Do You Remember… Posters

Did you used to buy posters when you were growing up in the 60’s and 70’s?


I remember going to Holiday Mart’s record department and checking out the posters on the big poster rack.  It looked something like this.


Poster Rack


I especially loved black-light posters but I never could afford a black-light so it was a waste of money buying them.  But I bought them anyway.


I remember one that I had was a ghost ship on black velvet paper.  Looked something like this:

Poster ghost ship


And of course, I had to have the Keep on Truckin’ poster:


Poster Keep on Truckin


Had the girls too:

Poster Farrah_Fawcett



Poster cheryl-ladd


I thought this one was pretty cool – so I bought it:

Poster Woman's Lib


And here’s one that I had posted on the back of our bathroom door – which was directly across the toilet.  You couldn’t help but read it every time you sat down.  * Be sure to read the last step

Poster Nuclear Bomb


How many of you had this classic poster hanging up in your room?

Poster Endless Summer


I know I had a lot more posters.  These are just some of the ones I remember.  IIRC, they were $2 each.


Anyone remember the black-light room at DJ’s Sound City at Ala Moana Center?  That was a cool place to check out posters.  And Records Hawaii had quite a collection of posters too.


Did you used to buy posters back in the day and put them up in your room?  Where was your favorite place to buy them?  What kind did you buy?  Black-light posters, sports action posters, celebrities, surfing, etc.?  Share your poster memories with us.


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  1. Seawalker says:

    Me too, it’s not the same without the grand poobah a.k.a. @Rod. Besides, the water buffalo lodge bylaws state that no new meeting can be held. Ask Fred Flintstone. I know a few times we went an entire week with the same topic because of how popular and interesting the conversations got. But leave it to Dr. Seawalker for a diagnosis. UR, for heaven’s sake, lay off them hot dogs! 😆 Seriously, hope he’s okay.

  2. khs68 says:

    @4G IK

  3. 4G says:

    I hope everything is okay with Uncle Rod ….

  4. khs68 says:

    I used to watch the July 4 hot dog contest when the Kobayashi guy and Sonya Thomas were competing. After a while it was kinda gross. Cheeks all puffed up but still stuffing and chewing away. Reminded me of John Belushi in Animal House doing the zit.

  5. Blue Jade says:

    KHS68 – oh that’s a funny saying.
    4G – funny funny lol
    I get nauseated watching eating contests, I can’t handle. As it progressses I can feel it tickling the back of my throat. I can eat a LOT but not lil dat. It’s amazing someone hasn’t automatically died after eating that much food aka Diamond Jim.

  6. 4G says:

    Holy Bratwurst, Batman – that’s a ton of background!

    Go Joey!!! LOL

  7. Seawalker says:

    Everything you need to know about the 2014 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest

    Photo: Peter Foley/EPA
    Twitter Email
    Posted: Thu Jul. 3, 2014

    It’s that wonderful time of year again. Friends and family gather together to sit back, relax and watch people decimate their bodies with a superfluous amount of sodium. Yes, this is America, where we may not be the best at the beautiful game, but we will not be denied at the eating game. Tomorrow will mark the start of the 98th annual Nathan’s Hot Dog eating contest. NINETY EIGHTH. The country has only existed for 238 years.

    Anyhow, here’s everything you need to know:


    Eat as many hot dogs (buns included) as possible in 10 minutes. Must keep the dogs down for the duration of the contest or you’ll be disqualified. Contestants can dip hot dogs in water, which is super gross.

    Where to watch:

    ESPN News (12 p.m. ET), and a tape delayed version will start on ESPN 2 at 2 p.m. ET.


    Bovada currently has Joey Chestnut as the favorite at -1200. Matt Stonie far behind at +900. Or you can take the field at +700.

    Over/under for total dogs eaten by the winner is 67 1/2.

    The Field

    (factoids via Major League Eating):
    Joey “Jaws” Chestnut: The myth, the legend. At some point, one runs out of adjectives to describe greatness. To call Joey Chestnut the Michael Jordan of hot dog eating would be extremely insulting to Chestnut. Jaws has won seven Nathan’s hot dog eating contests in a row, and also claims world records for eating the most tamales, Twinkies, asparagus, bratwurst, ice cream and hard boiled eggs. But perfection does not rest on its laurels. Joey’s back to defend his title, and, dare we say, break the 70 hot dog barrier (the current record is 69, set last year by Chestnut)?

    Matt “The Megatoad” Stonie: Measuring up at an imposing 5’8”, 120 lbs, The Megatoad is the 2nd ranked eater in the world and the only somewhat realistic threat to take Chestnut’s throne. He’s also from San Jose, the same city as Chestnut, which begs the question, what the hell is going on in San Jose?

    Stonie has a popular Youtube channel where, you guessed it, he eats stuff. Here he is eating 5 Big Macs in 60 seconds (if this isn’t something you want to watch, you should probably avoid ESPN tomorrow):

    Erik “The Red” Denmark: 14th ranked eater in the world, he once at 5 lbs of kimchi in 6 minutes, which is way too much.

    Brian “Dud Light” Dudzinski: Just based on nickname, I would bet everything that this guy was in a frat.

    Jeff “The Beast Man” Butler: 10th ranked eater in the world, he finished 6th place at last year’s contest. He’s also a former army cook who was disciplined for over-eating.

    Tim “Eater X” Janus: Holds the World Record for longest burp. I’m not going to pretend like anything else matters:

    Adrian “The Rabbit” Morgan: The 7th ranked eater in the world, Morgan won Rouse’s 2014 Crawfish Eating World Championship by eating 2.7 lbs of Crawfish in 10 minutes. Yikes.

    Marcos “The Monster” Owens: In a sport like competitive eating, I’m guessing you really have to bring it in order to earn a name like Monster. Owens at 144 Hooters wings in 10 minutes. That’s enough to weird out the type of clientele that regularly eats at Hooters.

