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Happy MLC Fourth of July!

Happy Independence Day or what we used to call “forta July”.  Growing up, the fourth of July wasn’t really a big deal – because it was the middle of summer and we were already out for summer vacation.  If anything – it meant blowing up things like on new year’s eve.  But the popping usually ended early as the next day was a working day for dad and that meant no loud... read more

Happy Summer Solstice

@4G previously posted: Happy Summer (and solstice). More than you might want to know about the summer solstice: I started to reply to his post then thought – Hey, why not make a post about Summer Solstice.  Thanks... read more

Happy Father’s Day

  All things father related.  Whether it be your father, your father’s father, or you as a father.  Best memories – going places, his cooking, words of wisdom, any kine. One of my memories of my dad was when I played little league baseball and he was the manager of my team – this, for a few years.  And we took first place every year he managed.  Even on the off days when there was... read more

Graduation Memories

Graduation season is upon us once again – time to reminisce about graduation time, whether it be high school or college or an academy. Here’s a picture of our graduation announcement.  Me, being a procrastinator sent my announcements out late.  My uncle scolded me telling me that he had to cancel plans late after he received my graduation announcement.  Ooops. Photo courtesy of Scott Moody Our... read more

Kung Hee Fat Choy – All Things Chinese

Happy Chinese New Year and welcome to the year of the Rooster. Let’s use this celebration to talk about All Things Chinese.  It could be from foods, entertainment, traditions, kung fu, celebrities, etc. I’ll start off with my favorite female Chinese kung fu movie star – Shih Szu   My favorite Chinese snack – Toong Mai   My worst Chinese thing to eat: Chinese parsley... read more

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