Past Cars Memories – Part 1

Okay MCLers – time to once again shake off those cobwebs.  I’ve broken this post up into 2 parts since we have so much history (in other words – OLD).  Part 1 is about cars that you’ve owned until a certain point in your life.  In my case, I’ll cut it off at when I got married – because everything changed then – especially when the kids were born.

We’ll do part II following this one – so go back to taking the Ginko Biloba pills.

So at age 14 and 9 months, I got my driver’s permit.  A driver’s permit was good for three months so back then we could get it three months before turning 15.  Then at 15 I got my drivers license.   No car yet – but I had that pass to freedom.

At 15 and a half I bought my first car.  It was my dad’s ’72 Dodge Swinger – bright blue with a white vinyl roof.  I think he was going though a mid-life crisis when he bought it.  This was in 1975 so the car was already about three years old.  I added Anson rims and wider tires bought from Consumer Tire Warehouse (“Go now Hawaii, Why pay more!?!”).  And I added an under-dash slide out cassette player.  And air-shocks because the wider tires would scrap the fenders.  My main priority was that it had a bench seat in the front so my girlfriend could sit right next to me.  Cut-seat or Broke-seat, whatever you used to call it.  LOL

Then right after graduation from high school, my second car was an already souped-up Toyota Corolla.  IIRC, it was a ’73.  Headers, racing cam, traction bars, wood-grain door panels.  Standard shift, of course.  I drove that puppy all summer long.  Didn’t have bench seat in the front but at that time but I didn’t have a girlfriend anyway.  I remember driving home late one night going over the Pali (before there were street lights) and apparently someone had dropped a filled 30-gallon trash bag on the road.  By the time I saw it, it was too late.  Poof!  Trash all over the road behind me.  At least it was soft trash.  But for the next month or so whenever my headers got hot – I’d smell melted plastic.  That bag wrapped itself all around my headers.

I think I drove that shoyu-burner around for about 5 or 6 months before changing cars once again.  I then stumbled upon a 1969 Karmann Ghia at the Windward Volkswagen dealership that I was working at.  I figured since I can get a discount on parts and labor – why not drive a VW.  I loved that Ghia.  Added SS Headers, Hurst shifter, coco mats, in-dash tachometer, blaupunkt cassette stereo.  I had the engine overhauled and bumped it up from 1300 cc to 1650 cc.  And added a metallic blue paint job – until I ran into a shopping cart that some idiot left in the middle of a residential street.  But nothing that our body-shop couldn’t fix with a little bondo.  Then the next summer I had it painted again – this time charcoal gray.  But the painter (who was doing a side job for me), this was his first time shooting Imron paint.  After shooting the first coat, he did a light sand of the paint, then sprayed on the clear coating.  The sand marks showed through.  So he added pearl essence to the clear-coat.  A lot of it to cover the scratches.  The car came out grayish purple.  It was a very unique color to say the least.  LOL  But then the rust started to set in.  When it rained, the floor behind the drivers seat would have water.  I couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from.  But nothing that a little hole drilled into the floorboard couldn’t fix.  When I first got the Karmann Ghia – it was in it’s original light blue paint.  Looked similar to this one.

Then in 1979 when I quit working at WW Volkswagen, I decided to sell the Ghia since I could no longer get cheap parts and labor.  So once again I bought another hand-me-down from my dad.  I can’t remember the exact year of the model.  I’d guess that it was a 1975 Toyota Celica.  It was the mustard color.  Or as I would refer to it; baby-shit brown.  This car was a surf-mobile.  No fancy rims or accessories except for a pair of Aloha Racks on the roof for the surfboards.  I had locks on the racks but I don’t think they were necessary as the racks were pretty much rusted on to the car.  I drove that car into the ground.  Rust holes by the gas cap, bottom of the doors, sand all inside the car, melted sex-wax inside the car.  It was a typical surf-rat car.

Then I’m guess it was around 1982 – just before my Celica was about to die – I switched cars.  I bought myself a 1979 (?) Volkswagen Scirocco.  Since I liked my Karmann Ghia so much, I thought I’d buy the second-generation Ghia – the Scirocco.  It too became somewhat of a surf car – and a stoner car.  LOL  No fancy crap in it – just the radio, cigarette lighter, and a pair of dark glasses.  Put gas once a week, changed oil every 6 months and it was good to go.  Oh, and had to change the battery quite a bit for all those late nights parked in front of my friend’s house partying in the car listening to 98 Rock.

