Mom’s Cooking

  Remember mom’s cooking when you were growing up?  Remember your favorite dishes that she created?  I sure do.  And I wish I learned how to make such ono dishes like she did. One that immediately comes to mind was mom’s bul-go-gi.  Man, that was the best!  Mom would pound the meat to tenderize it, then marinate it in a sauce that my halmuni taught her to make.  The meat was so soft and... read more

RIP – Hugh Hefner

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hugh Hefner.  You are a hero to most of us male baby-boomers for without you, we would’ve been so clueless.  We didn’t have the internet to find such pictures and sex-education class consisted on only drawings.  Nothing like the real thing – even if it’s just print. My first exposure to your iconic Playboy magazine – and the female anatomy – was from... read more

Slow & Smooth or Baby-Bouncy?

Remember playing kickball on the playground?  And when you’re up, you tell the person how you want the ball rolled to you; Baby bouncy, Big bouncy, or Slow & smooth.  And the best was instead of using the big red playground ball, you asked for the small red playground ball.  Or better yet, play kickball using a volleyball!  That sucker flies over the fence. Remember dodge-ball?  That was pretty... read more

Do You Remember… Pau Hana Time

Remember back in da day when pau hana meant buying beer and other beverages – along with some ono pupus – and hanging out in the work parking lot partying until the sun went down?  That’s some you don’t see much of anymore.  Actually, you don’t see it at all anymore. I remember when we used to cruise down Kewalo’s and had the rubbish truck yard there by... read more

Island Goodies

The other day, Paula and I were sitting in the car in the parking lot across Libby Manapua – grinding away – when we saw a car pull up on the side of the store.  A local couple got out of their car and the girl went into the store while the guy stood outside by the car.  Paula mentioned that the car was a rental car.  Then the girl came out with a bunch of packages and we could see the... read more

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