    Eric “Badlands” Booker: A familiar face at the Nathan’s Hot Dog contest, Badlands consistently wins the award for “Guy who looks like he’d do pretty well at a hot dog eating contest.”

    Photo: Getty Images

    Sean “Flash” Gordon: Once at 30 moon pies in 8 minutes, a feat only equaled by every 8-year-old raised in the South.

    Yasir Salem: Qualified by eating 27.5 hot dogs & buns in 10 minutes. Not a contender, but that’s still an insane amount of food for one man to eat.

    Aaron “The A-Train” Osthoff: The 8th ranked eater in the world and the 2011 Canadian wings eating champion. Also has a pretty sweet nickname.

    Juan “More Bite” Rodriguez: Works as a personal trainer. Has also eaten 31 hot dogs in 10 minutes. These two things do not compute.

    Pablo Martinez: Won the Las Vegas qualifier, meaning he’s no stranger to eating extremely large quantities of borderline edible food. Investigates the paranormal in his free time. Somehow doesn’t have his own reality show on TLC.

    Ronnie Hartman: 23rd ranked eater in the world, which is pretty good considering everybody eats.

    Colin Shirlow: Ireland’s oyster eating champion, Shirlow’s about to get a rude, disgusting welcome to the American diet.

    Sgt. Horacio Chanyau: Sgt. Chanyau was the winner of the inaugural Nathan’s Famous Military qualifier, making him easily the most patriotic person ever.

    Follow Dan Treadway and Extra Mustard on Twitter.

  8. Hbh says:

    How is da 4th and chinese new year like wit the limit in fireworks? I rememba da 4th being da greatests when i was a kid in oahu.

  9. Hbh says:

    I remember holiday mart, man they had a huge section for Halloween stuff.

  10. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – Decided not to go. Heard about the crowd, and how crowded @4G said it was yesterday. Went to Walmart instead to pick-up some things. Parking lot was heavier than usual. Inside the store was not too. Ho, they got all the tents up at Ala Moana Beach. What, got fireworks or something? LOL But that’s good. It promotes family time together. They should have a hot dog eating contest here. I’ll enter. 😆

  11. khs68 says:

    I saw a poster in London that made me laugh because it was so right on.

    “If you can’t live without me, why aren’t you dead yet?”

  12. Mark'75 says:

    @Blue Jade: Yeah, I still scratch my head over that kind stuff…

  13. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker – so how was your costco lunch

  14. Seawalker says:

    Let the countdown begin, less than 17 hours to go. Set your TV’s on to ESPN and watch Joey destroy last year’s record of 69 hot dogs. That’s disgusting. That’s “JOEY… JOEY… JOEY…” 😆

  15. A.T. says:

    I remember my sisters would burn the edges of the poster with a candle to give it an old vintage look. They also would drip candle wax off of the top of of this brown glass “genie” looking bottle. I don’t remember what the bottle originally contained but if I had to guess it was Akadama plum wine.

  16. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning MLCers ❗ Happy Thursday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  17. Blue Jade says:

    Mark75 I think it went something like if you love them set ’em free and if they love you back they return. Then another saying came along that said and if they don’t Hunt Them Down. Something stupid lil dat like the book/movie Love Means Never Having to say you’re sorry. Good grief that was dumb. Or Jonathan Seagull.

  18. Hbh says:

    Happy 4th guys.

  19. Mark'75 says:

    One poster I recall started something like, “If you love someone, set them free…” Being a young, naive kid, I was like, “hah?”

  20. Mark'75 says:

    @4G: Wow, those Peter Max designs…I remember portfolios and book covers that looked like that! Neat!

  21. 4G says:

    Dang! 🙂

  22. 4G says:

    : )

    TY!!! @LK and @Volleymom2.

  23. Volleymom2 says:

    Enjoyed reading comments. My bro had the Farrah poster on his wall and I remember the endless summer one.

  24. LINDA KATO says:

    4G: I enjoy reading the banter between you folks, just having fun here. Have a great week ❗ 😀

  25. 4G says:

    That said, hee haw is pretty damned funny, though! LOL.

    Sorry – I couldn’t help myself.

    In other news – I found one – The Leopard:

  26. 4G says:

    Sooo –

    I have been trying to find old posters on line. My experience suggests that they are not prevalent – at least the ones that I might recognize. Too bad. I guess they were too far ahead of the Web.

  27. 4G says:

    @LK – LOL. Yeah, Seawalker been in rare form lately. 😉

    I get the feeling, though, that we need to tone it down a bit. 😉

  28. LINDA KATO says:

    4G: Is this what I’ve been missing ❓ A variety of stories from everyone ❗ Seawalker never runs out of stories ❗ Someday would like to put a face with his name ❗

    Have a great evening everyone ❗ 😀

  29. Rodney says:

    @Gareth – Beep Beep Yurass! I remember that one!

  30. Rodney says:

    @Mark’75 – Wow, that “I do my thing” saying. Haven’t heard it in a few decades. But as I was reading it – I could recite it word for word. Maybe I did have that poster. LOL

  31. Seawalker says:

    Eh, @4G, should have gone for the Costco rotisserie chicken. Only $5.99 for a whole chicken. But me too, I go for the fry stuff. Must’ve had plenty samples today at Costco considering Friday is Independence Day. Think I going go during lunch tomorrow. A sample here, a sample there, you don’t need to buy lunch. 😉 Money do grow on trees! 😆

  32. 4G says:

    The zoo had TERRIBLE shave ice! More like crushed ice! LOL.

  33. 4G says:

    I made a Costco run today. Mistake. LOL – was crazy!!

    I figured I would check of Max’s (of Manila) Restaurant’s fried chicken. I ordered it takeout. Half a fried chicken for like nine dollars. A tad high, to me. Looks like a decent sit down environment and the prices seem reasonable for a sit down place.

