Christmas Goodies

Remember these Christmas candies?


Christmas Candy 1


I used to love to eat these.  Didn’t care much for the pillow shaped ones with the jelly filling in them.  Just the sweet, hard ones.


Got me thinking about other foods that come out only around Christmas.  I remember how my mom always bought Christmas nuts and placed them in the dark red glass bowl that was usually reserved for bananas.  And Christmas Nuts.


Christmas Nuts

I used to sit at the counter and with nutcracker in hand, trying all the different nuts.  Little did I know that I was eating Hazel nuts because I just hate Hazel nut flavored coffee.  The inside of Walnuts reminded me of brains.  And the Almonds were hard to open as the shell was soft and didn’t “crack” open like the others.


Another Christmas item that has been around for only the last 20 years or so (because I don’t remember seeing them when I was small) is the Royal Dansk Danish cookies.

Christmas Cookies 1

Ever notice that the ones with the sugar chunks on top are always the first to be eaten?  Sitting at your desk at 10:00AM – these cookies start tasting good!


Oh, how about this classic Christmas food:

Christmas Hickory Farms

I always thought that it was so “mainlandy”.  Who eats cheese and sausage?  Give me Portuguese sausage and rice (with shoyu).


And remember the dried fruits gift set?

Christmas dried fruits

I liked it just to play with the little plastic 2-prong fork.  Actually hated the fruits.


Speaking of which… What’s Christmas without:

Christmas fruitcake

The classic Christmas Fruitcake.  Does anyone actually eat this stuff?

At least I can say that I tried it.


What kinds of Christmas foods can you think of?  Or even Christmas drinks.  Some of these seasonal gifts can last well into the summer – and still taste good.  Like the Danish cookies – the plain round ones with the hole in the middle that no one likes to eat.  LOL




My apologies to Mark ’75.  From our Thanksgiving post, 4G had mentioned the Thanksgiving Day Double Header at Honolulu Stadium.  And Mark ’75 wanted to share these actual lineups that he kept from 1969!  I was away from my computer and couldn’t post them.  Thanks for these pictures Mark’75.


I’ve heard these names before!



Thanks Mark’75!


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  1. LINDA KATO says:

    @adobo: that’s the seasoned pretzel recipe but I used the Hidden Valley Ranch (DIP) not the dressing seasoning and FURIKAKE for added seasoning. The popcorn oil is expensive so I used 1 bottle for 2 barrels of pretzels. Very ono recipe! Making seasoned pretzels for the entire family this year ❗ 😀

  2. Mark Shelby says:


    I have an idea for a new thread. A Christmas theme.

    Your Favorite December Holiday fun time memories.

    The parties, the friends, the family, the fun!


    “Your Favorite Christmas Morning Memory”


    “Your most favorite gift that you ever received on Christmas morning, and who it was from”! And tell us why it was so special to you.


    Adding my own here……on the party side……

    Every Christmas my Father would do a huge Wigwam Christmas party at our house for all of our Wigwam employees. We would have hundreds of awesome hard working employees at our house! And every year Dad would roast a pig in the back yard. We would have hula dancing, Hawaiian music playing and all kine fun! Those were some of the best days of my life! And some of my best December Holiday memories ever!

    ~Mark Shelby

  3. Mark Shelby says:

    A fun Christmas time December night for me…..

    Having dinner at the Yum Yum Tree at Kahala Mall. Especially fun on a cold rainy night, with the large windows open. And enjoying a hot meal and hot beverage.

    Then walking over to Kahala Mall and slowly walk around to take in all of the sights and sounds of Christmas. Looking for gift ideas. And just hanging out and people watching. What fun days those were!

    It was especially fun for me…..because I can remember when there was no such thing as Kahala mall! ; )

  4. Mark Shelby says:

    See’s Candies was always the go to place for Christmas gift treats! It was always a very special thing to open that box and wonder what yummie goodness was inside!

