Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk

Mahalo to @4G for sharing this link to the KHON2 story about the new Japan Village Walk by Shirokiya.




The new Japan Village Walk is slated to open on June 1st.  And the old Yataimura in Shirokiya is slated to close on March 31st.  So that means that for April and May – no beer garden with Japanese food for pupu.  But here’s a sneak preview of the floor plan of the Japan Village Walk.




I see that the KZOO radio station has it’s spot in the bottom left corner.  And the bakery right next to it.  Now, looking at the compass, it looks as though the entrances to the left are on the Piikoi street side of the complex.  Hmm… I wonder if this place is going to be where the Sears automotive repair shop used to be?  I know that Foodland’s Farms is going to be directly beneath the relocated Nordstrom – which is scheduled to open in less than 2 weeks – Nordstrom, that is.  Foodland will open sometime this summer.


Ala Moana Piikoi


But getting back to Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk, I was hoping that maybe some of the little areas surrounding all the food kiosks might be small shops with Japanese goods other than foods.  But it doesn’t look that way.


Aw, well.  You have about one month left to take in Shirokiya and snap photos of what once was.  Maybe I’ll see you there…


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  1. Mark Shelby says:

    Eh Seawalker…..

    Don’t get me started on Obama or you will have a very long essay! ; )

    I’m a Christian Conservative! The America hating punk needs a B~Slap!

    He is a fake and a scammer! How come nobody remembers him in Hawaii? I sure don’t!

    And it pains me that Hawaii is so Lib Dem! Come on People! Wake up!

  2. Seawalker says:

    “I think @Rod is basically right – seems to me that it’s kind of going to go where the old Sears auto repair “garage” was. If anything, it seems like it might be a little further in the Ewa/Mauka direction than the old auto repair area – seems to be facing a little more “Ewa proper”, IYKWIM.”
    Wanted to confirm @4G’s new Shirokiya Japan Village Walk. Saw the sign at the old Sear’s auto garage that they’re opening in June. So it’ll be there, at that spot. Makes sense since Zippy’s and Bale are no longer there. Ho, that Foodland location is going to be something else (fronting Piikoi and will be next to Nordstrom). But who is going to take the old Nordstrom spot? Who is going to take the old Shirokiya spot? Hoping it will be some local outfit and not a mainland chain. Maybe Kramer’s over on Ward Ave. can relocate back to Ala Mo. Or maybe the San Francisco Rag Shop can make a comeback of sorts. For me, I don’t mind Sears or JCPenneys. They were shops that were both budget conscious and stylish at the same time. McInerny and the Ritz was a little more pricey and those store had funny smells to it. And they were not popcorn smells like Sears or the hauna Chestnuts in Woolworths. It was a distinct McInerny and Ritz smell! But any one of those stores will do. Those were the stores of the old Ala Mo. Those were the days when we didn’t have money, but we wanted material things because we were once young. Lastly, those were the memories for us growing up and, to some, the heyday of Ala Mo’s.

  3. Seawalker says:

    Ho, you talk about lose money…

    So we walk into Shirokiya thinking it’ll be a cheap lunch because of the discounted bentos. We ride the escalators up to the second floor. No bumboochas in sight. Good.

    So we walk around to scout all the bentos. Nothing really jumps out at me. Then, I head to the buffet area. Spock an $8.99 per pound of food sign. I look at the food. Meh, but I figure I’d just take all the good things and leave out the starch.

    So I scrape of the gravy for the hamburger. On a roll, bro! Save money. Next, I make sure the water is all drained from the nishime before I put it on my plate.

    Eh, if you’re being charged by the pound, you try to beat and game the system by not adding on anything heavy. Green onions, nah, I figure I’d leave it for the next person.

    Spock the fried stuff–calamari, fish, chicken and miho. Then I figured I’d leave out the veggies and rice to really make a score.

    Strutt over to the cashier thinking it can’t be more than $6. She tells me to put it on the scale. Then she rings in $10.74 into the register. What?!?!