    It was, literally, a half chicken that is fried. They cut it in thirds crosswise. The chicken was okay, but I wouldn’t go out of my way for it. The skin is really crispy. The meat is a little on the dry side to me. It comes with a sort of sweet chili dipping sauce. Not a whole lot of flavor. They have unusual sides like pansit, but I didn’t try any of them.

    I prefer Jollibee’s chicken to Max’s.

  34. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker you were very aware at a young age. Me, nope I was an only child for 7 years til my bro came along and *whoa* talk about sibling rivalry. That lasted until the day he died 2 years ago….and found out thru journals and his living will what he thought of me and it wasn’t good. I chalk it up to brain damage due to prior brain damage due to drugs and his drinking prob.

    But on my end I would have done anything for my bro…tho when we were kids, nope nope nope. But by the time he came along we were doing a lot better and I was a teen earning money.

    I come from a real dysfunctional family so I’m just glad I didn’t end up like my bro

  35. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – In the 4th grade, I remember my little brother coming to my class one morning with his friends. He told me mom forgot to give him lunch money for the day. So I gave him my quarter. We never ate breakfast when we were young. Don’t know why but we just didn’t eat in the morning. So it was no lunch for me that day too. It’s what Super Chicken always tells Fred, “you know the job was dangerous when you took it”. But that was just me for being an older brother.

    I hardly have any class pictures that you buy from elementary school. One year, everybody bought pictures, but not me, I returned my whole envelope. I just didn’t want to spend my parent’s hard earned money. Some of us were just blessed early on to know the value of money. But that was just me because I always wanted my younger bothers to have money to buy their pictures instead.

    My parents used to work nights and come home late. Dad always wanted a hot bath when washing up. Well, we took tons of showers for us boys in the house. Besides, all boys sweat and stank. B.O. doesn’t stand for the food, buggah ong. It stands for body odor. 😆 But not me, I always took a shower with cold water only so dad could have his hot water available. But that was just me. 😉

  36. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker: dayum your folks were totally strict. One time I stole $10 from my dad’s wallet. Never get lickin’s tho but got yelled at for a very long long time. $10 in those days bought you a few bags of groceries.

    When I had an outing to Ala Moana Beach during summer fun, that’s when I realized we were poor cuz all my dad gave me was a quarter and at the concession store couldn’t buy nuthin’ for a quarter except a drink. I nevah bring home lunch either cuz I thought I was gonna buy a burger and a drink. I think my teacher felt bad for me since I couldn’t eat so she gave me an extra quarter so I could buy a burger.

    My parents were quick w/ 1) da slippah 2) belt 3) guava switch 4) metal hanger 5) ruler but as I got older was getting chewed out for about an hour.

    They stopped hitting me when I was I think intermediate and my mom was gonna hit me and I was way taller than her. I told her, you hit me – I going hit you back…then towered over her. And never again. Except the yellings.

  37. Seawalker says:

    LMAO. The buggah sounded like a donkey? Aisoos. I heard about people getting religious, “oh, my God, God, oh God” or some people using the ‘S’ word, “$hit…”. But this is the first time I heard about “hee-haw, hee-haw”. 😆 I have another confession to make. In the 3rd grade, we went on an excursion to the zoo. Yup, it was the Hawaiian Sun in tin foil and the whole 9-yards about bringing your home lunch. Well, they said we could also bring $1 each to use at the zoo. My dad gave me 25 cents only. What can you possibly buy for 25 cents at the zoo? So I took 4 more quarters from his change bin. When the teacher asked each of us to show how much money we had, I showed her 5 quarters. A buck twenty-five. I had to give her the extra 25 cents I brought. But the worse thing was that she gave it back to my parents directly. Think she questioned my parents why I had $1.25 instead of $1.00. I think you know where this is going. Yup, major, major, major likins’ over 1 measly quarter. Good life lesson. When you play, you pay! 😉 BTW, I used the $1.00 to buy bird-feed for the barn the zoo had ages ago. Remember that?

  38. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – I never heard a Filipino doorbell . . . . The ones I heard go, “ding-dong”, not “manong”. And, I grew up in Kalihi!


  39. 4G says:

    LOL! You guys crack me up! Pretty soon, we’re gonna have to rename this blog to True MLC Confessions!

    @Mark’75 – re: lint. Yeah, not good to wear black under a blacklight, cause all the lint shows REALLY well …. 😉

  40. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker: no feel bad. I cannot reverse very well, just that particular skill is missing in my genetics. ALL my accidents have occurred reversing out of a parking space. Which in perspective is good that I hit inanimate things rather than people.

    One time in a tight Kalihi repair shop parking I was reversing and heard the dreaded KA-TUNK. Horrors… was a Mercedes Benz and you’d think for an expensive car they would have strong bumpers. I had an old Toyota and no damage, but the Benz had a huge dent.

    So I did the logical thing. Get the heck out and never return. I droppped off a coworker but he didn’t mention when he returned that anyone came out.

    I think the Benz was owned by someone who owned a biz among the businessed. I still feel guilty but I was so broke then and figured the cost would have been like $5K for a benz bumper and couldn’t afford a jacked up insurance rates.

    I’m so sorry Benz owner and to God 🙁

  41. Blue Jade says:


    4G: I can beat your loud woman. My g/f was w/ a guy who hee hawed like a donkey when he was umm…errr…’pau’. She even did the sound and yup was a donkey. I still freakin’ crackup about it. Why, no idea. They didn’t last and he’s probably still sounding like a barnyard animal someplace in Hawaii.

