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Past Cars Memories – Part 1

Okay MCLers – time to once again shake off those cobwebs.  I’ve broken this post up into 2 parts since we have so much history (in other words – OLD).  Part 1 is about cars that you’ve owned until a certain point in your life.  In my case, I’ll cut it off at when I got married – because everything changed then – especially when the kids were born. We’ll do... read more

Local Japanese Slang

Did you know that habuteru or habut is not an actual Japanese word, whereas benjo is?  How about bocha? Habuteru or habut = pouty or grumpy. “Eh, how come your kid stay so quiet?  She usually talk, talk, talk”. “She stay all habuts because I told her we not going Castle Park after”. benjo = bathroom or toilet.  “I come back, I going benjo“. bocha = bath or bathe. ... read more


Batman and Robin Rocky & Bullwinkle Checkers & Pogo Princess Knight & Choppy Xena & Gabrielle Mr. Roarke & Tattoo Garfield & Odie Maxwell Smart & Agent-99 The Brady Bunch & Alice   Okay, you get the idea.  GO!    ... read more

You’re Showing Your Age

Ever had that phrase said to you?  I have.  And I’m proud of it!  LOL   In fact, just yesterday when a co-worker was explaining an intersection to me, he said “on Keeaumoku heading mauka, then turning right onto Makaloa”.  And I replied “Where Tower Records used to be”.     Or how about when you’re talking about phones.  Not cell phones, but the kine home... read more

Hawaii Traditions & Customs

Here’s a blog topic suggestion from @Hbh;   @Rodney Here’s a great topic for a page uncle. Unique traditions or celebrations of Hawaii, what is your favorite? I mean last I remember, we in Hawaii even do Halloween different in talk-stories. Then you have obon festivals which isn’t really all that popular on the mainland. Then there’s Omiyage, which to be honest I’ve never seen... read more

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