Late Night Eats

Okay, I saw this Wall Street Journal article that states “Americans eat 554 million Jack-In-The-Box tacos a year – and no one knows why”.  That’s 1,055 a minute! That got me thinking about all those late night grinds we used to go through – when our bodies could handle it. Since we’re talking JITB tacos – I remember when I could finally drive and we’d hit... read more

Foods – Yesterday and Today

     @Seawalker mentioned that we’re about due for a food post.  I think food posts get about the second most comments right behind Ala Moana Center memories.  Two things that MLCers cherish the most.   The other night I was having a bowl of Vietnamese pho with my daughter and I was telling her that pho is a new thing for us.  When we were growing up, we only had saimin.  The local kine like Hall... read more

Thursday 3 – Your Go-To

Time for a quickie Thursday 3.  I’m sure you’ve used the phrase; “Such and such is my go-to blankety-blank for _____”.  So let’s find out your go-to answers.   What is Your Go-To; Place to eat a meal? Market or grocery store? Favorite snack?   Here’s my replies.   My go-to place to eat a meal has to be Zippy’s.  The prices are reasonable, the food is pretty good,... read more

Late Night Eateries

Remember when we were young – and we could eat anything we wanted, any time we wanted – and didn’t have to worry about weight gain, or heartburn, or acid reflux, or weird dreams?   A night out with the guys usually to a Chinese Kung Fu movie or to the pool hall or where-ever always ended up at someplace to eat.   We loved Jack-in-the-Box.  The one on King and McCully – especially... read more

Do You Remember… Life Before Cell Phones

Remember the old days when there was no such thing as cell phones?  From home, you’d call up a couple friends – at their home – and made plans to go check out a movie or something.  If they weren’t home when you called – oh well,  too bad.  And when they came home and were told that you had called them, they’d try to call you back.  But if you left the house already,... read more

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