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Reprinted from Sept. 14, 2008 Shauna’s (Mis)fortune or perhaps a better prize? blog entry touched upon good and bad luck and favorite numbers.  Some of her readers contributed versions of their  superstitions.   KAN mentioned not carrying pork over the Pali highway at night or whistling at night. Ynaku listed a Big Island version of not carrying pork over Saddle road at night or vacuuming at... read more

MLC Observation – Progress

When I pause to visit reality (versus living in the past), I think about how life has changed since small-kid-time.  And in my lifetime – so far – I’d have to say that the internet has made the biggest impact in my lifetime.  I mean, without the internet – this blog wouldn’t exist!   And I try to think back at my parent’s generation – what things made the... read more

Reading the Newspaper

  Small kid time, like a majority of households in the 60’s and 70’s – the afternoon newspaper was king.  And that was the Star Bulletin.  The Honolulu Advertiser was the AM newspaper.   Our afternoon paper would be delivered between 4:00 and 4:30 everyday – except Sunday of course when it was delivered in the early morning.  My dad used to come home from work around 4:20... read more

A New Breed of Mall Vermin

Reprinted from January 27th, 2010   You might be familiar with the term “Mall Rats”.  It’s those young kids that hang out at the mall after school and on the weekends.  Of course we never did that in our younger days.  We were scabbing networking and passing out club cards for socials.   But after our Las Vegas vacation, I coined a new term: Mall Pests.   Now, don’t... read more

When Did “No Problem” Replace “You’re Welcome”

So one night while dining out, the wait help comes over and refills the water.  Naturally, I say “Thank you”.  And then the wait help replies “No problem”.  I thought, okay – maybe it was the way I said thank you that prompted the “no problem” response.  Then when I said “thank you” once again to the same server, the reply once again was “no... read more

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