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Small-Kid-Time Cooking

Remember small-kid-time, before microwave ovens were invented – and all we had was the stove.  No cup noodle, no Lunchables, no 7-11 spam musubis (didn’t matter because no money).  How did we ever get by! Well, there was always cooked rice ready, from the previous night’s dinner.  But what did you cook? My default meal was fried eggs.  No other way but fried.  Wesson oil, cast iron pan,... read more

Dad’s Cooking

Since we talked about Mom’s Cooking, I thought to be fair we’d ask about Dad’s Cooking. My dad cooked only on special occasions  – when he made his special dishes.  The one that immediately comes to mind was his kalbi.  He’d start with a big piece of short ribs like this; Then he’d take that big chunk of meat and cut it criss-cross right down to the bone – so it... read more

Mom’s Cooking

  Remember mom’s cooking when you were growing up?  Remember your favorite dishes that she created?  I sure do.  And I wish I learned how to make such ono dishes like she did. One that immediately comes to mind was mom’s bul-go-gi.  Man, that was the best!  Mom would pound the meat to tenderize it, then marinate it in a sauce that my halmuni taught her to make.  The meat was so soft and tender... read more

Island Goodies

The other day, Paula and I were sitting in the car in the parking lot across Libby Manapua – grinding away – when we saw a car pull up on the side of the store.  A local couple got out of their car and the girl went into the store while the guy stood outside by the car.  Paula mentioned that the car was a rental car.  Then the girl came out with a bunch of packages and we could see the... read more

Friday 5 – Missing Eateries

Haven’t done a Friday 5 in like, years. What 5 eateries would you like to bring back from small-kid-time?  No shame leave a comment about each one. Here’s my replies; Chicken Alice – We’ve talked about her onolicious chicken many times before.  And I still miss it.  I tried the fried chicken at Korean places – not quite the same.  I remember Chicken Alice as the go-to place... read more

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