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Earlier this year, long-time MLCer @hemajang’s wife passed away.  @hemajang thought that dealing with the loss of a loved one – whether it be a spouse, sibling, or anyone close to you – might make for a good blog topic.  And as us MLCers get older – let’s face it – we’re attending more funerals than weddings or baby showers.     Me, I try to use faith.  To believe... read more

No Post Due to Tax Time

  Sorry, I don’t have a new post.  Tax time has crept up on me once again.  I did get to loading the TurboTax software on my computer.  Now I just need to organize all the tax forms and get ready to input them.  And then do my daughters.  And then help my father-in-law do his.  And then help him do my brother-in-laws.   Actually, I can’t complain.  My FIL did our taxes for 25 years –... read more

Happy MLC New Year

  Another year has come and gone.  Time to reflect on the past year and be hopeful for the upcoming year.   Reflecting on 2015.  Made some new friends at work, at play, and on Facebook.  And of course, on this blog!  We made our usual treks to Las Vegas to visit our deposits.  We took a trip San Francisco.  Something about that place just lures us back.  We went on our first ever boat cruise – an... read more

Family Reunions

Has anyone planned a family reunion?     As MLCers, we tend to see our relatives mostly at funerals.  And every time we meet up, we always say that we need to meet in happier situations.  Someplace where we meet all our cousins and their children and grand children, and great grand children.  Sure, I know most of my cousins.  Not so much their significant other.  And when it comes to the children and the... read more

Welcome to Autumn

  Yesterday was Autumn Equinox or the first day of Fall.   Out of all the four seasons, I like Autumn the best.  I kinda relate it to how I like Dusk as the best time of the day – and Autumn as the best time of the year.  It’s like Spring is dawn, Summer is the day, Autumn is dusk, and Winter is the night.  With that logic, I would guess that “morning people” would like Spring the... read more

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