  42. Seawalker says:

    Anyway, back to the story about living in Makiki. One morning, it was raining cats and dogs. But it didn’t matter. Living in an apartment meant covered walkways and a covered garage parking. It was a work day. So I reverse my car out of my stall. “Kaatuunk”. Huh? I looked in the rear view mirror. Shoots, I hit the Hog. It was lying on its side. What should I do, I wondered? Like any S(O)B would do, I took off. Just before noon, I get a call from the landlord’s agent. She says a motorcycle was knocked over in our building. They see tire tracks from my car due to the rain. “What? Not me.” In denial, of course. So I tell the agent I’ll go talk to the Hog owner himself after work. All afternoon while trying to do my work, I was thinking of things to say and excuses to make to the buggah. After dinner, I went upstairs and rang his doorbell. “Mannoong” Is it me or all doorbells speak Filipino? 😆 He opens the door. Flat out, I told him it wasn’t me. He was cool about it. We shook hands. Then I told him, you da man, brah, and started laughing while walking away. The buggah had no idea what the heck I was laughing about. But in the back of my mind, I knew he was probably the one to have that wahine in such ecstasy late one night the other week. True story. Looking back, it was not nice to tell a lie. But living in Makiki was surely an adventure. 😆

  43. Mark'75 says:

    Remember how white clothing glowed in black light poster rooms? The lint on your nylon Hang Ten shorts. Then one kid among a group of pre-adolescent boys would flash his BBDs and everyone cracked up seeing his glowing tighty-whiteys! I’m sure the store clerks thought, “Oh boy, here we go again….kids!”

  44. LINDA KATO says:

    4G: Missed you too ❗ 😀 Our daughter kept us busy from morning til night ❗ Now counting the days til our next Vegas trip to see The Perry & Price Show at the CAL on 8/8/14 and to see her too ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

  45. 4G says:

    OMG!! LK!! Long time no “see”! Missed you! 🙂

  46. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, MLCers ❗ Happy Wednesday ❗ 😀

    Have a great day ❗ 😀

    I did not buy any posters, couldn’t afford them but enjoyed looking at them in the stores.

    Enjoyed reading all of your posts ❗ My daughter was visiting Hawaii from VEGAS for a week so we were busy going all over Oahu playing tourist ❗ 😀

  47. 4G says:

    LOL. Totally off-topic and a bit blue . . . .

    So – if you sensitive, STOP now!

    I knew this woman. OMG! She was LOUD!!! Was, actually, kinda embarrassing . . . .


  48. 4G says:

    @Hbh 😉

  49. Hbh says:


    Jaclyn was da best angel. I liked her better then farah. You have guud taste. But wutcha expect we kamaaina. 🙂

  50. Hbh says:


    Ya brah count me in, want a calenda too. When i die im going to thank god for making all the nani asian and kanaka gals to look at and experience you sistahs are very wonderful. 😉

  51. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – re: calendar

    I dunno – from the sounds of it, I think you gotta introduce me to Wun Dum Chet before I can get one Chinatown calendar . . . .


  52. Blue Jade says:

    I remember beefcake Tom Selleck in his poster, short shorts and hairy chest. That poster I do remember, now he’s an older man, just like Robert Redford.

    My g/f lived off Pensaola in an apt. and when she came home in the early a.m. she heard the same as you Seawalker. Except it was a wahine and very loud. She couldn’t figure out which unit it was since the sound bounces. We were laughing as she couldn’t shut out the sounds so she finally slept when they were pau and my g/f didn’t get enuf sleep. She kept yelling shadup shadup but guess they were too busy. heh

  53. Seawalker says:

    July 1st, 2014 at 6:44 pm #
    Farrah posters – I remember those well. However, for me, I liked Jaclyn Smith better:
    @Blue Jade – 😉
    Eh, @4G, recommend you get a calendar from Chinatown. It won’t disappoint. 😆

  54. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – Lived in Makiki for several months renting. Yup, I agree the reception was bad for TV. But man, the proximity of the buildings was so close together, you could hear a lot from your neighbors. One night, after tossing back a few drinks, had to climb the stairs to get to my unit on the 3rd floor. Half-way up, started hearing some ‘bedroom’ noises from the building next to us. Anyway, couldn’t tell exactly which unit it was coming from. It sounded, well, no need to say. But had a hunch it was the buggah with the bike. He rode a hog. Hogs are king, you know! 😆 That’s my recollection of Makiki. 😆

  55. Seawalker says:

    LOL on being tighter than chang. Eh, I came into this world naked and having nothing in my pockets. Same thing when I leave this earth. Going be naked, except with the power suit on and maybe $25 in my coat pocket. Why, you might wonder? Hey, you have to tip the angels on the lower echelon and higher echelon goons to get a good spot in heaven or in he(l)l. One thing about Seawalker, he’s going to go out in style one way or another! 😉 😆

  56. 4G says:

    Farrah posters – I remember those well. However, for me, I liked Jaclyn Smith better:

    @Blue Jade – 😉

  57. Blue Jade says:

    4G: re: chang. You are bad…and you’re luvin’ it, aren’t you 😛

  58. 4G says:

    Better now . . . . LOL.

  59. 4G says:

    @Blue Jade – re: “totally chang”

    Wait – @Seawalker is your younger brother??? 😆

  60. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker – hot dang, that’s a lotta of tv watching. I think I got cable in about ’73-’74 when I moved to Makiki and the antennas nevah work over there. I remember the aluminum foil we use to put on the rabbit ears and my dad was the Director of Good Reception. “no, move it that way”, “oh you passed it, move it sukoshi right”, “ok stay still”. Ahh the snow and the double/triple images.

    By the time my bro (7 yrs younger) became a paper boy, it was dangerous. He had his bike stolen twice when he went upstairs at a condo to delivery paper. Waking up super early on Sundays and my dad helping him in the dark morning hours. All of us would help him fold and rubberband them. Den da old folks who complaining if their paper nevah come right on time. Ole grumps. Poor kid had it hard, but he was a husler, he sold cards and magazines too. Always looking for da kala when he was a kid and saved every penny. And da buggah was tight, totally chang.

