The Obligatory MLC Christmas Song Post

It’s almost a tradition – to post our favorite and not so favorite Christmas songs.  I’ll get the (snow) ball rolling. This girl from South Carolina is getting very popular – Shane Ericks.  *apologies to @sally – not her favorite Christmas song.   I love this song by Gloria Estefan.  Every time I hear it, I think of how it would make a good song to choreograph for jazz... read more

How We Used To Amuse Ourselves In Class

Remember small-kid-time when we were bored in class?  We didn’t have cell phones or portable game systems to amuse ourselves.  Nor did we have fidget spinners, earbuds, or Apple watches to play with.  We had to improvise. Like taking apart your ball-point pen, then putting back together again and clicking it a few times to make sure it worked.  Bummers when you lost the little spring. Or playing... read more

Happy MLC Thanksgiving

... read more

Small-Kid-Time Cooking

Remember small-kid-time, before microwave ovens were invented – and all we had was the stove.  No cup noodle, no Lunchables, no 7-11 spam musubis (didn’t matter because no money).  How did we ever get by! Well, there was always cooked rice ready, from the previous night’s dinner.  But what did you cook? My default meal was fried eggs.  No other way but fried.  Wesson oil, cast iron pan,... read more


No, I’m not talking about that kine calabash.  I’m talking about calabash family. What is calabash uncle, calabash aunty, calabash cousin anyway  Can you marry your calabash cousin? So I had to look it up – and wouldn’t you know it – it’s a Hawaii thing! Calabash – Calabash in Hawaii has led to terms like “calabash family” or “calabash... read more

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