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Monopoly and Other Board Games

So I heard that Monopoly has updated their iconic game pieces.  Gone is the boot, wheelbarrow, and thimble.  New to the game (literally) is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, a rubber ducky, and a penguin. Growing up with only brothers – as you could imagine – the race car always went first.  The thimble never touched the board because we didn’t know what it was.  Me, never getting the race car... read more

Do You Remember… Hanafuda

Hanafuda – The Japanese card game using karuta cards.  Translated, “hanafuda” means “flower cards”   I never did learn how to play hanafuda.  I often watched people play it and they would say that you simply had to match the pictures.  Certain ones were worth different points and the ones that were worthless were called “rubbish”.   In Hawaii, the game was... read more

Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt Answers

In the previous MLC post – Docomomo Hawaii – Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt – I presented a list of the things we had to identify at the Docomomo Hawaii scavenger hunt at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Most of the items were found which proves – the older we get, the wiser we are.  And it exercises our memory too!   But for those who avoid Ala Moana shopping center or who’s AMC... read more

Docomomo Hawaii’s – Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt

About a month ago, I was invited by Docomom Hawaii to join them in an Ala Moana Center scavenger hunt.  But before we get to the hunt, a little bit of background.     Docomomo Hawaii is a non-profit group dedicated to promoting public education on the preservation of Modern architecture in the Pacific Islands.     A few years ago, Alison – who is one of the founding members of Docomomo Hawaii... read more

MLC Test

Sharing from @Seawalker.   Do you know what this is?   Do you know how to use this?   What’s the connection between these two objects?   Did you ever ride one of these?   Do you know what to do with these?         Do you know what this is?   Have you ever shopped at this store?   Do you know how to play with these? Do you recognize who this is?   Do you know their names?         Have you ever had a... read more

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