  61. Hbh says:

    @4G yup but dat wasnt the poster i had

  62. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – See, you not that bad like how you say you are. Only the proud, the few, the dummies (and not the Marines) end up working at the Cannery. 😆 You remember the pineapple smell in the air on the super muggy and humid days way back then? We could smell it from our house and when we were delivering papers. I remember the Dole Center well. That’s where we went to apply for the job and eventually worked. Sad to see the big Pinepple tank they took down. Heard those guys working at Oceanic Cable get paid well. No wonder the monthly billing is so high. But good for them. Hawaiian Telcom will always be the little brother and never the big brother. My father used to get real mad at us for racking up the monthly bill too. We used to order Wrestlemania, PPV flicks on HBO and on Showtime. I swear, our montly bill used to be over $300 a month. My father used to grumble, “we can buy a new TV every other month”. So we never explained to him why the bill was so high. Wrestlemania was a must in our household.

  63. Blue Jade says:

    AT guess it’s like growing up on Lanai island, the pine fields were the only choice during the summer. I remember they brought in Mormon kids to work when local kids never like do it no moe.

    Seawalker – awesome story. I was a girl so I worked that one-day as a packer. Remember Lucy and the chocolate conveyor belt. Yea, that was me – I was too slow (cuz all pine looks alike, we had to ‘swirl’ it between our fingers & determine which was prime and which wasn’t. They ALL looked alike to me). The luna screaming at me GIRLY GIRLY GIRLY you too slow. Umm, yea all the pine was stacking up behind LOL Looked exactly like the Lucy episode. It was a mess. Funny now, shame then.

    We were told the Japanese lunas was the best, unfortunately I got the Portdagee one. Oy. She put me at the end of the line where the junk ones were dumped for make juice.

    My other g/fs were trimmers, I was told the ‘old timer’ boyz got to be forklift drivers and they met all the chicks cuz they were on the floor with the chicks. In fact my bff’s bro met his wife and they’ve been married all these years. Over 50 years now I think incld. dating.

    When I worked at C&C, we would walk thru the then empty cannery to eat in the lunchroom. HUGE and da food was so ono, all home made kine. They still did some canning at that time so could see the cans on the conveyor belt. Finally of course they demo’d everything and it was converted to the Dole Center where the movies are.

    Trivia: Oceanic Cable was part of C&C, they named all their companies “Oceanic” something, like Oceanic Construction. However they sold it cuz as one executive said: Who da hell is gonna pay for T.V. when it’s free. LOL And look at them now.

  64. A.T. says:

    Worked in the pineapple fields for 6 summers (3 as a picker and 3 as a luna) up until I graduated college. When you from Wahiawa working in the fields at least one summer is automatic. Buss Ass work. I still have my bango tag (DMC 6531) to remind me to stay humble.

  65. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – Wow, and I thought I was a short-timer at the Cannery. Sistah, I lasted longer than you, 3 whole days at that stinkin’ joint. But unlike the others who had the primo jobs, I was put to work at the ginaca machines. I remember these thick rubber gloves we wore and the ear plugs that was required. All we did was feed pineapples–crown first–so that the blades could cut the pineapple properly. The pineapples were in chutes above us and were released when we were done with the pile in front of us. Then, “catong, catong, catong”, the pinapples would be rolling down the metal chutes coming in front of you again and again. Try doing this for 8 hours a day. I had the morning shift. So at least I was wide awake. They kept warning us the blades were super sharp, and unless you adored Edward Scisscorshand, don’t stick you hands where it didn’t belong. Good experience. But unlike some people, I absolutely love the taste of pineapples. But where was da chicks like everyone says had? Read Kodomo No Tame Ni in college. Absolutely loved the class. Or was it the chicks in the class? 😆

  66. A.T. says:

    One of the coolest posters I ever saw was hanging in a framing store in Ala Moana a long time ago. It was a picture of a naked lady laying on her side with a saxaphone covering her private parts. The words on the poster was “Jazz Some Like It Hot.” I never did buy it but I always wanted to.

  67. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker – ITA w/ you. Having a poor background helped, but it wasn’t felt that much cuz at that time most local families were one generation away from getting outta the camps. Some made it out early and got really educated and most was regular blue collar which was the foundation of how Hawaii started – the pineapple fields and factories, the sugar industry.

    As soon as I was young enuf to get a working permit (age 13??) I was put to work such as the ‘original’ past out flyers in Waikiki, and some summers was for volunteering, some for goofing.

    I lasted one day at the cannery, I got pine juice in my eye and it hurt like hell, I stank like pine and I vowed to get an education so that I would NEVER EVER have to work as a factory drone ever again. And I didn’t. Of course by the time I got old enuf, they were all closing. Ironically I ended up working for Dole, Castle & Cooke in my later years. It took me over 20 years until I could eat pine again. LOL I hated that $hit.

    How our ancestors could do that painful, difficult field and factory work is beyond me. I think they kept in mind that it wasn’t for them, it was for their children’s future so they too would never have to experience that life. “Kodomo no tame” – for the children, name of a book.

    How old was everyone when the (first) got married? Had kids right away?

  68. Lowtone123 says:

    I had the Farrah poster (who didn’t?) and I had a Pioneer Car Audio poster that had a red Ferrari on it (like Magnum PI).

  69. Hbh says:

    @4G yup but dat wasnt the poster i had.

  70. Seawalker says:

    @Hbh – I recall seeing those Bruce Lee posters around. He had his nunchucks with him along with those scratches on his chest. But Mr. Lee was into drama too. Read somewhere he had his sweat glands removed under his armpits. He used to sweat excessively in his movies so he did that. That’s extreme, if you ask me. But you right, Lay Siu Lung (that’s what the Pakes called him) was the man!