I drove that car until I got married.  That’s saved for part 2.

So what’s your past car memories (part 1)?

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  1. Mark Shelby says:

    I bought my next car in 1975. First brand new car I ever bought. I bought it from Love Thomas Motors on Kapiolani Ave. I was friends with Mark Thomas ever since 3rd grade. We went to Kahala Elementary together. So Mr. Thomas new me for a long time, and he knew how much I liked all of his sports cars.

    Mr. Thomas told me that when I get old enough to buy a new car to come see him and he will sell me any brand new sports car for just $100 over invoice! WOW Sweet! So in 1975 I bought a brand new end of year 1974 MGB.

    Maroon with black vinyl top and a silver racing stripe. The MSRP was $5,500. I got the MGB for only $3,750! I later shipped the car to San Diego for my college dayz car.

    I really wanted the Triumph TR6 but it was $1,000 more and I didn’t have enough cash. So I settled on the MGB. Great fun trouble free car!

  2. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY moms!!!

  3. KC fan says:

    Still like hot rods but no place to race on Oahu. Have a 1968 Corvette parked at in-laws house. Needs lots of work. Maybe when I retire.

    • Dkhy says:

      Had a brand new British Racing Green ’68 Corvette T-Top 327 w/350hp, 4speed, back in Jan 1968. Drove it across country from MD to CA, via Route 66 in Feb ’68. Shipped it to HNL in 1970. Traded it in for a new 260-Z, 4 speed in ’74.

  4. 4G says:

    Third car (I can’t believe that from here on out, I can’t remember the exact model year of the cars 🙁 )

    I wanted to say it was a 1969, but it was probably more like a 1970 or 1971 Dodge Coronet 440. This was the family car. It was picked up new in Vegas, went cross country on a southern route then back on a northern route and shipped back to Hawaii. That sucker broke down at the Grand Canyon it was towed 99 miles (!) and we were stuck in Flagstaff, AZ for a week while it was repaired. The motor was torn down and rebuilt – I forget; was something like a backward rocker arm causing issues with oil circulation or something.

    At any rate, was a 318 automatic. Four-door, A/C, and power steering. I remember us hitting 100 mph on some of the longer, deserted stretches on that cross country trek. One thing that impressed with that Mopar – the automatic transmission was pretty darned good!

    In retrospect, I think I was conned into taking that car so that I would stop driving the Nova (undoubtedly my mom’s influence 🙁 ). The lure was A/C. This must have been like 1978 or 1979.

    I remember trying to hit 100 on H-1 out near Pearl City – not a good idea; that road is wavy! LOL

  5. Seawalker says:

    Go Johnny, Go!

    I just knew my days of driving around a muscle-bound gas guzzler was done. You’d get these stares driving into the parking lot at work. It was a different world when you gunned the engine. People didn’t just turn their heads. They stared at you with the stink-eye.

    So next up for me was a 1993 Honda Civic, 4-door, EX. Think I put on 165,000 miles with that puppy. That’s the thing with Toyota and Honda’s unreal durability. They last forever and run like a black stallion on steroids.

    Still remember when I sold it. It was to a family trying to get their high school kid a car. I could tell they were looking for a while for the right car. I dealt with his pops. He looked at my car and knew it was the one. I kept the car in good working order and waxed.

    Man, I can still see the smile on the kid’s face. After his dad gave me the cash and I handed over the title, first thing the kid did was to adjust the seats and mirrors. Then he put this air-freshener next to the vent. His smile made a clam look like it was frowning. Wow, priceless!

    Everybody remembers their first car…

  6. Mark Shelby says:

    Sweet Ghia Rodney!

    I’ll start with my first car to keep it short. I got my drivers license on my actual birthday in July 1970. Couldn’t wait another minute! I borrowed my Mom’s 1968 Ford LTD 2 door, that car was a sleeper rocket! 4 barrel 390 cubic inch engine. I kept saving my money for several months while I was checking the newspaper classifieds for a VW Beetle. I finally found a 1969 VW Beetle with only 15,000 miles on it. It was baby blue like Rodney’s Ghia pic. And it was like brand new, not a door ding on it.

