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New Years Traditions – Redo

Reprinted from Dec 27, 2012   Well, another Christmas is in the books.  The season seems to get shorter every year. And just when I’m getting used to writing 2012, I’ll have to start remembering to write 2013 soon because here comes the new year.  Ready or not!   And that got me thinking about New Year traditions.   One of the New Year traditions that won’t be much of a tradition anymore... read more

No Smoking

  Well, another UH school session is upon us – and you know what that means: MAJOR TRAFFIC.  But for UH students, there’s a new rule that goes into effect this semester – No Smoking on campus.  Not even in a designated smoking area (because there aren’t any).  Even in your own car – No Fumar!   Oh yeah, and that includes e-cigs or vaping.   Be prepared to see students hanging... read more

Small Kid Time Rules

I grew up in a structured structure.  Huh?  Translated: Our house had plenty rules.  And my dad made sure that the rules were followed – after all, they were his rules.   There were 4 of us boys growing up in the house.  Mom did the cooking and cleaning, that was a given (remember, this was back in the 60’s).  And we had rules to follow.  Actually, they were more like chores.  The biggest one... read more

Good Night and Good Morning

Reprinted from March 23, 2009       Are you a Night person or a Morning person?   Sometimes your job dictates when you go to sleep and when you wake up, but I think everyone has a built in clock that identifies whether they are a morning person or a night person.   First of all, let’s clarify the titles – in general terms.   A morning person is one of those people that wakes up when the sun... read more

Independence Days

Since Independence Day just passed…   Do you remember when you became independent?  Whether it was to dorm for college or just find a place of your own.  When you had the freedom to come and go when you wanted?   For me, I don’t really have much to contribute to this topic because I never really did live on my own.  When I was going through college, I was living at home – just me and my... read more

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