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Thursday 3 – Departed Musical Artists

If you could bring back any 3 musical artists that have passed away – who would they be? Karen Carpenter – Loved her music.  She didn’t just sing words, you could “feel” her music in her voice.  And such a unique voice. John Lennon – Not only for his singing, but especially for his song writing abilities.  I often wonder what songs he’d be writing in today’s... read more

Thursday 3 – Air-Band

Remember when we were in high school and we had a full car coming from a social or just cruisin’ around town?  And suddenly KKUA played a upbeat rockin’ song on the radio?  Something like this:     And suddenly everyone in the car became a band member.  An air-band member.   Because I was driving – I had first crack to pick my air-instrument of choice.  And that was the air-guitar... read more

Thursday 3 – Christmas Shopping

Christmas is here!  And ready or not – it’s time to do some Christmas shopping.  But do you remember when you were small and your mom or dad would take you Christmas shopping?  Remember seeing all the decorations as the anticipation builds for that big day?     Especially at night when it was all lit up?     Everyone feeling all nostalgic now?  Okay, here’s the Thursday 3 questions:  ... read more

Thursday 3 – Happy Halloween

  Three Halloween questions for you to answer.   Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern? What small-kid-time Halloween costumes do you recall wearing? Do you have any spooky stories or Halloween jokes?   Here’s my replies:     Have you ever carved a jack-o-lantern? Actually, I haven’t.  Or if we did when I was small – I don’t remember.  Nope, never did.  Maybe in school as we... read more

Thursday 3 – Your Go-To

Time for a quickie Thursday 3.  I’m sure you’ve used the phrase; “Such and such is my go-to blankety-blank for _____”.  So let’s find out your go-to answers.   What is Your Go-To; Place to eat a meal? Market or grocery store? Favorite snack?   Here’s my replies.   My go-to place to eat a meal has to be Zippy’s.  The prices are reasonable, the food is pretty good,... read more

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