    Here I was making all sly by not taking any gravy and green onions. But it still comes out to over $10. Can anyone say Whole Foods, so please sock it to me?

    Like anything in life, when you try to outdo the system, the system comes back to bite you in the behind. Even though the food was tasty, knowing that I was eating a $10 plate made it not so tasty anymore.

    So we go to the bathrooms afterwards. You know, the ones above the escalators. Still, no Bumboocha #1 in sight nor Bumboocha #2. Had this scawny-lookin’ dip-chat instead in his security uniform. These kine guys no scare me.

    I go pacing back and forth trying to entice and draw the Bumboochas out. In the back of my mind, I was already in my ‘horse set’ and ready to bust out the kung fu moves. Nothing. Nada. No more. No Bumboochas today.

    Hehehe, probably too busy working at his next gig on a Sunday morning hating his job. Moral of the story? No mess with Seawalker! 😆 😆 😆

  4. Mark Shelby says:


    I have this green Cecilio & Kapono Album cover in my family room as a tribute to my Hawaii Kine days!

    Cecilio & Kapono Album

    Carry on my local kine brothers and sisters! ; )

  5. Mark Shelby says:

    I used to buy my pellets for my Benjamin Pump pellet gun at HonSport. Did you ever have a Benjamin Pump? We had loads of Mongoose on Diamond Head in back of my house, so I had to take them out! My German Shepard even used to chase them, but never caught one.

    I think the history of the mongoose was that it was imported to Hawaii to control the rats in the sugar cane fields. But then the mongoose took over.

  6. Mark Shelby says:

    I think my favorite store in all of Ala Moana was HonSport! I always loved everything outdoors. And they represented my lifestyle. I loved to jus walk through and just check out everything. I got my first folding Buck Knife there when I was just 13 years old. The one you put on your belt with the leather holder. I still have it. And my Duck Feet flippers fo bodysurfing Makapuu!. Are they still there? I even loved the smell of that store! ; )

  7. HbH says:


    Cant argue with you on that.

  8. Seawalker says:

    Eh @HbH, change is inevitable. But one thing for sure and all the kanakas and bruaddahs would agree, Hawaii got the most ui, the most nani wahines around. And that is one constant that’s never going to change. 😀 😀 😀

  9. walter says:

    Waikane Store is a new one for me. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend. Thanks for the tip 1oldfut. And Seawalker when I go to Roy’s again I’ll ask.

  10. Seawalker says:

    Eh @W, Roy’s Auto Care used to be located at the Kam Shopping Center Texaco. Remember that place? Think Starbucks and a ramen joint or barber shop is in it’s place now. I’ve known Roy and his wife since his days with HNA (Hawaii Newspaper Agency). Good people. Think one of his kids is now a teacher. Did his other kids all become master mechanics too?

  11. 1oldfut says:

    Right on Walter. What would happen if all locals took a sec to think of a local option and maybe go a little out of their way to patronize a local business once in a while. Just thought of Waikane Store and their chicken, roll sushi, and shrimp fritters, Aunty stepping down from cooking in the kitchen in the back to ring you up. Thanks Aunty!

  12. walter says:

    W & M Burgers, Deluxe Bakery for unreal pie crust and Sconnies for the best scones and Okata Bento in Kaimuki and Sheung Cheung Yuein for all kine pake sweets, next to Nam Fong’s famed roast duck and Lyn’s Saimin’s Hono Ono Cookies and ono inari sushi and unreal Chinese style shoyu chicken, and if you like see real old Hawaii check out Hawaii Plantation Village in upper Waipahu that will take you back and if you have old stuff that looks like rubbish it may not be and you could donate it to that place.