    The seller was a teacher in Kailua. He was asking $1,400 bucks. All I had was $1,175 cash. That was from years of paper route money and odd jobs. I told him I have a job after school and I want a car so my parents won’t have to keep driving me all around. I pulled out my wad of cash and asked him if he would take it.

    He gave me that look that a proud father would give and a big smile and he said yes, I’ll let you have it for $1,175. I drove the VW home. I wanted a VW because I knew I could work on it myself to save money. Best and most trouble free car I have ever owned!

    The VW mainly took me to McKinley High School, Wigwam furniture warehouse after school work. Makapuu every weekend plus Diamond Head surf trips. North Shore fun. Out for grinds. And church every Sunday and Wed. And the usual trip to Ala Moana shopping center.

  7. 4G says:

    Okay – second car. Sorry, but I told this story before.

    1966 Chevy Nova. 4-door :(, six-banger :(, three-speed column shift 🙁

    LOL – but I have many fond memories of that car, too. It was a hand-me-down from my grandfather. He kept his cars in good shape. I must have gotten it in like 1975, so it was already pretty old, but the body was cherry and he had the engine overhauled before he gave it to me.

    I was working Auto Parts at the time with a full semester (or, was it two?) of high school Auto Mechanics under my belt. LOL.

    Really yearned for more of a hotrod type of car, but not a lot of money. At the very least, I thought, h3ll, build a sleeper . . . . .

    Got a new small, short block V-8 (283) for like $50 from one of the shops that I would deliver to. Went to the junkyard (can you say Goo’s Golden Tire? LOL) for valve covers, oil pan and pump, heads, valves, crank, pistons, connecting rods, pushrods, and flywheel. Scrounged a used two-barrel carb – wanted a four bbl, but couldn’t afford it.

    Got new gaskets, bearings, water pump, piston rings, kingpins and camshaft (for a 327 vette) from work. Also a 3-speed Hurst floor shifter to convert the column shift. Oh, also new heavy duty clutch, pressure plate and throwout bearing. Oh, and dual point Mallory distributor and coil. Headers and Hush Thrush mufflers. As I recall, research showed that I basically just needed new motor mounts and motor mount brackets to mount the small block. Stuff like starter, alternator and bell housing could be re-used.

    Built the engine over the course of a few months. Rented the engine lift from the Rent-All shop on the corner of Beretania and McCully. Swapped the engine with help from some friends one weekend.

    All-in-all, was not the best job, but it worked and not too bad for a first attempt. In hindsight, it’s actually pretty amazing that the sucker started up. LOL

    The lesson learned? If you’re gonna mess around like that, it needs to be on a second, “play” car, not your daily driver. 😉

    • 4G says:

      Intake manifold was from Goo’s, too

      Just wanted to add that this car could burn rubber going forward! LOL

  8. KC fan says:

    Maybe can have another topic like cars we should have or could have bought. In the early 1980’s could have bought a 1970 Buick GS Stage 1 convertible with a Hurst 4 speed. Top was brand new but had lots of rust. Guy was asking $1800. Still think about that car. Classic. More recently, wanted to buy a Honda Civic SI in 2006. No 4doors at the time only in coupes. Bought a 4 door Civic EX instead. What happened the following year? 4door Civic SI. Lol.

  9. Seawalker says:

    Next up for me was another V-8. a 1983 Ford Mustang GT 5.0L Boss 302, 5-speed tranny and Racaro-like seats. No horsing around! It put out 175 ponies stock. Talk about burning rubber for 2 whole city blocks. Actually took this car out to Barbers Point Tracks to see what this bad-boy could do. It could haul-a$$ alright. Pedal to the metal from the start to finish. But the clutch assembly was junk for a car with this kind of power. Good car to drive. The engine rumbled like thunder. Won many street races back in the days. Hey, you are what you drive after all.

