Foods – Yesterday and Today

     @Seawalker mentioned that we’re about due for a food post.  I think food posts get about the second most comments right behind Ala Moana Center memories.  Two things that MLCers cherish the most.   The other night I was having a bowl of Vietnamese pho with my daughter and I was telling her that pho is a new thing for us.  When we were growing up, we only had saimin.  The local kine... read more

Thursday 3 – Your Go-To

Time for a quickie Thursday 3.  I’m sure you’ve used the phrase; “Such and such is my go-to blankety-blank for _____”.  So let’s find out your go-to answers.   What is Your Go-To; Place to eat a meal? Market or grocery store? Favorite snack?   Here’s my replies.   My go-to place to eat a meal has to be Zippy’s.  The prices are reasonable, the food... read more

Late Night Eateries

Remember when we were young – and we could eat anything we wanted, any time we wanted – and didn’t have to worry about weight gain, or heartburn, or acid reflux, or weird dreams?   A night out with the guys usually to a Chinese Kung Fu movie or to the pool hall or where-ever always ended up at someplace to eat.   We loved Jack-in-the-Box.  The one on King and McCully –... read more

Do You Remember… Life Before Cell Phones

Remember the old days when there was no such thing as cell phones?  From home, you’d call up a couple friends – at their home – and made plans to go check out a movie or something.  If they weren’t home when you called – oh well,  too bad.  And when they came home and were told that you had called them, they’d try to call you back.  But if you left the house already,... read more

Zippy’s – Happy 47th Anniversary

Found this last night on Face Book:     Ahh, Zippys!  The ultimate hangout.  So many memories.   I remember when the McCully Zippys was the only Zippys in town.  The night was not complete without checking in at Zippys.  If not to eat, at least pulling into the driveway and taking the cruise around the Saimin Lanai restaurant – taking your time driving slowly over the speed-bumps... read more

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