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Island Goodies

The other day, Paula and I were sitting in the car in the parking lot across Libby Manapua – grinding away – when we saw a car pull up on the side of the store.  A local couple got out of their car and the girl went into the store while the guy stood outside by the car.  Paula mentioned that the car was a rental car.  Then the girl came out with a bunch of packages and we could see the... read more

Friday 5 – Missing Eateries

Haven’t done a Friday 5 in like, years. What 5 eateries would you like to bring back from small-kid-time?  No shame leave a comment about each one. Here’s my replies; Chicken Alice – We’ve talked about her onolicious chicken many times before.  And I still miss it.  I tried the fried chicken at Korean places – not quite the same.  I remember Chicken Alice as the go-to place... read more

Small-Kid Time Snacking

Like most of us MCLers – our parents didn’t have much money.  So the money allocated towards food went just for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  And if there was a little bit left over – maybe we could get ice cream for dessert.  We hardly ever had snacks.  I mean real kine snacks – like Oreos, Granny Goose potato chips, iso peanuts, all da good kine stuffs.  I remember arare when it... read more

Late Night Eats

Okay, I saw this Wall Street Journal article that states “Americans eat 554 million Jack-In-The-Box tacos a year – and no one knows why”.  That’s 1,055 a minute! That got me thinking about all those late night grinds we used to go through – when our bodies could handle it. Since we’re talking JITB tacos – I remember when I could finally drive and we’d hit... read more

Thanksgiving Day Memories (reprint)

Reprinted from Nov. 24, 2010     Thanksgiving is here already.  A day to relax and feast on turkey and all the trimmings.   How about we recall some Thanksgiving memories?   I remember when I was small our Thanksgiving day started out by going to a morning church service while my mom stayed home to begin preparing the turkey dinner.  By the time we got home from church, my mom had a... read more

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