Lacking Wisdom

Reprinted from May 17th, 2010     Have you had your wisdom teeth removed?  I have.  And I have the stories to share.   I think it was back in ’89 that I had to have my wisdom teeth pulled.  My plan of attack was to have my upper and lower wisdom teeth pulled from my right side first.  That way, at least I could chew on my left side, right?  No, I mean left side, correct?   So I made my appointment... read more

Do You Remember… Dip-A-Flower

    I remember seeing these around back in the 70’s.  My friend’s sisters used to make flowers.  Of course we never had this in my house of testosterone.  But I used to see it in Pete’s Model Crafts and other hobby shops and thought that they were so cool!   Eventually, the fragile film on the flowers tore and the masterpieces were thrown away.   Fast forward to the 90’s when I... read more

Thursday 3 – Flying The Friendly Skies

“Fly the friendly skies… of United“.  Living on a rock in the middle of the Pacific ocean means that a trip to the mainland will take at least 5 hours.  So the Thursday 3 questions are:   Do you dread or enjoy the time in the air? What do you do to occupy the time in the air? What tips do you have to share with us about flying?   Okay, here’s my replies:   Do you dread or enjoy the... read more

“Weekly Reader” Shuts Down

Remember “Weekly Reader” from elementary school?     Weekly Reader’ Shuts Down; Scholastic Lays off 55 July 24, 2012   It’s a sad day in school rooms and for those of us who grew up with it, we’re shedding a proverbial tear, too. Weekly Reader, a staple for 100 years, is going to cease its operations and fold into Scholastic News.   As reported by The New York Post, Scholastic purchased the... read more

Music Time – Across The Pond

Did you catch the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics?  Quite the history lesson, eh?   But I started to wake up when they hit the Digital Age and the bands from the British Invasion.  What’s the British Invasion you ask?   British Invasion is an term used to describe the many rock and pop performers from the United Kingdom who became popular in the United States during the mid-1960s.   So I... read more

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