  5. volleymom2 says:

    I remember all of those mentioned- the candy was so nice and colorful, but I never tasted one of them to this day. Fruitcake? my dad loved fruitcake and my mom used to bake it every time. No one liked it in the family except the adults.Butter cookies? I have a can sitting on my counter right now. Yep, used to like the sugar pretzel shaped ones , but now.. I just go for the plain round ones without anything on it. Used to get the dried fruits all the time from dad’s friends as gifts, didnt eat them back then- now? just the apricots and prunes if any. Remember See’s Candies back then? (before they came to Hawaii) Always wanted the lollipops instead of those chocolates. My dad’s friends used to always mail a box of chocolates at Xmas. What about Harry and David fruits and cakes?

  6. keoni says:

    @adobo I’m thinking Swiss colony was near Patti’s Chinese Kitchen, definitely makai side of Ala Moana.

  7. khs68 says:

    The Whitman’s Sampler had a map of the chocolates in the box. The same cousin (warubozu) used to switch the chocolates around. My baban caught him one time and yanked his ear almost off his head. Fun at Christmastime…

  8. khs68 says:

    My older cousin taught me how to press/dig the underside of the chocolate candies to avoid getting busted.

  9. dihudfan says:

    does anyone remembah the box of chocolate candies, I think Whitmans or something like that… used to press all the tops of the candies… nevah like the soft, overly sweet ones… used to get scoldings for crushing the tops of the candies….

  10. Mark'75 says:

    @khs68: Aplets and Cotlets!! Ho, forgot about those!! Relatives in Calif. used to send us that! wow…..

  11. khs68 says:

    I remember my aunt who lived in Bremerton WA used to send a box of Aplets and Cotlets, fruit bars that to me, tasted sorta like tomoe ame with nuts. I recently bought a box at Ross’s for nostalgia — not the same taste I remember. Sometimes better to keep the memory…

  12. khs68 says:

    I miss Blum’s Almondettes. See’s Almond Royal is the same, but not as good as I remember Blum’s. sigh

  13. adobo says:

    @keoni: I do remember Swiss Colony, I can’t recall what side of the mall it was but I’m guessing makai-town side? I miss those older stores that brought things in that we wouldn’t know of otherwise. Ala Moana SC is all Rodeo Drive now.
    @4G: Hickory Farms summer sausage, definitely remembered this as it was one of the primo gifts back then along with the smoked cheese. Later at the Kahala mall store I found the thin strawberry and grape licorice strings. I could eat that for days.

  14. Mark Shelby says:

    DIO…..yes I remember that woman who did our Wigwam commercials. But I can’t remember her name right now. I was only 10 years old when I started doing the Wigwam commercials. That was 1965! Wow time fly’s! On other threads here people have posted her name. I think someone here even knows her. She was beautiful! Such special times as a little kid being in the KGMB studios and filming commercials at such a young age! And by the way…..that place was freezing! They had to keep it cold because of all of the hot lights and electronics working. I was the first person in Hawaii to demonstrate the Hula Hoop on TV for Wigwam. Now that was an honor! ; )

    I could barely do it! And I felt so silly!…

    If I find her name I will post it. Thanks for asking.


  15. adobo says:

    @LINDA: I love seasoned pretzels! A couple of years ago a manager handed some out in ziplock bags, at first I was like “meh ok”. I finished that bag so fast and was looking for some more. And a co-worker from Maui brought in some garlic pretzels and that stuff is so addictive. I was like “what’s that seasoning you use, magic powder?” It’s a simple recipe that some of you may already know, I hope I’m not releasing anyone’s secret. Recipe below:
    (1) 16oz bottle Orville Redenbacher Butter Flavored Popcorn Oil
    (1) packed Hidden Valley Original Ranch Dressing (not the Dip)
    (1) teaspoon garlic powder
    (1) teaspoon dried dillweed
    (2) 1 lb bags of mini pretzel twists
    Combine 1st 4 ingredients in bottle and shake well. Throw the pretzels in a clean empty garbage bag, kitchen bag size or 1 size smaller. Add the rest of the ingredients, twist tie and rotate gently. Let sit and rotate bag bake every 15 min for an hour. Pour into bowl or ziplock bags.
    I agree with Linda, the cost for spices and seasoning can add up so I wait for sales and also buy the generic no-name brand spices.

