Friday 5 – Favorites

How about a Friday 5 of Favorites.

  • What is your favorite travel destination?
  • What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
  • What is your favorite year?
  • What is your favorite beverage?
  • What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?


Here’s my replies;

My favorite travel destination is… Japan.  Hah, you thought I was going to say Las Vegas, right?  Nope.  I just love visiting Japan.  The culture, the people, the scenery, the food, the shopping.  Maybe I’ll get tired of it one day, but for now – Japan is my favorite travel destination.

My favorite ethnicity for food – does “local” count?  Seriously, hamburger steak over Salisbury steak.  Chantilly cake over German Chocolate cake, manapua over char siu bao, saimin over ramen.  Dream cake, custard pie, kim chee fried rice, spam musubi, Portuguese sausage omelet, meat jhun, loco moco, two scoops rice and mac salad.

My favorite year has to be 1972.  The summer I learned to surf, too young to work, old enough to go wherever my bike would take me.  The music in 1972 has some of the best bands and songs.  Ala Moana Center was in it’s prime.  City provided bus service from the windward side to town.  Started noticing girls too.  1972 was the “turning point”, you might say.

My favorite beverage – soda.  Diet Pepsi to be specific.  I am cursed with the “Asian Flush”.  Yup, a couple sips of alcohol and my face turns beet red.  I can hear my heart beat in my red ears.  My neck and chest is also red.  I’ll settle for carbonated flavored sugar-substitute water.

My favorite small-kid-time memory – It was Thanksgiving Day.  I’m around 12 years old or so – riding my bike around the neighborhood  in the early afternoon.  Back then, stores were closed for the holiday so there were hardly, if any, cars on the street.  As I was riding my bike all over the street, I could smell the aroma of turkey being cooked coming from the homes I was passing – working up a “good hungry” anticipating the best turkey ever that my mom cooked.  The skies were slightly overcast filtering the hot sun, letting me know that it’s getting closer to winter – meaning that soon a ton of toy commercials would be playing on TV as the Christmas season would start the next day.  It was like the calm before the storm.

Okay, those are my Friday 5 – Favorites.  What’s yours? And if you have more than 1 answer, that’s okay too – list them all.



18 Responses to “Friday 5 – Favorites”

  1. Kage says:

    What is your favorite travel destination?
    Like many here, JAPAN. I wish I could go there more often.

    What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    Hawaiian. Although many Hawaiian dishes come from other cultures. Second is Japanese. Although growing up I used to think everything my mom cooked was Japanese. Hah! She cooked everything from all over the world.

    What is your favorite year?
    1976. That was the year my family took our first and only family vacation. I caught the travel bug, but rather travel solo or in a small group.

    What is your favorite beverage?
    My first love is whiskey. Of course it can not be the only drink. On a daily basis, COFFEE!!! I can actually hear my brain sigh when I take that first sip every morning. 🙂

    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    The family trip in 1976. It was the first time I got to meet my uncles, aunts and cousins on my father’s side of the family. We spent the whole month on the mainland and visited everyone.

  2. dihudfan says:

    What is your favorite travel destination?
    it used to be LV but it changed a couple of times… SF wuz at the top… so wuz NY, but now it’s now Seoul, Korea… wonderful place… food, people and scenery all good and helps to have family living there. Went there during the monsoon season and still had a good time.

    What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    American… meat and potatos… but just about anything that taste good…

    What is your favorite year?
    now… enjoying retirement, travel wen I want, so much spare time…

    What is your favorite beverage?

    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    while practicing (bowling) threw 27 strikes in a row… alley wuz supah blocked…

  3. Keoni says:

    What is your favorite travel destination?
    Other than Hawai’i, it has to be Hershey, PA. Spent 10 1/2 years in the school there, so it always feels like home to me.

    What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    Probably PA Dutch food. Give me chicken corn soup, schnitz and gnepp with ham, and a big slice of pie like lemon sponge pie for dessert and I’m happy!

    What is your favorite year?
    I think the years that I worked for H&R Block (1997-2012) were my favorite. Made many friends during that time and loved the challenge of the job.

