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Do You Remember… Head Shops

Head Shop – A retail outlet specializing in paraphernalia used for consumption of cannabis and tobacco and items related to cannabis culture and related countercultures. Products may include magazines (e.g., about cannabis culture, cannabis cultivation, tattooing and music), clothing, and home décor (e.g., posters and wall hangings illustrating drug culture themes such as cannabis, jam bands like... read more

Do You Remember… Cheap Toys

I remember during small-kid-time when my mom used to drag me to Star Market in Kailua, to keep from being bored – I used to wander to the “toys” section.  That’s right, the supermarkets all had a small toy section – although most of them were birthday party favors and such.  But hey, when you’re small – toys are toys!   On a trip to Vegas, we stopped by a... read more

Do You Remember… Cheech & Chong

Remember these guys? Well, not the guy in the middle – that’s my friend Chad.   But he was lucky enough to take a picture with the legendary Cheech & Chong who just did a performance last night at the Hawaii theater.  I wonder if anyone was puffing in there…   I remember listening to Cheech & Chong back during junior high school days.  My friend JS and I used to... read more

Do You Remember… The Neighborhood Okazuya

Originally posted on 7/11/13.     Do you remember the neighborhood okazuya?  Or maybe the one close to your school or work?   In Kailua, we had 1 okazuya – Kuulei Delicatessen.  I remember when my brother Terry used to work at Windward Volkswagen during the summer.  Every once in a while I’d see his car pull into the garage at home around lunch time and he’d carry that... read more

Remembering Shirokiya at Ala Moana Center

  Its days are numbered.  Shirokiya at Ala Moana Center was always located right across of Liberty House (Macy’s).  Okay, not always – more about that later.  But it was almost as much of an anchor store as Liberty House – in my mind.   As I was passing though Shirokiya this past weekend, I saw this tribute in the area where Shiseido had already vacated.     Inside... read more

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