Cyber Monday

Reprinted from 11/30/09


If you missed Gray Thursday or Black Friday, here’s your chance to look for on-line shopping deals as today is known as Cyber Monday – the day that on-line shoppers flock for some of the best on-line deals of the year.


I’m not all that much of an on-line shopper.




I always look for deals on-line after I’ve looked locally for items.  Sure, I’ll have to wait a week or so for my item, but if it saves me 15% or more off the local price, I’m on it like white on rice.


I know what you’re thinking – the shipping to Hawaii kills the good on-line price.  Well, not always.  Amazon often has free shipping on items marked with Free Super Saver Shipping.  And since it usually costs more to ship to Hawaii and Alaska, the value of the savings is that much greater!


I know some people don’t believe in Twitter – but believe it or not, deals can be found from having a Twitter account and following the right people.  For example, I follow freecoupontweet.  They alerted me to a Free Shipping coupon code to use at – where I order my special calendars.  I went to the site, picked my calendars, then at checkout was about to use the Free Shipping coupon code – then I read that dreaded footnote “Does not apply to Hawaii and Alaska”.  Dang!  But I selected it anyway and continued on with the checkout – and it took!  YES!


I wasn’t sure if they were going to contact me and say I need to pay for shipping to Hawaii, but I figured – what the heck, try anyway.


Well, it took 19 days for me to receive my shipment, but the shipping was free!


You still have time if you want to order your calendars with free shipping.  The coupon code is FS2308 and is good until February 2010.


So today, I open up MLC to share any on-line shopping tips or secrets when shopping on-line or good deals you’ve found on Cyber Monday.


Here’s a couple of sites to get you started:



13 Responses to “Cyber Monday”

  1. 4G says:

    @hemajang – eh, howzit?!

    You know? There was a webpage that I found (actually, after I purchased the Runbell) that had audio of the sound. I can’t find it, again . . . . 🙁 Sorry about that.

    However, if you go to this site:

    there is a gallery with four smaller images below the main image of the Runbell. The last gallery image is a video (has a “play” arrow in the pic). If you click on that and play it, the bell is sounded throughout the video (it sounds a little louder in the video than in real life).

    They also have a Facebook page, called Runbell. Twitter account is also called Runbell.

    Ha ha – found the page I was looking for:

    Scroll about a third of the way down the page and there is video under the heading, “Sound Quality”. I was surprised that the tone is slightly lower on the gold bell versus the “copper” one. The “copper” one is referred to as “pink gold” on their website when ordering.

    I got the “copper” one in the “for her” size. The rationale is that the Runbell is purposely oversized for fitting over gloves, so I figured the “for her” size would be more appropriate (plus, I’m not a “big” guy – LOL) and I really wasn’t hot on the idea of having use the silicone inserts.

    I am happy with the purchase. However, in retrospect, I’m thinking it might have been better to go with the “for him” size and use the silicone inserts. The reason I say this is that the edges of the rings are not the most rounded (they are okay, though) and the silicone inserts might make wear/usage not as noticeable as far as friction between the ring(s) and the finger, especially when striking the bell. It’s not a big deal, however.

    The other thing, in retrospect (remember, I didn’t hear a sample of the sound until after I already ordered), is I think I prefer the lower tone of the gold model. Again, not a big deal.

    The striker is a little on the long side, for my thumb, but it still works. Actually, I’m finding that wearing it the other way (striker toward ring finger with ring finger doing the striking) works better for me. LOL.

    Hope this is helpful . . . .

  2. hemajang says:

    4G, the runbell peaked my interest. However I couldn’t tell what the bell sounds like, is there an audio on website? I don’t think its something I would buy but I know pedestrians will sometimes get startled when I run pass them from behind, especially if they have earbuds on.

    I shop on Amazon maybe once or twice a month. I have Prime so shipping is free for many items. Just got a Kalita Wave Dripper yesterday through Amazon and should be receiving a drip kettle and Kalita filters today. Anxious to make pour-over coffee.

    Another good site for shopping and deals is

  3. Mark Shelby says:

    Amazon used to give you free shipping on orders over $25 bucks. Now they raised it to $35 bucks. And Kalifornia makes them charge sales tax now. But if I buy from a non Amazon source there, there is no tax. I always loved the free shipping and no tax!

  4. Mike Bates says:

    Amazon super saver shipping is such a great deal! Only thing is you can’t always get the super saver shipping on the stuff you want to buy.

  5. Mark Shelby says:

    I am a very patient shopper. I never cared for all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday hype!

    My Dad always told me…..if you are in a hurry to buy something, you will always pay too much! I still remember that to this day and that’s how I always conduct my shopping.

    What Dad was trying to teach me was, never buy on emotion. Buy with time and research on your side. I still do that to this day. I bought nothing last weekend. Another good analogy Dad would say. Buy heaters in July! That analogy is, buy when nobody wants it because the price will be reduced!

    Yes maybe you might score a few good deals on Black Friday but there is only a limited amount of them. Not everyone gets them! These are called “Lost Leaders” to bring people into their stores hoping you will buy more things once you are there. Most people do not understand this. Do you really want to risk a black eye fighting over a product that has limited quantity? Not me! It’s called……”Creating a buying Frenzy”!

    So far on Cyber Monday I have not seen prices marked down on the LED TV’s I am looking for. I see nothing special! So I am not buying yet.

    I learned my Retail lessons well from Hawaii’s master retailer, Marvin Shelby. Happy birthday Dad, Nov. 25 1922.

    Happy Holidays…….everyone!

  6. Mark Shelby says:

    Rodney, you got lucky on that shipment and saved money. What they did was, they put your package on a Matson ship container or a barge if they still have those. It would cost to much for Fed Ex or UPS. And it takes up to 21 days for a ship to make it to Honolulu, that’s why it took so long. That’s the same time frame that it always took us to receive our containers of furniture from the west coast for our furniture stores. So they were smart. They wanted your sale and actually did extra work to figure out the cheapest shipping possible. And that was always my philosophy! Always make the customer happy and they will return and also tell their friends!

  7. Ynaku says:

    No shipping today. Did fight the crowd on Thursday at Target (Loser) All the big ticket items were gone cause you had to be first in line, grab a ticket for the item and get a wristband. We were to far from the front.

    So next I went on line to Target, look for what the had IN STORE. Placed online order and pickup at the front counter. No stress.

    Same thing at Sears. Ordered on line pickup at warehouse.

    So that’s my tip to order STORE PICKUP IN STOCK ITEMS (if I need ASAP)

  8. 4G says:

    “Seven Holiday Shopping Tricks That Beat the Sales Prices” (from Time):

  9. M says:

    Guud morning MCLers!
    I will get 5 things on Amazon today, been watching these items for more than a week now. One item went up 20.00 today. What’s with dat? Oh, wrong blog. hahahaha

  10. KAN says:

    Another good source for online coupons: Not all codes are good, but you can at least try! There’s also feedback on which codes are good and which aren’t.

  11. KAN says:

    One account I follow specifically for deals is . They’re especially good for electronics, but they have other household/clothing items too.

  12. 4G says:

    Actually, I kind of have something. It’s not a “deal”, but it might be of interest to some. I think it recently launched as a successful Kickstarter project.


    It’s meant for runners to provide a “bicycle bell” function – courteous way of notifying people you are approaching from behind.

    It ships out of Japan for a flat $5! Comes via USPS in about a week.

  13. 4G says:

    I got nada. 😀

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