RIP – Hugh Hefner

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hugh Hefner.  You are a hero to most of us male baby-boomers for without you, we would’ve been so clueless.  We didn’t have the internet to find such pictures and sex-education class consisted on only drawings.  Nothing like the real thing – even if it’s just print.

My first exposure to your iconic Playboy magazine – and the female anatomy – was from the one magazine that I found under my brother’s mattress.  Boy, oh boy.  I couldn’t wait to grow up!

Wait, what’s this page folded over?  YOWZA!  I’d better put this back before anyone catches me looking at it.

And every so often, there’d be a more recent edition.  Score!

IIRC, there was always a cartoon on the back of the fold-out page.  A naughty cartoon, but always funny.

Back then, you had to be over 18 to buy a copy of Playboy.  But I was able to circumvent it to get a foldout.  Sort of.  I must’ve been around the 7th grade and Liberty House – yes, Liberty House – was selling Playboy foldout jigsaw puzzles for Christmas stocking stuffers.  And no age restriction to buy them.  I bought a few.

This one caught my eye.  Miss November 1968 – Paige Young

Then when I finally turned 18, I was able to go out and buy my own Playboy magazines.  Of course, I bought them mostly for the articles.

So, in honor of one of our iconic MLC heroes, let’s honor Hugh Hefner’s life by sharing all our Playboy memories and stories.

Cartoon sent from @Kailua girl.  Thank you!


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  1. KC fan says:

    I remember reading recently that the first issue of Playboy,with Marilyn Monroe on the cover sold for $2700 at an auction. Great investment considering cover price was 50 cents. I also remember that Playboy had a lot of sports issues like College and Pro football sneak previews and rankings before the seasons. Also I remember lots of interviews with actors and actresses. Also movies like a end of year roundup. I kinda remember movies like Rollerball, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid, The Sting, had write ups by critics.

  2. jaydee11 says:

    The first time I saw a Playboy magazine was in my dad’s sock drawer. Don’t ask me why I was looking in there but I did. He had his own stash in there. I think he caught on that I was looking at them because one day they were all gone.. 🙁

  3. Mark Shelby says:

    I neva bought one Playboy magazine. I would have been excommunicated, and would have had to live unda one coconut tree!~ ; )

  4. adobo says:

    Anyone been to a Playboy club? While going to school on the mainland one of our classmates was working at the Arizona one and he got us in. Was cool to see what is was like but at the same time we couldn’t do much because we didn’t have too much money. Kinda like going to Arirang when you’re 15, or was it 14?

    • Seawalker says:

      At it’s height, Kalani’s Ch@rlotte was Arirang’s star attraction. That’s what I heard anyway for the record. Hehe

      The black-box was used to unscramble the Tyson fights and other PPV boxing matches. Quite a handy tool to have in the era where television ruled.

  5. dihudfan says:

    good cartoons, articles to read and great pictures… the jokes on the back of the centerfold, always funny…

    @4G… saw you one day, on Nuuanu Ave., you wuz riding your mono… I think that wuz you …

  6. Seawalker says:

    Yeah, I remember the PB channel alright. They used to scramble the channel unless you subscribed. But once in a while the picture was only half-scrambled. Shame, shame, and so shame to watch! Still remember one time, they couldn’t scramble the channel for some reason. No, no, no… I wasn’t watching. Just happened to channel-surf and caught a monster wave in the process. Hehehe

    The thing with Hefner was that he was both a pioneer and supreme psychologist. Several decades ago, nud1ty was not so public and was supposed to only happen behind closed doors. Hefner took a product any testosterone-gusher would enjoy and ripe for the picking and was able to make it a part of mainstream America which he took to the forefront.

    The psychological aspect of it was simple. We all have a fear of the unknown. Some more than others. Well, nud1ty was quite taboo a couple of generations ago. Hefner recognized this and found a way to incorporate his PB empire along with taking away this unknown. In a sense, it was like how Gates and Jobs did by revolutionizing the computer. Same with Flores and how he took his L&L franchise to the mainland and beyond.

    But all things said, I’ll never look at Bugs Bunny in a civilized way again. LOL

    • adobo says:

      Remember descramblers? Mail order but you had to be sure you were getting the right one that was compatible with whatever box Oceanic was using.

  7. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    When cable TV was still kind of a novel thing, I heard you could subscribe to the Playboy Channel. I thought, “whaaaat?” I never did subscribe, but gee, I never thought I’d see the day when you could watch something like that on TV.

  8. Seawalker says:

    Shame, shame, and more shame!

    But nothing beats smoking a fat doobie while reading a good mag. Except when you’re sitting at bolo-head row and feeding the pot. Hehehe

    Me? Joke of the Month was Primo. That’s what I’ve been told anyway.

    Every time when the Easter Bunny rolls around, visions of T&A come next. LOL

    Nice topic, @Rod!

  9. 4G says:

    Yeah – I used to look at them for the articles, too . . . . 😉

  10. Kailua girl says:

    I guess people are too embarrassed to share their memories of PB.
    Here’s mine…I remember seeing one for the first time…on my dad’s nightstand.
    I was probably 12 years old.

    Fast forward… during my senior year of high school, we had a semester research assignment. I decided to do mine on women’s liberation. Not sure what possessed me to choose that topic at all. Maybe it was because it was a huge movement at the time. Anyway, I used tear sheets from Playboy, saying they depicted women as sex objects. LOL I can’t recall where I got the magazines from, to use them. At this point my father wasn’t reading them or maybe just hid them…Funny thing is, I found out five years later this teacher was gay. I was walking into a grocery store with my boyfriend and he was leaving with his partner. He was rather stunned to see me.

  11. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Centerfold – J. Geils Band

  12. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    The ‘Little Annie Fanny’ comics towards the back of issues were hilariously funny…so I heard.

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