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Friday 5 – Favorites

How about a Friday 5 of Favorites. What is your favorite travel destination? What is your favorite ethnicity for food? What is your favorite year? What is your favorite beverage? What is your favorite small-kid-time memory?   Here’s my replies; My favorite travel destination is… Japan.  Hah, you thought I was going to say Las Vegas, right?  Nope.  I just love visiting Japan.  The culture, the... read more

Friday 5 – Old Ala Moana Center Stores

  If you could magically bring back any 5 stores from the old Ala Moana Center, which ones would you bring back?  You can list 5 eateries separately because we all love to eat.  And no shame make a second or third list of 5 stores/eateries. Need help remembering the stores?  Here’s a list from 1979: My 5 stores:... read more

Friday 5 – Missing Eateries

Haven’t done a Friday 5 in like, years. What 5 eateries would you like to bring back from small-kid-time?  No shame leave a comment about each one. Here’s my replies; Chicken Alice – We’ve talked about her onolicious chicken many times before.  And I still miss it.  I tried the fried chicken at Korean places – not quite the same.  I remember Chicken Alice as the go-to place... read more

MLC Friday5 – Are You Ready for some Football

MLC Friday5 time.  Football season is here!  Cut and paste the questions and answers them or just answer them by number – or order.  Feel free to add comments to your answers or additional comments relating to football. Who is your favorite NFL team and why? Did you play football – Pop Warner, high school, college, pro? Have you ever been to an NFL football game? Do you think an NFL team would... read more

MLC Friday5 – Nightclubs

Let’s wrap up this week of nightclubbing leading up to the 70’s Nightclub Reunion VIII – happening this Saturday at the Ala Moana Hotel with Greenwood, Asian Blend, Glass Candle, Power Point, and Golden Throat featuring Nohelani Cypriano – with an MLC Friday 5. Cut and paste the questions of just answer them by number. What was your favorite nightclub(s)? What was your drink of... read more

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