    What is your favorite beverage?
    Milk or iced tea

    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    Probably in fifth grade when I was the MC for a minstrel show we put on for Parents Weekend in May of that year. My mom was so proud of me! 🙂

  4. KC fan says:

    1)San Francisco Ca. Food and shopping is great. Giants fan.
    2)Anything that tastes good but, partial to Japanese.
    3)1974 Great music in that year: Steely Dan Pretzel Logic, Paul McCartney and Wings, Band on the Run, Rush, Kiss.
    4)Gotta be water. Can’t survive without it.
    5)Camping at Bellows with my neighbors and his cousins. Learned a lot that summer of 1972 about life.

  5. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    What is your favorite travel destination?
    Japan. Such a neat place!
    What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    No real favorite, so long as its good and plenty.
    What is your favorite year?
    Yup, agree with Rodney: 1972. So much happened that year, including a transition from intermediate to high school.
    What is your favorite beverage?
    All time favorite…milk.
    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    Taking trips to Hilo where mom is from and parties with her huge family there. Helping at uncle’s kamaboko factory (more like getting in the way), going to the slaughter house and bringing back a pig for the imu, jogging around the old half-mile track at Hoolulu Park, and exploring the old surplus store in downtown, I have a lot of fond memories of Hilo, especially way back then.


    • Mark Shelby says:

      Mark, I have always thought that Hilo was a very special place. And I love all of the old houses near downtown. Good people and the best hometown feeling! The Big Island (The Friendly Isle) is my Favorite Island!

      Since I was a kid in the 1950’s my Dad took us to the Big Island all the time. I think we even had a Wigwam Store in Hilo. Remember that restaurant by the bay that had the Tidal Wave lines marked on their walls? Of how high the water came up? As a little kid, I was amazed!

  6. Walter says:

    Hong Kong and then Japan but I’ve been to Hong Kong more even though my mom’s from Japan. Likewise really good Cantonese food (the stinkier the better–read harm ha and ham ni) and especially dim sum and then Japan Japanese food because once you’ve tried it local Japanese ‘aint so great. But my go to Japanese food is tempura donburi with the egg softly set and broiled fresh saba.. 1970-71 was a good year in 8th and 9th grade at King Int. and Castle. Good ol’ Hawaii water even though it’s now chlorinated (I checked with the BOW since I could smell the chlorine as I drink straight from the tap just like small kid time, but since it’s summer almost anything is good but nothing beats the heat like a watermelon and no better ones then those that used to grow up in Kahuku. I wish that farmer would grow the large yellow ones with the seeds. They had a unique texture but they were really and truly sweet and refreshing. And as of late the fresh orange and strawberry smoothie from Thang’s near Young’s Hawaiian Food in Dillingham. Best small kid memory would be visiting Grandma and Grandpa in Charlotte N.C. and riding there on a propeller airplane. Also that Christmas of 1963 when I received all those cool Match Box cars. That was a nice Christmas for us kids but not so for adults as Kennedy had been killed just a month before. That just occurred to me recently as I had never appreciated the proximity of the two events up until only recently. (Walter what a self absorbed fat little brat you were) Must have been a gloomy holiday for most of them.

  7. mows says:

    1. What is your favorite travel destination?
    Anywhere with huge roller coasters. Just got back from Cedar Point, Ohio and Carowinds, NC and Universal\Seaworld Orlando.

    2. What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    Japanese, I like oyako donburi since small kid.

    3. What is your favorite year?
    2005 married, 2010 fist son, 2011 second son, 2014 third son

    4. What is your favorite beverage?
    Banana mixed with vanilla Icee

    5. What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    Disneyland at 7 years old. No more e-tickets, last one used on matterhorn.

  8. Izsmom says:

    What is your favorite travel destination?
    Like most postings so far, Japan, but I also like San Francisco and recently went to the Grand Tetons and was just amazed at its beauty and grandeur, so would love to go back.
    What is your favorite ethnicity for food?
    Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Italian
    What is your favorite year?
    My years in college 77-81. Went to college in SF and got a great education and met a lot of nice people who have become lifelong friends and traveled throughout California.
    What is your favorite beverage?
    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?
    Going to the annual carnival/fair at Ewa Plantation. It was really great, my parents grew up in Ewa but moved to town when they wed, but we would attend this event every year. All my Uncles and Aunts and cousins would attend as well. The food, the rides, the games. They would fill the pool with Tilapia and you could fish it with a bamboo pole. So much fun!

