Creepy Cartoons

Sticking with the cartoons theme, I look back at cartoons that we used to spend hours watching and think how weird or creepy they were.  I guess in our day – with only 2 to 3 hours of cartoons a day (and none on Sundays) – any cartoon was a good cartoon.


Have you watched a Gumby cartoon recently?  Okay, it’s not really a cartoon as it’s more claymation, but it was shown during the cartoon hours so I’m considering it a cartoon.  Do you remember this intro?



Another creepy cartoon (I’m surprised I didn’t get nightmares) is Clutch Cargo.  Watch their mouths.



Another similar one – Space Angel



And here’s one that I used to let my girls watch when the were kids.  It’s funny, but creepy too.



What other creepy cartoons or comedy shows can you remember?


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  1. HBH says:


    Do you really like the new changes? I personally find blumingdales difficult to envision as local or Hawaii. But it’s been forever since I’ve been home and you can accuse me of kinda being stuck in the past. Me personally I would love to have and experience the old ala moana just for one more time. But unfortunately time moves forward.

  2. Mark'75 says:

    OT, but this morning I went to Ala Moana to see the new Ewa Wing. Walking toward the old Sears direction on the mall level, the mall seemed to go on for quite a distance beyond the temporary wall put up for construction. Bloomingdale’s was impressive, being more upscale than Macy’s, the atmosphere seemed sorta like Liberty House…or what I’d imagine Liberty House to be like if it were around today. Got kinda turned around in Bloomingdale’s and had to find my bearings. The new businesses were neat also. Can’t wait for more to open!

  3. Mark'75 says:

    Another favorite creepy show, The Addams Family

  4. Mark'75 says:

    The Munsters, creepy as it was, was one of my favorite TV shows. I especially liked the Munster’s Koach and grandpa’s Drag-U-La. Built models of those long ago.

  5. Mark Shelby says:

    What I thought was creepy were some of the voices of the characters. Sometimes it seemed like an old guy raising his voice very high to sound like a little kid. And other strange voices.

    And then this just happened here in San Diego. And it will forever taint my view of the Charlie Brown cartoon specials! UG!

    This is very sad!

    ‘Charlie Brown’ Actor Pleads Guilty: ‘I’m Mentally Ill’

    Peter Robbins, 59, is expected to be sentenced to nearly five years in state prison on Dec. 7, 2015

  6. Hbh says:

    Yeah the mouth thing was creepy in space angel i agree. I thought some disney cartoons or specials gave me chik’n skin.


    Gee uncle my experience of cartoon time is different. Sat was cartoons or keiki programing from 5am to about 2pm in the 70s on Oahu. But that also was the decade when checkers and pogo and kikaida got big and keiki programing became serious. I do feel bad for kids today.

  7. mows says:

    Clutch Cargo was my number one for creepy. Rocky and Bullwinkle and Fearless Fly also is weird.

  8. walter says:

    I liked Gumby. Thought It was creative expecially when he pushed into a book. On the other hand Space Angel was glacially slow and those lips!–the way they moved almost as if they were real and everthing else was animated or as if someone was wearing a mask except for the mouth area. I had a
    Space Angel coloring book that I grafittied with ‘nasty’ body parts on the characters. Boy that would be a laugh if I still had that. I think Checkers and Pogo ran Space Angel for a while. Anyway as an aside–to Mark Shelby in keeping with Rodney’s website of documenting the past with oral history, please transcribe your memories of your Dad’s war experience and keep a Ziploc sealed copy (and any photos) in the jacket. One never knows how information and objects can get separated.

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