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No, I’m not talking about that kine calabash.  I’m talking about calabash family. What is calabash uncle, calabash aunty, calabash cousin anyway  Can you marry your calabash cousin? So I had to look it up – and wouldn’t you know it – it’s a Hawaii thing! Calabash – Calabash in Hawaii has led to terms like “calabash family” or “calabash... read more

RIP – Hugh Hefner

Rest in Peace, Mr. Hugh Hefner.  You are a hero to most of us male baby-boomers for without you, we would’ve been so clueless.  We didn’t have the internet to find such pictures and sex-education class consisted on only drawings.  Nothing like the real thing – even if it’s just print. My first exposure to your iconic Playboy magazine – and the female anatomy – was from... read more

Spotlight on… Olivia Newton John

Olivia Newton John or ONJ as I like to refer to her as – was, and still is, one of my sweetheart singers.  First, let’s address the elephant in the room.  After 25 years, ONJ’s breast cancer has returned.  In 1992, she was diagnosed with breast cancer the same weekend that her father passed away.  Talk about a double-whammy.  And now in the middle of her tour, her breast cancer has... read more

Thursday 3 – Departed Musical Artists

If you could bring back any 3 musical artists that have passed away – who would they be? Karen Carpenter – Loved her music.  She didn’t just sing words, you could “feel” her music in her voice.  And such a unique voice. John Lennon – Not only for his singing, but especially for his song writing abilities.  I often wonder what songs he’d be writing in today’s... read more

Rest in Peace, Uncle Tom

  Tom Moffatt – one of the original “Poi Boys” passed away on Monday as the age of 85.  Starting out as a DJ here in Hawaii – known to be the first DJ to play a rock-n-roll tune on Hawaiian air – “Uncle Tom” will be remembered mostly as THEE concert promoter of Hawaii.  He brought in all the big acts from Ritchie Valens to the Rolling Stones to Gloria Estafan to... read more

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