  9. 4G says:

    1. What is your favorite travel destination?

    I used to like traveling a lot. I used to travel a lot before, too. Not so much, anymore. I think it’s because air travel is a lot more of a hassle these days. The ridiculous lead time an airport requires. All of the security hassle. The coach cattle call. The ridiculous amount of stuff that people insist on carrying on. AND – if you want a cig, you have to exit the airport and come back in through security all over again! LOL

    That said, though, if there is a place I wouldn’t mind visiting, it would be Japan.

    2. What is your favorite ethnicity for food?

    Call me ethnocentric, but Japanese food would be my favorite. But really, I like all kinds of food! 😀

    3. What is your favorite year?

    Hmmm – dunno if I have a favorite year . . . .

    4. What is your favorite beverage?

    Hmmm – for quenching thirst, water, absolutely (okay, a sliver of lemon in it is nice). For libation – vodka.

    5. What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?

    Oh – hard question. Gonna have to think on this one. LOL

  10. KAN says:

    What is your favorite travel destination? Another vote for Japan. Great public transportation, great food, I feel safe, places are clean.

    What is your favorite ethnicity for food? Like Masako, my preferences vary from day to day. I rotate between Japanese, Italian, Vietnamese, Mexican and Indian.

    What is your favorite beverage? Depends again. Chai lattes (having one now), pu erh tea, gin and tonics, and good old water.

    Gotta think about the other two questions.

  11. Masako says:

    What is your favorite travel destination? Japan! That place just blows my mimd. The food, everything taste good in Japan, even the rice! The culture, for me its going back to my roots, I may be ethnicly the same as the people there but we are so different. I met my childhood friend was born and raised there a few times in Japan and since I was there I was behaving more like them. She came here to visit and I found myself using so much pidgin and not acting as Japanesy as I do in Japan so she must have been wondering whats up with me (or maybe not being how polite they are over there). When we were driving off they waved at us until we were out of sight which the tour busses do when you leave a hotel or establishment, in fact they wave at the planes too when they are taxiing. They bow at the trains when they approach and leave. The whole atmosphere is great, everyone is polite and honest, people leave their purses on tables to reserve them and not worry about someone walking off with it. i’ve always felt safe there, even walking the streets or catching the trains late at night. The shopping, stuff are cheap over there if you know where to look. Even the airport, its the same price or less than outside so you can do some of your shopping at the airport, same goes for meals there. I was looking up some activities that I did 10 years ago for an upcoming trip and the price went up only couple of dollars. There is this store called Daiso that almost everything is 100 yen, thats like .88 in US dollars.
    That country is so diverse, each city has something different to offer as far as sights, food, shopping etc. My goal is to visit all the prefectures so it looks like there will be many more trips to Japan.

    What is your favorite ethnicity for food? That’s a hard one. The answer would have to be it depend on what I am craving that day.

    What is your favorite year? That’s a hard one too but the one that stands out was 2016. It started out as a tough year with being on dialysis and dealing with a neurological issue. Thanks to Rod posting on Facebook about hidden messages and Snow seeing Rods message and opening a hidden message, I got a kidney transplant!

    What is your favorite beverage? A good cup of coffee, Kona peaberry that I press myself, poured over a cup of ice.

    What is your favorite small-kid-time memory? That would have to be the trips that my parents took me on. Multiple times to Disneyland and a trip to the East Coast that opened my eyes to how big the world is and gave me a travel bug that I can’t get rid of.

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    • KAN says:

      “I may be ethnicly the same as the people there but we are so different.”
      Really true. I completely agree. Funny how Japanese people consider us as Americans but most Americans think we’re so Japanese.

  12. Steve says:

    1) Monterey, California – the place of my birth. great scenery, and great kit flying
    2) “Plate lunch” – K … I know it’s not an ethnicity, but is there anything more Hawaiian?
    3) 1972 – the year I graduated high school and moved to Hawaii
    4) Craft Beer – more specifically California and Oregon craft beers
    5) Visiting the Berlin Wall with my dada shortly after it went up

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