How We Used To Amuse Ourselves In Class

Remember small-kid-time when we were bored in class?  We didn’t have cell phones or portable game systems to amuse ourselves.  Nor did we have fidget spinners, earbuds, or Apple watches to play with.  We had to improvise.

Like taking apart your ball-point pen, then putting back together again and clicking it a few times to make sure it worked.  Bummers when you lost the little spring.

Or playing with our pencil sharpeners.

Making a mess with the pencil shavings on the desk, your clothes, and on the floor – especially the lead part smearing all over.

How about putting Elmer’s glue all over the inside of your hand, then blowing on it to make it dry faster just so you can peel it off like a second skin?

Drawing on and coloring in your Pee Chee folder.

Doodling on your paper.  For some reason, I always drew stars.  Or that character looking over the line with his nose and fingers hanging over the line.  You know who I’m talking about, right?

Remember those black and white Composition books?

Trying to color in all the white parts?  I never had the patience for that.  I’d start off on a corner, then give up after about one square inch.

Playing with the compass.  Taking out the little pencil that came with it.  Kids with a sharp instrument was never a good idea.

Tracing the outline of your protractor.

Remember the girls with the pretty pencil box?  And the deluxe ones had a built-in pencil sharpener.  I had a cigar box.

How about tilting your chair.  That was fun – until the teacher caught you.

Mechanical pencils made for a good distraction piece too.  Click, click, click until the lead fell out.

Remember those pencils that came with about 8 lead pieces in them?

When one tip wore out, you simply pulled it out and inserted it into the back end of the pencil and a new lead tip would pop out.  If you unscrewed the tip part and put just one lead tip in – it made for a good blow-dart gun.

I remember having a Sheaffer fountain pen.

Damn, that thing would make a mess.   Taking it apart resulted in ink all over my hands, desk, and clothes.  Luckily, the teacher never caught me making a mess.  LOL

Okay, how did you amuse yourself in class?



15 Responses to “How We Used To Amuse Ourselves In Class”

  1. A.T. says:

    This was not something that you made or did in class but it was fun to make, a carrot gun.
    To start you would take the ink cylinder of a ball point pen and cut the ball point end with pliers. Then you round off that end and remove all the ink. Then you would need a wire hanger and cut it to about a 10 inch length and bend one end down so it looks like an “L”. Slide the wire hanger piece through the cylinder to ensure it can slide through easily. Take the cylinder and stick each end into a carrot to make an air tight seal. Stick the hanger wire and push it through the cylinder the compressed air pushes the piece of carrot out the other end. Just like a pop gun but cheaper. Too bad nowadays no metal cylinder to make a carrot gun.

  2. mutley96744 says:

    Girls put glue down along the middle part of the ruler. When it dried we cut it and made long nails.

  3. KC fan says:

    I had a buddy who used to draw army war pictures, either hand to hand combat scenes or army tanks. He was quite the artist, think he became a custom air brush artist for a auto body place in Las Vegas. As for me, pencil fight used to do it for me. Got scolding from my mom a lot for “wasting money”. Kids.

  4. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    I used to lightly hold one end of a pencil between my index and middle finger, then bob my hand up and down until the pencil appeared to flop up and down like it was made of rubber. cheap thrills…

  5. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    At the end of film presentations, when the end of the reel to reel film passed through the projector, I was one of THOSE students who’d make shadow figures on the blank screen with my fingers.

    I was WRONGLY accused, however, when one warubozu behind me pulled the plug during a film presentation and the projector shut off. I got sent to the VP’s office and got paddled…for nothing!

  6. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    I used to doodle on folder paper, book covers, portfolios, etc. One of the common themes were “Keep On Truckin'”

  7. jaydee11 says:

    Bic pends made good “spit wad” shooters when you took out the ink cartridge. Putting “greenie stick-’em” caps under the front two legs of the chair made quite a commotion when the student would rock back on their chair then a loud “pop” when he went back down, lol. I caught hell from the teacher when he caught me putting caps on the chairs when school was over one day.

  8. hemajang says:

    ohh, one more…remember covering quarters with mercury from a thermometer? Probably not healthy, poisonous even but quarters came out really shiny and cool looking.

  9. hemajang says:

    Good one Rodney and 4G added more that I did mindlessly. I definitely remember turning the straw inside out with your teeth…but was it paper or plastic straws? In class I was a doodler and my folder and composition book was covered with drawings. During recess we did chalk battle scenes on the blackboard. I was on one side and drew tanks, battleships and soldiers and fired to the other side where my friend did the same. Drew exploding trajectory lines to my friends tanks, soldiers, etc. and blew them up with explosions…good fun!

    Yeah, I played with my protractor but one time it slipped and stuck on to girl’s bare foot sitting next desk…damn I got scared. But she was so cool, like it nevah bother her, just pulled it out, no big deal…I was sweating.

  10. 4G says:

    “Or that character looking over the line with his nose and fingers hanging over the line. You know who I’m talking about, right?”

    That was like “Kilroy” (or something like that)?

    Spitballs and paper darts. 😉

    Slam books

    Paper football – who knew that making paper footballs would come in handy later in life when folding up those now outlawed Long’s plastic bags? LOL If you fancy, you could make triangular footballs (and folded bags). 😉

    Poking a needle through the outer layer of skin that didn’t actually hurt but able to gross others out at the sight of the needle through your skin.

    Separating the foil from a stick of gum from the paper backing and rolling it around a BB trying to make a large, heavy foil ball. Never got too far on that. 🙁

  11. dihudfan says:

    fountain pens… you had to learn how write with one, but when you did, it looked really nice… sometimes they would leak in my shirt pocket… learning to draw with all the different nibs wuz neat… used to like Peacock Blue ink…

  12. DIO says:

    Hilarious. I used to have a Sheaffer like the one pictured. I got rid of it some time ago, but still have a different one, a 1960s era pen. Works just fine, no messes with mine.

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