  16. dihudfan says:

    @DIO… blums… that’s the one with a almond inside a chocolate chewy candy? used to like those too!!
    @Rod…someone at work used to bake COSTCO bought chocolate chip cookies dough in a barrel… boy those used to be really good…

  17. LINDA KATO says:

    Good morning, MLCer’s ❗ Happy Saturday ❗ 😀

    Happy Holidays to all ❗ 😀

    Rod, I remember all of the goodies you mentioned above. I enjoy eating, period, so enjoyed everything mentioned ❗

    This Christmas I started making seasoned pretzels. It goes out faster than I am able to make a new batch. I made 4 barrels of it last night. I buy the unseasoned pretzels from Sam’s Club which cost under $7 a barrel but the seasonings on it cost $20 per barrel. Hubby had a fit when I bought the spices…. shocked to see the price of a bottle of garlic powder, dill weed, Furikake, and popcorn oil. Just savor the flavor of each pretzel and don’t think of the cost to make that flavor…. I told him ❗ 😀

  18. Hbh says:


    I rememba fishcake, we used to buy it at Holiday mart and Foodland as a snack ono.

  19. DIO says:

    Hey Mark Shelby, I have a question for you. Who was the lady that did the Wigwam commercials? On facebook, there’s a page dedicated to Checkers and Pogo. In one of the pictures posted, there is a picture of Checkers, Pogo, and an unnamed woman. One person said she used to do a lot of the Wigwam commercials. Do you know and remember the name of this woman?

  20. DIO says:

    Trying to think what other candy stuff we had around Christmas time. For some reason, Blum’s comes to mind. Who knows why.

  21. DIO says:

    Mark’75: Thanks for the info on OIA/ILH league formation.

  22. Mark Shelby says:

    Squid and octopus were also my favorites! But nothing can beat Li Hing Mui and Lemon Peal in my Christmas stocking too! ; )

  23. Mark Shelby says:

    I always loved it when I would get all kinds of food goodies in my Christmas Stocking from the crack seed store! That was almost my favorite! Cuddle Fish? PEEEUUU! But it tastes so good!…..hehe

  24. Mark Shelby says:

    Mark’75……OK..thanks! Now I remember the fish cake term. I just never asked back then I guess, or I forgot. My Dad used to stop after church on Sunday nights on the way home at Chun Hoon on Nuuanu and School Street, on cold rainy winter December nights. And I would get saimin and later graduated to won ton mien, and just loved it on a cold winters night. And we would steam up the windshield!…..hehe As the rain was puring down on the car. And talk and have fun. It was always a very special time with my Father.

  25. Mark Shelby says:

    When my Mom would pull out the coconut cream pie for desert……I would be in ecstasy! ….hehe Holy Moly!

    Or the Pecan Pie too!

    Not to mention the German Chocolate Cake! Wowsers!

    I used to help Mom make home made ice cream for our holiday dinners, out on our lani. I loved doing that. I have done that so long since a kid, I first started making ice cream when we only had a hand crank wooden ice cream maker! I felt so proud to keep cranking it for Mom! Seriously!

    Dinner was always great! But desert was totally awesome at our house!

  26. Mark'75 says:

    @Mark Shelby: That’s kamaboko (fish cake). My uncle used ahi for his surimi (fish paste) at his kamaboko factory in Hilo. Don’t know what kind of fish went into that instant saimin stuff though! 😆

  27. Mark Shelby says:

    Dat’s it….adobo!

    You nailed it!

    Yes I remember my hot saimin steaming in my face under my umbrella during the heavy downpours!

    Can anyone tell me what that flat red and white thing was made of in my saimin? I neva knew!…….lol! But was good, even though almost no taste.

    I told stories months ago how my Dad Owned Wigwam, and across the street from the stadium. And we would take our entire Sunday school class to the football games and park for free above Wigwam in the parking structure.

    Walk across the street and get our tickets, line ups…..boiled peanuts once inside and any kine! So fun to rememba!

    Remember those wooden windows, and how funky that old stadium really waz?

