Beating the Summer Heat

Has it been hot enough for you?  How did we ever do it as kids?  I don’t ever remember complaining about the August heat.  Maybe because I was too busy complaining about how summer was too short and school was about to begin.  Or was it because we were outdoors most of the time and we could feel the breezes – even if they were light Kona winds.   How did we deal with it then?  Maybe I’m... read more

Thursday 3 – Summer Memories

Okay, MLCers – you know the drill.  Remember, you can answer more than once so don’t think about it too hard.  If a better answer comes up later – just post it again.   Here we go:   What was your most memorable summer? What was your most memorable summer vacation (trip/camp/etc.)? When did you take your first airplane trip?   Don’t hesitate to share any summer time memories.  Or... read more

Assignment – What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Thanks for the idea, sally!   Remember when we used to return back to school – when it was the Tuesday after the Monday Labor Day holiday – unlike today’s kids who already started on the first Monday in August.  WWD!   But remember how one of our first assignments was to write a 1 page report on What I Did On My Summer Vacation?  Well, sally suggested that we revisit that assignment... read more

Do You Remember… Bowling

Remember bowling alleys?  I grew up with bowling – as probably a lot of us MLCers did.   In fact, my first puka-head was at a bowling alley.  I must’ve been maybe 4 or 5 years old and my dad was bowling in a Pearl Harbor league at Boulevard Bowl (remember where that was?), and I was doing the spin around a lot and fall down all dizzy thing.  Well, I fell down and whacked my head against the... read more

Thursday3 – Concert Do Overs

KAN planted the seed for this Thursday3 questions.  Thank you KAN!   If you could bring back a person (and/or their band) of someone who has passed on, who would you want to see? If you could get a person (and/or their band) of someone who is still alive, who would you want to see? I know it’s hard to choose just one person (and/or their band) so here you can list other answers from questions 1 and... read more

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