Do You Remember… Prom Bids

No, it’s not a Déjà Vu.  I did do a Prom Bid blog post last year, but my co-worker was kind enough to dig up her prom bids to share them with us.  Thank you Susan!


One of the things that Susan loved was this bid envelope:

Prom bid evelope - small
Check out that airbrushed clouds and the hand-written names.  So personalized!


But first, let’s start off with this bid:
Prom Bid Sophomore Cover - Small


It was actually for a Sophomore banquet:
Prom Bid Sophomore Opening Page - Small
Friday, May 2nd – Hey, that’s tomorrow!


And here’s the playlist – performed by the band: Last Minute
Prom Bid Sophomore Playlist - Small
I must admit, there are a few songs that I don’t recognize.


Now here’s the Senior Prom bid that came in the cool air-brushed envelope:
Prom Bid Senior Cover - small


Very classy on the inside:
Prom Bid Senior Inside 1 - small


Check out the announcement page:
Prom Bid Senior Announcement - Small
Look at the times – to Twelve midnight!  Music by Misty Morning


Doesn’t it bring back some memories?  “A formal, floral affair”.  Renting the tux, making sure the lei was ready on time.  Confirming the dinner reservations.  Washing the car.  Hoping not to break out with a huge zit just days before the prom.  Deciding which cologne to wear.  Making sure the hair has been styled.  Double checking that you have enough cash in your wallet.  Hoping that everything goes smoothly to make it a “Night to Remember”.


If there was a “Second Chance Prom” – do you think that you would attend?  I’m not talking about a Formal affair – maybe Semi-Formal.  With a live band or two.  Cocktails and pupus.  Prom court (NOT!).  A Second Chance Prom might be pretty cool.  And we wouldn’t have to worry about zits.  You know… because we’re MLC and we don’t get zits anymore.


Anyone out there still have their prom bids?  And a BIG Thank You to Susan K. for being a good sport and allowing me to share pictures of your bids.




It’s not quite a prom, maybe more like a high school dance.  Actually, it’s a Magic Mushroom nightclub Reunion!  2-weeks away.  Few seats left, otherwise it’s SRO.


23 Responses to “Do You Remember… Prom Bids”

  1. Ynaku says:

    @Kan That’s the one Stridex

  2. DancingBear says:

    I don’t remember Cold Blood, but my friend Bamboo from Hilo said they played a lot of their music. His favorite was Valdez in the Country.
    BTW, everybody had a nickname back in the day. They still use their nicknames. My other friends are Rocky and Stink.

  3. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Happy Happy Aloha Friday!

  4. Mark'75 says:

    Oops! Cold Blood! not cold slate 😆

  5. Mark'75 says:

    One Love – The Carpenters

    …ahhhh high school dayz…..

  6. Mark'75 says:

    One that made me go, ‘Oh yeah, I remember!’
    Hangin’ Around – The Edgar Winter Group

  7. Mark'75 says:

    Hey Look at the Sun – Sergio Mendes

  8. Mark'75 says:

    Nice bids! They must hold a lot of memories.
    Had to look some songs up too…
    Clean Slate – Tower of Power

  9. Rodney says:

    Stridex Medicated Pads. I used to use that!

  10. Seawalker says:

    Flowers at prom season can be expensive. Sometimes it has a profound effect on people. Had a buddy of mine in high school who asked someone to the prom. I think it caught her out of the blue. She must’ve been smitten by this. The very next day, she bought him a single rose to carry around school. All day at school. Man, we couldn’t help but LOurAO and tease him to no end. Too bad it was not pikake. Don’t see the definition below, but pikake is shaped like a rope and probably used to lasso your man. Talk about puppy love. LOL

    Flower (Characteristic)

    Baby’s Breath (Beginning)
    Rose (Love)
    Dogwood (Sacrifice)
    Lilac (Forgiveness)
    Gladiola (Strength)
    Hydrangea (Foundation)
    Magnolia (Memories)
    Water Lily (Peace)
    Bird Of Paradise (Wings To Fly)
    Peony (Gratitude)
    Daylily (Each Day)
    Orchid (Valued)
    Sunflower (Joy)
    Anemone (Heart)
    Azalea (Enthusiasm)
    Queen Anne’s Lace (Home)
    Forsythia (Courage)
    Daisy (Light)
    Delphinium (Grace)
    Calla Lily (Protection)
    Lupine (Contentment)
    Zinnia (Inner Beauty)
    Iris (Honor)
    Sweet Pea (Forever)
    Daffodil (Hope)
    Cornflower (Influence)
    Gerbera Daisy (Confidence)
    Chrysanthemum (Priceless)
    Aster (Star)
    Easter Lily (Fresh Start)
    Carnation (Significance)

  11. KAN says:

    @Ynaku – you shua you not talking about Stridex?

  12. Seawalker says:

    Doesn’t it bring back some memories? “A formal, floral affair”. Renting the tux, making sure the lei was ready on time. Confirming the dinner reservations. Washing the car. Hoping not to break out with a huge zit just days before the prom. Deciding which cologne to wear. Making sure the hair has been styled. Double checking that you have enough cash in your wallet. Hoping that everything goes smoothly to make it a “Night to Remember”.

    Adding on to the prom checklist…

    – after checking da hair, do a quick sniff of the underarm… nothing’s a sure thing.

    – if okay, do a little boogie-step in front of the mirror for ‘practice’

    – then, the breath test… blow into mirror… if good, then you ready

    Dressed to kill, ready to thrill! 😆

  13. Seawalker says:

    @Ynaku – LOL Better than getting ‘kuckeoghs’ on the legs. Ho, the itchy man, like scratch ’em. 😆

  14. Ynaku says:

    Clearasil 😀

  15. Ynaku says:

    No zits. Maybe boils on the butt? 😆 Nah What that round pad in the glass jar they used to wipe their faces to get the oil off? MLC moment. No Can Remember

  16. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Lei Day in Hawaii nei!

  17. hawai'ian by heart says:

    @KAN, 4G

    You too huh?

    No prom memories for me, sorry i cant contribute. 🙁

  18. 4G says:

    LOL! @KAN – I was going to say the same thing! 😉

  19. KAN says:

    I don’t know whether this is an indication of my “maturity” or not, but I still get zits. Life isn’t always fair.

  20. 4G says:

    You forgot “praying that your car behaves” and doesn’t give problems – especially if you weren’t fortunate enough to borrow “the good” car! LOL!

  21. 4G says:

    @Rod – LOL! Your prom checklist sounds like my “every date” checklist from way back when ….

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