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Vegas, Baby!

  Ahh, Las Vegas.  Hawaii’s ninth island.  Where all the Hawaii folks go hoping to get lucky. Ever wonder why Hawaii folks are drawn to Vegas like termites to a light?  Is it for the fun?  Or the food?  Or the free rooms? I have a theory – but it’s just that – a theory.  With the cost to own a home in Hawaii, it takes almost a whole lifetime of work just to pay off your home.  But... read more

Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt Answers

In the previous MLC post – Docomomo Hawaii – Ala Moana Scavenger Hunt – I presented a list of the things we had to identify at the Docomomo Hawaii scavenger hunt at Ala Moana Shopping Center.  Most of the items were found which proves – the older we get, the wiser we are.  And it exercises our memory too!   But for those who avoid Ala Moana shopping center or who’s AMC... read more

Places That Are Just a Memory

Thinking back of yesteryear as I often do, I was thinking of places that I used to frequent often.  However, unlike my old schools – that are still around – many of the places that were once a part of me are gone.  I sometimes wish that they were still around so I could revisit them and reminisce of the good times that I had there.   Do you know what I’m talking about?  Think back of... read more

Liberty House Kailua Soon to be Just A Memory

Kailua Macy’s is closing  (Click on the link for the story) Yeah, it’s named Macy’s – but I still call it Liberty House   There are still shades of Liberty House at this Kailua store. Notice the LH – for Liberty House – still on the wrought iron fence   In 1946, a small Liberty House shop opened with three employees and upgraded to a full-line department store in 1953,... read more

Retiree Hangouts

I remember when I was small and we used to go to Ala Moana.  Outside of Sears across of Security Diamond (or was that Conrad Jewelers) were all these old guys hanging out and talking story.  My dad said that that was the Pearl Harbor retiree hangout.   This isn’t the place, but it was the closet picture I could find.   I guess back then – when Ala Moana was a place for the locals –... read more

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