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Do You Remember… Cheap Toys

I remember during small-kid-time when my mom used to drag me to Star Market in Kailua, to keep from being bored – I used to wander to the “toys” section.  That’s right, the supermarkets all had a small toy section – although most of them were birthday party favors and such.  But hey, when you’re small – toys are toys!   On a trip to Vegas, we stopped by a Dollar... read more

Thursday 3 – SKT Favorites

We’re talking SKT (Small Kid Time) Favorites.  You know the drill – answer the Thursday 3 questions.  Don’t hesitate to answer them more than once as sometimes our memories are jogged later on after reading other people’s replies.  And as always, additional comments/stories/confessions are encouraged.   So here we go:   What was your favorite SKT toy? What was your favorite SKT... read more

Do You Remember… Coin Operated Rides

    Thanks Hawaii Seventy Two for this blog idea!   Do you remember the coin operated rides that were outside of Wigwam or maybe Star Market?  Or on the sidewalk of Gibson and GEM?   The ride that immediately comes to mind for me is the horse ride.     I remember my friend showing me the secret push lever thing to make it go faster.  It was just in between the stirrup and the back leg of the horse –... read more

Got Coin?

NKHEA suggested today’s topic.  He asked if I ever had a coin changer – like the kine that the newspaper boys used to wear on their belt as they sold programs at the old Termite Palace Honolulu Stadium.  Actually, come to think of it – I think the newspaper boys only had the aprons and the it was the old timer adults that wore the belt coin changer.   NKHEA had one.  I wonder if he wore... read more

Pool Tables – A Thing Of The Past?

Do people still buy pool tables for home?   I remember small-kid-time – we knew exactly which families had pool tables in their home.  The Millers from church, “Francisco’s house up the block”, my friend Ryan’s house, my friend Larry’s house.   There was nothing like getting some friends together, cranking up the stereo, and shooting pool for a couple of hours.   I... read more

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