  10. adobo says:

    Wow, a lot of comments here that I can relate to. Like Masako my parents were firm, pay your own, car, insurance, and gas. But I had my mom’s Valiant to use through high school and got my aunt’s car after that. Was good times back then, part time job and just enough money for gas, beer, and split one bag. Next week same thing. Cutlass Supreme was stylin back then if you could borrow your uncle’s one. Lot’s of my friends were Chevy guys, Novas, Camaros, Chevelles. Nice ones too and no slouches at the tracks or street. My first new vehicle was a 4×4 Blazer, special order with all the HD options I could get. Gearing, limited slip, HD cooling/alternator. Waianae and Mokuleia was wide open back then. Throw some fishing gear in the back and good to go. Trans started a slight leak then I really did a job on it. B&M had a shift kit but only 2 settings, mild and wild. So I went with the full race setting and was mean. Lifted w/off-road tires chirping on gear shifts on the street. Seals let loose so rebuild time. I think the old Chevy’s are still around, maybe just in storage. I still see the old bugs and vans on cruise days at AlaMo’s so they out there, owners just bring em out on special occasions.

  11. Alan says:

    I gotta admit, looking back at history, I was a spoiled brat, I guess. My Dad who was a super strict Nisei guy, was super accommodating when it came to cars and me. When I was 16, he got me a 1957 Chev Belaire, and had it repainted and the auto trans changed out to a 3 speed manual with a hurst shifter. No bad, but no souped up engine and no 4 speed trans. I had the engine bored out to 301 cu in and put on a Carter 4 bbl and it was fine.

    In 1963 he bought me 421 triple 2 barrel, Pontiac Gran Prix, which was totaled by my girlfriend when I was teaching her to drive a stick shift. We were rolling down the H-1 and I told her to downshift and pass some cars. She cracked it into second (from 4th) and floored it — we obviously spun out and smashed up again the guard rails.

    After than, in 1964 he bought me a ’64 Pontiac GTO — 389 engine with triple two barrel carbs. He had a friend who was a big exec with BOH and they repossessed the GTO and he got it for a song. Yup, those were the days.

  12. 4G says:

    Okay – first car was 1968 Toyota Corona. I don’t think I can ever forget that car. LOL

    Was originally white – sold to us for like $300 by my great aunty and uncle (is there even such a thing? LOL – was actually my mom’s aunty and uncle). Had to share it with my sister. 🙁 LOL First thing we finagled was getting it painted to a Navy Blue.

    The rule in my house was that you couldn’t get your license until 16 (junior year in high school) and you had to go through Drivers’ Ed for the insurance discount. I wanted that license! LOL I remember getting a perfect score on the permit test. Funny what a little motivation will do, huh?

    I already could drive by the time I enrolled in Drivers’ Ed (through illegal means 😉 ) my junior year. The biggest lesson I learned there was when pulling out from a driveway/whatever, you’re supposed to STOP BEFORE the SIDEWALK (not just the roadway) cause might have pedestrians, BEFORE entering the roadway and looking for motor vehicles. Funny, that little tidbit, I don’t believe, was on the permit test. 😉

    Back to the Corona. I have many fond memories of that car even if, in hindsight, some of those memories were not so good at the time, IYKWIM. 😉

    1800 cc, four-door, two-speed automatic. Could burn rubber – IF you floored it in neutral, then dumped it in REVERSE! LOL Used to have to hold a$$ most times taking the on-ramp to the freeway. 🙁

    Car used to overheat every once in a while. Wouldn’t find out until years later (and the car long gone) what the problem likely was.

    Thing is, that car had a clutch fan. I remember having to change the water pump twice on that car. You had to get a machine shop to press the clutch fan off the old water pump, then onto the new water pump. What a pain.

    Anyway, I remember trying to figure out why the car would overheat occasionally especially since it would tend to happen at the most inopportune times. I always tended to home in on that clutch fan because it seemed a little too free wheeling. I could never figure out how to make it less free wheeling, though.

    Turns out that the machine shop doing the press work needs to pour something like STP into the clutch fan assembly to refill it when reassembling. That puts a lot more resistance into the clutch fan. LOL – found that out way too late, unfortunately.

    • 4G says:

      Cause, at that point, could have just refilled the assembly myself without a need for a machine shop. 😉

  13. 4G says:

    I remember when it was standard equipment to keep a rag in the car for wiping inside the windshield because it would fog up when it rained. I don’t miss those days.

    • Seawalker says:

      Ho @4G, I remember having a rag in my rod back in the days. Tied it in a knot on one end of the rag. Hung it on the steering wheel. It was an all-purpose rag that came in handy when you needed it.