    When the crowd would jump up and down the entire bleachers would shake. And we would say…….we hope the termites are holding hands! ….hehe

  28. adobo says:

    @Mark Shelby: Yup, Turkey Day football at Honolulu Stadium. Your friends ask you why you buying the newspaper lineup? Then when start pouring rain they know why, you get your umbrella. Or if you lucky, you in the covered grandstand behind home plate with your hot S&S saimin. If no rain, you ripping the newspaper and making streamers for fly. We was so stupid back then. But was fun!

  29. adobo says:

    Home made mango bread or cookies. Anything home made was always winners. Some years ago someone at work brought in their mom’s huge home made macadamia M&M’s cookies. Sat untouched until I returned to the office next day. Whoa, wat dat? Should have never said anything, right after I grabbed a couple that jar was empty!

  30. Mark'75 says:

    Sorry. Meant to say after the 1969-70 school year.

  31. Mark'75 says:

    @DIO: That 1969 season was the last one that the ILH was comprised of private and city public schools. The public schools, Farrington, McKinley, Kaimuki, Roosevelt, and Kalani left and joined the OIA after the 1969 season.

  32. DIO says:

    Looking at the football match-up, I have to ask, when did the OIA and ILH form?

  33. Mark Shelby says:

    At times Mom would make the Chex Mix, toasted in the oven with spices. It tasted really good with an ice cold Pepsi!

    And did you ever decorate your Christmas tree with Popcorn Strings? It’s like a Lei but with popcorn. And you string it around your tree. Or others areas around your living room.

  34. Mark Shelby says:

    Thanks all for mentioning and showing that Turkey Day double header pic from 1969. I remember that exact pic in the paper! And I remember all of the line ups. We used to go every weekend to the high school football games at the old Termite Stadium. I loved it in winter when we had to huddle up under cover during those winter torrential downpours! People would just get under cover and nobody would leave! It was awesome! I was 14 years old when that pic showed up in the Honolulu Advertiser. I wanted to play football in high school later on….but the Samoans were too huge! I didn’t want to die young!….LOL!

  35. dihudfan says:

    all of above… got all that stuff during holiday times… green and white candy wuz my favorite… used to watch tv and crack some nuts from the bowl, the brazilian one always wuz last choice… cookies were good… luved fruit cake, my mom used to bake, people actually used to order from my mom… it wuz the bestest… couldn’t understand why people used to make fun of fruit cake, until I ate some other… my favorites were the Frango mints and lifesavers… once in a while we used to get those cheese and sausages, they were good… sometimes we would received those fruits in the boxes, those were winnahs… oh yeh… almond roca, luved those too… broke a tooth while eating one… chocolate macadamia nut wuz deliteful…
    @Mark’75… thanks for the lineup… spent alot of time at the old Stadium… Turkey day double header… gooood memories!!!

  36. Mark Shelby says:

    Almond Roca. Chocolate macadamia nuts. Washed down with flavored chocolate macadamia nut Lion Coffee! Or Lion Coffee vanilla nut or hazel nut!

    Good times! ; )

  37. KellyK says:

    Frango Mints! Seems like a Christmas thing to me, only because that’s the only time I buy them. One as a gift, one for me.

  38. Mark'75 says:

    One of my favorites was Frango Mints.

  39. Mark'75 says:

    For several years at Japanese School, I received a Life Savers gift pack. The box opened like a book and had 10 or 12 Life Savers rolls inside.

  40. khs68 says:

    😳 😆

  41. Rodney says:

    @khs68 – notice how I skipped over writing about the Brazilian nut? 😉 And you went there… tsk, tsk, tsk. j/k

  42. khs68 says:

    I used to love the Dansk cookies, but haven’t bought any since they stopped including the one with the currants. Why did they do that? That was my favorite!

  43. khs68 says:

    My Kailua aunty always had the bowl of nuts. And my uncle taught us to call the brazilian nut by a politically incorrect name. 😉

  44. Hbh says:


    Same here, my mother was the Almond Roca person. Me i didn’t care alot for it.

