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Happy MLC New Year!

Wishing all the MLCers a healthy, safe, and prosperous... read more

Merry MLC Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all the MLCers! What are some of your best Christmas memories? As a child, I remember how we used to go to church for candle-light service every Christmas eve.  That meant I got to hold a candle and play with fire!  Not really – had to behave.  But it was cool watching all the burning candles glowing when they turned off the lights.  And that also signified that it was just about... read more

Happy MLC Thanksgiving

... read more

Happy MLC Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day or what we used to call “forta July”.  Growing up, the fourth of July wasn’t really a big deal – because it was the middle of summer and we were already out for summer vacation.  If anything – it meant blowing up things like on new year’s eve.  But the popping usually ended early as the next day was a working day for dad and that meant no loud... read more

Happy Summer Solstice

@4G previously posted: Happy Summer (and solstice). More than you might want to know about the summer solstice: I started to reply to his post then thought – Hey, why not make a post about Summer Solstice.  Thanks... read more

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