    I haven’t been able to sleep on a flight yet.

  66. M says:

    The international flights you get feed well and the flight attendents come by the entire the flight to offer water, coffee and tea.

  67. 4G says:

    Why is it that international airlines’ food (and the experience, overall, as well) is sooo much more civilized than that served by domestic airlines?

    I had lamb chops on an Air New Zealand flight once, and they were good!

  68. Lowtone123 says:

    Personally I hate flying…not a fear of it actually I enjoy the ride but the seats are so uncomfortable. Hard on a person with back problems because the seats have little cushion for da okole. I find myself having to get up often and stand to relieve pressure on my lower back. I try to get an aisle seat whenever possible as not to make it inconvenient to the other passengers. I’ll usually stand next to the flight attendants and make conversation while they prepare the drinks and meals so I get to see where things are stowed. They are nice as to offer me a drink while I stand. I try to coordinate a bathroom break at the same time. I wear slippers so they are easy to take off and put back on for the TSA checkpoint, and comfortable clothing. I always shower at the first opportunity when I get to my destination because I don’t know who sat in that seat, how clean they were or if they farted in it. Also I’ll bet the blankets and pillows are never washed or laundered.

  69. Masako says:

    Like M, I love to travel but hate the plane ride. I like traveling international because luggage is still free so boarding is much easier because people not bringing so much carry on’s. A few flight attendants mentioned that they prefer working those flights because its so much less hassle without having to find room for everyones stuff. About half the time coming home from Japan we are able to get an exit row for free because they like to have some english speakers there. Usually coming home i’m so tired that I can sleep most of the time. Its the flight up that drives me nuts.

  70. Masako says:

    Good morning! I’m the one scoping out the seats around me during boarding. I keep my eye on the empty row and the minute the door is closed, its mine! Doesn’t happen as often as I like but love it when it does.

  71. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    I like to travel but I don’t like the time it’s take to get there. One hour is a long time to me. I like to travel to Japan but the 9-10hrs it takes to get there is difficult for me. I can’t sleep on the plane and the seats are very uncomfortable and not enough leg room.

  72. 4G says:

    Pet peeve – parents that choose to not exercise any control over their kids. Kicking the back of my seat is especially annoying.

    Constantly crying kids (babies) are another annoyance.

    LOL – do you count the rows (forward and back) to the nearest exit? How about feeling under your seat to ensure your seat actually has a life vest (I recently saw a news story that said theft of the life vest from under the seat is becoming more and more common).

  73. 4G says:

    I’m not a big fan of spam musubi. For me, ume and/or natto hand rolls are the winners!

  74. 4G says:

    I like to carry saline nasal spray and lubricating eye drops, especially on multi-hour flights.

    It could just be my imagination, but I swear they help you to stay hydrated (in addition to drinking water) and it seems to me that the nasal spray helps alleviate jet lag.

  75. 4G says:

    The first thing I do with airline blankets and pillows is to stow them in the overhead compartment. 😉

    Always carry your own jacket, especially if it’s bulky. You can use as a “blanket” or “pillow” during the flight. Plus, it doesn’t take up valuable luggage space.

  76. 4G says:

    If you get seated and the seat next to you is still empty . . . .

    Am I the only one who scopes out the people boarding and coming down the aisle, and pray that the extra-large person/people coming through either sit before reaching your row, or keep moving past your row?


  77. jaydee says:

    I remember the first time we flew from Hawaii to the mainland. I was about 5 and we took one of those transport planes because my dad was active military at the time. All I remember is that we sat in seats that were made of this netting material and it was loud, real loud. Prop plane I imagine. Later as I got older we would fl Pan Am and we’d get those wing pins and a Pan Am travel bag. I thought that was so cool!

  78. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    I hope someday soon to make the trip home, the sight of seeing Oahu from above on a clear sunny day when the ocean is blue or green is worth the whole flight. 🙂

  79. Hawai'ian by Heart says:

    Wo ho! Im first.

    For me the last time I flew from Hawai’i to mainland or vice versa was back in the 80s. I believe if i remember correctly Pan-Am was still running. Back then the 747 was popular and used for mainland and Hawai’i flights. Back then if i remember correctly, flights took at least 8 to 10hrs to get to the mainland. They showed a movie or two, served a dinner and the flight attendants were so nice. The only real problem was sitting in one spot like that if you were kid.

    I remember landing in Honolulu by way of the reef runway. What a sight. Any way Aloha guys good morning.

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