  71. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – It was good to taste life without money. That’s how it should be when you were once young. Looking back, it wasn’t how much you had, it was how much you could do without. We were paperboys when we were younger. So that helped. Allowance, what dat? In our household, if you didn’t pitch in, you weren’t in good standings. Besides, now I realize it, why should you get paid for doing chores? Too young to work. You have a whole lifetime ahead to make your mark and get paid for it. It wasn’t obvious back then, but it makes sense now. Your pops was real wise too, I bet. Okazu-ya is good stuff. Where else can you go and choose to your heart’s delight and have all the things you want to eat on your plate? Nice. And everything tastes better fried!

  72. 4G says:

    I remember seeing this one pretty often, “Hair”:

  73. 4G says:

    “Shake Your Booty”:


  74. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – re: fried chicken

    I heard that the fried chicken at Max’s of Manila is supposed to be pretty good, too. I haven’t had a chance to try it, yet.


  75. Seawalker says:

    @4G – LOL, not bad, not bad at all, your 10 greatest pinup queens. Ahem, but I can top that. One new year, I went to Chinatown to pick up some dried goods. If you know Chinatown, you know that if you don’t ask, you don’t get. So it was already January. I didn’t get my new calendar for the year. I forget which store it was. Could have been Hing Mau grocers. Anyway, as the Chinese lady was ringing me up, I asked her for a calendar. She looked at me and said, “no more, all gone”. No way, Jose. I asked her again because I knew she was pulling my leg. She then reached under the counter. She gives me this incredible nice-a$$ calendar with 12 of the most se(x)y Chinese babes around. They were clothed, but July was sizzling the most. She must have been stashing that one for her rich, sugar-daddy customers. I was stoked. I told her thanks. She just said, “come shop here more often”. I just smiled. On my way out, I just gave her one of my best booty-shakes. I just wanted to make her day. Hey, I was in shape back then. 😆

  76. Hbh says:


    I forget i had bruce lee too wit enter the dragon poster bruce da man.

  77. Hbh says:

    @Blue Jade

    You sound like me sistah. I wuz pupule as a small kid practicin da great hawaiian holiday “hookie hookie day” Kolohe wuz an understatement. But itz funny how i mellowed out by highschool. But no kolohe wit my auntie, naw she perfectted da stinkeye and she was hawaiian, filipina and white but she could speak pidgin, hawaiian, tagolog and i believe she knew a pele curse too. So when she get angry all da languages blend. Afta da lickens worse. Stink eye rest of da day fo ticken her off. Anyone relate?

  78. Mark Shelby says:

    In the 1960’s and 1970’s……

    I had large surfer posters all over my room. These were posters of the long board era. And pics of all the big names surfers of the day.

    My Dad did a lot of travel. And back in the good old days of the 1960’s the airlines would pass out free large travel posters, to encourage travel.

    My Dad collected hundreds. After our house was completed on Diamond Head in 1966, I helped Dad wall paper or basement and lanai ceiling with 100’s of travel posters. Walls and ceiling! Along with some wood paneling.

    Dad did this same thing to our basement in Seattle before we moved to Honolulu full time.

    Mark ’75 is my witness, he has been in our home.

    What awesome days those were!

  79. 4G says:

    Mentions of Peter Max and Andy Warhol posters certainly bring back memories for me. 🙂

  80. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker – your comment about not having cassettes/LPs made me misty eyed. I know how it feels not to have $$ to buy the teenage stuff your friends all get. My g/fs was lucky, one mom was a pro seamstress and my g/f would sketch clothes she saw in window shops like the then pricey Daisy Pot and her mom would make the exact copy. Cuz all her clothes was sewn she had expensive Liberty House shoes. (envy envy)

    My other g/f her mom owned an okazu-ya and whenever my g/f wanted money she would go to the register, open it and just take what she liked. Serious. She just tells mom, I need money and mom was okay. No even look and she’d just help herself. I would stand there w/ my mouth open. She hated the okazu-ya cuz they would only eat the leftovers daily. I guess eating corn beef hash patties and fried chicken every day no taste good after a while.

    As soon as I was old enough or at least in my teens I was working so I managed to buy my own stuff, what little trinket I desired. Those dayz no moe all the expen$ive electronics like today. By my teens I had it made in the shade 😀 Still was a little $hit though.

  81. 4G says:

    Actually, maybe that cat in my earlier post was the one.

    For @Seawalker – The Ten Greatest Pinup Queens:

    I don’t get how the cat is number one . . . . LOL.

    And where is Bond girl, Ursula Andress?

  82. 4G says:

    @Blue Jade – behaved? LOL – I think we learned to appear well-behaved. LOL.

    I was busted for forging my parent’s signature in the second grade. 😉

    I believe it was one of those, “write a couple hundred times, I will not . . . .” You can fill in the blank – had to do that exercise several times! LOL. Some guys no learn. The lesson? You get real good at writing something over and over. I, I, I, I, I . . . . going down the page. Will, will, will, will . . . . 😉

  83. 4G says:

    Hang in there, baby. LOL – not quite the one I was thinking of, but pretty close. Apparently, it is very difficult to find the original on the web. Check the price! Like $143!!! LOL

  84. Blue Jade says:

    Seawalker & 4G – dang your parents were really strict and you guyz behaved. I thought boyz was more rascal than girls. My disabled pa was home every day but still managed to do kolohe stuff. I use to forge his signature as I cut class like crazy. As mentioned I grad with a D-, butt scraping on F.

    Seawalker did you mean Jollibee? The Filipino owned chain?

    AT – you so lucky you had those posters. What nostalgia.

    I remember the Warhol’s Campbell soup poster. I remember becuz there was a Campbell Advertising agency (Jan Campbell??) and she used it as her logo. I interviewed there for a job, was a small agency but popular, then the company disappeared. I dunno why but I really wanted to work in advertising back then. Decades later I did and it wasn’t all that great as a psycho tyrant owned the firm. But such cool events, imaginative ppl.

  85. 4G says:

    I remember that cat, stretched out, hanging by its front paws with the tagline something like, “Hang in there, baby”. LOL.

    That “Keep on Truckin'” poster was iconic.