  14. 4G says:

    Ho – some hot rodders on here, yeah? 😉

  15. 4G says:

    It’s pretty amazing how car technology has evolved and improved from way back when.

    It’s amazing to me how you don’t even need to tune your car up like we did back in the day because of electronic ignitions. The engines are sooo much more powerful nowadays and fuel economy is even better with more power – how does that work? LOL

    Carburetion – don’t think so; nowadays all fuel injection. Everything power – brakes, steering, windows, locks – was all manual before (or costly add-on). A/C was a luxury add-on back in the day – today, pretty much standard equipment – what are we, animals? LOL

    Easy way to “soup up your ride?” – just swap a chip!

    Tinted windows? Who doesn’t have them these days?

    And the rust. I don’t know if it’s a function of cars, in general, being newer these days (I don’t really think so), but you don’t see as many rusted out cars as you used to see back in the days – especially the Japanese cars. Rumor was, back in the day, that it was because the Japanese used recycled metal – dunno if that was true, but cars seem to be more rust-resistant these days. H3ll, way back then, used to even have rustproofing companies like Ziebart – don’t see them anymore.

    What I really don’t care for these days is that the standard shift is going the way of the Dodo. Standard shift cars are getting more difficult to come by. Some models don’t even make it available as an option! Boo! When I was looking at Minis a few years ago, standard shift was only available through special order . . . . Dang! LOL

  16. mows says:

    First car: 1979 Ford Pinto

    next: 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger orange (original paint -plum crazy, why anyone would paint it orange is beyond me) with black vinyl top 318 bought from downtown honda used lot in waipahu while was a lot attendant at beretania. Sold to friend because bought a;

    next: Red 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger in way better condition but with a 273. Nice black interior and red micro sequence paint. Was super slow and girlfriend crashed it.

    next: Green 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 383. Put on some nice Center Lines and T\As Super fast and I crashed that one.

    next: Blue 1968 Coronet R\T 440, 4 speed Hurst shifter put the wheeels from the Road Runner on it. Lost license DUI then someone stole the exhaust manifolds while it was sitting in garage so I sold it.

    next: White 1987 Turbo Sprint 3 cylinder. Smashed it so traded it in for another one.

    next: Red 1987 Turbo Sprint. Sold it after bought a prelude.

    next: Green 1968 Sport Satellite 318 Put the center line wheels on it. Put a posi with 4.10 gears and redid the leaf springs with a higher profile.

    next: Red 2000 Prelude SI all wheel steering.

    next: Blue 1994 Camaro Z28 LT1

    next: White 1999 Trans Am Firehawk. Loved that car. Was super fast like light speed.

    next: Pewter 2001 Corvette

    next family cars.

  17. Seawalker says:

    Back in the days, it was all about V-8’s. It wasn’t even miles per gallon. It was more like gallons per mile. Yikes!

    Yup, the BM days (before married and not number 2), it was all about cars, chicks and stereos. Don’t think you’ll ever forget your first car. Nor your first GF. And how can you not remember your first car stereo? Mine was a Pioneer.

    Those were the good ol’ days. It was a time when you carried around a comb in your back pocket like the Fonz. And when you carried around a Ghetto blaster everywhere including catching the bus.

  18. KC fan says:

    First car was hand me down from my brother:1969 Dodge Dart.340 engine headers, cam, Holley 4barrel carb racers car. Used to uncap the headers on New Years eve. Neighbors loved it. Then bought a 1970 Plymouth Duster.Liked Mopars again used to race at the track against my brother.Switched to a 72 Olds Cutlass Supreme 455 Hurst Dual gate shifter,turbo 400 trans. Never raced it gobbled gas (I think 10 or 12 miles per gallon. Always had V8’s until 1982 bought brand new Nissan truck. I guess to save gas.