  13. walter says:

    Shop local–Koolau Farmers for plants, fertilizer, Kaneohe Bakery for ono fudge brownies, buttermilk cruellers (like old fashioned donuts-glazed) or orange chiffon cake with white buttercream frosting, Masa and Joyce for fried to order chicken katsu and dry aku, Dot’s in Wahiawa for sizzling hamburger steak and mahi tempura with jello or pudding cup for dessert, Sunnyside for pear-peach pie, Yamashiro Building for tools, lumber and oddball hardware you don’t see anymore, City Mill for the rest, Toshi’s deli for once in a while okazu, Kokua Natural Foods coop for health food and really nice produce, Jelly’s for used ‘obsolete’ technology and also Bookends in Kailua, Agnes Bakery and Leonards for sweet bread, Harpos Pizza for ono da kine (just met the current and original owner picking up stuff here at work), that store in Waipahu that sells cement things, Taniokas,Tamashiro,Alicias, Youngs, Onos for poke and laulau, Hata’s, Kikuya for old time restaurant look and the new but old Kam Bowl where Kenny’s was, Roy’s Auto repair in Kalihi for the best service by Roy and wife Carolyn but they like retire soon, Nishodo mochi and that other one? Nandings for Spanish rolls, St. Germain Delight for French bread, Bale for sandwiches, Aloha Tofu and Mrs. Chengs, Okuhara, Hawaiian Sun (for all the other flavors except guava cuz I buy the Philippine brand) and Diamond Bakery for ono soda crackers, ruff n redy cookies and the new ono sesame seed cracker and lastly check out the made in Hawaii show for this year in late summer. I was impressed with what I saw and tasted last year.

  14. HbH says:


    But i also want to say i agree with you, one is blessed to experienced old Hawai’i. Im alot younger then most of you guys im still in my mid 40s. But i was blessed to experience a time when there was still balance between growth and old Hawai’i. To be honest it was the time where i felt the most freedom in my life. I also agree that its sad that most will never know or experience what we did ever again on Oahu.

  15. HbH says:


    I agree with you, natural order of change is inevitable. But i would caution you that the problem with alot of locals is sometimes we adapt or can go with the flow too well. What you have in Oahu is not natural order change, but forced change from big money. You know this by the quick 180 changes in the core culture in Oahu, in one generation we have gone from an island that alot of haole moved from because its culture and day to day life was uncomfortable and foriegn to them(the true and natural population control of the past). To today a Honolulu that is extremely overcrowded and is no different to any mainland city in looks and day by day life and today the cost of living is the population control measure which favors the rich and non-local. I attribute the change to kinda like a hostile corporate takeover and isn’t natural because we see the results in the highest homeless population in the country on Oahu. Drug use and petty crime is up. All things that never would of happened generations ago

  16. 1oldfut says:

    All my family is doing to help “the cause”, as Mark says, is to whenever possible, shop local. I know the importance of tourism in Hawaii, having worked in the industry, so I accept what Ala Moana has become, but look at the what someplace like Helena’s is doing. RESPECT to all the local businesses out there! Thank you!

  17. Seawalker says:

    Eh @MS, that’s going to be inevitable and unstoppable to keep the big-box retailers away. Those guys, generally from the mainland and international, are out to make a buck and a return for their shareholders.

    That comes at the expense of smaller businesses, and even your locally-owned mom and pop stores. They are like pythons. They try to squeeze everything out of you to immobilize you. What can you do?

    99% of us agree Ala Mo’s should be like and stay the way it once used to be. But Ala Mo is no longer locally-owned. It is in the hands of corporate America.

    Just be glad you experienced it once upon a time. It is like the wild, wild West of before. You heard about it, you’ve seen it in the movies, and you probably read about it, but that was yesterday.

    The economic woes of the Great Depression era was something else back when it happened. But it is all history to us now. Time waits for no man!

    If we got to experience how old-Hawaii was once before, imagine our kids and future generations? Old-Hawaii will no doubt go down in the annals of the history books once more.

    We, pakes or other tight-wads out there, don’t mind sometimes because there are better prices and deals with the big-box stores.

    Sometimes, the smaller guys fight back. ABC Stores is a prime example. They went from a 1-drug store outfit in Kaimuki to the enviable position of king of Waikiki. They are even now in Guam, Saipan, Vegas and who knows where else.