    I remember a lot of anti-war posters with sayings like, “War is not healthy for children and other living things” and “Make love, not war”.

  86. Seawalker says:

    @M – It sounds promising with over 50 eateries planned. As much as I like to eat, I’ve never eaten at Taco Del Mar yet. Not even that new chicken place, Juju-bee. 😆 My neighbor keeps telling me how awesome Taco Del Mar is. Got an email the other day. L&L is looking for franchise operators for the mainland. They said the new San Antonio location is having lines out their doors and selling out. Nice to be boss. Just a thought.

  87. M says:

    @Seawalker, James Bulter and his family are friends of mines and they run and own Taco Del Mar in the Moanalua Shopping Center too.

  88. 4G says:

    @Blue Jade – thanks! I get a kick out of your posts. You oughta post more often!

    Sometimes I get bored just talking with Seawalker ….

    LOL – jus’ kidding!!!!

  89. Seawalker says:

    @4G – A few slaps to da head and a bonding session with dad’s belt really sent the message loud and clear. 😆

  90. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – amazing what a few slaps “upside the head” will do, huh? 😆

  91. Seawalker says:

    @Hbh – Phoebe rocked. How many times can a boy (back then) fall in love? 😆

  92. 4G says:

    Those blacklights – all those ultraviolet rays could not have been good for you, yeah? 😉

  93. Seawalker says:

    @Blue Jade – LOL, you lucky you could get away with stuff with your parents. Not us. Even though my parents were working most of the time, they somehow knew how to strike fear into our young feeble minds. But it worked. No one’s in jail. We all work. We all do beer or wine on social occasions only. Drugs, forget about it. Only if you’re sick. I remember the incense smell from India Imports. But incense remind my of my granny (bless her heart), and I equate it to something good. Because granny always cooked a feast for us after her ‘worship sessions’. Ward Warehouse used to have those posters. Yeah, we used to pick up the freeby calendar from Tower Records. Those were good to plaster all over your room. We had no money to buy records or cassette tapes, so something from Towers was really precious to us. 🙂

  94. A.T. says:

    Forgot to mention Peter Max posters and the artist that did all the Yes album covers. They were cool.

  95. A.T. says:

    I definitely had the Keep On Truckin poster. What about the classic Bruce Lee poster regular or black light.

    My mom worked as a barber all her life so guys would stop by her shop to drop off concert posters to hang in her window. I still have many of them today including Loggins and Messina’s farewell Hawaii concert, three Crater Festival concert posters, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Peter Frampton, Kiss, Kenny Rankin, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Taj Mahal, Kanikapila at U.H. and Seawind. You got to see some of the prices $4.50, $5.50 and $6.50 at the H.I.C. not the N.B.C.
    Most record stores had a bin of posters that you could take for free if you purchased an album or two. My all time favorite was my Linda Ronstadt poster and Olivia Newton-John mobile.

  96. Blue Jade says:

    4G – Seawalker I enjoy reading your posts. Your moms were strict which is not a bad thing. My parents, if I whined enough I always got my way and if I didn’t, I’ll break da rules and no care. I was such a nightmare teen that I wouldn’t want to wish on anyone. Not bad things like today, but not good either.

    I remember India Imports, it was a huge freakin’ store with the stinky smell. People shoplifted like crazy cuz all the trinkets they put out, not that I did but I would watch ’em. The owners weren’t very friendly or nice, guess dealing with teens irritated them, so I think the feeling was ‘screw ’em’ and they stole.

    I never did put posters up, but I’d go into India Imports backroom to see – like all the joints the posters mentioned.

    By the time high school rolled around, I wasn’t into the teen idols already. I thought some of them were cute but not crazy into them like a lotta young girls. I remember the Keane Kids, you know the big wide eyed kids were popular and my friend’s house, she and her sister had ’em all over the house. I think the Keane’s went thru an acrimonious divorce and they fought and settled about how was going to do the Kids. Forget already.

  97. 1oldfut says:

    Not a poster guy, but mentions of India Imports stirring up memories…I think I bought some chocolate-flavored ZigZags over there, not even knowing what they were actually used for. Neat to chew on chocolate paper though.

  98. Hbh says:

    I rememba indian imports. Da smell of da incense. I never got into posters till late 80s but Heather Locklar and Phoebe Cates graced my walls. Now there is a good god to make something so gorgeous as phoebe 😉

  99. Seawalker says:

    More mainland chains-a-coming. Check this one out.

    Restaurant chain brings tastes of Miami to the isles

    Miami Grill — a new restaurant concept for Hawaii and the first of 58 planned isle locations — will open at Wai­pahu Town Center in mere days.

    Bringing anything from Miami to Hono­lulu may seem a bit like carrying coals to Newcastle (in England, from whence coal was known to originate), but while Miami is sort of tropical, it’s a completely different scene from Hawaii. Miami Grill’s menu reflects some of the city’s Latin influences as well as the Greek origins of the founder.

    “We are intently focused on strengthening and expanding our brand both internationally and domestically,” said Miami Subs Grill CEO Richard Chwatt in a statement. “Bringing a taste of Miami to the aloha state of Hawaii is a natural next step for our current brand expansion efforts.”

    Known as Miami Subs Grill only in Miami and as Miami Grill everywhere else, the chain offers seven types of cheesesteaks including one featuring chicken; hot or cold sub sandwiches; gyros featuring beef and lamb and other pita sandwiches; a range of burgers; chicken wings including a boneless option; platters, salads, deep-fried fish and shrimp; side orders like hush puppies and others reminiscent of pub food such as mozzarella sticks, onion rings and jala­peno bites.

    The hot dogs are Nathan’s brand (sponsor of the world-famous hot dog eating contest), and the seafood is Arthur Treacher’s-branded.

    Oh, Miami Grill also serves breakfast, from traditional plates and pancakes to something called “Grandma Robyn’s Healthy Oatmeal Pie,” served with a choice of fat-free Greek yogurt, whipped cream or strawberry topping.