  19. Masako says:

    I had strict overprotective parents so although I had a permit at 15 I did not get my license until I was 18. Once I got my license I did not have access to a car unless it was to run an errand or pick up my brother for my parents. My parents said no car until I could buy it myself, pay the insurance and gas, that was kind of hard to swing while I was in college. I was able to use my moms car once in awhile when i’d tell her I was going to the library or a friends house to study but of course that’s not where the car went. I think I must have been 21 or 22 when my uncle gave me his old Honda, it was a 1973 little car, not even sure if it was a Civic. Anyway the car ran ok but it had lots of rust. I had a friend who painted it for me for 200 bucks and it looked almost new. I drove that for awhile until my mom wanted to get rid of her old Toyota Tercel so I got rid of the Honda and took over the Tercel. That car eventually died on the road and would have not been cost effective to fix. By then I had some money saved so I bought a Mistubishi truck. I don’t remember the year but it was a stick shift and was blue. That was really fun for awhile. I think a few years later, maybe 1991 0r 92 a friend was selling his red 200sx which was a really cool car. I got married while I had that car so the rest is to be continued.
    I just want to note that during high school and college I dated a guy who was into hot rods. He drove a late sixties Chevelle. All his friends had rods and we’d go cruising and go to tracks. I like those old hot rods but there are not as many as there used to be.

  20. Shoyu Burner says:

    69 Chevy Chevelle rust bucket/bondo ,pineapple cannery job kine car. Then 71 Plymouth Satellite
    , 78 Triumph Spitfire… and no “shoyu burner” til I got married LOL

  21. M says:

    In high school I had a ’53 Chevy,’65 valiant,’46 Dodge pick up, 65 Comet,’57 Ford SW. Not in that order. I wish I kept the ’46 Dodge pick up.

  22. Steve says:

    ’65 Karmann Ghia. black over yellow. bought in 1972 for $800. the 1200 cc engine barely made it over Likelike (god forbid I got behind an HC&D truck), but it got over 30 mpg and as a starving college student that’s all that mattered

  23. Seawalker says:

    Life in the fast lane. Where the rubber meets the road. Fast and furious. Time to drag his a$$. Yes, sir! That was me in the 1971 Pontiac Firebird I once owned. 8-cylinders of pure h3ll. Definitely a diamond in a donkey’s a$$. Emission controls? No such animal. It was steel on wheels. Pure speed. Lead-footing was the norm. Driving and owning your first set of wheels was a man’s rite of passage. That’s what separated the men from the boys. I can still hear that engine rumbling. Like @dihudfan, no need for speed nowadays. Reaction time gets diminished.

  24. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    I kept that Olds, and used it for work once I was past driving blue and whites. Age wise, it expired in ’83 (we could only keep ‘motor’ cars for 6 years at that time).
    It was traded in for a ’83 Buick Regal. Other than a plush velour interior, it was, as Adam Sandler sings…”a piece of sh_t car.” LOL

  25. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Getting into the police department changed everything. At 19, I bought a new ’77 Olds Cutlass Supreme from Aloha Motors. It was black on black. Sticker price was $7400. It was the last year of the big Cutlasses, mine had a 403 cu in engine. Loved that car!

  26. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    I took driver’s ed early senior year, but dad said I had to wait until I was 18 to take the license test. Gee, being born late meant no license until I was in college! But he relented and let me take it one month before my birthday (score).
    For about the next two years, driving meant borrowing mom’s or one of my sister’s cars to get around.

  27. dihudfan says:

    Did not get a own a car until I got out of the Army… brand new ’69 LeMans, couldn’t afford the GTO… did little work, got headers and a quad and chrome reverse rims… this actually wuz a bad luck car, got into 4-5 accidents, all minor fender benders, people just loved to bang into me… got rid of this car and guess what, I see the car driven by the new owners… it got tboned… anyway I traded that LeMans for a Toyota Mark II station wagon, RED, tuff color to take care of. This wuz the beginnings of my toyota string, Corolla, Corolla stationwagon, all white… inbetween I rode a Honda motorcycle… broke away from Toyotas and drove a MGB, fun car, couldn’t go fast but you could whip the turns… graduated to a 280ZX, drove and handled like a dream, beat Porsches… from there owned a Buick Riviera, big tank, that sucked gas like there wuz no tomorrow… Mazda 626 was a good car… Buick Regal, good riding car… Honda Accord, put on 100,000 miles in 8 years… Chevy Camaro, Z28, fast car but didn’t like that can not see behind corners, roof line in the way… BMW 750i v12, another tank… Honda CR-V good economical car, fun driving… Volvo v70, good riding, gas guzzler… now Volvo XC70 T6, excellent riding and 300 hp under the hood, but I no speed now days… I’m one of the speed limit seniors…

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