Monopoly and Other Board Games

So I heard that Monopoly has updated their iconic game pieces.  Gone is the boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble.  New to the game (literally) is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a rubber ducky, and a penguin.

Growing up with only brothers – as you could imagine – the race car always went first.  The thimble never touched the board because we didn’t know what it was.  Me, never getting the race car – I settled for the top hat or the Scottie terrier.

What was your favorite piece?

Of course, I’m sure just about everyone had Monopoly.  The banker had to be a trusted person.  And buying houses was a given.  Buying a hotel – what’s a mortgage?  And naturally, everyone wanted to be the first to scoop up Park Place and Boardwalk as those were worth the most when your opponents landed on them.  Remember the railroads and utilities?  And the Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.  It was like gold.  Many memories of playing Monopoly.

Since we’re speaking of board games, what small-kid-time board games did you play?

I remember my mom buying me Hi-Ho Cherry O.  Part of the fun was flicking the arrow spinner with my finger.  And in order to win the game, you MUST shout out “HI-HO CHERRY O!”.

I remember receiving the game Trouble for Christmas.  That dome thing in the middle that you had to press down to tumble the die was the best!  And IIRC, there was another game that used that same dome thing.  I guess Hasbro figured they might as well capitalize on the gizmo.

How about Battleship?  Oooh, that one required some thinking and logic.  Made my head sore.  But unlike Hi-Ho Cherry O where the winner shouts something out, Battleship required the loser to shout out “YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!”.

Stratego was another one of those games that made my head hurt.

One game that I never had – but wanted – was Operation.  We probably never got it because it required batteries.  But I remember playing it once at a cousin’s house.  It was a fun game.  I’d like to see some MLCers playing that game now!  Hands aren’t as steady as they used to be.  LOL

What small-kid-time board games do you remember playing?  Did you have a favorite?  Maybe one that you were the all time board game King (or Queen) of?  Share your board game memories with us.

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  1. dihudfan says:

    I like the shoe… Fiddle sticks, checkers, marbles (agates), top, cards… poker, blackjack, paeyoot (?), war, TRUMP (yuk, just don’t like that name)

  2. hemajang says:

    Let’s see, board games small kid time…Monopoly for sure. We were poor farming family and handling the money even though fake was kind of a thrill. I had younger brothers and sisters and we played quite a bit of Monopoly, Chinese Checkers, Sorry and Clue. Also played your basic Checkers and when a little older Chess. I remember we played this game on the flip side of the Checkers board where you would line up your pieces on opposite side and flick them across to knock off your opponents checkers…don’t remember the name of that game. Can you call Cribbage a board game? Actually a card game but you kept track of your score/points on a peg like board. I played with my dad a lot. He had a small Cribbage board that he took with him while serving with the 442nd/100th Battalion in Europe and he taught me at a young age.

  3. Walter says:

    We grew up with a busted up thirties edition of Monopoly which had all the classic tokens but with wooden houses and hotels. Otherwise the game pretty much stayed the same into the seventies when we finally got an updated version. Haven’t played for decades. The other Pop O Matic game I believe was called Headache which had colored plastic cone pieces similar in size to those Bugle snacks and the game strategy involved intercepting ones’ opponent and capping your cone on the others’. Never played that but I played Trouble a lot and its many incarnations like Aggravation, Sorry and Parcheesi. And yes that jingle has also stuck in my head for an eternity. Ready now? Pop O Matic pops the dice, pop a six and you move twice. Race your men around the track, try to send the others back. I wonder what would happen if the spring gizmo in the Pop o Matic broke. I guess you could just roll the dice but then wasn’t that the catch of the game–the entire selling point was that pop!

  4. Mark'75 says:

    As kids, we never really played Mouse Trap game as it was intended to be played. The fun was just building that contraption and watch the metal ball go through the obstacles to catch the mouse.

  5. Mark'75 says:

    “Pop-o-matic, pop the dice. Pop a six, and you move twice.” Gosh, that jingle is stuck in my head!

  6. Mark'75 says:

    With a family of sisters, getting the racecar was never a problem. We played Monopoly quite a bit back then.

    When my kids were growing up, we’d play that game also.

    Now that they’re grown, the only Monopoly I occasionally play is at McDonalds. Collect Boardwalk and Park Place for a chance to win a million? Ya never know…LOL

  7. 4G says:

    OT – if you’re interested, I just posted my review of the Apple AirPods in the last post (to not clog up the current post), “Frday 5 – Missing Eateries” 😉

  8. Izsmom says:

    Hands Down, Kaboom Balloon Busting Game. The following weren’t board games in the literal sense, but we played these: Pick up Stix, Barrelmof Monkeys, Twister.

  9. Keoni says:

    LOL Today, even the real spots on which Monopoly is based have seen better days. I used to cover Atlantic City in my job as computer tech for H&R Block and saw how the city had gone downhill. The casinos only helped for a little while, then it was a race to the bottom again.
    It’s a shame because I have such fond memories from small kid time of the Steel Pier, Million Dollar Pier, the game arcades, buying salt water taffy or fudge from the shops on the Boardwalk. And the smell of the salt air as you came in from Pleasantville or Absecon. (eh, brah, I don’t think that smell is limu kohu or lipoa; gotta be haole kine seaweed! ROFLOL)

  10. khs68 says:

    I liked the shoe. When I landed on a property with hotels and had to pay, I would kick the hotels off the board. Mean, yeah? LOL

  11. khs68 says:

    We bought the 1996 Hawaii Edition Monopoly when it came out in NY. Sent it to the grandkids; years later they can’t remember what happened to it. Aish!! It’s a collector’s item now.

    Growing up we used to play chinese checkers for hours in the garage.

  12. 4G says:

    Okay – so, Monopoly. I remember playing several times, but for the life of me, I can’t remember too many times when the game actually ended with a winner. Most of the time, I think we got tired and just decided to quit. But it was a good experience.

    Or, maybe because most of the time, I was the youngest player and just lost early. LOL

    I remember arranging my money by denomination and neatly placing them, in separate stacks, with just a tad of the stack under the board.

    Those game pieces, though. I remember them fondly. They stick out in my memory for their pewter quality (they couldn’t have actually been pewter, right? LOL). I think the race car was my favorite, but I can remember fiddling with the hat, too. 😉

    So the new game pieces. Are the new ones actually that bronze/brass color and the others are still pewter? That strikes me as awkward. Maybe they’re all that bronze/brass color, now? If so, then – Hmmpphhh – I prefer the pewter. 😉

  13. Izsmom says:

    Candyland, Checkers, Chinese Checkers, Game of Life, Scrabble

  14. 4G says:

    Sorry, Chutes and Ladders, and Candyland come to mind.

    I have more to say (really? Imagine that LOL), but I’ll wait until I csn get to a keyboard. 😉

  15. Gareth says:

    Always liked the race car the best; we used to jan ken po to see who would get it. Runner up fave was the dog, because you could make him trot and bark. I don’t remember the wheelbarrow at all; it must not have been in our set.

    Mediterranean and Baltic were the slumlord properties. But desirable because if you had hotels on them, you could take away someone’s earnings right after they had passed Go.

    The utilities, Electric Company and Waterworks, were the most disappointing properties on the board. They always promised more than they delivered, and your earnings from them would be minimal at best.

    Boardwalk and Park Place were of course the most desirable, especially if you had hotels on them; they were the fastest way to drive another player from the game. Sometimes it was good to land in Jail repeatedly, to avoid landing on your opponent’s BW and PP.

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