    Desserts include key lime pie, New York-style cheesecake, baklava and fresh-baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies.

    Area developer Phil Tumminia Sr. is leading the effort to build out Miami Grill locations in Hawaii with James Butler at his side.

    Tumminia, 76, brought the Subway concept to Hawaii and developed 110 stores in the islands, 10 on Guam, five on Saipan, 13 in Korea, 10 in Florida, 10 in Cali­for­nia, “and then I quit,” he said.

    Butler was director of operations for Starbucks and Jamba Juice and opened 50 Starbucks stores here. Revenues shot to $20 million from $4 million during his tenure.

    After his Subway days, Tumminia and his bride traveled the mainland in a 45-foot-long motor home, he bought a couple of mobile home parks near water, one in Maine and one in Michigan, “and then some rich guy wanted to double or triple what I paid, so I gave him the keys and said, ‘Give me the money,'” Tumminia laughed.

    Some mainland locations of Miami Grill offer delivery service, beer, wine and Dom Peri­gnon Champagne, but there will be no alcohol at the Wai­pahu location out of respect for fellow tenant New Hope Christian Fellowship, Tumminia said.

    Future locations elsewhere may offer alcohol, he said.

    Tumminia sees himself giving his latest venture about four or five years. “I’ll be 81. I don’t want to die doing this,” he chuckled, but he does “enjoy helping people become successful.”

    The Waipahu location will open either July 9 or 10, depending on arrival of some custom-made items for the restaurant, Tumminia said.

  100. Hbh says:

    Eh? Did i get kicked out? I keep getting a duplicate message that prevents me from posting? Am i really sat bad? 😉

  101. Seawalker says:

    Mark you calenders. This Friday is July 4th. That means… besides the firework show at Ala Moana Park, it’s the annual hot dog eating contest on Coney Island. It’ll be televised once again on ESPN. Think Joey Chestnut got his game on this year. So expect a world’s record for the number of hot dogs eaten. Gosh, is it humanly impossible for someone to ingest 60 plus hotdogs in one sitting? More power to you, Joey. “JOEY… JOEY…JOEY…” 😆

  102. Hbh says:

    I remember india imports and there posters. You walkin and can smell the incense. Now i wasnt into real posters till 80s but Heather Locklear and i even had phoebe cates on my wall. You know there is a good god when you see phoebe. 😉

  103. Seawalker says:

    Eh, anybody notice? The guy in drag P-ing. Hope there’s no more open urinals. Otherwise, he violated the men’s bathroom code of conduct of ‘never P next to another person when there’s an open urinal available. It’s all about the spacing, man. And never talk in the restroom like the wahines do. The sounds of splashing and dropping into the water should not be drowned out. “The hills are alive with the sound of music…” It’s a guy thing, it’s a guy thing. 😆

  104. Seawalker says:

    No posters for me neither. Poster-boy, yes. 😆 We used to cut out things from the magazines and stuck it to the wall. Lots of sports stuff. Dr. J was siblings favorite. Me, I stuck to OJ and Hank Aaron pics. Used to see the Sports Illustrated mags lying around when it came to the house. But the swimsuit issue, after a couple of days, someone cock-a-roached it for their private viewing. That’s the only thing I can think of since it was gone. But good thing. If it was those Saijo Hideki or Shaun Cassidy posters in a house full of boys, I would have felt uncomfortable. Dad always planted in our minds the ‘sexy’ pictures were no good. So none of those went up. Some people like words on their posters like ‘The Road Less Traveled’ and some liked the pictures only. No matter. It covered up the walls and added to your room. And, sorry mom about the scotch tape that took off the paint when we finally flew the nest. Hehehe.

  105. Gareth says:

    The most popular poster among boys during my high school days was the Farrah Fawcett one. I never had that in my room because our dictator (Mom) wouldn’t allow it; but; used to drool over it when I went to my friends’ homes.

    My friend also had black light posters, which we would look at at night in his room. He had one which showed Coyote gripping Roadrunner by the throat; the caption read “Beep Beep Yurass”. Always got a laugh out of that one…

  106. M says:

    Guud morning MLCers!
    Never got into buying posters.

  107. 4G says:

    LOL. I used to like the fantasy type posters. I also liked blacklight posters, but never had a true blacklight, so never purchased any blacklight posters. I think I saw most posters at places like Stone Free, Records Hawaii and India Imports.

    At one point, I tried those incandescent, blacklight light bulbs. Not so good – needed to be fluorescent. LOL.

    My mom has a very strong personality, is/was really conservative, and tended to frown on “hippie” type things – so, survival was a matter of picking your battles and progressive/psychedelic/risque/controversial things were not battles worth fighting in my house. It was better to keep those things “underground”. LOL. It’s pretty funny, because, in general, the more influence she tried to exert over something I didn’t agree with, the more “underground” that behavior would go. It was just not worth the argument/fight, but that didn’t mean I would stop . . . . 😉

    For example, a Randy Roach poster saying, “Dope in times of no money is better than money in times of no dope” would probably not go over very well in my house. 😉

    I think I actually bought a fantasy, other worldly, other planets type poster, but that was about it.

    I remember the nuclear attack, “kiss your ass goodbye” posters and have alluded to that message at least a couple of times here. I found that message extremely poignant, especially at that time.

  108. Mark'75 says:

    @sally: That’s one classic one, no? Malibu Shirts in Waikiki sells tshirts with that poster design.

  109. sally says:

    That Endless Summer one is one of my fave pics of all time… as well as the movie.

  110. sally says:

    I never had posters, but enjoyed going thru the racks like the one in your picture. My brother had a generic psychedelic poster and he had the black light.

  111. Mark'75 says:

    Used to go to DJ’s and India Imports and check out the posters all the time. I had a few of psychedelic ones on my wall but just can’t find images of them yet.

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