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Graduation Memories

Graduation season is upon us once again – time to reminisce about graduation time, whether it be high school or college or an academy. Here’s a picture of our graduation announcement.  Me, being a procrastinator sent my announcements out late.  My uncle scolded me telling me that he had to cancel plans late after he received my graduation announcement.  Ooops. Photo courtesy of Scott Moody Our... read more

Past Cars Memories – Part 1

Okay MCLers – time to once again shake off those cobwebs.  I’ve broken this post up into 2 parts since we have so much history (in other words – OLD).  Part 1 is about cars that you’ve owned until a certain point in your life.  In my case, I’ll cut it off at when I got married – because everything changed then – especially when the kids were born. We’ll do... read more

December 7, 1941

  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.   I read about it in books, seen pictures and movies of it, yet I can’t imagine that it actually took place here.  Of course I wasn’t born yet and I’m sure that has a lot to do with it.  I listen to stories that my father-in-law tells of running to the top of their roof in Palama to see everything going on. ... read more

Thanksgiving Day Memories (reprint)

Reprinted from Nov. 24, 2010     Thanksgiving is here already.  A day to relax and feast on turkey and all the trimmings.   How about we recall some Thanksgiving memories?   I remember when I was small our Thanksgiving day started out by going to a morning church service while my mom stayed home to begin preparing the turkey dinner.  By the time we got home from church, my mom had a... read more

Happy MLC Halloween!

All things Halloween.  Jokes, spooky stories, small-kid-time memories, candies, costumes, decorations, etc.   Old school Halloween treat bag. Photo courtesy of @sally   Here’s a Halloween song for you (and it’s not Monster Mash):   Happy Halloween MLCers!    ... read more

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