The Obligatory MLC Christmas Song Post

It’s almost a tradition – to post our favorite and not so favorite Christmas songs.  I’ll get the (snow) ball rolling.

This girl from South Carolina is getting very popular – Shane Ericks.  *apologies to @sally – not her favorite Christmas song.


I love this song by Gloria Estefan.  Every time I hear it, I think of how it would make a good song to choreograph for jazz dancers – with lots of kicks and spinning.


Maybe it’s played too much – but this song makes my ears bleed.


And finally, I’m sure this touching song is one that almost every MCLer can relate to.  Especially “the snow turned into rain” metaphor.


Okay, list your favorite and not so favorite Christmas songs.  Maybe you have a Christmas song that has a special meaning to you – list it.  Or maybe just a cool Christmas song.

34 Responses to “The Obligatory MLC Christmas Song Post”

  1. 4G says:

    Back around Christmas of 1973, I was working part-time for a warehouse. A lot of the job was unloading containers. During Christmas vacation, the part-timer’s hours would overlap a little with the full-timers, so we would sometimes unload a container together.

    Some of the full-timers were youngish (I dunno – 20, maybe 30-somethings?) P.I.’s. Jose Feliciano’s “Feliz Navidad” was pretty popular back then and would be played frequently on the radio. We would often have a radio playing as we unloaded containers.

    It would always crack me up how these guys would break out into song whenever that tune played. “Release my beelot”, “Release my beelot”.

    To this day, that memory flashes for me whenever I hear that song.


  2. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Christmas Time Is Here – A Charlie Brown Christmas

  3. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    O Holy Night – Celine Dion

  4. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Blue Christmas – Elvis Presley and Martina McBride

  5. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Do They Know it’s Christmas – Band Aid

  6. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Happy Xmas – John Lennon

  7. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    The Chipmunk Song – Alvin and the Chipmunks

  8. 4G says:

    Eh, where everybody stay? LOL

    Kind of ashamed to admit but, I kinda like this one:

    Run DMC, “Christmas in Hollis”:


  9. Rodney says:

    Another local Christmas classic with Na Leo and Robert Cazimero

  10. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Silent Night Military Tribute
    …may there be peace…

  11. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Was looking around youtube for something by the Kailua Madrigals, but no luck. IIRC there was a Christmas show on TV they did way back when.

  12. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    My Hawaiian Christmas – Honolulu Boy Choir

  13. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Song of Christmas – Hookena

  14. Rodney says:

    It’s just not Christmas without Hawaii’s own Karen Carpenter. Christmas in Hawaii Nei by Gail Mack of George Street.

  15. 4G says:

    Brenda Lee, “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”:

    Paul McCartney, “Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time”:

  16. 4G says:

    Barbra Streisand, “Silent Night”:

    Eartha Kitt, “Santa Baby”:

  17. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Santa Claus and his Old Lady – Cheech & Chong

  18. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Give Me Your Love For Christmas – Johnny Mathis

  19. adobo says:

    Driving, walking the mall, office party, hearing this always picks me up during the Xmas season. If I shopping and this plays I probably end up spending more money.

    And Shindig dancers too!

  20. 4G says:

    Eagles, “Please Come Home for Christmas”:

    Wham, “Last Christmas”:

  21. 4G says:

    Mariah Carey, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”:

    Jose Feliciano, “ Feliz Navidad”:

  22. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    some mellow sax
    Let It Snow – Kenny G

  23. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    In 7th grade, the first time I heard the full band play at Kaimuki Intermediate, it was in the cafeteria and they led off with Sleigh Ride. Tho not quite the Boston Pops, they were impressive nonetheless.

  24. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Christmas Cheer – Cecilio & Kapono

  25. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Mele Kalikimaka – Genoa Keawe

  26. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    From that old commercial:
    The Merriest Hawaiian Christmas – Honolulu Boy Choir

  27. 4G says:

    Stevie Wonder, “Someday at Christmas” (this is actually a whole CD):

  28. 4G says:

    Shane Ericks sounds similar to Karen Carpenter – sorry, @sally . . . .

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