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Merry MLC Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all the MLCers! What are some of your best Christmas memories? As a child, I remember how we used to go to church for candle-light service every Christmas eve.  That meant I got to hold a candle and play with fire!  Not really – had to behave.  But it was cool watching all the burning candles glowing when they turned off the lights.  And that also signified that it was just about... read more

How We Used To Amuse Ourselves In Class

Remember small-kid-time when we were bored in class?  We didn’t have cell phones or portable game systems to amuse ourselves.  Nor did we have fidget spinners, earbuds, or Apple watches to play with.  We had to improvise. Like taking apart your ball-point pen, then putting back together again and clicking it a few times to make sure it worked.  Bummers when you lost the little spring. Or playing... read more

Retro TV Shows

Since we’re on the subject of TVs.  Remember these shows? What shows do you remember watching?  Ever watch some of the old shows on MeTV? I like the old Twilight Zone shows – the old ways, the clothing, the smoking of cigarettes, the respect the kids had for their elders, and especially the weird, twisted endings. Skipping a few generations from the Twilight Zone series – The Brady Bunch... read more

TV Memories

As far as I can remember, we had a TV.  It looked something like this; No rabbit ear antenna, though – we had the aluminum kine on our roof. Living on the other side of the Koolau’s, we needed all the help we could get to pull in the TV signal.  And even then, we could only get channel 2, 4 and 9.  Channel 13 would come in a little bit – but it was like watching TV in a snowstorm. Of... read more

Graduation Memories

Graduation season is upon us once again – time to reminisce about graduation time, whether it be high school or college or an academy. Here’s a picture of our graduation announcement.  Me, being a procrastinator sent my announcements out late.  My uncle scolded me telling me that he had to cancel plans late after he received my graduation announcement.  Ooops. Photo courtesy of Scott Moody Our... read more

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