  45. Hbh says:

    Wow bring back MLC memories. I loved hickery farms smokey cheese. We used to get it at the store in Ala Moana Shopping Center. (another lost store huh?) My tutu would send us a tin of danish cookies every year.


    Are you going to grace us with christmas pictures of hawaii of the past? I so enjoyed last years ones on Ala Moana and Kaimuki areas.


    Howzit uncle, long time no see? Barely remember swis colony. My time was with Hickery Farms.

  46. 4G says:

    Those Christmas candies were, apparently, not popular in my house. I remember them eventually all sticking to each other and ending up as one hulking mass of candy. LOL.

    The Christmas nuts were not a big seller, either. I remember the silver nutcracker and picks, though, cause we would use those when eating whole crab . . . .

    Fruitcake – talk about a brick!

    Whitman’s Sampler – LOL; I could never figure that out. There was the big box and then there was the smaller, “sampler” box (like 4” x 5”?). I could never reconcile that . . . . 😉 Wasn’t Whitman’s Sampler the box with the “legend” on the bottom of the box or inside the cover? The “legend” would tell you what each candy was, based on position. However, after a few pieces were removed, the chocolates would all shift around and then you never knew what you were getting . . . .

    Dried fruits – pass! I, too, remember playing with that white, plastic, two-pronged, little fork.

    I remember my Sunday School had a Christmas Eve service thingy and afterward, we kids would each get a brown paper bag (lunch bag size) of goodies consisting of whole fruits like apples and oranges and whole nuts (unshelled). I have no idea how we were expected to eat those nuts since there was no nutcracker . . . .


    For sure, the names on the front page of the Lineup (with the drawings) are all familiar to me. In addition to Onosai, though – Cliff Laboy is in the roster for FHS. Now that’s a blast from the past, for me.

  47. Kage says:

    My dad loved the dried fruit platters. I would eat a bit, but like Rod, I just liked playing with the tiny forks.

    Dad also loved the chocolate covered cherries. Still does. My sis sends him a box or two at Christmas time every year.

  48. Kailuagirl says:

    Ooh, I used to love those old fashioned candies, Rodney! They’re hard to find these days…not that I need them. LOL.. I remember my auntie sending a 2 lb.. box of See’s candies during the holidays, I hated the ones with nuts…drove my mom crazy that I would cut a small piece off on the pieces that weren’t identifiable and then leave the yucky ones behind. Also the See’s lollipops. A big Gallo Italian salami sausage came with the candy, too. It was before they came in packages with sliced salami. I guess they didn’t sell it in Hawai’i yet. Once See’s came to Kahala, we didn’t have that box of See’s candy around. Not sure when they arrived in Hawai’i but my bestfriend and I were professional shoppers during our senior year and See’s was one of the stores we would check on. Who would suspect teenaged girls? That was a fun job!

  49. Kage says:

    When I delivered the Star Bulletin we would be inundated with candies and cookies at Christmas time.

    I too do not like hazel nut flavored coffee or anything that has that flavor. I always thought the Ferraro Roche looked pretty, but did not eat them.

  50. Kage says:

    I remember the Dansk cookies when I was a teenager. Therefore, it has been around a lot longer than 20 years….. 😉

  51. 4G says:

    Hickory Farms Summer Sausage

  52. keoni says:

    Who remembers Swiss Colony? They had a store at Ala Moana back in the 80’s.

  53. 4G says:

    Harry & David’s pears

  54. DIO says:

    Royal Dansk has been around since the 1960s.

    Egg Nog. I can’t think of any other time when egg nog is around.

    For some reason, in our house, Almond Roca was popular during Christmas season.

  55. Mark'75 says:

    For Christmas there was always a pink Almond Roca can and a big yellow box of Whitman’s Sampler. Like Forrest Gump’s mom said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get,” the Whitman’s Sampler kept me guessing. I liked the little chocolate man in the middle.

  56. Mark'75 says:

    @4G: Your post brought back that memory and I thought I kept a lineup. Glad I did.

  57. 4G says:

    Turkey Day Doubleheader!!! That’s the name of it that I couldn’t recall – thanks, @Mark’75!

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