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Batman and Robin Rocky & Bullwinkle Checkers & Pogo Princess Knight & Choppy Xena & Gabrielle Mr. Roarke & Tattoo Garfield & Odie Maxwell Smart & Agent-99 The Brady Bunch & Alice   Okay, you get the idea.  GO!    ... read more

You’re Showing Your Age

Ever had that phrase said to you?  I have.  And I’m proud of it!  LOL   In fact, just yesterday when a co-worker was explaining an intersection to me, he said “on Keeaumoku heading mauka, then turning right onto Makaloa”.  And I replied “Where Tower Records used to be”.     Or how about when you’re talking about phones.  Not cell phones, but the kine home... read more

Hawaii Traditions & Customs

Here’s a blog topic suggestion from @Hbh;   @Rodney Here’s a great topic for a page uncle. Unique traditions or celebrations of Hawaii, what is your favorite? I mean last I remember, we in Hawaii even do Halloween different in talk-stories. Then you have obon festivals which isn’t really all that popular on the mainland. Then there’s Omiyage, which to be honest I’ve never seen... read more

I Don’t Miss…

What’d you think?  😉  A few of you got a head-start on the I Miss… blog post.  List them again!   … the new Ala Moana Center I’m too intimidated to even go in these stores.   … swimming after my surfboard – thanks to the surf-leash   … getting the belt smacked across my okole   … making a list of topics to talk about before calling up a... read more

I Miss…

… the old Ala Moana Shopping Center. (where you could see the blue sky, feel the warm sunshine, see the Koolaus, & feel the cool tradewinds)   … KC drive inn at the intersection of Ala Wai and Kalaukaua.   … Washington Saimin and their Bul Go Gi plates.  Hot Korean BBQ over a bed of rice.   … Drive-in theaters.  Especially Kailua Drive-in.  Spent many a nights... read more

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