    But for every exception to the general rule, the general rule is what dictates how the business world operates.

    I’ll frequent locally-owned businesses once in a while. They are customer-oriented and friendly to the core. I rather have someone tell me, “may I help you” than “over there on the shelf, brah”.

    That’s okay. It only pertains to retailing and wholesaling. Now, if they were to mess with Hawaii’s natural resources, and many have tried, that’s another whole new story.

    Those people who are nature lovers are the very ones that become the most stubborn enemy in defending their turf. They are like health food eaters. These people look like sticks, but they will never, ever deviate from a Whole Foods or Down To Earth. Remember the Down To Earth guys near University Avenue?

    Shirokiya’s perception by the public is locally-owned. Their move to the Ewa wing at Ala Mo is deemed a success story providing they survive in the first place. But like anyone or anything in Hawaii, if it goes national or if it becomes big-time, it just makes the rest of us from Hawaii proud.

    Ob@ma comes from a different mama. But he is from Hawaii. For all that we care, he could bankrupt the United States and he would still remain the prodigal son from Hawaii.

    It’s Aloha Friday, no work till Monday… Hehehe

  18. Mark Shelby says:


    I don’t want anymore mainland company’s coming to Hawaii and destroying us more brah!

  19. Mark Shelby says:



    Yes OUR Culture is dying !

    So I looked up the word.

    I guess a word to consider from time to time afta MLC! ; )

  20. Mark Shelby says:

    If I were living in Honolulu today, I would really not care to shop at Ala Moana anymore. I would rather support our Local Kine mom and pop shops! Because our original Hawaii is dyeing! And it makes me really sad!

  21. Seawalker says:

    Speaking of chi chi dango, no, I meant mochi, Fukuya’s on King St. got some pretty tasty kine. Small and soft, but nicely packaged. Ease off the gas petal, people. LOL Parking is tight and the cost of a plate of food can really add up depending on how much you order. But the food is good over there. Just love the okazuya joints around town. Now, Shirokiya might have something good going with the Japan Village Walk opening in June. Good things come to those who wait. Great things go to those who resist. But less than a month before the old Shirokiya will only be a memory. How sad…

  22. Seawalker says:

    IMHO… (and lately, there’s been lots of ’em)

    … when I think of Hinamatsuri pink mochi,

    we stay talking chi chi dango, man!

    Can you ‘feel’ what I’m digging’?

    LOL, and it’s not me who brought it up. Go read the other Shirokiya topic again if you no believe me!!!!!!!!!! 😆 😆 😆

  23. Mark Shelby says:

    Hey …HbH

    I’m a baby boomer! Not in da old folks home yet bra! ; )

  24. Mark'75 says:

    Happy Girl’s Day!

  25. walter says:

    Hinamatsuri not Hinamaturi like I typed.

  26. walter says:

    That pink mochi,– grainy and chewy wrapped with the sakura leaf and always for Hinamaturi–mmm ono.

  27. 4G says:

    Happy Girl’s Day!

  28. HbH says:

    Happy wahine day!

  29. Rodney says:

    You catch on fast, Seawalker. 😉

  30. Seawalker says:

    “HAPPY GIRLS DAY (Hinamaturi) to all the MLC chicks!”
    LOL, what you talking about @Rod? Ain’t no chicks nor Spring chickens here. Oh, I get it. You trying to flatter ’em. K-den. Happy Girls Day (Sun Nien Fai Lock) to all the MLC ducklings! 😆 😆

  31. Rodney says:

    HAPPY GIRLS DAY (Hinamaturi) to all the MLC chicks!

