Happy MLC New Year!

Wishing all the MLCers a healthy, safe, and prosperous 2018.

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  1. M says:

    Masako forgot to mention that we visited the ER on New Years Day too. lol

  2. Masako says:

    Happy New Years! May 2018 be a better year. This New Years we did something different. In memory of my mother my dad took the family to Las Vegas. It just happened to work out that my brother was on vacation and nephew was off school and there were seats available to fly out on New Years. Unfortunately our flight was delayed two hours and by the time my sister and law, nephew and I got off the bus and checked in it was midnight. I managed to run outside and someone told me that the Plaza would be shooting off fireworks so I did get to see some. The guys in our group went to pick up the car at the airport so they were parking the car in the California hotel garage and missed out on the fireworks. Despite that we had a fun trip. My nephew is 13 years old so I got to do some fun things like visit the m and m store and play games at Circus Circus but actually I think my sister in law and I had more fun there than he did. We learned that Trader Joe closes on New Years day and you can buy cheap water at the Dollar store next to Trader Joes. We visited both North and South outlets. Visited the Flower garden and ate gelato at Bellagio which was a favorite thing my mom liked to do. Put my nephew on the coaster at NYNY. Drove to Mt Charleston to see snow that wasn’t there. Went to Planet Hollywood to buy Garrets Popcorn which I got addicted to in Japan. Went to Venetian to check out the Royce chocolate store. Finally made it to trader Joes.
    Visited Ikea and Bass Pro. Ate burgers at In and Out, Smash Burger and Shake shack. Went on that ride on top of the Statusphere. Visited the Pawn shop and looked for Chum Lee at his candy store. Got a little gambling in. Not bad for four days. Now I am trying to motivate myself to make my traditional Nishime and cone sushi this weekend. Have a great 2018 MLC’ers!

  3. pukapants says:

    Aloha, Rodney! Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to everyone! Really enjoy the site. Thanks for letting me hang out with you.

    • Rodney says:

      Mahalo @pukapants! Happy New Year to you too! You’re always welcome to hang out here with all the other old futs. lol

  4. LINDA KATO says:

    Happy New Year MLCer’s! I haven’t posted for a long while… you’ll find me on Facebook daily! Popping in to wish all of our friends at this site a very Happy New Year 2018! This is an especially great year for us since our first granddaughter will be born on our about 2/19/2018! Our daughter Lynne and her hubby Bo reside in Vegas! I’ll be living in Vegas for 6 months or more to care for our granddaughter! You may bump into me shopping! I will be given a 4 day pass once a Month to visit my favorite California Hotel & Casino so I can keep up with my comps!! The great part (no airfare from Hawaii to Vegas)!! Have a wonderful year everyone! Hello, Rodney! Happy New Year to you too!

    • Rodney says:

      Happy New Year @Linda! You’ll be living in Vegas for 6 months!?! No more Zippys in Vegas! Aloha Specialties at The Cal will have to do. LOL Congratulations!

      • Masako says:

        I just met up with my friend from Arizona at the Market place restaurant or whatever that restaurant is called at the Cal and she jokingly said to the waitress that too bad the chili spaghetti was not Zippys and the waitress said it is!

    • 4G says:

      Congrats, @LK! 😀

  5. kcfan says:

    Yup, fireworks. We used to have a river close to my house and we used to make “depth charges.” Made a model submarine, floated it down the river,wrapped a nail around firecracker with foil, light the fuse and dropped the charge in front of the sub. Kid kine ingenuity.

    • mows says:

      If you time it just right the firecracker will pop submerged or I guess it is floating on the water. The water will shoot up like those depth charges in the movies. So cool. But if you throw it too early it will peel out and alas on that one.

  6. kcfan says:

    I think in Japanese tradition, you eat one kuromame for every year you are born. Wow, kinda plenty for me though. Happy belated New Year. Wonder how long into the New Year is it a “new year?” Ha.

  7. mows says:

    Kadomatsu at the entrance, Mochi with the tangerine (gotta have some leaves) in the cars and house. Chicken nishime for dinner and popping firecrackers one by one from my big mayonaise botlle or gallon can stash. Trying to blow up models that we built during the year, throwing in a gallon can or big metal trash can, in water, or just in the air and trying to make it pop in the air and not on the ground. The 10,000 at midnight then hot soba noodles after that. My mom would usually make a platter of stuff like kanten (is NOT like jello, blech) kamaboko, and raw hot dogs (WWD?). Then ozoni the next morning and a day filled with eating broiled mochi with shoyu and sugar sauce (oh man I can eat a ton of those). Mom always said we must eat at least one kuromame bean. Still make my wife and kids eat one (tradition for good luck). My oldest said it tastes like a skittles and ate two. My middle child was gagging, the youngest will eat one tonight. After the ozoni we would go and scrounge for unpopped firecracker to stash. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018!!!

  8. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    Happy New Year! Have a great 2018!

  9. dihudfan says:

    Happy New Years and stay healthy everyone!!!

  10. tankobu says:

    Happy new year, Rod! Happy new year, everybody!

  11. Mark Shelby says:

    Aloha! And Happy New Year Everyone!

  12. April Cacho says:

    Happy New Year!

  13. 4G says:

    Happy NewYear, all!

  14. sally says:

    Happy New Year to all! Be safe, be happy, be grateful. And thank you, Rod, for keeping up the blog!

  15. sameguydifferentchannel says:

    What an eventful year it has been, here and around the world. Looking forward to a happy 2018!

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