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Neighborhood Beefs

  It was when I was in 4th or 5th grade and we were having words with our neighbor – you know, stuff like “This is our property and you can’t come in here without my permissions or that’s trespassing which is against the law!”  And “The mailbox marks the boundary line – don’t come pass the boundary line!“.  You know how it is when you’re small... read more

Soursop Benefits

I was talking with a friend of mine and she was telling me about someone she knows that had his cancer go into remission by drinking tea made from Soursop leaves.  That’s bold statement to make so I had to Google it to find out for myself.   Health Benefits of Soursop Leaves   Treating Cancer According to a study conducted by experts from Purdue University in the United States stated that this... read more

Getting Old Sucks

  A dear friend just dropped a bomb on me.  He’s going to be going into surgery next month to have a brain tumor removed.  They call it meningioma, non-cancerous, as it sits between the membrane that covers your brain and the inner skull.  The doctor doesn’t foresee any problems as the tumor is sitting on the top of the membrane – but still, any surgery has risk tied to it.  Sometimes,... read more


  We dodged yet another tsunami once again.  But one of these days, maybe maybe-not in our lifetime, there will be a tsunami that will cause damage to our precious island.  Remember the Japan earthquake in 2011?     Luckily on Oahu we didn’t get this kind of damage.  But did you see this National Geographic special about an Ultimate Tsunami that could hit Hawaii?  Spooky part is, we’d have... read more

Bad Nose Day

That’s a term that Paula has coined.  It’s one of those days when the sneezing and running nose just won’t stop.  Could be due to Kona winds, pollen, pet dander, a certain scent, or any number of things. Remember going to the medicine cabinet and reaching for this?     Some mornings when Paula starts sneezing, I have a feeling that it might be a Bad Nose Day for her.  And when she comes... read more

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