  32. Seawalker says:

    Looking at the floor-plan again, I see a mix of food court counters and food kiosks. What? Kiosks are so cheapy lookin’. It reminds me of IMP (International Market Place) carts and all the sharks that work there. But it shows how lucrative space is at Ala Mo’s. Some of us, but mainly the tourist, like the kiosks because they think they are getting a bargain when shopping there. But what it really is is cheap trinkets and they break by the time you get off the plane. Add some palm branches on top of the kiosks/carts and the tourist go ape-chet. Man, so ready for my Miller Lite, draft from the Japan Village Walk. Oh, and I’ll get a bento as pupu too. 😀 😀 😀

  33. Seawalker says:

    Eh @HbH, you good get dirty lickins’ from your kapunas for saying such stuff. Take couple ginseng roots, bee pollen, snake juice, and Thai basil. Put ’em the blender, whip it until it jucee-fies, and you good to go. LOL

  34. HbH says:

    @Mark Shelby

    Joking uncle, glad you still remember so much.

  35. HbH says:

    @Mark Shelby

    RE: “said this before. But don’t know if anyone remembers. I remember when Ala Moana shopping center area was just a swamp. Just like Waikiki originally was.”

    Eh brah, dis suppose to be midlife crises not geriatrics crises 🙂 bwahaha!

  36. 4G says:

    OT – someone mentioned the Dole Pineapple (tower) a little while ago:

    Not the best pic, but it works . . . .

  37. Seawalker says:

    Hope they don’t Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk into a sports-bar by having all these television sets on. Where there’s beer, there’s going to be the tube on. Sometimes it gets so annoying when they turn up the volume up way high. Eh, I stay eating people. I like enjoy my food, you know? Other people stay talking story and have to yell over the TV. Eh Shirokiya, you catch the hint?!?!?

  38. Seawalker says:

    Tonight on the news, I heard Sports Authority is closing stores! And filing for bankruptcy! Better hurry! ; )
    I neva liked them! They were seriously overpriced! And I know retail!
    Eh @MS, when you’re the only game in town and in paradise, a closing of a store, as well as opening of a new one, registers a 10.0 on the Richter Scale. Hawaii is outdoor’s heaven. People are willing to pay to play. Time for Dick’s… LOL

  39. Seawalker says:

    Okay, it’s been established, Ala Mo’s got great food and some super stores of yesteryear. But Ala Mo’s got other things too. Where else can you go and people-watch to your heart’s delight? In downtown, everyone is all dressed up and hair neatly combed and with outstanding make-up on. Anybody can look good like that. If you’re into skin, try topping Ala Moana Beach or San Succi’s. But when you’re at Ala Mo Shopping Center, you have the best of both worlds. Them wahines are into those short shorts nowadays, so “… making a list, checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…”. You got the beach people cruising over to the mall. You’ve got the good-looking tourist mixed-in even though they have that sorry-a$$ sunburn redness on their skin doing shopping. And, of course, you’ve got just ordinary people in boro-boro clothes there. No matter, people are people. Where else but Ala Mo’s for eye-candy? Hehehe

  40. Mark Shelby says:


    Tonight on the news, I heard Sports Authority is closing stores! And filing for bankruptcy! Better hurry! ; )

    I neva liked them! They were seriously overpriced! And I know retail!

  41. Mark Shelby says:

    I said this before. But don’t know if anyone remembers. I remember when Ala Moana shopping center area was just a swamp. Just like Waikiki originally was.

    To build Ala Moana Shopping Center, Hawaiian Dredging Company dredged the coral off Ala Moana beach and they filled in the swamp so the shopping center could be built. I watched them do it. And as a very young haole boy I was amazed at the ingenuity!

    That’s why you have a nice sandy sea bottom at Ala Moana beach about 200 yards out to the coral reef. I always thought it was nice that they left some! Since I was a surfer! And da bess breaks come from da reefs!

  42. Seawalker says:

    Eh @4G, I got these 2 coupons for 20% off or so much $ off if you spend over $50 at Sports Authority. So good, they ain’t closing over here. Betcha good ‘ol Dick’s would never pony up that kind of deal. Once a Dick’s, always a Dick’s. LOL
    LOL, @W with the ball and antenna. What’s the saying? If you’ve got it, flaunt it! 😀

  43. 4G says:

    Wow – Amar Sporting Goods. Totally forgot about them. Thanks, @Mark’75!

