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Thursday 3 – Departed Musical Artists

If you could bring back any 3 musical artists that have passed away – who would they be? Karen Carpenter – Loved her music.  She didn’t just sing words, you could “feel” her music in her voice.  And such a unique voice. John Lennon – Not only for his singing, but especially for his song writing abilities.  I often wonder what songs he’d be writing in today’s... read more

Spotlight On… Local Gold Music

Yeah, I borrowed the “Local Gold” term from Hawaii’s Cool Gold 107.9 radio station. In the early 70’s, local music consisted mostly of Hawaiian music.  Hui Ohana, Keola and Kapono Beamer, Aunty Alice Namakelua, Sons of Hawaii, Gabby Pahinui.  Then the Sunday Manoa introduced us to a hybrid of contemporary/traditional Hawaiian music.  In other words, the sound was contemporary, but... read more

Music Time – Christmas

  You didn’t think I’d let Christmas sneak by without the obligatory Christmas song post, did you? But this time, tell me something about the song you’re posting.  Maybe your all-time favorite.  One that reminds you of small-kid-time.  Your favorite local artist song.  A special meaning to a particular song.  Your favorite... read more

Rest in Peace, Uncle Tom

  Tom Moffatt – one of the original “Poi Boys” passed away on Monday as the age of 85.  Starting out as a DJ here in Hawaii – known to be the first DJ to play a rock-n-roll tune on Hawaiian air – “Uncle Tom” will be remembered mostly as THEE concert promoter of Hawaii.  He brought in all the big acts from Ritchie Valens to the Rolling Stones to Gloria Estafan... read more

Music Time – Cheer Me Up

Okay – the elections are over.  I need some cheering up.  Hit me up with some songs.                 Okay, feeling better now.  Ahh, what music can do for the soul…  ... read more

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