  44. Mark Shelby says:

    eh Seawalker……

    And the funny thing is. Once everyone had an orange 76 ball on their antenna. Still Nobody could find their car. LOL! I used to stand there and watch and laugh!

  45. Rodney says:

    @Mark’75 – I was just talking to @Fishhead yesterday.

  46. Mark'75 says:

    Yep, “Honsport knows the score!” It was where I’d buy my Adidas Superstar sneakers. Also, to talk story with Fishhead.
    For running shoes, I’d go to Athletic Supply or Amar Sporting Goods back in the day.

  47. 4G says:

    Okay – so I had to go to Ala Moana today and decided to see if I could tell where this Village Walk is going to go. Kind of hard because all the old points of reference are gone and it’s hard to see out to the street now.

    I think @Rod is basically right – seems to me that it’s kind of going to go where the old Sears auto repair “garage” was. If anything, it seems like it might be a little further in the Ewa/Mauka direction than the old auto repair area – seems to be facing a little more “Ewa proper”, IYKWIM.

  48. 4G says:

    @Seawalker – Thanks for that – that allusion to stores closing must have been an update to the story – wasn’t there earlier.

  49. Seawalker says:

    @4G – The article says the list of stores closing do not include any in Hawaii. Thank goodness. Can’t count of Dick’s Sporting Goods. With a name like that, you’d sure to be ripped off. BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Yeah, Honsport is the equivalent of City Mill. Those big boys no scare good ‘ol City Mill. Was it Honsport where you could go and obtain your fishing license at one point?

  50. walter says:

    Honsport–cool store small shop as I remember on the mauka street level or up the short staircase past Penny’s but before Shirokiya. Lots of golf things, mits and bats, weights, and guns way in the back.

  51. walter says:

    I have the ball but not the antenna. Now that sounds a little kinky coming from a guy. How’s this–I have the Union 76 orange ball but no car radio antenna to stick it on. Maybe I’ll sell it on ebay. No I forgot when I grow up and buy my 1961 Buick Invicta I’ll place it on the antenna. Cool–and I’ll drive into a Union Station to fill gas. Do they have any filling stations left?

    And it aint an okazuya if the food is in warmers. Gotta be behind a screen, in a window or something like it. That’s the point. Okazu is meant to be eaten at room temp and many things are somewhat overcooked so they’ll keep all day, like hamburger patty, fried chicken and also sushi (the vinegar helps to preserve it) and musubi with ume (the plum also preserves it) and as Seawalker says that extra flavor comes with all the stuff from da outside. Yum. Damn all this food safety overreaction.

  52. 4G says:

    It had been talked about for a little while now – now it’s official. Sports Authority files for bankruptcy:

    Reminds me of how I miss Honsport . . . .

  53. Seawalker says:

    @MS – That was me after the Rainbow basketball game. Don’t get to go too often nowadays as the prices of tickets and food over there have skyrocketed. Have to watch it on TV. So the parking structure was no longer familiar to me. Well, I made sure to look at the area where we parked and coding they had in the area before we walked over to the Stan Sheriff Arena. After the game, came looking for my car. It was not there. Walked a good 30 minutes looking before deciding that someone made off with it. Went to the ground floor to call the cops. Decided to walk up the path I took coming into the parking structure one more time to make sure. Lo and behold, half-way walking up, spock da car. Then I looked at the parking lot coding. It was the same code as the wrong floor I first went to. Don’t know why U.H. would have a parking coding system like that. A lot of old-futs will get confused. Your old-futs are the U.H. die-hards, and not to mention boosters with kala. But again, don’t know why and how U.H. does a lot of things. In the end, was too relieved to be pi$$ed anymore. For them old ladies, when 76 Union first came out with the orange antenna balls, they probably thought 76 Union was a God-send. 😀 😉

  54. Mark Shelby says:


    I remember how all of the ladies had to have their 76 Union Orange Ball on top of their car antenna!

    76 Union antenna ball so they could find there car! ….LOL!

    I used to watch them looking for it! ; )

    As they roamed aimlessly! ; )

    So I could have a good laugh!

  55. Seawalker says:

    I think what made Ala Mo’s, Ala Mo’s besides the stores and layout of the shopping center, was the parking. The parking was under the sun at times. You had to be lucky to find a parking spot during Christmas. Sometimes, you had to walk a mile because you pake and did not want to waste gas looking for a closer stall. But the parking was obviously not the highest and best use of the overall property. Management and stockholders recognized this. Now, we got this big-a$$ parking lot to look forward to when going to Ala Mo’s. The old-day feel to the place was unique, as you didn’t feel ‘maxed’ out in your parking stall. Today, you circle the parking lot and feel just the opposite. It feels congested. You can’t readily go circling Ala Mo’s to people-watch from your car anymore. No act, I talking about YOU! We all did it. But the reality is that you have to roll with the punches and take what they give you. Ala Mo’s is still the crown-jewel and envy of all shopping centers. And we get to go there in the land of paradise. No can complain, man, no can complain at all.

  56. Seawalker says:

    Mahalo @Mark, @W confirmed it was Ebisu. They had a real ‘old school’ appearance. The window was at the sidewalk when you ordered. All the cars and trucks passing by with their exhaust pipes in tow gave the food at Ebisu’s that extra flavor. I really like the okazuya and dim sum outfits. In life, you can’t really tell them what you want nor do you have a choice. But at Honda’s Delicatessen or Gulick Delicatessen, you get to pick everything you like to eat. So even if not good, it does taste good because you decided on it. With dim sum, it literally means ‘choose the filling’, if you get the drift. I remember the Jhapanee one on King St. across of McCully library. For $5, you could get an order or plate over there. Not sure if they bit the dust too. BTW, where is that KHS nowadays? Must be playing all these tie-breakers in tennis and no time to post anymore. Funny, that wahine (not funny-kine, that wahine… LOL).

  57. Mark'75 says:

    Regarding @Seawalker’s post about the okazuya across Gulick on King Street, I think @khs68 has the answer…

  58. Mark'75 says:

    Yataimura is my go-to place for a meal at Ala Moana besides Makai Market. Definitely looking forward to Shirokiya’s Japan Village Walk when they open. I hope they’ll sell Japanese goods there as well.

  59. Seawalker says:

    Eh @4G, when them bumboochas on your case, you no care which left you stay. You just sced like cr@p. LOL

  60. 4G says:

    eh, @Seawalker – “In the floor plan, I see the bathrooms are going to be located in the top left.” LOL

    eh, your oddah left! 😉


  61. Mark Shelby says:

    All of the changes are sad to me.

  62. Seawalker says:

    5-4-4 “go shi shi” LOL

  63. Seawalker says:

    In the floor plan, I see the bathrooms are going to be located in the top left. Eh, how come the women’s is twice as big as the men’s? Simple, they need room for the sofa and coffee table to talk story. 😆 😆

    Well, not to beat a dead horse to death, but there’s no room to stand and harass people for Bumboocha #1 and for Bumboocha #2. 😆 😆

    But it makes sense to put the ramen guys near the restroom. Hey, gotta P after slurping up all the noodles and soup. 😆 😆

    They got the beer stations staggered and spaced out. So you probably know where to find me. Smack dab in the middle in the beer line. Even with all that beer in me, think I’ll hold it until I get home for some peace and quiet.

  64. Rodney says:

    Korean all-you-can-eat buffer opening where Tsukiji vacated.

    $14.99 for lunch, $19.99 for dinner. I’m guessing “Prices higher in Hawaii”. 2 hour limit. 2 hour wait too. lol

  65. walter says:

    I think was Ebisu Okazu and Catering? on King but on the makai side that sold a hot dog makisushi–basically a generic hot dog sliced lengthwise but not all the way, smeared with mustard/relish inside then tucked in rice, rolled and sliced. Very creative and ono as the vinegered rice and the relish complemented the saltiness of the dog. How’s that Costco? Anybody ever see anything like it since Ebisu closed long time ago? And then their was the tamago maki at Wong’s Okazuya, Ala Moana Ctr that used flat egg wrapper instead of the nori and their sushi was cut extra thick. Don’t see that anymore. Maybe somebody could open up at the new Shirokiya an okazuya that specializes in unusual items or things not sold anymore and name them from where they originated. Ebisumaki, Wong’s tamagozushi, etc.

  66. HbH says:

    Not to be the voice of negativity but has anyone but me noticed how the new ewa wing has the same feel and kinda looks like the new international market place? Why does progress always seems to look and feel the same? Thou i do have to admit that the japanese village ideal is creative but I agree with uncle rodney, it would of been cool if the “little areas surrounding all the food kiosks might be small shops with Japanese goods other than foods.”

    Anyway, just in case people want to know what will be in the new ewa wing? Here you go.

  67. Seawalker says:

    Somebody, please, please, please tell Costco to start selling fries. How can anyone have a hot dog and soda with french fries? That would be like a diamond in a donkey’s a$$ if they ever did that. 😉 😉

  68. Seawalker says:

    Sometimes I think some of the eating places at Ala Mo’s is more for the employees of the various stores at the shopping center. They are your more loyal customers. They work there consistently and everybody got to eat everyday. That’s why there so many coffee joints sprouting up all over at the mall. For the convenience of the employees? Back in the 70’s, it used to be McDonald’s was the king rooster of eating places. It was convenient and it was fast. Maybe that’s why it was the number one chain in America. Not too much information back then about calories and what’s not good for you. But the Shirokiya bentos serve the same purpose today. It is also convenient and fast. Just bring it to the cashier and out the door. The only bad thing is they put so much darn rice in those bentos sometimes. So a lot of times, you end up eating only a portion of the bento, and throwing out most of the rice. You can’t blame them tho. The rice serves as a filler and it makes the bento look massive. I gotta try Hata Restaurant one of these days. They used to have another Jhapanee eatery futher down on King, across of the McCully library. It was a hole-in-the-wall joint, but the food was pretty good. The okazuya across of the closed-down Gulick joint was not too bad 15 years ago. It was a bonus that the sun kept the food warm that was sitting next to the window. Oh no, here we go again, rambling on about food… 😆

  69. 4G says:

    Another one bites the dust:


    As I mentioned previously – I don’t know where my head was at the time the proposed “Japan Village Walk” was first announced, but I really thought it was going to be a “food court” in addition to the current Shirokiya. I think it was because the new venture was so obviously focused on food. *Sigh*, the new direction is more apparent to me now.

    I always thought that “Shirokiya Real Estate” was an odd fit, but I guess it will live on in the new location (upper-left, “SRE Matrix”).

    I guess I can still hold onto some hope that the unlabeled, shaded areas to the right of the floor plan will be for merchandise – looks like a pretty small area though, huh?

    Oh, well – who said life needed my approval? LOL

  70. walter says:

    I’ll check it out but perhaps when the crowds normalize. Sounds like fun. In the meantime there’s Hata Restaurant and those okazuyas and man doo places mentioned in an earlier post. Yum. Maybe I’ll go and buy something at Shirokiya as a mememto. Alas parting will be such sweet sorrow. Yikes, and thanks for the memories…

  71. Seawalker says:

    Maybe @Rod, we’ll see you there too. But shame, I always go for the cheapest bento for sale. It’s been marked down, but who knows how long it’s been sitting on the shelf. Plus, I like my bento to be only handled by the one preparing it, not the many customers who rummage through the pile.

    But good, now we have 2 choices for a food courta at Ala Mo’s. The one in the middle of the mall is always crowded anyway. And $10 a plate is pretty much the norm over there. You build more shops, then more people come. The women shop. The men need a place to hang around. Where else better than a place with grinds? I think @4G’s video said there will be 5 beer stations instead of the 2 currently available at the old yataimura. Who sing’s that song? “Keep it coming, love… keep it coming love.” Hehehe

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